Date: 2017-05-04 07:51 pm (UTC)
naye: robin from one piece reading, with the words "book love" (book love)
From: [personal profile] naye
Ah, I'm so glad you kept reading! I was also gutted at the end of Inda when I thought Tau had died, and so pleased to find out he lived!

And Sindan dying was tragic, but at least he made it to like. 70! Which is impressive. Meanwhile poor Dun didn't even get to share his identity with Inda before he was killed. That really got to me, that the only person who knew about his mission (Sindan) died without telling anyone else, so nobody who knew him in his old life knows why he disappeared, and nobody in his current life really knew him at all...

Oh man Tau and Jeje and Fox's pirate adventures I love SO MUCH! Of course, I'm also hugely fond of Inda because he's the type of character I'm weak to (not an asshole, genius in some ways but really awkward in others, and of course loyal to the max which always gets me), but I also really love all of his friends.

Casual household magic is one of my FAVORITE THINGS about the books. And not just household magic: feminist magic. As in: their magic makes the world a much more equal place. Not only is there no rape (which is 100% a huge relief to me), but women can't get pregnant accidentally (because magic), and don't have to get pregnant if they don't want to (because birth spells)! Which leaves us with a world where women can fill all the roles men can - and vice versa, pretty much.

(I'm really curious if there's any magic that can actually change your gender? I wouldn't be surprised, really - I know canonically there's a spell that can halt the onset of puberty and freeze you in childhood... But it would make sense that aligning with a gender might be a matter of choice. At least outside of those awkward situations where you have alliance-marriages arranged between young children and all of a sudden you're left with two brides or two grooms. Which doesn't stop same-sex couples from going off and having kids - there's a GREAT example of that later on i the story!)

Anyway, that's a long aside. One last note: the Venn are totally Vikings. I mean. Some five millennia removed, but definitely Vikings. :D

I hope you like the next two books too!
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