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"Chameleon Moon" by RoAnna Sylver was recommended to me, I forgot where, as very optimistic apocafic, so I decided to give it a try. The cover is very pretty. I loved all the characters, but unfortunately the worldbuilding and the plot had holes.
There was a drug trial in an entire city? And then the mayor decided to barricade the city and build his own secret police, but somehow he never appears? What. And they are experimenting on subjects, but extremely randomly, and some they work with? It didn't hold together, imo.
The characters, too, seemed like set pieces, like they were suddenly there where the author wanted them to be. I never got a sense of how everyday life in Parole even works. Evelyn and Rose immediately take in a total stranger who's suspected of murder, without even a bonding moment or something like that, and return to Evelyn's long-avoided family home, and without any background on how Parole works or what they are doing or why they didn't have plans for that kind of situation it just screams Plot Device. Don't Evelyn, Rose and Danae have any other friends? What about Jack? That's another thing, if you want your heroines to have a kid, fine, but it's a kid, not a prop. Several times I wondered where Jack was and who was looking after him, if there were plans who would look after him if something happened to his moms, and wondered why his moms weren't more concerned about him. It's a kid and not a baby so he doesn't need constant supervision, but still, they're constantly in a dangerous environment.
Later it turns out that Chimera and Zilch saved Rose and Danae, but they somehow didn't remember? Huh? All the characters' pasts seemed weirdly artificially connected and didn't make much of an impact.

The characters in the present, however, were very cool. Also: tons of queerness, yay! I really liked Evelyn and Rose and Danae, and Regan and Zilch; and I probably would have liked them even more if I had any sense of what their "normal" lives were like. Evelyn and Rose and Danae were very sweet together, very nice established relationship. And Regan and Zilch were very sweet too, mmm amnesia tropes (plus, a lizard and a zombie!), and I also liked Zilch and Finn, the guy who accidentally bombs stuff and the one person he can't accidentally kill. Also Finn literally has Zilch's heart, what, how did that happen.
And then Regan left and I still don't really know non-amnesiac him, it's weird. Rose and Jack are apparently missing - seriously, no contingency plans? What is living in this city like.

The omniscient third PoV didn't work so well for me here, which surprised me because I really enjoyed it in the Inda books. Maybe because the transitions were not always clear, and maybe because it seemed less like an omniscient and more like a constantly jumping PoV: while in the Inda books it was always used to make things clearer and offer an additional perspective, here I often had the feeling that it didn't offer any additional insight or even switched away from PoVs that would have made things clearer.

And then instead of more books I'm reading Naruto AUs again, not sure why. This fandom has so many long what-if AUs, it's amazing. I haven't even watched the anime for probably 15 years, and even then not often. There's just something very appealing about magical ninja idfic, it seems.

Most recent D&D campaign developments:
- Our ally the Lady Rose is a god now. Yep. Unwillingly, still not happy about it, still working on get a handle on her powers. One of the first things she did was accidentally make a cleric explode. Oops.

- She also made (almost) our entire party into saints. I'm a saint now, which is hilarious. MC also finally picked a name, after almost 50 sessions. (I had it for longer but there wasn't a good opportunity to bring it up.)

- There's a war going on, and Rose's troops are underprepared. I understand that our DM doesn't just want us to hand off everything to competent NPCs, but right now it feels like we have to be instrumental in organizing a war, which we're both underqualified for and we don't have the time because we have to go and fight stuff.

- My cat is still trying to convince me to raise an undead army, which in theory I'd be willing to do if there is a way to make sure it only fights against the enemy army and not civilians, but I haven't found one yet. However it looks like we might be able to agree on a compromise: there's an important magical mountain we'll have to guard, and I can probably use undead for that.

- An NPC who sent an army after us before she knew who we were and was a tentative ally (the enemy of our enemy) was either brainwashed or mind-controlled and I'm surprisingly sad about it, considering we never even met her. If this was a show, the sort of background character I'd write fic for. (As it is there's probably too much background I'd have to explain.)


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