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Things that are probably not interesting to anyone except our D&D group, but that I still want to tell my friends about because it's cool and I'm excited: details from last night's battle.

- The first hour and a half two players had to finish leveling and adding a character template, because for some reason they couldn't do it at home. Boo. At least the rest of the group used that time to bake a cake.

- Last session ended with allies being attacked and us teleporting to their position, so we expected a combat encounter to start immediately. Instead we spent at least two hours in RL just discussing and planning and half an hour in-game just discussing and planning and waiting. Any plans we'd made in advance were derailed by the fact that the people we'd intended to evacuate wanted to finish loading their airships first so they could remove any incriminating evidence, which would take at least an hour and probably longer, which meant that suddenly our priority became stalling for time.

- It turns out that despite their eight heads with breath weapons, hydras do a lot less damage than expected if you have damage reduction against fire. Very convenient, especially when there are several of them.

- Fantastic spells to have active during fights: Fly and Greater Invisibility, the latter especially after I managed to Dispel the enemy's True Seeing. During the whole encounter my character took 28 HP damage total.

- I was lucky too. I used Limited Wish to cast Disintegrate on our main enemy (after a Quickened True Strike so it would actually hit her) and she turned it back on me, but fortunately I had an item left with one charge to turn it back again and it fizzled. I really like the visual description of Disintegrate, the ray of green light; shame it didn't work.

- My cat familiar was lucky: she was caught by a huge magical hand with a grapple check of +46 (the DM told me later), and she absolutely would have died if I hadn't rolled a natural 20.

- Our druid turned into a polar bear that threw lightning bolts.

- Our enemy had a magical sword with several dangerous properties, like returning and growing etc. She gave it to our crusader and it mind-controlled her, but I suppressed the effect and the crusader put the sword in her bag of holding. Being literally handed an enemy's weapon is convenient. Our crusader was very disappointed she didn't get to take a full swing at our main enemy in the entire fight though.

- Our enemy was far more susceptible to physical attacks than magical ones, so my beetle familiar attempted to throw heavy rocks at her. He missed three times. However, the rocks were heavy and the structure already damaged, and, uh, the tower collapsed. Oops. We managed to block some of the huge tower and prevented it from falling straight into the city center, but there was still a ton of damage. Or more accurately, several tons.

- Our enemy took a lot of damage from being in the tower when it collapsed. Our DM said there was a 15% chance that she wasn't crushed, rolled a 5 on a d100 roll, and then I made him reroll. Fate!

- All the people we wanted to evacuate were killed by our enemies, but at least the incriminating evidence is buried under the ruins? We are not so good at saving people -.- (Some might still be alive, one airship managed to get away but it's damaged and looks like it could crash any moment so we'll see.)

- Three of our party members escaped the collapsing tower with Shadow Walk, meaning that they are unavailable for the next hour, and it's possible there's back-up for the bad guys coming… We'll see next time. Silver lining, outside the tower nobody knows (yet) we were there so we can blame the tower's collapse entirely on our enemies.

We really wanted to finish this fight, so we played until past 4am :)
Next time is our 50th session of this campaign, I should make our DM a cake.
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