Date: 2017-05-07 03:17 pm (UTC)
naye: robin from one piece reading, with the words "book love" (book love)
From: [personal profile] naye
Oh man the book hangover from this series was fierce for me. To the point where I couldn't bring myself to leave the world and read a bunch of Sherwood Smith's other Sartorias-Deles books, even if they are different in tone (YA) and content (romance & adventure with much less queer representation).

Yeah, there's a lot of sadness in these books, especially for poor Evred who makes a real mess of his own emotional life but at least keeps his kingdom from ruin...? Also he didn't have Inda horribly executed, so there's always that! And he does get a very belated happy ending with Tau, which I thought was lovely. ♥ (And how sweet isn't it that Tau and Jeje and Dasta became a stable triad with joint kids and everything? So sweet.)

But I was expecting much worse, and am glad that I mostly bawled my eyes out for minor characters that I wasn't quite as attached to as those I'd known from the time they were kids. (I bawled my eyes out a lot in the reading of this. Like. Made my wife worry!) And I'm so glad Inda and Tdor finally made it back to the home of their hearts, and made it a good place again. For some reason that really got me in my sweet spot - as does the idea of Gramma Tdor finally seeing the world and having adventures and inspiring little girls. ♥

But OH YES. The casual queerness; the way relationships could be of all configurations and leave people happy (or at least trying to be happy while dealing with their own jealousy rather than trying to sabotage a relationship partner/rival) is one of the things I adore about these books. Breaking out of the rigid modern husband/wife dyad and views on sexual monogamy (and the requirement to be sexually active to be fulfilled as a human) is SO NICE?! I'm just queer, not poly, but I love seeing a world that actually represents a wide range of the human experience of desire, love and partnership.

Also the books have a LOT of women supporting each other, which always makes me happy. ♥

And finally - Inda as a character on the autism spectrum also makes me happy, because it's unusual to see that portrayed in such a positive, accepting light.
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