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Thanks for all the supportive comments on my last post <3 I'll talk with my parents this weekend and with my therapist & psychiatrist next week and then decide.

My aunt visits tomorrow and I wanted to clean up my apartment, but then MSZ called and we went swimming, which was great, and then just when I got home the Oilers traded Hall for Larsson and the Habs traded PK for Shea Weber, which, what. What even happened there. How. Why.
So that took me the rest of my evening to get my head around, and I'll probably need another week to process it. Hall for Larsson is another indication that Shero is a trade wizard. PK Subban in Preds yellow is just... weird.
Someone please get Carey and Chucky out of Montréal.
There appears to be such a big difference between how scouts/team management evaluate players and how fans do, it's weird.
(Oh and also Stamkos re-signed with Tampa at a discount, which I half expected. It's funny how little people care about that right now.)

Tomorrow morning my aunt is visiting (I really still need to clean) and then DD and I are going to the natural history museum for Asteroid Day, because space is cool. (We'll probably talk about hockey the entire time. Or half the time, because space really is cool.)


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