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I saw Wonder Woman yesterday, and I enjoyed it a lot. One of my favorite superhero movies so far, though I can't say how much of that is because of how wonderful it felt to watch a movie about a female superhero.

Things I liked (incomplete):
- The Amazons! Especially Antiope. I really liked that they had complicated interpersonal relationships too, and especially Diana. She's the only one who doesn't share the others' history, she has a special destiny that everyone knows about but her, she doesn't seem to have very close friends – no wonder she didn't hesitate longer to go. The Amazons' fighting was also cool.
- I enjoyed the fight scenes in general. Especially Diana. She's very pretty and also badass.
- Diana got her very own Howling Commandoes! I even liked her love interest. Their first meetings were fun. Diana's cultural adjustment in general was fun. (Btw, how old is she? She has to be older than she looks, going by how much e.g. languages she's studied.)

Things I didn't like (mostly complete):
- Diana's shoes with heels were ridiculous. I don't think she wore them all the time, not on Themyscira and afterwards too I think only for dramatic shots.
- Dr. Poison having an ugly scar/facial prosthesis: really, we're back to ugly/disabled equals evil again? Ugh.
- Diana stops Ares because she believes in love. That's nice and all, but I would have preferred a more general believe in humanity, because one person's romantic love seems a liiitle small to base a planet's fate on. They probably needed one or two more scenes for a more humanity-centric focus, the movie didn't really do a good job selling me on humanity being worth saving. Um. Not that I didn't want Diana to save humanity! I like existing! But they set the movie during WWI, millions of people are dying and millions of lives being wasted, more terrible weapons are being invented all the time to allow for more efficient killing, humans are killing the planet: it's not like Ares' perspective is impossible to understand.
- Nitpicking, at one point when talking about the horrors of war Diana exclaims "[even] women! Children!" For someone who grew up among warrior women that doesn't really make any sense. Later on she only focuses on children.

- Maybe because Buttercup was there, but at least twice I thought "Hello. My name is Diana of Themyscira. You are Ares, god of war: prepare to die," and I thought it was a) hilarious, b) a crack crossover/fusion that really should exist.

Usually I would go back and read many reaction posts/reviews of the movie by other people now, but I work full-time now and there are fewer hours in the day and it's very annoying. Still no time machine. (Though to be fair if I had a time machine there would be more important things to do than go back a few hours every day just so I have more free time.)
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