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I found a new trick to motivate myself that so far (3 weeks in) works quite well :)
It's limited in scope, but pretty simple: my good friend LK, who is a geek but not in fandom, has wanted to read my fic for years, but I don't want him to (he completely lacks the frame of reference and I think it would be super awkward.) Soo when we recently talked about ways to motivate oneself and considered uncomfortable but not actually harmful forfeits... Every week I pick one task I really have to do, and if I don't manage it, I have to give him a list with titles of my fics, and he can pick any one that he can then read. *shudders* Some stories I wouldn't even mind so much if he read them, but since I don't know which he'll pick...
I told LB about it and he said he wants in, if I don't finish the task in the second week either I have to give him a title to pick too, which I want even less. (Awkward, but also I think I would be very embarrassed and disappointed if he didn't like my stories.)

So tonight I actually did apartment-related accounting instead of continuing to binge-watch Akatsuki no Yona (which I love so far, so many excellent tropes), look at me Adulting! Whatever works, right?

Thanks for the podcast recs, I look forward to trying them :)
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