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this once, don't wake
1.6k, gen, time travel fix-it
Summary: This time, Liyang knows what is in the wine.

The first of several NiF time travel fix-it stories I want to write, it's a trope that works well for this canon. First, one of my (many) favorite minor characters: Grand Princess Liyang.
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I played Pokémon Go for the first time today! I can now, because I have a new phone. I needed a new phone so I could install the messenger my mom uses to send pictures from Bolivia (Signal), which didn't work on my old one. (I kept putting it off because I was afraid it would be a hassle, then of course there was a problem with the sim card for the new phone that took hours to solve, ugh.)
Anyway, now I am a pokémon trainer. I hope it'll get me to take a walk on days I am otherwise too lazy to leave the house, let's see how well it'll work.

Now that DD has moved in it's much easier to watch hockey games together :) We watched the first game of the World Cup yesterday, Europe vs. USA, and were surprised and happy when Europe won 3-0. Tomorrow we'll be rooting for team Europe to beat the Czechs.

Today we watched "X-Men: Apocalypse." Not a particularly good movie, but parts of it were entertaining. It's a bit of a problem that I like neither this Charles nor this Erik, especially Charles. Arrogant naïve mind-raping stupid asshole. Ah well, some of the action scenes were nice.
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For this year's Yuletide, I have:
- one fandom that I'm sure about and where I know what I want
- one fandom where I just can't decide on the characters and I hope other people nominate about a dozen so I can choose later
- one fandom where I thought I knew what I wanted, but I'm a bit worried that I won't be interested anymore in December. I think I'll nominate it anyway, and depending on how I feel in October I can still request something else.

Speaking of fandom B: I really like time-travel fix-it fic. I've read a lot of them and wanted to try writing them myself, but somehow I've never found the right opportunity. SGA did it in canon, that makes it less original; it's not really a trope that suits Hockey RPF very well; and none of the smaller fandoms I wrote in inspired it either. Now however for Nirvana in Fire I've already half-finished one time-travel fix-it fic, planned out a second, and have notes for a third. So many options! Fingers crossed I'll manage to finish more than one.
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A week ago I wondered if I could finish "Nirvana in Fire" before Yuletide nominations close on Friday. I shouldn't have worried, it was too hard to stop.

episodes 49-54 )
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Writing more of these for me later. I had time today because the furniture moving was easier & faster than anticipated (yay) and too many people cancelled so there was no D&D (boo.)
(I met with CP regardless, we talked, played board games, and watched some videos. I like him as a friend; sometimes I wonder if he's flirting with me and I try not to encourage that, but I'm not sure how clearly. Maybe I shouldn't have visited today, idk.)

Nirvana in Fire episodes 35-39 )
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Back home in Vienna. Together with my grandparents we had a few beautiful hikes (some more walks really, they are getting older…) in the mountains, it was great. And I got to spend time with almost all of my maternal relatives :) My cousins are almost adults now, it's a bit odd.

Back home in Vienna, tomorrow DD starts moving in, and since I took an early train that meant I had some time to watch TV today. Unsurprisingly it was very difficult to stop once I started… Very good though! I'm glad nobody has or will in the near future have the room next to mine, it's nice not to have to feel self-conscious about high-pitched noises and clapping.

Nirvana in Fire up to episode 34 )

Over half of the series over, I'll probably manage to finish before Yuletide nominations close, convenient. I really like the intro and ending music too, when I binge-watch a series I usually cut those off but not here.
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Brief reaction: Spoilers )

It turns out I do have time to watch at least a few episodes while at my grandparents', I just have to deal with my grandmother looking into the room every thirty minutes and disapprovingly asking what I do on the computer "all the time." I really wanted to find out what was going to happen at the party though.
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I have terrible timing. Tomorrow I'm leaving to visit my grandparents for a few days, before my summer ticket runs out; it's not for long but why not take the chance to see them when I can (and don't even have to pay for it.) However, the day before yesterday I read a fic I saw recced on pinboard, then I looked up the canon on wikipedia, and now I've started watching "Nirvana in Fire" and I don't want to stop. I most likely won't have time while I'm at my grandparents' though, very annoying.

"Nirvana in Fire" is a revenge drama taking place in fictional Imperial China, and it's so good. Plots and conspiracies and politics and court intrigues, fantastic identity porn with bonus loyalty kink, great characters, competent characters, and so much more. I've just finished episode 12 (of 54) SPOILERS )

D&D yesterday: we finally entered the haunted library! There was a big fight with many minions and three of our NPC allies died, including the Lawful Good demon. (The other two will come back to life sans body, probably, eventually, it's complicated. Fortunately we weren't too attached to them.) Twice I managed to hit 6-8 bad guys at the same with an area spell and do 20/21 points damage, that was frustrating because they had 22 hit points. Oh well, everybody from the main party survived. Barely, but survived. Actually my character was doing pretty well: Fly is a great spell. Even my beetle familiar managed to kill a few bad guys.
Next time will probably be mostly information gathering in the library. There should be so much information there :) Other parties get rewarded with money or magical items, we get information, and hopefully spells.
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I forgot where I saw the rec, but I just finished watching all four seasons of "Natsume's Book of Friends", or "Natsume Yuujinchou." I loved it. It's about a boy who can see spirits, or youkai. He's moved in with a new foster family and is very lonely at first, but he acquires a youkai "bodyguard" and slowly makes human and youkai friends and becomes closer with his new family and it's all beautiful to see. There are a lot of "youkai of the week" storylines, and he eventually meets other people who know about youkai too. He also received a heavy legacy from his grandmother: a book with many youkais' true names, which he could use to control them, but instead he gives the names back.
The anime feels a bit slow at times (maybe just because I'm sometimes impatient), but it's very warm and nice.

Spoilers, non-ordered thoughts about many characters )

I'm going to request this fandom for Yuletide, I already have fic prompts to use.

Season five comes out soon! I'm very much looking forward to it :)
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I went bouldering today, for the very first time, together with LB and his friend (who've been doing it for months now.) It was fun! And exhausting. LB warned me I'll be sore tomorrow. I've been running semi-regularly, but I've done almost nothing for my arms the past several years and it's very noticeable… Nothing that can't be fixed, and reaching the top is a great feeling.
I don't think it'll be feasible for me to do hockey this semester/year – once I get a job the likely times of the university courses won't work for me anymore, but the alternatives are more expensive and I don't want to commit to that before I've found a job – so for one year climbing could be a fun alternative, I'll see. On top of that I want to continue running more regularly.

I have a freezer now! I'll be able to store ice cream, and most importantly I can cook in advance and just heat things up when I don't have the energy for cooking. It'll be great.

Quotes of yesterday's D&D session:
"I didn't sell my soul, just my body – wait, that came out wrong."
"I have an idea! …can I have an idea?"
"Trust us, nothing too terrible will happen," after which the whole table laughed.
In summary, my character has now made a (short-term) deal with the succubus possessing her, we (temporarily) turned a vrock demon Lawful Good, there was another healing-via-killing-cannibalism-and-reincarnation, there's a vengeful spirit after us that's attracted to even thoughts of its name, and next time we'll finally enter the haunted library. Probably.
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DD and I went to see "Ghostbusters" yesterday. It was exactly as I hoped for: good entertainment and fun. spoilers )

There is at least one vid already, Cheap Thrills by [personal profile] such_heights. Composed entirely of trailer footage, but I don't think I'd have noticed.
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The vast majority of fiction I've read in the past several years was in English, and mostly fic or science fiction/fantasy. When I started writing the D&D session summaries I noticed that it's been a while since I've written in German, so I decided to read more German books again.

It's surprisingly difficult to find science fiction/fantasy books written in German! Even in bookstores the shelves are full of translations, and there's no filter function for that anywhere, very annoying. There are a couple of German SFF authors, but I already know most of them from when I couldn't read English as well yet. I was disappointed.

One bookstore clerk recommended "Das Licht hinter den Wolken" by Oliver Plaschka. I've read the first few chapters now and I'm not sure I want to continue, I'm not really interested in anyone or anything yet. On top of that, the female main character is called "April." April! It's an English first name, but not a German one. It seems strange every time I read it, why would you do that.
There were a couple of other times too when I read a word and knew which English one would be in its place, and sometimes one language fit better and sometimes the other. That's probably just how it is with languages.

Maybe I'll stick to English science fiction/fantasy and try reading other books in German, maybe the genre switch helps. It's been a while since I've read other genres, might be interesting again.
(Or maybe I'll read Russian books once I figure out the translation function with Russian on my ebook reader, I should try that again...)

Choir week

Aug. 23rd, 2016 02:54 pm
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I had a lot of fun at choir week! There were many people I knew from past years, and several very nice new people too. I no longer stay up as long as I did in past years, but we still managed to play several rounds of Werewolf at least once, there was even a pubquiz once, and just in general hanging out with people was fun. It wasn't as hot as last year thankfully, when I was barefoot almost the entire time (which was great, except in the forest at midnight without a flashlight.) However this year we missed shooting star week.

Last year in choir we sang almost exclusively classical pieces, like Haydn's kleine Orgelsolomesse and Mozart's Ave Verum. This year there was a bit more variety, but still not as much as in previous years (this was my seventh time attending!) Beautiful pieces though, like Mendelssohn: Jauchzet dem Herrn, Scaldava il sol etc. I also sang in an ensemble that sang mostly sad Renaissance songs, and I did Dance again like every year. We always do very cool stuff, and it's good to give my voice a rest for a few hours.

For the "Bunter Abend" this year I wrote a poem inspired by a line from the voice warm up that morning, "Aunt Anna has an elephant in her tub." I tried to recite it by heart and missed a few lines, but overall it went over well. (Last year I prepared a medley of macabre Viennese folk songs, that was fun. There are many! I included Tauben vergiften, Biddlah Buh, Die Engelmacherin, Da Hofa, Zentralfriedhof, Der Tod muss ein Wiener sein, and two children's songs.)

Apart from the dance performance I wasn't completely happy with most of our concert on Saturday, but perfection isn't really what choir week is about. I stayed up until almost 2:30am and then, disappointed that there wasn't dancing in addition to the live karaoke, went to bed.
Around 3:45 or so (I was told later) I suddenly woke up because the door to my room opened. A fireman in full uniform and helmet stood there, looked at me, said "You can go back to sleep" and closed the door again. I was so confused I did just that.
About an hour later I woke up again because of the loud fire alarm. I was so tired I almost went to sleep again, except then I heard the sirens. Later I learned this is apparently normal in a village for a fire alarm, but for me siren=emergency, so I grabbed my jacket and phone ran downstairs. There were already a couple of other people there who told me that this was the second fire alarm. Apparently I slept through the first one, which is mildly concerning tbh but also funny. Fortunately the firemen were there (again) in five minutes, and instead of fifteen this time they managed to turn off the alarm in five minutes so we could go back to sleep. An alarm malfunction, ugh.
Next day we had warm up at 9 and a mass to sing at 10, with everyone exhausted… Actually it went better than I expected. At least we have a story to tell next year.

It's Tuesday now and I'm still very tired. My new freezer got delivered yesterday but I haven't gotten around to opening it yet, much less do anything more demanding. Clearly I need another nap. And enjoy all the music still in my head :)
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More D&D stuff; almost like doing episode reviews of our weekly game nights, except only a handful other other people have seen the episode and I want to squee about it anyway.

I was DM for the very first time! With almost no preparation, because until right before I'd held out hope that more people would come and we could continue with our usual campaign. Instead there were only three of us, so I led a campaign for the very first time. It was fun!

Details )

Being the DM is work… Fortunately both players enjoyed themselves :) Both said they'd be interested in continuing. CP already has a quest for his character.
It'll be at least two weeks until we play again, which is good because I have time to prepare. If the other players can make it I'd prefer to continue the other campaign, but if not, this is good too.
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Thanks for the comments on my last post about meds and stuff. I had an appointment with my psychiatrist the week after. I was feeling good that week, so we agreed on a compromise: I'd keep with the lower dose of antidepressants over the summer, and I'll contact her again when she comes back from vacation in September to see how I feel and if I've made actual tangible progress with my current "project", i.e. job applications. I still think it was a reasonable idea, I really wanted to see if it would work, but so far… well, a little bit, but not to a degree that I'm satisfied with. It changes from week to week, sometimes pretty drastically, and this week is not one of the better ones, but overall I'm not happy with what I've done. So I'll probably go back to the higher dose.
Or maybe I just have too high expectations again, and I feel down because of a few bad days and I'm tired and it'll be better soon, I don't know. It's really annoying that it fluctuates so much. I really should start keeping better track of how I feel; I finally started today, hopefully I'll remember to do it regularly.

Right now I'm annoyed because next week is choir week and I'm not as excited about it as I want to be. I've already been seven times and it's been fun every time, but even knowing that I'll have a good time there, looking ahead it feels tiring. Ah well, it'll be fine once I'm there. There are tiring elements, but singing! And dancing! And more singing! I'm curious about the program already, I'm sure it'll be interesting. I haven't sung in a choir in months, I miss it.
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My expectations for last session: one or two more battles in the training module, then we go to the library. None of that happened. Instead there were demons, and, uh, some inadvisable actions were taken.

Misleading Episode Title: One Character Was So Angry About His Companion's Unwise Choice in Friends He Killed Himself )

It was suggested that I try to DM a one-off session. I'd love to try it! Coming up with ideas is not the problem, but most of them are much too long for one evening...
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First Rest
1.2k, gen, post-canon, Weaver & Hunter
Summary: spoilers for the books )

Author's note: This is the story I wanted after finishing the series, so I had to write it myself. Unbetaed; I'm not completely happy with it but close enough, and if I don't post it now I might never.
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- I bought a freezer! They had them at Hofer since yesterday and DD and I had to go to three different stores until we found one left. Soon I can finally buy ice cream reserves!

- I finally tried out the Citybike system. The bikes are nothing special, but there's a stop two minutes from my house and I think it'll be convenient on occasion. I should get my mom's bike helmet, she doesn't need it in Bolivia.

- I wrote almost 2k and finished the D&D session summary, the longest so far. Someone has to do it, and I don't mind, but it's cutting into my story-writing energy. Sure I know what happened, but I still have to put it in words.

- Someone almost ran me over with a car at a crosswalk and my first reaction was to shout "Oida!", that made me feel very Viennese. (Especially as someone who is usually terrible with Viennese dialect. My parents are both from further West, and I'm not good at imitating dialects in general… I do speak Vorarlbergerisch though, which has some similarities with Swiss German and is always fun to surprise people with.)

- I finished watching "Yowamushi Pedal." It's adorable! The rec that made me watch it. I was literally flailing and making high-pitched noises at some points. Team! Friends! Singing!
Some of my favorite things, apart from everything, was spoilers )


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