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One thing that annoys me about ebooks is that there is no cover blurb. If I don't remember what the book is about from when I got it, I'm going in blind (apart from unreliable cover illustrations.) I just got dozens of new books from this Nebula author showcase Humble Bundle and I have no idea where to even start. So I read more fic instead, also good. (Most) Fics have tags, which is helpful.

This btw also answered a question I'd started to ask myself, about how books are expensive and this month for example I'm already way past what I would have set myself as a reasonable book budget if I had such a thing. I used to illegally download books sometimes (I felt very guilty about it but I was too greedy), but I don't anymore now that I have actual income. I really should set a monthly book budget for myself. I know I'll have enough to read, it's just a matter of withstanding temptation when people rec stuff.

I'm currently trying to reduce my open browser tabs. Including this one I currently have 84 open - which is less than the 97 I had yesterday, so progress. My laptop is a bit slow sometimes and occasionally the browser crashes but overall it's still going really well, despite being 8 years old and me not looking after it well. *pets laptop*
Edit: 76 now. Small steps.

Date: 2017-05-28 03:10 am (UTC)
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Actually, I just double-checked, and I was wrong! You can use calibre to get the blurbs on your tablet! Calibre itself doesn't go on a tablet, but at least for androids there's an app called "Calibre Companion" that is an easy way to move the books from your laptop to your tablet. It is not an ebook reader, but you can open the books from it and it will open them in your ebook reader of choice. Anyway, if you tap on a book in the listing, it shows you all the metadata--including the blurb, if you've taken the trouble to download the blurb in Calibre before transferring the book to your tablet.


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