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I watched the last game of course and even though the Pens kept the Sharks to two shots in the third period when leading by one (!!) I was soo nervous. If the Sharks had tied it nobody ever would have forgotten Kuni not shooting at that empty net in the second. Fortunately it didn't come to that! Dumo and Tanger scoring, so fitting, they were our two best defensemen. Hornqvist with the empty netter, and that was it. All the hugs! The celebrations with the Cup! It was so wonderful to see.

What a season. The Phil Kessel trade on July 1st last year, Sid's slow start, Duper's retirement, the coaching change, Scuderi for Daley, the additions of Hagelin and a whole bunch of Baby Pens, the strong ending to the regular season, and then all four rounds. I knew they were good, but it's so difficult to win 16 games in the playoffs, anything can happen and it's impossible without a little bit of luck. The Rangers, Capitals, Lightning, and Sharks were all very strong opponents.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have won the Stanley Cup! Sid got the Conn Smythe, Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup champion, and so is Justin Schultz. This will take a while to sink in.
Unsurprisingly I spent a lot of time looking at celebration pics and videos and articles etc. today. I wasn't at all productive, but whatever, I have a good excuse.
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The thing about eating more and more regularly is that the first notable consequence is that I'm hungrier. That means even more preparing and cooking! I haven't gained any weight yet, I've even lost a bit more and am still underweight according to BMI. Not by much, but still. Maybe it'll help that now I can go running again (infection from dental surgery is pretty much healed), muscles add weight.

I am making some progress cooking more! Deciding to eat mostly vegetarian helped: there's not as much choice and that makes picking what to cook a lot easier. I'm a big fan of onions, tomatoes, and zucchini, and you can do a lot with that. Mushrooms are also good, and spring onions, and sometimes other vegetables (I'm not the biggest fan of peppers, for example. And potatoes are side dishes.) Mixing various vegetables in a pan and eating it with couscous is easy and good. This week I twice made stuffed eggplants, with improvised stuffings, that turned out very good. Today I made a casserole with potatoes and tomatoes, also improvised: it tasted good, despite the fact that my first casserole form exploded in the oven (fortunately not in very dramatic fashion, the oven is fine and I could save over half of the casserole. Could have used another spring onion probably.) I like cooking without recipes, it makes me feel like I really know what I'm doing.

Yesterday I went to a concert of my old choir. The topic was "Austrian music", it had everything from folk music in several languages to "Der g'schupfte Ferdl", "Birdland", and "Rise Like a Phoenix." I can't get "Auf einem Baum ein Kuckuck" out of my head. I enjoyed the concert, and I decided I definitely need to look for a new choir this fall.

Stanley Cup Final game 5 tonight! The Penguins are leading the series 3-1 and could win it all, and on home ice. Aaaaaaaa *flailing* I don't quite believe it'll happen, sounds almost too good to be true. (I'm convinced the Sharks will score first tonight. Just seems like the kind of thing that is inevitable.) But it would be so great.
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Yesterday I met up with DD for ice cream, then we got annual tickets for the natural history museum and walked through the first floor. (Sooo many birds! Birds are cool. And other animals. Less information but a lot more exhibits than the same museums in NYC or DC.) Then we watched a few episodes of "The 100" (finished the season by now, review later), slept for three hours, and woke up in time to watch Penguins-Lightning game 7.

What a game! Fast, clean, very entertaining. It helped that my team was playing better, though they only scored two goals and were up by one for the whole last period because of Tampa's excellent goalie. My poor nerves… I'm very glad I didn't have to watch it on my own. But the Pens won! Bryan Rust, unlikely hero, who almost got a hat trick. Pens are going to the Stanley Cup Final and it's beautiful. Always great to see Phil Kessel, Pittsburgh Penguin, smiling like that.

We then slept again for a few hours and I'm not even exhausted today. Still happy about the Pens in the SCF. Sports is weird. What a season.
Now SCF against the Sharks, who are scary good. Thornton, Pavelsky, Couture, their top 4 D are excellent… The Pens are also good, but they lost one of their top 4 D to injury and I know several of them are playing injured, and idk I'm not feeling very confident. I also don't dread it though; I'd be rooting for the Sharks against any team but the Pens, so if they win I'll be disappointed but not crushed. (I think.) Until then, optimism! It's going to be great hockey :)
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Yesterday instead of staying indoors all day I went to the zoo, where I haven't been in ages. I forgot how much I enjoy it; I have an annual ticket now and aim to go more regularly. They're building a new giraffe compound, and they're currently hand-feeding baby waldrapps so they can release them into the wild (they'll fly ahead with a plane to show them the way to the wintering grounds) and hopefully re-establish a breeding population in Austria. I also saw adorable squirrel monkeys and was reminded how incredibly elegant penguins are under water, and many other animals. Maybe one of the next times I'll take a few pictures.

Speaking of penguins! The Pens just won a game and nobody got hurt, so I'll take the opportunity to talk about watching hockey as long as I'm feeling better about it.

The timing of my US trip was determined by "quite soon but after the marathon", which meant end of April/beginning of May. Only later did I realize that this meant I would be in the US for the first two rounds of the NHL playoffs. More than that, I was in NYC when the Pens played the New York Rangers and in DC when they played the Washington Capitals. This was an opportunity I had to make the most of.

I thought about going to a Pens playoff game, but MSG tickets are quite expensive and I waited too long for tickets in Washington (DD's fault.) But I did want to go to a live NHL game, so I went to an Islanders-Panthers game at Barclay's Center. I had a good time :) (Except for when I lost my camera shortly after I entered the building, but a staffer got it back to me before first intermission.) The atmosphere in the building was very cool, even though I was semi-secretly rooting for the Panthers.

At least as much fun was getting to watch Pens games with other fans. In Vienna, if I stay up to watch a game in the middle of the night I'm alone, and sometimes I watch games with DD. I got lucky: via reddit I got the name of a bar in NYC full of Pens fans. That was SO MUCH FUN. They were all very nice, I even got an XL yellow Pens playoff shirt. The excitement when our team scored! It was amazing. Except for when I was sick, when I was in NYC I went to the bar for every Pens game. It's very near MSG so on my way home I saw possibly hundreds of Rangers fans, more often than not sad (which ngl I secretly enjoyed a little because sports is weird like that.)

When I was still in NYC I got an email from DD that her mom, who because of DD became a big hockey fan as well, suggested that DD fly to Washington and see a playoff game, so we were there at the same time! Fantastic that it worked out this way. We also have similar taste in museums.
This time I hadn't heard about a Pens-friendly bar, but during the first game (second in the series) someone invited me to sit with them, and didn't even rescind the invitation when she noticed what shirt I was wearing. I tried to celebrate quietly *g* It was great. The next game on a rainy weekday the bar was almost empty, unfortunately. Meanwhile DD and [personal profile] kinetikatrue had purchased Caps tickets for game 5 and got an invitation to watch game 4 on the jumbotron in Verizon center, so of course we went :) There were maybe two or three other Pens fans apart from DD and me and both of us kept our jackets closed. It was fun, and the Penguins won in overtime.

Game 5 I watched at the bar in NYC again. I started talking with two other women and eventually, very carefully, after they'd said that they're semi-familiar with Tumblr, mentioned "the Archive" - they knew what I was talking about xD
For the last game of that series I was back in Vienna and I did briefly consider staying up to watch it, but ultimately didn't.

Even if I hadn't found friends to watch the game with, even only being in the right time zone to watch the games would have been a huge plus. It was cool to actually see people wearing hockey apparel on the streets – every game day I wore a Pens shirt and it did occasionally start conversations :)

Another thing I didn't expect was that my relatives (first cousins twice removed, the internet told me) found me being a hockey fan so fascinating. In fact it was one of the first things they'd tell people about me: "this is my cousin Anna, she's visiting from Vienna, Austria, and she's a hockey fan", pretty much. G. and her husband even watched a game with me while I stayed with them! G. only for twenty minutes or so, but her husband told me the next day he'd recorded a bit extra, and he'd seen some other highlights, and that Caps-Flyers game looked pretty brutal… G., when she found out that my favorite team was called the Penguins, gave me a plush penguin from the Falkland Islands that she had lying around xD And L. asked me about the games before and after every game evening. I had such a great time with them, I hope I can visit them again soon.

Ok, now trying not to think a lot about hockey again. The Conference Finals are very stressful. At least this year, because neither the Austrian team nor Pens players are there, I'm not additionally interested in the World Championship. Only so many hours in the day and there's other stuff I should be doing.
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I wanted to watch the Pens-Lightning game yesterday and had to stop after the first period because I was too upset about the injuries. (and why the FUCK did they let Tanger come back and play.) This is the side of hockey I dislike the most. And no supplemental discipline wtf that is exactly the wrong signal. I'm no longer excited for this series :( and I'm angry that I'm not.

I watched the Eurovision Final again! I liked Cyprus best, also Austria (no really), France, and a few others I already forgot (I think Bulgaria?) Germany didn't deserve last place, but I guess better than last year when they got zero points. Idk why Sweden got so many points, the guy barely had a voice. My favorite conspiracy theory is that Australia stole our votes (again!)
I hope the light technicians are paid well, some of the light shows were spectacular.
There must be voting analysis of Eurovision, and now with the jury/public separation this could become even more fun. (Poland!) Ideal would be having the details of both, of course. Austria gave twelve points to TranssylvaniaPoland, I guess people here like vampires. I enjoyed the Austrian commentator, sometimes he had fun comments and sometimes completely random ones like "and by the way what happened to the balloon from Felix Baumgartner's jump?"
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Bad: I'm sick :( Great timing, self. Maybe it got worse because I didn't stay home and rest the last three days - but how could I, I'm on vacation. I picked some of the smaller museums to see first (I saw the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Guggenheim, and the Neue Galerie), but today I might actually have to stay inside. I don't wanna *whines* I hope I'll feel better in the afternoon.

Good: So much hockey!
Tuesday I went to a bar full of Pens fans. A great atmosphere for a great game, 3-1, nice.
Wednesday I went to Barclay's Center to watch the Islanders-Panthers game. I had a seat in the upper levels but the view of the ice was excellent. I had a good time, but it would have been more fun not to go alone. And though the Panthers won, which I liked, I wasn't as invested which made it less exciting. (Also I couldn't even cheer for them because I didn't have a voice.) Still, I'm glad I went once.
Yesterday I didn't feel well enough to go to the bar so I planned to meet up with @squaredeer at her place. Unfortunately I made mistakes when planning, so by the time I arrived the first four goals were already scored. All by the Pens, so that at least was good. 5-0 shutout for our baby goalie! Four points for Geno, and a breakaway goal by Conor Sheary, very nice.
I don't think I'll be able to watch the Saturday game because I have other plans with Linda and Gail (all fingers crossed I'll be well enough), but hopefully it's the last one in the series. And then a series against (presumably) Washington, that will be hard.
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4:30am and I almost finished packing! My time management is... not ideal. Now a few hours sleep, then a few things still to do, then to the airport. This will be the first time that I don't participate in an election, I ran out of time, I'm a bit disappointed in myself. (It's "only" the election of the mostly symbolic president, I definitely would have made time if we had a parliament or mayor election.)

Today in the morning I woke up to an excited text message from DD about the result of the first Pens playoffs game. Great win, now 15 more \o/ Playoffs are stressful.

I visited a Star Wars exhibition with DD in the afternoon, it was a lot of fun. Some original costumes, models, concept art, and some interactive "build your own character" stuff. Clearly made for fans. (She created a Twi'lek Jedi from Kashyyyk, I a Nautolan trader from Kamino, and yes of course I already thought of stories, that's what one does with characters.)

I'm not taking my laptop to NYC and I don't know how much internet access I'll have, I'm curious what and how much I'll miss. I'm very grateful for my ebook-reader, I made sure I'll have more than enough to read on the flight (especially considering that I'll definitely sleep for a few hours.)

ETA: Turns out I have iron-deficiency anemia, that explains several symptoms I didn't realize were symptoms. That's good news because it means I have another way to combat them. If I could pick, hopefully my appetite will come back first.
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The Pens won 7-2 against the Red Wings! Fun game to watch, especially because I missed the first period (I forgot it was an afternoon game) and only saw the good parts. Dumo and Kuni though :( This team and injuries, incredible.

Women's Ice Hockey World Championship Div1 Group A started! (overview) Last year Austria got its best result so far, second; the first place is promoted to the main group each year. Last year Germany was relegated, so it could come down to an Austria-Germany game for first place on the last day, wheee.
Austria won 4-3 against Denmark on a SH GWG with 45 seconds to go, and yesterday they won against Norway in the shootout after being down 0-3. They like to make things exciting!

I started watching "The Expanse" because I hoped it was as good as the concept had the potential to be and better than the trailer. I almost stopped watching after the first episode, then continued on a friend's rec until episode five and now decided to stop and only read the rest of the episode summaries on Wikipedia.

Spoilers )
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Follow-up to my post from yesterday about quitting fandoms and hockey (rpf) in particular: there is yet another in a long list of shitty incidents. This time, an AHL prospect was charged with a revenge porn felony, and even though he was arrested and charged over a month ago the team let him keep playing until it became public on social media. UGH.

There were some good responses and comments on being a woman in hockey sports fandom on Twitter:
Hannah Stuart
Jen LC
Megan Richardson
Sarah Connors
Sasky Stewart
Hockey Babbler
And not on Twitter:
"The NHL's problem with women", by Julie Di Caro
Women in hockey being heard, but not loud enough, by Scott Wheeler (Pension Plan Puppets)

One that feels unfortunately familiar:
m g: "Hockey has brought me a lot of fun and many friendships, but when I see the decisions made by @Puckologist @acciohockey @butyoucarlotta ... amongst many others, I know that's my future. That I'm just waiting for the scales to tip. For the negative to outweigh the positive."

Every time someone leaves the sports fandom feels lonelier/scarier afterwards. Fandom should not feel like a fight.

To sum up, Casey:
"To the women who stay and push back: thank you.
To the women who need a break: You deserve to feel safe & happy, not trapped."
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I wanted to post this yesterday, but then I got distracted by the Pens-Caps game. It was a fantastic hockey game, except for when the Caps got frustrated and started taking it out on Pens players: Weber started punching Rust who was just lying in the ice, Oshie punched Sid in the head while Sid was lying down pinned without his helmet, Weber boarded Rust, ugh. I hate that part of the sport. (I expected something like this against Philly, not the Caps!) I only watched two periods before I decided my nerves had enough (and also I was very tired) and was very happy and relieved to wake up to a 6-2 win. The Rust-Cullen-Kuhnhackl line was fantastic.
What a weekend, decisive wins against the Flyers and Caps and giving up 35 shots total. Fingers crossed Dumo is not too badly injured, fucking injuries.

March posting meme: What makes you stop being fannish about something or have you ever just quit, cold turkey, a fandom? If you haven't, what do you think would make you quit?
I've never, that I can recall, suddenly quit a fandom. In every case it was because I gradually lost interest. Sometimes because there were fewer people to talk to, sometimes because canon became worse, sometimes because I ran out of canon and fanworks, sometimes I discovered something else I liked better, sometimes I didn't even know why.

The question is currently particularly relevant for hockey (rpf) fandom. If something like what happened with Patrick Kane this summer – he was accused of rape and his team, the Chicago Blackhawks, and the league handled the situation terribly – happened with my team, could I continue being a fan of them? On the one hand I don't think so, but I'm not sure where I'd draw the line. If it's just one guy, I think I could deal with it. After all I already do my best to ignore Mario Lemieux. But what if the management & the organization support him, is that a deal-breaker, or only if my favorite players support him too?
And I don't think it will happen, but what if Patrick Kane gets the Masterton trophy this season, awarded to the player "who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to ice hockey"? Would that be a league I could support? On the one hand I wouldn't want to, but it'd be hard because I'd still be attached to my team, and the hockey is so pretty; and it'd likely be possible to rationalize away because the league already does many shitty things -.- I'd probably try not to give them any more money, at least.
(Hm, would also be interesting how that would affect the hockey/hockey rpf fandom overlap/line. I'll get into that some other time maybe.)

Things other current canons could do to stop my interest (apart from stupid things I can't foresee):
- The 100: I'm already less interested than I was now that they spoiler ) There are fewer characters that I like and am interested in than there used to be, and when the number goes down to zero I'll stop watching. Currently it's at around 5, if I add up some halves.
- Killjoys: I'm very curious what the second season of Killjoys will look like, they basically changed the entire premise. If Dutch and Johnny die I'm not interested anymore, but that won't happen. If Dutch and Johnny's friendship is permanently ruined in a bad way, that would also be a dealbreaker.
- MCU: I'm already only watching the movies people are saying are good, Age of Ultron killed a lot of my enthusiasm. If CA:CW is as bad as Age of Ultron I probably won't bother watching the next few movies.

Fandom reasons that would make me quit a fandom: Fortunately that hasn't happened yet, because in several instances I've been lucky to be a corner of fandom that's less wanky. (Now especially because I'm not really involved in fandom on Tumblr or Twitter.) I've heard several stories that if they happened in a fandom that I was very involved in I would probably have quit that fandom, often coinciding with questionable canon developments. I'm not sure how much, but bad fandom wanks definitely would affect my interest in canon, especially since interest in canon & interest in fandom are usually related.
(I thought about examining that more closely and playing through a few scenarios, but it always came back to how glad I am that I was never in Blackhawks fandom and could mostly avoid that mess in fannish spaces. No need to relive that mess.)
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Pens win 4-1 against the Flyers! It was BEAUTIFUL. This is what this team should look like. (Except the PP, that was terrible.) And they don't even have Geno right now, so this isn't even the final form.

For the March posting meme, what does it take for you to get fannish about something?
Good question.

There are different degrees of "being fannish about something". If I had to classify it, maybe like this:
1, I watch/read canon but don't read fic, OR I read fic but don't watch/read canon. (The latter happens surprisingly often.)
2, I watch/read canon and read fic, but don't feel inclined to write fic myself or get involved in fandom discussions or seek out further information, or
3, I only do so for a short time/occasionally.
4, I watch/read canon, read fic, want or do write fic myself, seek out further information and communities and discussions to participate in, and it lasts for a longer time, let's say at least several months.

Type 1 fandoms can be anything. Type 4 fandoms, my "main" fandoms, I've only really had two, SGA and Hockey RPF. With both of them it was a surprise to me that I got so involved: with SGA the fantastic fandom played a huge role and with Hockey RPF that I started enjoying the sport itself so much.

Looking at a few past fandoms that fell in category 2&3, it seems requirements are (among others):
- at the very least one character that I like, ideally more than one
- for this/these character(s) to have interesting relationships with other people
- either an interesting world or interesting circumstances
- it's hitting some of my kinks, h/c and/or loyalty and/or found family etc.
- canon should have a place for more stories to fit in, not be perfectly self-contained and satisfying, there should be something left to build on/with
- at least one person, preferably more, to talk with about the fandom. I have a ton of respect for people who try, and sometimes even succeed, in starting fandoms, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it. I need the conversation. For example, "Steerswoman" is the smallest fandom I've found myself in for longer than a few weeks, it's pretty much inactive but at least I know that a few people on my flist have read&liked it, there's an audience for fic (even if it's small) and if I started a conversation it wouldn't go into nothing. (And even then I probably wouldn't still be as interested if the timing with Yuletide wasn't so convenient.)
- and then there's a random element. Often I can't explain why one thing grabs me and one doesn't. Or maybe I could if I took a very close look at both, and it'd be different details each time. Often it'd just be "that's not what I was in the mood for at that moment."

I like that there's a random element. Makes it a pleasant surprise every time something does grab me.
(Like hockey (rpf.) That was a huge surprise and showed me that it's impossible to predict.)
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I wrote a short fic:
Accept No Substitute, aka "I have Feelings about Marc-Andre Fleury staying a Penguin and I'm projecting them onto Geno Because."

I don't dislike Murray, I just love Flower more.
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Doing a bit better today, in part because LB stopped by around noon so I had to get up and then used his presence to do stuff. I don't know what I'd do without him <3
I have to give back my borrowed hockey gear tomorrow, which is only a problem because I forgot to wash it before today and I really hope everything dries on time…

The US switches to summer time earlier than Europe does, so currently if I stayed up to watch a night-time NHL game it'd be easier than usual. But I'm trying to get back to a more regular sleep rhythm so I won't. (I hope I won't. Maybe one period…) There are two Saturday afternoon games coming up, which is great but both Saturdays I'll be busy, bad luck.

I did watch the Penguins-Rangers afternoon game last Sunday live, and with DD, even better. Sometimes I forget how exciting hockey is when you care about the outcome and the score is close. I was literally biting my nails. The Pens won :)

Geno is out, probably until after the first round of the playoffs :( I'm optimistic that they will make the playoffs, but if they can make it past the first round without him… It's definitely possible if everyone is playing well, especially Flower, so fingers crossed. Scott Wilson needs surgery and is presumably out for the season too. I hate playing Columbus.
I'm happy if we don't have to play the Caps right away because I don't want to have to cheer against them in the first round. Of course I always want the Penguins to win, but if not them my dream Cup Final this year is Washington – St. Louis, with St. Louis beating Anaheim in the WCF.

The new "In the Room" is out!
- everybody always seems to forget that Olli is still the youngest guy on the team at 21; Scott Wilson said at first he thought he was 25
- Baby Pens always look so happy scoring their first goals :D
- Phil Kessel is teased by his teammates about being a superstar and is surprised how many people came to see him
- Sheary and Wilson said that as kids getting a golden ticket for a practice with Sidney Crosby would have been the best day of their lives
- Sid thinks kids are hilarious
- remember that time the media asked HCMS about Schultz before HCMS even knew about the trade? (not in the video)
- Alex Letang is adorable
- Kris Letang thinks skating + taking selfies is scary
- Matt Murray looks even thinner than Flower in his goalie pads

Pens fic I want but don't quite know how to write: all the baby Pens and/or d-men fic. Fic about Pouliot being scratched for Schultz (they sit next to each other in the locker room! awkward), about Pouliot and Cole competing for line-up spots, about Olli simultaneously being the youngest but also the second-longest-in-Pittsburgh d-man and the only young guy not to come through WB/S, about Schultz determined to turn it around with his new team and very aware that some teammates thought the trade was unnecessary; and all the fic about Zatkoff, who's been replaced by Murray yet again, and this time he's the Nr. 3 goalie and maybe won't get to play again this season. Goalies <3
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March posting meme, already a bit late: a female hockey player/women's hockey

Personal experiences first: about a year and a half ago, thanks to Hockey RPF fandom, I started playing hockey myself. At the same time as our practice, the main part of the rink is always full with kindergarten children. Sometimes they watch us play, and they always stare at us when we skate through the main rink to get to the locker rooms. At all of us, but especially the girls, and sometimes they call after us: "Hey, Eishockeymädchen!" (ice hockey girl(s)!) Most often it's young girls, sometimes boys too. They ask us if we really play hockey (obviously), if it's fun, if we play in tournaments, if it's difficult. Sometimes I see children stare at me when I carry my gear to and from practice, and sometimes I hear adults telling kids "that's an ice hockey stick. Yes, girls play ice hockey too." It makes me feel like a role model, and it feels awesome.

I'd planned to go to more games of Vienna's excellent women's hockey team, the EHV Sabres, this season, but in the end I only saw two live: at first I was busy with uni and then their season was already almost over. I was at the last championship game last Saturday, Vienna won 4-0 against Salzburg and was clearly the dominant team. Not many people in attendance, but it was fun to watch. Hopefully next season I'll go watch more. It looks like some of the best players may leave - not that I begrudge them finding better jobs, but still, having them in Vienna was a nice luxury. Anna Meixner is fast.

This season was the first one for the first professional women's league in North America, the NWHL. Exciting! They streamed almost all of their games online for free, I watched several and enjoyed it a lot. I rooted for the New York Riveters, initially mostly because of their great foreign players, Janine Weber and Lyudmila Belyakova and Nana Fujimoto. (I recently dreamed I watched a kids' hockey practice with Nana and at the end after some begging I was allowed to skate too and take a shot at her, it was great.) Unfortunately they didn't play that well this season, and were swept by the Pride in the playoffs. It's uncertain how many players will come back, but I hope many of them.

I read a lot less about the CWHL, but at least some things, including that the Calgary Inferno upset Les Canadiennes Montréal in the Clarkson Cup final. From my, very recent and limited, perspective, the CWHL isn't as good at PR as the NWHL, but that could change. I hope that the two leagues push each other to do better and raise the profile of women's hockey together. Unfortunately there seems to be some animosity between the leagues' front offices, I don't know what happened behind the scenes but hopefully that gets resolved soon.

I'm not very interested in women's hockey RPF, also because they aren't that famous so I don't feel as comfortable with it. Maybe that'll change when the media coverage increases, or if I encounter a "storyline" that really grabs me, who knows.
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March 2nd. Flowers I already saw this year: crocus, snowdrops, daisies, winter aconites, black eyes, primroses, and more I don't know the names of. I haven't worn my winter coat for weeks, which I regretted yesterday evening when it was freezing cold and it even snowed a bit.

I scored a goal today! My third one this season, and a nice one: after two missed opportunities this game standing in front of the net (one-timers are hard) I finally scored on the third one. The game ended in a tie (but I changed teams at halftime because it was unbalanced, and the team I was on had the worse period both times, whatever.)
Only one more practice this year :( I still can't do good tight turns.

I watched the Pens' 6-0 win against the Coyotes, that was fun. The next day I felt brain-dead, that was less fun, but at least I (almost) don't feel guilty about work I should be doing. I'm a bit worried that the Pens' difficult March schedule will make it harder for them in the playoffs because players can't rest and the Pens always have terrible injury luck, fingers crossed it goes well.

Plans for this weekend: finally try out a recipe from the cupcake recipe book I got for Christmas, I'm looking forward to it.
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I keep having "wow, time!" moments. Today LB told me to visit for lunch because he didn't want to cook only for himself, but it takes me 45 minutes to get there so my reaction was "I can't, I don't have time - oh wait, I do!" Similarly yesterday evening: I can't watch the Pens-Ducks game, I need to sleep enough so I can work tomorrow - wait. It's such a great feeling.
I handed in my thesis officially yesterday, after hearing back from my advisor: she told me the first part (that I mostly wrote two years ago) is excellent, but the second part is not very good, so I'm only getting a 2 (out of five, with 1 being the best.) I'd prepared myself for a 4, so this was great news :) Now only a few bureaucracy things left to do, then in a month I should officially get my degree. My parents and friends told me there has to be a party, either I'll organize one or they will. I don't even want to think about that yet.
The day after tomorrow I'll visit my grandparents for a week and a half, I haven't seen half of my relatives since last April. There will also be good food and, for the first time in two years (!), I'll go alpine skiing. Somehow the past two years I didn't get around to it. I'm looking forward to it!
Downside of going skiing, I'll miss some of the few remaining hockey practices, and there's a chance tomorrow could be the last one. I'll have to make it count.

I got pretty lucky again with the Pens game I decided to watch! The Pens were all over the Ducks. I was strangely nervous when they were up by two, the Penguins showed only recently that it doesn't guarantee a win by any means and the Ducks had some good attacks. It definitely wasn't as lopsided as the 6-2 end result made it look. I only relaxed a bit after Sid's amazing second goal. Four point night for the captain, who's playing fantastic hockey right now, such a joy to watch. He and Letang are just racking up the points. The Baby Pens also did very well! Only one goal, but lots of offensive zone pressure.

After some trouble with ebook formats and stuff, I read "Kings Rising" by C.S.Pacat today. It was good, but I think I'll have to read it again to really enjoy it. Spoilers )

I'm looking forward to fic! Because I'm leaving on Thursday I actually don't have that much free time to read until then, there's still packing and a few other things to do, but I have a six hour train ride coming up.
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Yesterday I slept until noon, slept again for an hour in the afternoon, and then went to visit friends for burgers, drinks, and card games. LK's burgers were excellent as always, I had three. (I found out on Monday that since the last time I checked, at the end of summer, I lost over 3kg and am now slightly underweight. Not good.) Bailey's and milk is a great combination. I played Cards Against Humanity for the first time, it was a lot of fun.

On the way there I witnessed a car crash. I was walking on the sidewalk and heard a car taking the corner way too fast, turned to watch and saw it crash into a motorbike. The driver of the motorbike broke at least one leg and seemed a bit confused about what was happening. I stayed to wait for the ambulance and police in case they needed witnesses, and the police officer who wrote down the witnesses' names and contact info told us that the driver of the car failed the alcohol test. I couldn't stop shivering for a long time.
Zero tolerance for drunk driving.

When I came home I saw that the Pens were up 1-0 in the first period against Ottawa and thought "hm, pity, I probably shouldn't watch the game – wait, actually, why not, I can now!" The only things I have to do today are grocery shopping and eat, plus some other things that would be a bonus. I don't have the constant "I really should do some work for uni" anymore, it feels great. I won't watch night games all the time, it can be annoying to have a sleep rhythm out of sync with most others, but every once in a while, why not! It was a good choice of game too: the Pens dominated, gave up a few fluky goals so it stayed exciting until the end (two crossbar hits in the last minute, no wonder Flower gave it a kiss), and a Sid hat trick.
I'm optimistic about the Pens' second half of the season. A lot of division games left, some players are still injured, and you never know what will happen, but right now I'm optimistic.
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I wrote fic for [personal profile] downjune for Hockey Festivus:
Stick Your Head Out
Gen, 2.9k, magic AU
Characters: Phil Kessel, Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins ensemble
Summary: Phil wasn't sure how well he'd fit in with his new team. Rumors around the league said that Malkin was a bear, and he didn't know what else they had in the locker room.

I turned the Penguins into magical creatures because it was fun. I'm not sure which one is my favorite, probably Dana Heinzelmann, or Phil or Geno or Flower. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and it's one of my most popular fics so far, which was a nice surprise. Many thanks to [personal profile] snickfic, who made me add a crucial scene.
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Hockey practice yesterday: we won 9-4! :D Our coach started to help out the other team at 6-2, didn't help them either. That was such a fun game. I played defense on the right again, same D-corps as last time and it worked well.
Before during warm-ups I practiced tight turns, they're hard. One of the girls gave me the idea that maybe it's because of habits I got from skiing, where you use your upper body and hips in a different way. I'm making some progress though! I'll be better at the end of the season. This week I finally want to buy my own stick, the old one I borrowed is starting to splinter and fall apart.
In the last five minutes of the game one of the players fell down and hurt her knee badly :( Sucks.
All I got from falling down a few times are bruised hips, I was lucky. Nowadays when I watch NHL games I can't help but think that they must be hurting all the damn time. When he retired Duper said you can't play if you listen to your body during the game; at first I thought that was bullshit, but I think I get it. But between the games, bruises upon bruises, ouch.

Another thing about watching NHL hockey: it's a lot more fun when my team is winning, and when the fanbase is feeling optimistic. Neither of those is currently going well for the Penguins. Scuds got traded, people were happy about that, but Beau and Flower are injured :(((
Silver lining: Sheary and Murray were called up, I hope they play well. Although when it comes to Murray, not too well… now I feel bad for thinking that, but.

I love Flower a lot. )

I don't want to see Flower play for a different team :( I want him to be a Penguin for life.
It's stupid to worry about this now, but every once in a while I can't help thinking of it.
It's especially stupid to worry about this now because I don't even know if I'll still be interested in the Penguins in four years. A lot can happen during that time. The two things that currently occasionally make it hard to enjoy the fandom are a) everything about how the league and the fans handle gender issues and domestic violence, and b) injuries, man are they hard to watch and how it happens over and over and it's part of this stupid macho toughness culture, ugh.

Fortunately we have the NWHL now! I caught the end of the latest Riveters-Whale game, very exciting. So close! The Whale has to lose eventually, right?!
I'm not as invested in the Riveters yet as I am in the Pens (makes sense, I started liking the Pens years ago), but I could be, and it's nice to know I have an alternative for when I'm finally fed up with the NHL for good. (The CWHL didn't count, too inaccessible.)

Non-hockey things, I'm at the point where I think my Yuletide story sucks and is full of holes and why am I writing this anyway nobody is going to like it, I hate this stage. (Edit after a break and some chocolate: it's not actually terrible.) (Edit two after more chocolate and a very rough completed first draft: there might actually be the bones of a good story somewhere in there, maybe. (I'll probably hate it again tomorrow.)) Also I'm never going to get anything done and what am I even doing. I cooked the last few days, at least that is becoming easier.
Not spoiled for Star Wars yet! I really hope it stays that way until I go see it on Monday, that would be nice.
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Duper hung up his skates :((( The best thing for his health, definitely, but I'm still sad. Stupid blood clots.

Today at hockey practice: we were down 0-5, got the equalizer three minutes before the end, and then lost 5-6 on a stupid stretch pass from the other team turned 1-on-2 where I was the one and not fast enough and it sucked. That was the third goal the other team scored because I wasn't fast enough -.- In fairness we had no goalie and only four defenders, two of them were very good for our group and two of us were, well, average, and two of those three goals could have been avoided if other guys on my team had not completely forgotten to cover the other team's forwards, but eh, shit happens. It was my first time on defense in some time and I kind of liked it, feeling responsible for goals against sucks but actually preventing some feels good, and there's less pressure to score goals. (On the other hand, scoring goals is really cool.) I felt slow and easily tired today, maybe this week I'll actually remember to do some leg exercises.
I got a puck shot by our coach on the arm, it still hurts a bit and I'm sure I'll have a nice bruise tomorrow, but that's hockey. When I see how many pucks and sticks professional players get on the body, they must be in pain all the time, ouch.

Today and yesterday I wrote actual words for my thesis. Not many, but hey, words! I'm trying a new carrot&stick system, preliminary results seem promising. Let's see how it goes.


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