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I'd heard that the first half of book 1 was hard to get through, but I actually didn't think so, or at least not in a notably different way than other okay books. The many titles didn't bother me. It was the beginning of part 2 where for some reason I lost interest for a while.

I was relieved when Inda at least later found out more about Dun :) Where I am in the story he's a ghost still hanging around, and I don't know where the ghost storyline is going (or if there even will be one), so who knows...

There may be no on-screen violent rape, but that doesn't mean there isn't assault. The Sierlaef chasing after Joret made me super uncomfortable, and she does give in in the end to save her family; if he hadn't died... And Tau has to sleep with Coco and Walric to save his and his friends' lives.
The birth control spells are pretty great though, and the waste spell convenient. I can imagine that there is sex-changing magic, but it's not remembered anymore and would have to be rediscovered.

I think what makes the Venn so shapeless to me is that I have no mental image of their architecture, their clothes, their culture. I might have missed some of it because it was late? But even the country that Evred's mom visited with Hadand and Joret seemed more real. I assume I'll see a lot more of the Venn, hopefully they'll become more interesting.

I'm almost a third of the way through book 3, and holy shit, does Evred not have any competent advisors?? He's an inexperienced leader, he was never raised to be king, his father and brother and uncles are dead, the older Jarls are either untrustworthy or not available, the younger nobles don't have more experience than he does and he doesn't seem to consult them either... That does not seem like a sustainable form of government! No wonder he clings to Inda. He remembers Inda as the guy who always came up with brilliant plans, and from all he heard about Inda's adventures with the pirates, Inda is a far more experienced leader and commander than he is.
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