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I got the first book in the series from a recent Humble Bundle and started reading it thanks to a recommendation by [personal profile] wychwood, and then I got the other two in the next few days. I enjoyed the series a lot! It has very good h/c and excellent found family feels. It also has great female main characters, almost no straight people, and relationships that I liked a lot. The magic system is interesting, if a bit vague. I really like the series' take on what happens next after the country is conquered: there's no black and white and especially not along ethnicity lines.

Fire Logic: Whoa, the beginning is dark. Excellent job making me like Ransel just before killing off him and the entire Ashawala'i. I liked Zanja a lot, how she started to slowly try to move forward, and even though I'm often annoyed how quickly characters fall in love here I thought her giant crush on Karis was pretty believable. Excellent pining, and for a good reason too: not a misunderstanding, but Karis' best friend trying to do what is best for her. Norina almost kills Zanja because she's afraid Zanja caused Karis harm, and later realizes how much she erred, mmm good stuff.
I really like Medric! I shipped him and Emil pretty much as soon as they met and I was very happily surprised when it became canon two pages later.
An interesting twist to think about: what if Medric had been the one to dream about an Ashawala'i destroying the Sainnites?

Earth Logic: Emil killing Zanja because of fireblood visions, mmm yes excellent h/c material. But it wasn't clear enough to me why Zanja had to die. What did the storyteller accomplish? She didn't have that much of an effect on Clement. She did on the soldiers, and I can believe that the storyteller's stories had a big part in eventually allowing the Sainnite soldiers accept becoming Shaftali, but that's not shown (not really in the third book either.) Seems like a pretty flimsy reason. At least Norina was there and knew that three firebloods could go too far and how to make sure there was at least a way to call Zanja back. Firebloods. (I still like Medric so much.)
I like that Karis' relationship with Zanja, while solid, is difficult for both of them because of their very different approaches to, well, life. I understand Zanja's impatience as well as Karis' fear of doing the wrong thing if she acts too soon, especially considering her vast power. (A little bit more communication couldn't hurt…)
I liked Clement too, and her friendship with Gilly.
I also liked Garland, and not just because he's a cook.

Water Logic: Poor Clement :( At least she was mostly successful. I do want her to get her happy ending, but I'm not convinced by her relationship with Seth yet. Actually Seth was the first PoV character that didn't really grab me and that I don't feel like I have a good feel for. I did feel very sorry that Damon died.
Surprise time travel! Yes, water witches are rare, and I imagine it doesn't happen often, but it still seems weird that it doesn't show up in old stories and so on.
What did Medric see this time? And why did he choose to reveal as little as he did? I still don't have a good grasp of what he can see, it seems very random. Have I mentioned that I want more Medric stories?, his past and his abilities and what it means for his family are fascinating.

Another series I've bookmarked for this year's Yuletide.
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