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I'm sick, and it sucks. I especially hate the timing because during my skiing vacation I felt full of energy and I was hoping that it would carry over to when I'm back, instead this. I should be fine in a few days, at least.

To distract myself I'm half watching, half listening to more Critical Role.
Episode 36: Scanlan composed an epic poem about the uprising of the people against an evil empire, a kind of force that had awakened, and called it Resident Evil xD (~0:25)
Grog wanted to call the Craven Edge "Bacon", that would have been terrible and hilarious.
(No notes for 37, must not have been too exciting.)
Episode 38: Around 1:20, the party finding out about Kaylie xD their faces, omg. Also, Keyleth is the worst drunk.
Episode 39: ~2:40, Percy and Scanlan trying to get Kaylie out of the stocks xD
Uriel stepping down because he does not trust himself is a nice touch. And then DRAGON ATTACK, holy shit.
Episode 40: Of course I immediately started thinking what my current character would do when faced with a white dragon like that She's currently level 13, just like half of Vox Machina at that point, and I dare say she wouldn't do badly. She would cast Greater Invisibility, then Fly, (then curse if there was fog anywhere but in my party I doubt this would be the case), then throw rocks at it from above. At any time I have at least a dozen Shrunk rocks in my bag of holding, and when I'm high enough and expand them again they do 20d6 damage. (I'd need to coordinate with our druid so she doesn't summon a tornado while I'm in the air...) My beetle familiar would attempt to bite the dragon to paralyze it, and my cat familiar would have to wait until the dragon is on the ground to attack it. I would use Telekinesis to try and throw it out of the air, and then use more rocks and offensive spells to attack it further. MC would still be screwed when the other even bigger dragon shows up *shrugs*, but I think with a little bit of luck our current party – arcane spellcaster, druid, rogue/warblade/swordsage/shadowlord, cleric/crusader, factotum/archivist, and potentially another sorcerer, all between levels 11-13 – could potentially slay a "normal" dragon. Not that we want to be forced to test it.
Percy vs Grog about the skull got pretty intense, thank the gods for Allura.
Keyleth loves her spells, which I can understand. Also she has a temper. Oh no the fire Ashari :(
Episode 41: Episode 41: Vax flipping out and VM threatening the people looting Gilmore's shop was touching.
GILMORE. I love him so much. (Vax dragged his unconscious form into his lap and smoothed his hair back, aww.) He dueled a dragon, fucking badass.
Keyleth, darling, calling a lightning bolt in a city conquered by a dragon is NOT inconspicuous (but calling it directly into someone you are holding is cool.)
Episode 42: The wyvern fight was a good example for a scene I paid less attention to. They're almost certainly going to win and I'm pretty sure the chance someone gets seriously injured is low. Sure, there's always character stuff, but not always a lot. (Other times Marisha mixes up her spells and Keyleth turns half the party into mist at the completely wrong moment.) Though Keyleth turning something into a chicken and later incinerating the bad guys with a powerful fire spell was fun.
The negotiation with the Clasp – I can't evaluate without knowing more about past actions of the Clasp, but they went in woefully underprepared in regards to what they want and what they are prepared to offer. Percy and Keyleth both seeing themselves as rulers is interesting, because they were both raised for it – Keyleth more than Percy – but never actually ruled.
Vax now has Keyleth's hand burned into his skin. Also they spent a night together….
Episode 43: The gang drunk, omg.
Grog chooses Pike and Vax and Scanlan as his friends, heh. Especially Vax made me grin. "Where do you find your strength?" "In my friends", aw Grog.
Episode 44: Grog testing his hammer on an illusion of Vax and thinking he killed him xD
Guys, going into an underwater temple with such an uncertain barrier holding off the water is a terrible plan and you are all going to drown, wtf. It did not end up being a problem, I'm not sure why, but they were very lucky in that regard.
I like Kashaw and Zahra :)
Uh-oh, a Beholder. They really had amazing luck with their saving throws. The gnome throwing the goliath at the enemy *g*
Aaand as soon as they kill the Beholder they get careless and don't check for traps when looting the grave of her champion, yep Percy you screwed up. VEX. Everyone's faces! And Vax insulting the Raven Queen and offering his life instead, this is going to have consequences…
Episode 45: Pokémon!Trinket xD
This episode had nice scenes with Vax & Percy, Vex & Keyleth, Vex & Vax, Vax & Keyleth, Grog & Craven Edge, Scanlan & his painting, and a funny one with Vax asking Scanlan for life outlook advice *g* In general the show often has a nice mix of action and character scenes.

In hockey news, Sid got his 1000th point and then a beautiful OT goal on a fantastic pass by Geno, these two together are just so great. But Olli is out six weeks and Jeff Schultz may also be injured >.< On top of all the other injuries, joy. The trade deadline is soon and it will be very stressful, fuck. Hopefully before that the Pens win the outdoor game against Philly.
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