Date: 2017-05-26 02:17 pm (UTC)
beatrice_otter: A sword in front of a dome (Harrington sword and dome)
I don't buy ebooks a lot, but over the years I have accumulated a LOT of free ebooks--most notably, several museums have at various times gone through their back catalogs of books relating to exhibits from years past and uploaded them as PDFs for free to anyone who wants them. Also, the University of Chicago gives away a free ebook every month.

Also, a lot of mid-90s/early-00s Baen books are available legally for free at either or and if you like MilSF there's a lot of good stuff there. (For a while, when you bought a hardcover of a Baen book, you got a CD with all of the earlier books in the series and an assortment of other Baen books that you might also like, to hopefully get new readers hooked. All of the CDs are on the web at thefifthimperium. I've linked to the main page, which has a list of each book that came with a CD in it. Click on the [BOOK] CD and you will get an html page with every book on that book's CD, which you can then select and download; click on either of the .zip files for a book and you'll get a download of the entire CD.
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