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Another post about hockey today, so I'm not influenced by however game 7 ends. The odds aren't in the Pens' favor, but it's hockey and anything can happen. The playoffs really are excellent at creating rivalries: at the beginning of this series I thought that I'd be okay with it if the Caps won, because the Pens just won the Cup last year and Nicky and Ovi deserve a Cup too, but right now I want the Caps to lose in the second round forever. Especially Tom Asshole Wilson.
(Ugh, I'll be so nervous waking up tomorrow. Game 7s are the worst.)

I'm not even really enjoying the playoffs anymore, and that won't change (much) if the Pens win. There are just so many injuries. And not even random injuries but injuries caused by stupid hits that often weren't even called (btw have I mentioned that Tom Wilson is an asshole), and they are called "hockey plays", which apparently makes them understandable and even expected?? The media talks about "wearing down the other team by physical play" which more or less means "injuring the other team's players is a legitimate tactic, you just have to make it look unintentional," and I'm so fucking tired of it. I watch a hockey game and for a few minutes I'm entranced by how fucking beautiful the game is, and then I'm distracted again by a brutal hit or slash or something similar and worrying about the players' health. I want to enjoy watching Sidney Crosby do incredible things on the ice without his concussion history in the back of my head, especially if they don't even take him out of the game after he crashes hard into the boards like in game 6, so fucking stupid. "Let them play"? So fucking stupid. You need to call every fucking penalty.

(Also, and this has nothing to do with the general complaint and I know I'm biased, but my impression is that players on my team are injured by stupid illegal plays by opponents way more often than the other way around, and that makes me even angrier at the other teams and unhappier when they win.)

Why did I have to get so invested in an NHL team. My interest is declining but it's a slow process, I got too attached to this stupid team and to too many players. (At least timing-wise I pretty much hit the jackpot, the team won the Cup right when I was most into it.) Maybe next season I'll have more success getting into women's hockey. I hope there will be highlight videos, I so rarely watch full games these days anyway.

Other playoff stuff, I'm baffled that Ottawa is in the ECF but hey, good for them. A Sens-Oilers SCF would be hilarious.

Date: 2017-05-10 06:47 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, that's why I can't watch. I'd be way more interested if there wasn't so much violence.

We're ALL baffled by the Sens, but go them. I'm confident in the Oilers fucking up though.


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