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I feel, in good Viennese, "wia daschlogn," i.e. my head weighs a ton and that's after pain pills. I blame the weather, it went from middle of the summer on Friday to autumn on Saturday and then spring today. (Weather forecast: changeable, fuck.) At least it's the weekend and it doesn't matter so much, and in a few minutes I will go to bed. Sleeep.

Today I ran in Vienna's Women's Run, it was nice. 5km, and considering that I didn't train much because my knees hurt if I'm not careful I'm satisfied with my time. Every kilometer I was a little bit faster.

Then I visited my family for lunch & a nap, and when I came home our new roommate Eva offered me still warm apricot pie. We definitely got lucky in the roommate lottery. Then I convinced her to watch her first hockey game, that was fun too. The Pens won 7-0 :) Goals goals goals. And Sweden won gold, capped by attempted goalie murder.

good steps

May. 2nd, 2017 11:32 pm
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I'm having a few bad days and I'm strangely happy about it. Because currently, a "bad day" is eating late, making avoidable mistakes at work, not doing any household chores, avoiding interactions with multiple people, and only crossing off one item off my to-do list. Bad days used to mean skipping meals, avoiding any interaction with people, and not doing anything except read or surf the internet. Progress!

Things in general are so much easier now that I have an external structure. I always knew that setting schedules and routines for myself was something I found very difficult, but I didn't expect there to be such a big difference and so soon.
(Unfortunate side-effect: I'm getting ever more anxious about the state of the world, and now that I feel like I can Do Things again I start putting pressure on myself to try and Do Something About It. Rationally I know it's too soon but still.)

I went on a date! Two, actually. For the first time in years :) It seems to me that flirting is pretty much like normal meeting new people, except with an added awareness of potential future romance. I don't think I'll see him again, apart from in the climbing hall where we met, because it's a bad sign when it's hard to find things to talk about on the second date, but it was nice just to have the experience.
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Random RL stuff:
- My phone, that I bought only half a year ago, is broken (not my fault.) Still covered under warranty, but still, ugh.
- We now have shelves in our kitchen! For cookbooks, and because we don't have enough yet there's also space for plants and fandom stuff. I'd take a picture, but see above re: phone being broken (and I'm too lazy to search for my old camera.)
- I wanted to go see Eddie Izzard in Bratislava on Saturday, but missed the bus. I was so mad at myself that I went running and completely overdid it, my knee still hurts.
- Last week we found out that our third roommate is moving out, so we're looking for a new one again. *sigh*
- So, so many terrible things in politics. So many. I know that world-wide there are much larger and more serious issues, but that our foreign minister and minister of the interior are huge dicks and the chancellor is ceding way too much ground to the conservatives is just the shitty cherry on top.

By now I have a few thousand words of unsorted thoughts on the last ~25 Critical Role episodes and I'm too lazy to clean them up and post them yet, but I feel the need to express my feelings about episode 83 RIGHT NOW.spoilers )
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I got a job! Today was a follow-up to an interview I had in December, and half an hour afterwards a friend of mine who works at that company called to let me know. It's not the most exciting job (mostly software testing) and it's only for half a year, but the pay is okay, it's nearby, I already know the people are nice, and it's a good start. Mostly I'm relieved the search is over. I start in two weeks :) I'm curious how it'll be – I haven't had a full-time job in a long time and never for longer than a month – but I'm optimistic. I'll have less time for anything else, which will definitely be an adjustment.

Also today, the dice I finally ordered last week arrived. For over a year I always borrowed some, but now I have my own and they are very pretty. I even have a perfect small leather bag I can put them in (one I made myself in a museum when I was a kid.) I can't wait to play with them! Last D&D session we mostly spent researching, but next time I might get to animate skeletons for the first time. My cat, who btw is now four times MC's size, will be very happy.
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I'm sick, and it sucks. I especially hate the timing because during my skiing vacation I felt full of energy and I was hoping that it would carry over to when I'm back, instead this. I should be fine in a few days, at least.

To distract myself I'm half watching, half listening to more Critical Role. Thoughts on episodes 36-45 )

In hockey news, Sid got his 1000th point and then a beautiful OT goal on a fantastic pass by Geno, these two together are just so great. But Olli is out six weeks and Jeff Schultz may also be injured >.< On top of all the other injuries, joy. The trade deadline is soon and it will be very stressful, fuck. Hopefully before that the Pens win the outdoor game against Philly.
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I got home from a vacation at my grandparents' on Friday. The weather was warmer than I'd hoped, but LB and I had four great skiing days :) The snow was great, the visibility was mostly fine, there was little wind and it wasn't too cold, and there were few people on the slopes. Skiing is awesome. I have very pretty pictures, but I'm too lazy to upload them right now, maybe later.
I also got rejections from jobs I applied for and had a braindead day yesterday. Today probably would have been the same, except DD&I met with Lisa&Nati and Mark&Alina to play Cards Against Humanity; L&N didn't have the cards so we just hung out with food, also nice. Dates with bacon, lightly fried, are delicious.
I still feel good about the coming week because skiing was great & I had the energy for it, including getting up earlier than usual and plus socializing and doing some editing work for my friends' company in the afternoon/evenings, so the energy is there and I just need to use it.

I started watching Critical Role. Why oh why did I think it was a good idea to start watching a canon with 80+ episodes of on average ~4 hours each. I mean I know why, it's because I kept seeing recs about how great it is and I was looking for something new to watch/listen to and I'd recently (over a year ago now, wow) started playing D&D myself, but I didn't plan on getting into a canon so large. Not that finding new fandoms ever goes as planned.

I tried watching/listening to the first episode twice, but got distracted, so following recommendations I found I started with episode 24, the Briarwood arc. Ep24 has a great cliffhanger, and after the first big fight I was hooked. The stakes were high, there was a lot of tension but also hilarious weird stuff, there were many feelings and also character development. I just finished episode 35 and I enjoyed it a lot so far.

Some moments that stuck in my mind )

The format – live-streamed D&D – does have some disadvantages, like occasional pacing issues, but the extra tension that comes from important dice rolls can be pretty intense. Watching CR live must be something. Ugggh catching up will take so long. I wish I was better at staying away from spoilers, I already know of many important developments in the most recent episodes. It's a long time until then though.
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On Saturday I finally watched Moana (Vaiana here, apparently because of copyright issues?) The rest of the day was a completely surreal mix of listening to the Moana soundtrack on repeat, and following the awful news from the US on Twitter. For a few hours in the evening I was at a summer choir camp reunion party, it was like a strange bubble. Then I came home and continued following the news, and also watched the first half of the NHL All-Star Game. Weird mix of fun and ineffective distraction, strange contrast.
The political news is infuriating and terrifying and exhausting and I don't even want to imagine being someone more directly affected by it. Thoughts and prayers.

Speaking of prayers, today in the morning I went to church, for the first time in a while and for the first time in the parish nearby. I just really wanted to hear in person someone tell a community to do the right thing. And it worked, kind of. The priest didn't talk about anything political in detail, but there were strong themes of how following Christ means helping others and helping the weak, even when it's hard work and doesn't offer an immediate reward. (That so many US Republicans call themselves Christians is unbelievable.)
Afterwards I went to the after-mass coffee&cake get-together and talked to a few people, it was nice. (On one of the tables, next to some flyers, lay "Fifty Shades of Grey" o.o) I'm not very, almost not at all religious right now, but I made an appointment with the priest to talk about some of the issues that I have and I look forward to what comes of it.

I really need to write at least one job application today. But, even though I know it's silly, it feels so, idk, strange to apply for trivial jobs while so many important and terrible things are happening. And it's very easy to get distracted.

First though, more nice procrastination: Moana! I loved it, it's a great film and I'm very happy that I saw it in the cinema. It's pretty, the music is fantastic, the story is nice. not really spoilers but still. )
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A bit late, but: In my fandom_stocking I got great recipe and story and vid recs, and great stories :)
In the Hour of the Ox by [personal profile] naye, a Nirvana in Fire canon-divergence hopefully-fix-it with Lin Chen and Jingyan and absent MCS being very much themselves (with all that entails *facepalm*); and
Tubbs, In Repose by [personal profile] nenya_kanadka, a fun and adorable Steerswoman/Neko Atsume crossover.

Yesterday I played Cards Against Humanity with friends and we had a fantastic time. I'm also a bit proud of myself: in the past often most of the time I've been invited by my friends to do stuff, and for a while now I've wanted to initiate doing stuff together more often from my side, so the friendship is more equal in practice too. I organized the game on Thursday and it turned out great, and the people I introduced to each other got on as well as I hoped they would. I hope I'll be able to do it more often :)

Every once in a while, when people in my dw circle post about what they've read in a week, I'm amazed at how many books they read. Those are weird moments, because I'm a fast reader and I read a lot. And then I think back to how many novel-length fics I read each week and it makes sense again.

I had a therapy session on Monday that felt fairly brutal, but I've been more active in my job search this week than in many previous weeks so she probably knows what she's doing.

After the HTML+CSS basic course last weekend, this weekend I'm being introduced to JavaScript. I'm looking forward to it, even though I'm sorry to miss the Woman's March in Vienna, and I know I'll be exhausted on Monday. D&D on Saturday is not ideal, but I'll make it somehow. At least today is my dad's birthday party and there will be cake. And maybe I'll finally get around to trying out the smoothie machine my roommate Nadine got for New Year's.
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I've been having a few bad days for no reason, and some of the usual support methods (I went climbing, I met with friends, I baked, I went to the zoo) didn't help either. (I made it to the top of the climbing wall twice! On the easiest route, but still. Now I know I can do it, and fortunately next time we're bouldering again.) So it's probably a good time for #8 of the Snowflake challenge: Make a list of at least three things that you like about yourself..

- I have an active&creative imagination. I'm good at creating worlds and characters, I'm good at entering different worlds and expanding on them, I'm not bad at creating stories, I can come up with weird stuff on the fly, and I enjoy it.
- I'm smart. Not exceptionally so or anything, but smart enough that I always approach problems with the attitude that I can understand them if I try, and solve them if I try hard.
- I try to think critically about important issues, and even more importantly, I'm willing to change my mind when confronted with better arguments.
- I like how I feel music, the way I can feel it when I sing or dance.
- I can be good company. I can be entertaining and funny.
- I think I give good hugs.

2017, day 1

Jan. 1st, 2017 07:56 pm
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Happy 2017!
I celebrated New Year's Eve with Lio&Maria and Lisa&Nati, and Maria tried out about ten or so different cocktails, yum. Three other people showed up for a while and drew Lio into a discussion on politics, and I hated that on the last day of 2016 while I wanted to play a game and enjoy myself I couldn't help but hear someone argue on the other side of the room that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were equally bad options. Bleh. Fortunately they left before midnight. We sang a bit (including to Level Up and This Year), and after midnight we played four rounds of cards and I won all of them :) I came home so late that I narrowly missed OT of the Pens-Habs game, but the Pens won so that was good too.

I wrote two stories for Yuletide this year:
See Your Silhouette for [personal profile] lilacsigil
Fandom: Gladiator – Dami Im
1.3k, background White Warrior/Princess
Summary: She hadn't seen the Princess in fifty years.
My assignment. It was pretty frustrating because the prompts were good and I had ideas, but it was hard to put them together into a story, and at some point I planned something much longer and more complex before I condensed it to its current length. It probably made the story better, but there were a few elements I'm sorry I lost.

Step Forward for [ profile] alessandriana
Fandom: Nirvana in Fire
1.6k, gen, canon-divergent AU
Summary: Jingyan had known this day would come, but for years xiao-Shu had done him the favor of allowing him not to think about it.
The first time I actually finished a Yuletide treat! Jingyu dies from natural cases and so there is no conspiracy. I'd started sketching this AU before I even saw [ profile] alessandriana's letter, and when I saw that she prompted it it gave me the push I needed to finish. I really like this AU, and there's a possibility that I'm not done with it yet because I keep thinking of more things that would be interesting to explore in it.

There are many Yuletide stories I still want to read (thanks to everyone who recced stories), but I decided to put those aside for now and try to write something for [community profile] fandom_stocking.
I also still need to do my 2016 year review, aaand I decided to try and do at least half of the [community profile] snowflake_challenge this year, so at least 7 days.

Day 1: In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Huh. I think I'll cheat a bit and refer to "Step Forward" above, because I really like the concept of this AU and I feel like I wrote a good look into it.

Dark Blue Skies, a Steerswoman fic: "In the third year of Willam's apprenticeship with Corvus, Abremio came to Wulfshaven." It's one of my longer works and I'm quite proud of how it turned out.

Assuming Shape, a Young Avengers fic, Teddy Altman's mom's backstory. (I can't remember if her name is from canon somewhere or if I took it from another fic.) I wrote it because I wanted to make her more real (which makes canon even sadder) and I feel like I succeeded.
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I had a week where I felt like a turtle in a shell all the time, I just wanted to stay at home and do nothing. Ugh. Happens. There were a few things I didn't do, but fortunately nothing immediately time-critical, and fortunately I had events with friends planned over the weekend, that helped. Not sure yet if I'll have to default on my Yuletide story.

The weekend: D&D on Friday, Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, Disney movies on Sunday :)

Latest D&D things:More spiders, and time travel )

Saturday: Lio and Maria's friend Kelly is from the US, but has spent most of the last few years in Europe. She wanted an authentic American Thanksgiving dinner, so on Saturday we first had pumpkin-carrot-turkey soup and then stuffed turkey with cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes with gravy, brussel sprouts with chestnuts, corn fritters, sweet potato casserole, ginger-glazed carrots, and a salad with apple and cucumber and fennel and pomegranate. It was amazing. It took me an hour to finish my very full plate and then I felt accomplished *g* Now I understand better why Thanksgiving is such a big deal in the US, if the food is always like that. I made the sweet potato casserole and it was actually quite easy and turned out well, I might have to do it again. I forgot to write down the amount I needed before going shopping so now we have quite a few more sweet potatoes at home.

On Sunday LB organized a Disney movie night, we saw "The Emperor's New Groove" and "Mulan." I hadn't seen either in years, it was fun. Before the movies we cooked pumpkin curry, pumpkin goat cheese and fig tart, and cheese baguettes. LB invited around ten of his friends, we had a good time and we already made plans for more movie nights. We definitely have to see "Nightmare Before Christmas" before, well, Christmas.

New week, I'm still very tired but I feel a bit better so fingers crossed I'll actually be able to accomplish things. Climbing today, and tomorrow is an event I'm invited to at the company where I'm currently in the middle of the application process, I'm almost optimistic.
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I don't really know how I feel yet, it changes so quickly. Sometimes I feel like crying, especially when I read reactions to the result, I can't do that for very long. Sometimes I just want to ignore it for a while and distract myself, and then I feel guilty because I'm lucky enough to be able to do that with where and what I am and so many people are not. I had quick bursts of "I have to get my shit together and get my life to a point where before the next Austrian parliamentary election (currently scheduled September 2018) I can do my part to make sure our right-wing party doesn't win", I hope those last long enough. (If they reschedule the election to next year that's too soon, I won't be ready to do anything.) I've been writing fic, because if I post something maybe some people will like it and it will briefly cheer them up and that's all I have to offer at the moment. I don't know what to say.

Speaking of: You can prompt me with anything and I'll attempt to write you something. Fandoms I know preferred, it probably won't be long but I'll do my best.
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It's November, which means that not only is the US Election finally almost over, it's also NaNoWriMo. Every year I almost forget. I would like to do it one year, but not yet. This year I plan to write at least something every day (editing doesn't count), that should be possible. Secondary goal is to finish more than one fic, maybe three would be good?, but I'll see. I started with 250 words today, acceptable.

Today was a bank holiday, Monday I was exhausted for no good reason and barely did anything, before that was the weekend and I did very little. Tomorrow I'll have to Do Stuff again. It's only been a few days, but I feel almost, hm, out of practice? Much more anxious about it than I need to be and it's annoying. Stop being annoying, brain.
One week is an acceptable time after sending a job application to call and ask for a status update, right? Usually I would wait two, but in this case if I have a good chance I need to organize things with the university.
I also need to call house management, and just a lot of small stuff, which I can totally handle. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be will be a good day. Fingers crossed and going to bed early.


Oct. 20th, 2016 12:46 am
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- Things I wish I could: skip scenes of stories I'm writing to fill them in later. Instead I'm stuck because of stupid small details. I'd probably go ahead and post the first chapter (I'm writing a multi-chapter fic! My first one! This is exciting), if only I had a title…

- I was reminded today how much I hate scenes where character A repeatedly asks, or demands, B leave character A's room, or leave them alone, and B doesn't do it. Hate hate hate, and makes me physically uncomfortable. Often more so than actual assault scenes because it's much more often depicted positively by the author.

- Hockey! How did I ever keep up with things happening around the NHL? There is so much. I watched the Pens-Caps game and it was a lot of fun. Flower <3
Four games and Tanger is already injured -.- Sheary too. Also, it's been less than a month and I'm already angry at the DoPS again. Protect your players from other players, idiots.

- Our new third roommate moved in, and I'm optimistic it'll work out well. We probably don't have space in the kitchen for three people to cook at the same time, but maybe we'll find time every once in a while for all of us to eat together. I've been trying new recipes lately, shakshuka and briami for example were easy to make and delicious.

- I've been looking for jobs for a while now – okay officially it's been a while, actually it's only recently that I've made any real progress. (Probably not coincidentally, about 2-3 weeks after I adjusted my dosage of meds.) I have a short list of job ads that seem interesting, and a much longer list of jobs that I probably wouldn't mind doing for a while if there's nothing better. Today I found the first ad for a job that I'm genuinely excited about :) Ideally I want to finish my application letter tomorrow, I already know I'll be very nervous about it and overthink every sentence. Ah well. Adulting. Chocolate afterwards.
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Back home, but I'm exhausted. On top of the 14 hours of driving this weekend I also started out with three hours of sleep, because a friend of mine is leaving to study in Berlin so we had a goodbye party on Friday night. (My cousin MH was very impressed when I told her it lasted until 3am, less so when I told her we mostly played card games ^^ My favorite kind of party.)

As promised LB organized the music for the drive, and a lot of it was film soundtracks. I learned that The Hunchback of Notre-Dame has good music, and so does The Nightmare Before Christmas; maybe I'll watch the movies too. Listening to the Aristocats and Jungle Book soundtracks was nostalgic. Music only, I didn't like the Frozen soundtrack as much as when I saw the movie the first time.

I missed the first D&D session since our campaign started -.- I really hope someone is writing the summary.

Our third roommate told us on Friday that against her original plans she will move out when her lease ends soon, so DD and I posted an ad. Tomorrow four people are coming to take a look at the room, and five on Tuesday. They all sound very nice!, but it'll be tiiiring.
On top of that tomorrow evening is my first climbing class, I'm excited and a bit nervous because I'm not sure what to expect.

Other things to do: finish my Yuletide letter, some organization stuff like arranging a plumber to check the therm, read fics posted for the hockey RPF rarepairs exchange, finish this fic I'm writing (Meng Zhi time travel), oh and then there is the whole job-hunting thing that I'm not very good at and really should do more of...
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I had yet another spectacularly unproductive week, so, to distract myself from that: Cooking!

DD moved in two weeks ago, and it's been great. Apart from all the other bonuses – an actual friend in the apartment that I can talk to, someone to share chores with and watch hockey and movies with – I love being able to cook and eat together. I eat a lot more regularly since she moved in.

DD is vegetarian and, because of allergies, practically vegan. That's fine with me, I usually eat meat once a week when I visit my parents and sometimes I just add cheese to my portion of a dish. We're eating very healthy, a lot of vegetables. Today, for example, pizza, which is basically bread with vegetables. Yesterday I made a mushroom and potato casserole, which was good (unfortunately required a lot of clean-up, and that on the one day this week when I did it all on my own because DD had a deadline.)

I had a very limited spice sortiment – salt, pepper, garlic, nutmeg, that was basically it. DD cooks with a lot more different spices, which is interesting; I just have to occasionally remind her that I'm not good with very spicy stuff. She also cooks with ingredients I almost never used, like lentils and chick peas and broccoli and soy sauce and tahini. I'm learning new recipes (although to be honest just as often the "recipe" is basically just "put all that together in a pan.") When I got her into watching "Nirvana on Fire" she made Chinese dumplings, they were very good. (We had them with left-over tomato salad, not exactly traditional but good.)

We also explored some of the shops around here that I'd never really used before. In a five minute radius on foot around our apartment there is one Austrian supermarket, a German discount supermarket, a Thai shop, an Afro-Asiatic shop, an Indian shop (new), and three(!) Turkish shops. It's pretty cool. We got spices from the Indian store and we occasionally get fruits from one of the Turkish stores, they have the best fruits. The Afro-Asiatic and the Indian shop also have a lot of fish, and some very strange vegetables I hadn't even seen before.

As a moving-in present from her mom DD got a soup-maker, which I'd never heard of before but which is very convenient. Just put whatever you want in there, wait for ~20 minutes, soup! Excellent, I predict we'll use it a lot especially when it gets colder. We can also use it to make smoothies, yum.

Tomorrow is my grandparents' fiftieth wedding anniversary, so dad + LB + I are driving seven hours there and then seven hours back on Sunday. The things we do for family. I'm not exactly thrilled – the celebration will be nice but the travel time is such a hassle - but LB said he made good playlists for the drive so maybe it'll be entertaining. I told him to add Hamilton because he still hasn't listened to it, and he apparently also included several other musicals, we'll see.

ETA: Aand I just found out that we need to find a new third roommate. Let's hope I get this lucky again.
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In our latest D&D session:
- we explored the library and then burned it down
- we decided to try and ally with the huge sentient magical spider instead of fighting it: the enemy of my enemy, the enemy in this case being the approaching army
- my undead cat familiar is very invested in me learning necromancy. She is suspiciously familiar with the details of the army of the undead that devastated the world and killed some of the gods eighty years ago. Oh and she also accidentally revealed that not all of the necromancers who led that army are dead (my familiars are so cool) (details)
- there is still a demon in my head, but at least now my character wants to get rid of her too
- my character can turn into a gargoyle now.

Speaking of death, LB and I recently attended the funeral of our "honorary grandfather", who babysat us when we were kids. I hadn't seen him in about ten years, but his widow was very happy that we came. It was a very religious and serious ceremony. Afterwards LB and I discussed which songs we wanted to be played at our funerals, we both agreed we wanted something a bit lighter. I suggested the theme song from Ghostbusters, LB for some reason wasn't convinced…

Today together with dad and LB we wandered around on the Kahlenberg, really more of a hill near Vienna. It was sunny and very nice. We even saw a snake! I saw snakes much more often when I was a kid, but not in several years, so I'm happy I finally saw one again. I think it was a small Aesculapian snake, but I'm not sure.

Now for some reason I'm exhausted, it's barely 11pm yet and I usually go to bed later. WCOH Sweden-Europe went to OT, which I wasn't thrilled by, but then Team Europe won :)

The week wasn't very productive, but at least since DD moved in (more on that later) I've been eating very well, and it's nice to live and cook and eat with someone else again. Next step, actually Do More. I've started dreading my therapy sessions because having to admit how little I've done is embarrassing. Ah well, there's still hope.

Choir week

Aug. 23rd, 2016 02:54 pm
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I had a lot of fun at choir week! There were many people I knew from past years, and several very nice new people too. I no longer stay up as long as I did in past years, but we still managed to play several rounds of Werewolf at least once, there was even a pubquiz once, and just in general hanging out with people was fun. It wasn't as hot as last year thankfully, when I was barefoot almost the entire time (which was great, except in the forest at midnight without a flashlight.) However this year we missed shooting star week.

Last year in choir we sang almost exclusively classical pieces, like Haydn's kleine Orgelsolomesse and Mozart's Ave Verum. This year there was a bit more variety, but still not as much as in previous years (this was my seventh time attending!) Beautiful pieces though, like Mendelssohn: Jauchzet dem Herrn, Scaldava il sol etc. I also sang in an ensemble that sang mostly sad Renaissance songs, and I did Dance again like every year. We always do very cool stuff, and it's good to give my voice a rest for a few hours.

For the "Bunter Abend" this year I wrote a poem inspired by a line from the voice warm up that morning, "Aunt Anna has an elephant in her tub." I tried to recite it by heart and missed a few lines, but overall it went over well. (Last year I prepared a medley of macabre Viennese folk songs, that was fun. There are many! I included Tauben vergiften, Biddlah Buh, Die Engelmacherin, Da Hofa, Zentralfriedhof, Der Tod muss ein Wiener sein, and two children's songs.)

Apart from the dance performance I wasn't completely happy with most of our concert on Saturday, but perfection isn't really what choir week is about. I stayed up until almost 2:30am and then, disappointed that there wasn't dancing in addition to the live karaoke, went to bed.
Around 3:45 or so (I was told later) I suddenly woke up because the door to my room opened. A fireman in full uniform and helmet stood there, looked at me, said "You can go back to sleep" and closed the door again. I was so confused I did just that.
About an hour later I woke up again because of the loud fire alarm. I was so tired I almost went to sleep again, except then I heard the sirens. Later I learned this is apparently normal in a village for a fire alarm, but for me siren=emergency, so I grabbed my jacket and phone ran downstairs. There were already a couple of other people there who told me that this was the second fire alarm. Apparently I slept through the first one, which is mildly concerning tbh but also funny. Fortunately the firemen were there (again) in five minutes, and instead of fifteen this time they managed to turn off the alarm in five minutes so we could go back to sleep. An alarm malfunction, ugh.
Next day we had warm up at 9 and a mass to sing at 10, with everyone exhausted… Actually it went better than I expected. At least we have a story to tell next year.

It's Tuesday now and I'm still very tired. My new freezer got delivered yesterday but I haven't gotten around to opening it yet, much less do anything more demanding. Clearly I need another nap. And enjoy all the music still in my head :)
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It's not long ago at all that I went running almost regularly, but it's been two weeks and once I'm even a little out of the rhythm finding the necessary motivation is more difficult. Today I had to because I mentioned it to my dad and he made me commit. Fortunately it was fun again. I went without something to listen to for the first time in a while because a) I was too lazy to look for something and b) it's the ice hockey offseason. Which didn't stop me from using playoff memories for motivation – such a great run :)
The way back to my apartment has an upwards slope so I always hold back when I start, but this time I even did two short fast intervals on my way back. To motivate myself for that I found myself humming the "Love Hime" opening song, the motivational song of the main character from "Yowamushi Pedal", which I started watching a few days ago on a recommendation by [personal profile] naye. It worked *g* Even though I know exactly one word, oh well.

One of my roommates is moving out tomorrow, and to my surprise she just came home. I'm a bit worried it's going to be awkward, but it's only one day so it should be fine. (I often felt awkward around her: she's a few years older, she already worked for a few years and always gave off the impression that she had her shit together, and in comparison I often felt like I didn't measure up. I didn't like it.) There's also still financial details to be settled, hopefully it goes well. Fortunately it's about how much money she'll get back from me and not the other way around; less than she's probably hoping for, but that's not my problem, this is why I was so careful writing the lease.
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Back from a short but great vacation at my grandparents. I caught up with my relatives, enjoyed my grandparents' garden, and on Tuesday we went on a beautiful long hike in the mountains. It's been months since I've last done that, which probably explains why I wasn't careful enough with the sun cream and now have dark red stripes on both lower legs between where the pants ended and the socks began. It's still very visible, but at least it stopped hurting.
Maybe I'll even get around posting pictures this week, the scenery in the Alps is gorgeous. I have many plans to be productive for this week! Let's see how much I'll manage to do.

Friday evening we had four(!) people at our D&D session, more than we had in some time. One of them was a newbie, I'm worried coordinating times and dates will only get more and more complicated… favorite moments from Friday )

On Saturday I was invited to play "Dark Heresy", a Warhammer 40,000 RPG, with some people I didn't know, who turned out to have an extremely impressive collection of games etc. at home and were also very nice and good players. I had fun! First the GM and his girlfriend explained the rules, then we created our characters, then we played one complete adventure. All in all we were there for eleven hours, which was almost a bit too long for me. Near the end the GM obviously shortened some parts because we had trams to catch, and while on the one hand I was sorry to see some things cut short I was also relieved because I was very tired.
I enjoyed looking at the differences between this game and D&D: some details )

We played a crime mystery adventure, which was fun. It even included database searches! I liked how the GM led it, and noting the differences between him and the only DM I knew so far. We had background music the entire time, which was great for the atmosphere. Even light effects when the witch surprised us in the insane asylum (though those were a bit over the top…)
I was invited back for board game evenings – I'm definitely planning to join these – and a longer Dark Heresy game in fall. Not sure yet if I want to join that, the group seems great but I'm not sure I'd enjoy a longer campaign with this game. I'll see.


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