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- Most of us are un-petrified again! Yeah, so about that _most_ )

- Last week [personal profile] dhampyresa asked if it was too early to ship scorpion lady and medusa. After this week I definitely ship them. )

- Like in most fun sessions there was this moment when the party had a fantastic idea that made the DM face-palm. we played Pimp My Dragon )
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Cramps today and I slept terribly, so I'm procrastinating. I still have a long list of fic from last year's Yuletide I want to rec; this is the "canons I don't/didn't know" edition because it's the shorter one.
(I haven't done any recs since July. I should set a goal maybe, at least one rec post per month.)

the hungry heart, the roving eye by [ profile] Wildehack (Road to El Dorado)
7k, multi, modern AU
Summary: “Do you have a job for us?” Miguel called out.
There was a suspicious pause. “No.”
“Better come back when you do, then,” Miguel said snidely, and there was a muffled thumping sound, like Tulio had let his head fall into the door.
Why I liked it: I haven't even seen the movie yet, even though it's been on my to-watch list for ages. I really like the Mr.&Mrs.Smith/Leverage background here, combined with the character dynamics.

win me, win me, an ye will by [ profile] Fahye (Sorcerer to the Crown/Miss Marjoribanks)
5k, gen, crossover
Summary: "I am forced to admit," said Lucilla Marjoribanks, holding the magical sword firmly with both hands, "that this is somewhat removed from my sphere of expertise."
Why I liked it: I'm not familiar with either book, but this was a delightful encounter with old-school fairies.

A Margaret Thatcher Kind of Night by [ profile] igrockspock (Brooklyn 99)
1.8k, Jake/Amy
Summary: Rules for having (sober) sex with the girl of your dreams for the first time:
1. Have condoms
2. Don't leave dishes in bed
3. Don't ask awkward questions about Margaret Thatcher
Guess how many of those Jake has broken tonight?
Why I liked it: After reading many stories about people having the best sex of their lives the first time they sleep with the person they've been pining after, reading about two people having slightly awkward first time sex is refreshing, and this is also funny and sweet.

Figuring It Out by [ profile] lonelywalker (Breakfast with Scot)
4k, gen, post-canon
Summary: Figure skating, proposals, raising a teenage boy... The list of things Eric doesn't know anything about just keeps getting longer.
Why I liked it: This is so sweet.
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3 years, 3.75 AAV for Murray. Good for him.
In MY ideal hockey future the Pens trade Murray for a big return (he's cost-controlled for the next three years now, doesn't that make him a better trade asset?) and keep Flower. Flower still has many years of good play in him, and when he starts to decline the Pens' other goalie prospects will be ready.
I even think this would make sense from a management standpoint! I'd be willing to consider more outrageous proposals too, because I really really want Flower to stay in Pittsburgh. (Expose Murray in the expansion draft? Bad asset management but my heart says it's better than losing Flower.) He's their longest-tenured player, everyone loves him, he loves everyone, he's such a great guy. He was last season's team MVP and then the playoffs must have sucked so much for him (fuck you Nealer), he should get more chances to win a Cup with this team. Many more chances. And Cups. I want Flower to stay a Penguin forever, him and Sid and Geno and Tanger. (It'll be bad enough when Kuni leaves...)


Oct. 20th, 2016 12:46 am
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- Things I wish I could: skip scenes of stories I'm writing to fill them in later. Instead I'm stuck because of stupid small details. I'd probably go ahead and post the first chapter (I'm writing a multi-chapter fic! My first one! This is exciting), if only I had a title…

- I was reminded today how much I hate scenes where character A repeatedly asks, or demands, B leave character A's room, or leave them alone, and B doesn't do it. Hate hate hate, and makes me physically uncomfortable. Often more so than actual assault scenes because it's much more often depicted positively by the author.

- Hockey! How did I ever keep up with things happening around the NHL? There is so much. I watched the Pens-Caps game and it was a lot of fun. Flower <3
Four games and Tanger is already injured -.- Sheary too. Also, it's been less than a month and I'm already angry at the DoPS again. Protect your players from other players, idiots.

- Our new third roommate moved in, and I'm optimistic it'll work out well. We probably don't have space in the kitchen for three people to cook at the same time, but maybe we'll find time every once in a while for all of us to eat together. I've been trying new recipes lately, shakshuka and briami for example were easy to make and delicious.

- I've been looking for jobs for a while now – okay officially it's been a while, actually it's only recently that I've made any real progress. (Probably not coincidentally, about 2-3 weeks after I adjusted my dosage of meds.) I have a short list of job ads that seem interesting, and a much longer list of jobs that I probably wouldn't mind doing for a while if there's nothing better. Today I found the first ad for a job that I'm genuinely excited about :) Ideally I want to finish my application letter tomorrow, I already know I'll be very nervous about it and overthink every sentence. Ah well. Adulting. Chocolate afterwards.
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Yesterday I thought about how much fun it can be to mash together two fandoms who have absolutely nothing to do with each other. "But sometimes," I thought, "it's really hard, like, just as a random example of things I've been watching recently, Nirvana in Fire and hockey."
An hour later I had the basic premise of a story I'm not going to write.

I'll share though. )
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Unlucky omens for a D&D session: for an imminent fight against two very powerful opponents, both our cleric/crusader and our druid canceled on short notice, and our rogue left the campaign altogether because of a break-up with another player. Our DM's policy is that PCs of absent players don't participate in fights. That left us with a sorcerer, a psionic, and an NPC dragon paladin as our only fighters, and a factotum as, well, not very useful support. (The player missed a few sessions and is now trying to redesign his character to make her more useful in combat.)
It did not end well.

Not well at all. )


Oct. 11th, 2016 07:39 pm
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I've mostly made muffins and cupcakes for so long that I forgot how annoying it is trying to find cake recipes that are slightly fancy but not too complicated. LB's birthday party is tomorrow, and he wants something with chocolate. Usually I like experimenting with new cakes, but this time I might just make a cake I already made once. (I think it was two years ago though so it'll be fine.)
I'm invited to his birthday party even though I know very few people who will be there. Half of his friends are mathematicians and half of them are musicians. So when he decided he wanted to do a quiz, he made up questions that are half math/half music knowledge, some of them I don't even understand. I'm curious to see how that will go ^^

I got my Yuletide assignment! It's a prompt I'd been thinking of writing a treat for anyway :) Not that I ever managed to write a treat before. This year there are a few letters I like, so maybe I'll manage at least one or two?
For my assignment I already have a (very rough) outline. Though now that I think about it, it maybe kiiiinda skirts close to one of their DNWs. (A matter of definition, really.) I'll have to revise it a bit.

Sidney Crosby has another concussion -.- Sucks. Hopefully it's not severe.
The season hasn't even started yet and I already am reminded why I watch less TV in winter: just keeping up with hockey news takes a lot of time. It's fun too though. Pens season opener on Thursday, middle of the night but I'll stay up for that one. Pens-Caps is always great :) (though it would be more fun if Sid were playing...)
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Tired of US presidential election drama? How about something different: Austrian presidential election drama! Not so over the top that you would have thought it was too ridiculous to even make up a year ago, and with WAY fewer global consequences. Practically relaxing, by comparison.

Some background. The first round of this presidential election was back in April (!), then we had a run-off election between two candidates – one from the left-wing (Grüne), one from the right-wing (FPÖ) opposition party – in May. Fortunately, the candidate of the Green party won by 31.026 votes.

OR SO IT SEEMED. The FPÖ then challenged the election before the Constitutional Court, Austria's Supreme Court (more or less.) They claimed the election had been manipulated. The Court discovered that in several districts there had been instances of sloppiness when counting the votes, like opening the postal votes too early or not getting all necessary witness signatures. However, there was no proof and no indication of manipulation.

You'd think the Court would maybe order the votes to be recounted, something like that, right? Nope. The Court ruled that the election had to be repeated in full, because "there was a theoretical possibility of manipulation" – which the law doesn't even cover, the law clearly presumes an influence on the result! Mathematicians proved that the chance the votes affected by irregularities would have changed the result of the election was one in eight billion. The judgement was plain wrong. (one of many articles (in German.))

Nothing we can do. Repeat the election at the beginning of October. EXCEPT! There was a problem with the envelopes for the postal votes, which are very popular. Some of them opened on their own, making the votes invalid. The glue was faulty. The fucking glue.
ETA: The FPÖ briefly tried to use this to start a "get rid of postal votes" campaign, because they usually do very badly with postal votes, but fortunately that met with so much opposition that it died down quickly.

So the election had to be postponed again! This time, at the beginning of December. (In the meantime, btw, the office of president is being fulfilled by the three leaders of the National Council. The president in Austria, while in theory having not insignificant power, is traditionally not very involved in day-to-day politics.) A new law was necessary to even make that possible. The new law also stated that while in the repeat election in October only the people eligible to vote in April could participate, in the next repeat election everyone who is eligible by December can participate, changing the electorate.

Ahh, but it gets more ridiculous. The weekly newspaper "Falter", which published several articles criticizing the Constitutional Court judgment, recently interviewed one of the judges of the Constitutional Court. He didn't really say anything new, but one interesting detail was that he said he believes FPÖ leadership had prepared to challenge the election result even before the election. This unsurprisingly led to outrage among the FPÖ, who "didn't have a choice" and have now sued Judge Schnizer on multiple counts because of libel and related charges.

There's still a month and a half to go until the election! Let's see what else happens. If we're lucky it'll be the last one for this presidential election. There's a very real possibility that the FPÖ candidate will win in December, which would mean that a political party lost an election, appealed to have it overturned because of formalities so they could try again and hopefully win this time, and it worked. That would be absolutely infuriating. It's bad enough now: I'm so angry at the Constitutional Court, like, what the fuck. Thinking that the highest Court in the land isn't competent doesn't feel good, btw. (Of course I knew judges are fallible, but still.)

Sometimes when I'm frustrated with Austrian politics and the election in particular I tell myself that at least we don't have it as bad as the US, where that orange asshole became the presidential candidate for one of the two major parties despite… basically everything he's said and done. (Fortunately the chances of him actually winning seem very low right now.) Dear Americans, best of luck with the election, with keeping up your health and nerves until then, and fingers crossed that after the first election there aren't any additional complications.
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Latest D&D session:
We talked with the spider lady. She was not impressed. )

Several people are requesting D&D for Yuletide, and the letters I saw said "basically anything." I've been meaning to write fic for my character, maybe this will finally motivate me. It wouldn't be very anonymous, but, eh. In the meantime I at least enjoy writing the summaries.
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Hi! Thank you very much for writing a story for me! :D

Things I like:
* I love friendship/found family fic. Characters who grow to like each other, trust each other, and eventually would do many things for each other, yes please. Especially when they're in slightly different positions/places/there are obstacles etc.
* Related to that, navigating relationships: how do they deal with daily life, how do they support and comfort each other at the end of the day, how do they solve conflicts, what happens if there are conflicting loyalties? I'm a big fan of loyalty, betrayal, sacrifice, and related tropes.
* Some other things I love: h/c, competent characters, hugs, plot, happy or at least optimistic endings, …

Things I don't like for Yuletide:
* Stories with a very dark or hopeless ending, explicit rape
* Character bashing
* Stories focused on harlequin romance tropes or explicit sex. If you want to write low-key flirting or romance that's fine.
* Different world AUs, like coffeeshop AUs or Harry Potter fusions. I love the canon worlds of all these fandoms so I'd prefer to read fic taking place there.

Have fun! The prompts below are guidelines, I hope they help you think of ideas.

Natsume Yuujinchou – Natsume's Book of Friends
琅琊榜 | Nirvana in Fire (TV)
Elemental Logic series – Laurie J. Marks

Natsume Yuujinchou – Natsume's Book of Friends
Characters: Natsume Reiko, Natsume Takashi, Madara "Nyanko-sensei"

If you don't know what it is: Natsume Yuujinchou )

Prompts: Prompts )

琅琊榜 | Nirvana in Fire (TV)
Characters: Xiao Jingyan, Xiao Jingrui

If you don't know what it is: Nirvana in Fire )

Prompts: Prompts )

Elemental Logic series – Laurie J. Marks
Characters: Medric, Emil Paladin

If you don't know what it is:Elemental Logic series )

Prompts: Read more... )
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Back home, but I'm exhausted. On top of the 14 hours of driving this weekend I also started out with three hours of sleep, because a friend of mine is leaving to study in Berlin so we had a goodbye party on Friday night. (My cousin MH was very impressed when I told her it lasted until 3am, less so when I told her we mostly played card games ^^ My favorite kind of party.)

As promised LB organized the music for the drive, and a lot of it was film soundtracks. I learned that The Hunchback of Notre-Dame has good music, and so does The Nightmare Before Christmas; maybe I'll watch the movies too. Listening to the Aristocats and Jungle Book soundtracks was nostalgic. Music only, I didn't like the Frozen soundtrack as much as when I saw the movie the first time.

I missed the first D&D session since our campaign started -.- I really hope someone is writing the summary.

Our third roommate told us on Friday that against her original plans she will move out when her lease ends soon, so DD and I posted an ad. Tomorrow four people are coming to take a look at the room, and five on Tuesday. They all sound very nice!, but it'll be tiiiring.
On top of that tomorrow evening is my first climbing class, I'm excited and a bit nervous because I'm not sure what to expect.

Other things to do: finish my Yuletide letter, some organization stuff like arranging a plumber to check the therm, read fics posted for the hockey RPF rarepairs exchange, finish this fic I'm writing (Meng Zhi time travel), oh and then there is the whole job-hunting thing that I'm not very good at and really should do more of...
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I had yet another spectacularly unproductive week, so, to distract myself from that: Cooking!

DD moved in two weeks ago, and it's been great. Apart from all the other bonuses – an actual friend in the apartment that I can talk to, someone to share chores with and watch hockey and movies with – I love being able to cook and eat together. I eat a lot more regularly since she moved in.

DD is vegetarian and, because of allergies, practically vegan. That's fine with me, I usually eat meat once a week when I visit my parents and sometimes I just add cheese to my portion of a dish. We're eating very healthy, a lot of vegetables. Today, for example, pizza, which is basically bread with vegetables. Yesterday I made a mushroom and potato casserole, which was good (unfortunately required a lot of clean-up, and that on the one day this week when I did it all on my own because DD had a deadline.)

I had a very limited spice sortiment – salt, pepper, garlic, nutmeg, that was basically it. DD cooks with a lot more different spices, which is interesting; I just have to occasionally remind her that I'm not good with very spicy stuff. She also cooks with ingredients I almost never used, like lentils and chick peas and broccoli and soy sauce and tahini. I'm learning new recipes (although to be honest just as often the "recipe" is basically just "put all that together in a pan.") When I got her into watching "Nirvana on Fire" she made Chinese dumplings, they were very good. (We had them with left-over tomato salad, not exactly traditional but good.)

We also explored some of the shops around here that I'd never really used before. In a five minute radius on foot around our apartment there is one Austrian supermarket, a German discount supermarket, a Thai shop, an Afro-Asiatic shop, an Indian shop (new), and three(!) Turkish shops. It's pretty cool. We got spices from the Indian store and we occasionally get fruits from one of the Turkish stores, they have the best fruits. The Afro-Asiatic and the Indian shop also have a lot of fish, and some very strange vegetables I hadn't even seen before.

As a moving-in present from her mom DD got a soup-maker, which I'd never heard of before but which is very convenient. Just put whatever you want in there, wait for ~20 minutes, soup! Excellent, I predict we'll use it a lot especially when it gets colder. We can also use it to make smoothies, yum.

Tomorrow is my grandparents' fiftieth wedding anniversary, so dad + LB + I are driving seven hours there and then seven hours back on Sunday. The things we do for family. I'm not exactly thrilled – the celebration will be nice but the travel time is such a hassle - but LB said he made good playlists for the drive so maybe it'll be entertaining. I told him to add Hamilton because he still hasn't listened to it, and he apparently also included several other musicals, we'll see.

ETA: Aand I just found out that we need to find a new third roommate. Let's hope I get this lucky again.
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In our latest D&D session:
- we explored the library and then burned it down
- we decided to try and ally with the huge sentient magical spider instead of fighting it: the enemy of my enemy, the enemy in this case being the approaching army
- my undead cat familiar is very invested in me learning necromancy. She is suspiciously familiar with the details of the army of the undead that devastated the world and killed some of the gods eighty years ago. Oh and she also accidentally revealed that not all of the necromancers who led that army are dead (my familiars are so cool) (details)
- there is still a demon in my head, but at least now my character wants to get rid of her too
- my character can turn into a gargoyle now.

Speaking of death, LB and I recently attended the funeral of our "honorary grandfather", who babysat us when we were kids. I hadn't seen him in about ten years, but his widow was very happy that we came. It was a very religious and serious ceremony. Afterwards LB and I discussed which songs we wanted to be played at our funerals, we both agreed we wanted something a bit lighter. I suggested the theme song from Ghostbusters, LB for some reason wasn't convinced…

Today together with dad and LB we wandered around on the Kahlenberg, really more of a hill near Vienna. It was sunny and very nice. We even saw a snake! I saw snakes much more often when I was a kid, but not in several years, so I'm happy I finally saw one again. I think it was a small Aesculapian snake, but I'm not sure.

Now for some reason I'm exhausted, it's barely 11pm yet and I usually go to bed later. WCOH Sweden-Europe went to OT, which I wasn't thrilled by, but then Team Europe won :)

The week wasn't very productive, but at least since DD moved in (more on that later) I've been eating very well, and it's nice to live and cook and eat with someone else again. Next step, actually Do More. I've started dreading my therapy sessions because having to admit how little I've done is embarrassing. Ah well, there's still hope.
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this once, don't wake
1.6k, gen, time travel fix-it
Summary: This time, Liyang knows what is in the wine.

The first of several NiF time travel fix-it stories I want to write, it's a trope that works well for this canon. First, one of my (many) favorite minor characters: Grand Princess Liyang.
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I played Pokémon Go for the first time today! I can now, because I have a new phone. I needed a new phone so I could install the messenger my mom uses to send pictures from Bolivia (Signal), which didn't work on my old one. (I kept putting it off because I was afraid it would be a hassle, then of course there was a problem with the sim card for the new phone that took hours to solve, ugh.)
Anyway, now I am a pokémon trainer. I hope it'll get me to take a walk on days I am otherwise too lazy to leave the house, let's see how well it'll work.

Now that DD has moved in it's much easier to watch hockey games together :) We watched the first game of the World Cup yesterday, Europe vs. USA, and were surprised and happy when Europe won 3-0. Tomorrow we'll be rooting for team Europe to beat the Czechs.

Today we watched "X-Men: Apocalypse." Not a particularly good movie, but parts of it were entertaining. It's a bit of a problem that I like neither this Charles nor this Erik, especially Charles. Arrogant naïve mind-raping stupid asshole. Ah well, some of the action scenes were nice.
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A week ago I wondered if I could finish "Nirvana in Fire" before Yuletide nominations close on Friday. I shouldn't have worried, it was too hard to stop.

episodes 49-54 )
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Writing more of these for me later. I had time today because the furniture moving was easier & faster than anticipated (yay) and too many people cancelled so there was no D&D (boo.)
(I met with CP regardless, we talked, played board games, and watched some videos. I like him as a friend; sometimes I wonder if he's flirting with me and I try not to encourage that, but I'm not sure how clearly. Maybe I shouldn't have visited today, idk.)

Nirvana in Fire episodes 35-39 )
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Back home in Vienna. Together with my grandparents we had a few beautiful hikes (some more walks really, they are getting older…) in the mountains, it was great. And I got to spend time with almost all of my maternal relatives :) My cousins are almost adults now, it's a bit odd.

Back home in Vienna, tomorrow DD starts moving in, and since I took an early train that meant I had some time to watch TV today. Unsurprisingly it was very difficult to stop once I started… Very good though! I'm glad nobody has or will in the near future have the room next to mine, it's nice not to have to feel self-conscious about high-pitched noises and clapping.

Nirvana in Fire up to episode 34 )

Over half of the series over, I'll probably manage to finish before Yuletide nominations close, convenient. I really like the intro and ending music too, when I binge-watch a series I usually cut those off but not here.
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Brief reaction: Spoilers )

It turns out I do have time to watch at least a few episodes while at my grandparents', I just have to deal with my grandmother looking into the room every thirty minutes and disapprovingly asking what I do on the computer "all the time." I really wanted to find out what was going to happen at the party though.


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