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Non-physical power may be more equally spread between men and women (though if only men inherit noble titles, not really equal either,) and it's always great to read about a world where women are less, hm, victimized. (Too lazy rn to check if my words are right.) But using differences in power to assault someone, like blackmailing them with their friends' lives, can't just be overcome with a knife to the throat, and it's also more... versatile, in what it can make you do. Saying that there's no rape in this world is simply false.

Not only does Evred not have any advisors, he also, at least not by this point in the book, doesn't seem to look for any, except Inda. He could at least ask his other friends, who are also fighters and some even commanders, for their perspectives on their plans, try to set up a future advisory council, but the only one he seems to even consider for that is Hadand. The Harskialdna made sure the king had few advisors so as to bind the king tighter to himself, but the king at least had Captain Sindan. Who Evred appreciated, but he probably underestimated his role as advisor and support because he was also the king's lover.
Evred is going to grow up and it's going to be painful at times, but fingers crossed things end well.
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