Aug. 16th, 2017 10:52 pm
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I haven't written fic since *checks* May, huh. But then suddenly I got an idea, and now in the past three days I've written over three thousand words and it feels amazing. Story writing is a thing I can do! Oh man, I missed this feeling of getting words onto a page, instead of being stuck at the image-to-word conversion process in my brain.

Btw, I recently read a piece on writer's block that I liked a lot, So you're having a bad writing day: Consider: the act of telling a story is you CONJURING AN ENTIRE UNIVERSE INSIDE YOUR MIND and then using words as knives to CARVE THAT UNIVERSE INTO REALITY SO THAT OTHERS CAN VISIT YOUR IMAGINATION. “Today I am going to make a world out of my brain that you can go to in your spare time,” you say aloud, hopefully realizing that this is far more significant and far more bizarre than tying your shoes or blowing your nose.
Writing is hard, and that's okay. (Clearly prolific authors who update frequently are wizards.)
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I've been stuck writing my Yuletide fic for a while now, but I'm pretty sure I've finally identified the problem. Would anyone be willing to help me with worldbuilding questions? No canon knowledge necessary, it's more about "but how would [specific thing] work."
Edit: Found help :)

NiF fic

Nov. 6th, 2016 11:44 pm
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Writing every day in November: week one was a success, feels good. So far I have written snippets of one sort-of fusion, time travel, a canon divergent AU, post-canon fix-it with magic, and an ep 54 missing scene, all for Nirvana in Fire. I made some structuring progress for my Yuletide fic too, I think it's coming along.
(Other than that last week was unfortunately unproductive -.- This is most likely related. I'm not looking forward to therapy on Tuesday at all.)

I finished one ficlet:
New Life, Different Fur
NiF, 330 words, short silly post-canon fluff with magic.
I wanted to write post-canon fluff for [personal profile] naye and found out that in this fandom that's harder than I anticipated… I accidentally wrote three snippets of spoilers ), I meant to fix it but the angst refused to leave. So I had to come up with something else.

Last lines

Oct. 28th, 2016 11:51 am
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Yesterday I did this meme for first lines, today: last lines of my last twenty fics.

Read more... )

- five lines directly refer to something happening in the future, and with context it's even more
- seven include dialogue
- eleven are quite short

Actually I'm satisfied, or at least not unhappy, with more of these than I anticipated. My favorite is from "Assuming Shape": it leads directly to the scene in the comic, and considering how that ended and what I wrote in the previous paragraphs it still makes me emotional every time I reread it. (Nothing says that this can't be an AU where she survives! Still.)
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Every time I see someone mentioning that LJ/DW are so much quieter than they used to be (sad but true) I want to post something, even if it's something silly, like a "still here"-flag. Usually I write two lines and then stop though. I have a word document with posts I've been meaning to make that's quite long by now…

Writing problems:
- write something silly that's not meant to be serious
- get good concrit
- accidentally take it seriously
- be too embarrassed to edit because it's so silly why did I write this in the first place *facepalm*

I was invited to a Harry Potter-themed birthday party this week, it was fun. Everyone was sorted into a house when they entered, and there were house points to earn, like for good costumes or themed food/drinks or games. Our Ravenclaw head of house won a round of Werewolf in dramatic fashion, for example :)
One of the ways one could win points was by coming up with Harry Potter-themed pick-up lines, that was also fun. My personal favorite was "It's been too long since I've seen you outside of the Mirror of Erised."

Yuletide fic: Haven't made much progress yet, I've been concentrating on NiF fic (not for Yuletide.) There's this one character I don't have a good feel for, and she's quite important so that's annoying. I could write her in two different ways and it would result in two different stories, one way that makes it much easier for me to empathize with her and one way that I suspect is a little closer to canon. I want to write the latter, but if I'm blocked for much longer I may write the first version.

First line meme
Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Read more... )

Of the 20:
- three open with dialogue
- eight open with a name
- ten have some kind of time reference
- ten have some kind of location reference
Just being practical.
(Personally I often find last lines more difficult to come up with than opening lines. Maybe I should do this with last lines, except I worry that I'd be unhappy with half of them.)


Oct. 20th, 2016 12:46 am
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- Things I wish I could: skip scenes of stories I'm writing to fill them in later. Instead I'm stuck because of stupid small details. I'd probably go ahead and post the first chapter (I'm writing a multi-chapter fic! My first one! This is exciting), if only I had a title…

- I was reminded today how much I hate scenes where character A repeatedly asks, or demands, B leave character A's room, or leave them alone, and B doesn't do it. Hate hate hate, and makes me physically uncomfortable. Often more so than actual assault scenes because it's much more often depicted positively by the author.

- Hockey! How did I ever keep up with things happening around the NHL? There is so much. I watched the Pens-Caps game and it was a lot of fun. Flower <3
Four games and Tanger is already injured -.- Sheary too. Also, it's been less than a month and I'm already angry at the DoPS again. Protect your players from other players, idiots.

- Our new third roommate moved in, and I'm optimistic it'll work out well. We probably don't have space in the kitchen for three people to cook at the same time, but maybe we'll find time every once in a while for all of us to eat together. I've been trying new recipes lately, shakshuka and briami for example were easy to make and delicious.

- I've been looking for jobs for a while now – okay officially it's been a while, actually it's only recently that I've made any real progress. (Probably not coincidentally, about 2-3 weeks after I adjusted my dosage of meds.) I have a short list of job ads that seem interesting, and a much longer list of jobs that I probably wouldn't mind doing for a while if there's nothing better. Today I found the first ad for a job that I'm genuinely excited about :) Ideally I want to finish my application letter tomorrow, I already know I'll be very nervous about it and overthink every sentence. Ah well. Adulting. Chocolate afterwards.
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- I bought a freezer! They had them at Hofer since yesterday and DD and I had to go to three different stores until we found one left. Soon I can finally buy ice cream reserves!

- I finally tried out the Citybike system. The bikes are nothing special, but there's a stop two minutes from my house and I think it'll be convenient on occasion. I should get my mom's bike helmet, she doesn't need it in Bolivia.

- I wrote almost 2k and finished the D&D session summary, the longest so far. Someone has to do it, and I don't mind, but it's cutting into my story-writing energy. Sure I know what happened, but I still have to put it in words.

- Someone almost ran me over with a car at a crosswalk and my first reaction was to shout "Oida!", that made me feel very Viennese. (Especially as someone who is usually terrible with Viennese dialect. My parents are both from further West, and I'm not good at imitating dialects in general… I do speak Vorarlbergerisch though, which has some similarities with Swiss German and is always fun to surprise people with.)

- I finished watching "Yowamushi Pedal." It's adorable! The rec that made me watch it. I was literally flailing and making high-pitched noises at some points. Team! Friends! Singing!
Some of my favorite things, apart from everything, was spoilers )
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Only two and a half weeks until the new Star Wars movie! I haven't even started my rewatch of the trilogies yet, I hope we'll manage to coordinate with my friends in time.
As the internet found out yesterday, J.J. Abrams and Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote some new music for their version of a cantina scene for the new movie. (My first reaction was "new cantina music, what, how, that music is so iconic", but I feel a bit more optimistic knowing LMM wrote it.) Inevitably a #Force4Ham hashtag was created, and it's a lot of fun. Some good tweets are collected here, and there are many more.

There is a Kickstarter for a documentary film about the inaugural season of the NWHL. They're one week and a little under 5,000$ away from meeting their goal, and I really hope they make it. It would be very cool.

Congrats to everyone who won NaNoWriMo! That's a lot of words :)
(I keep meaning to try it one day, but November is usually a time with many fic exchanges and for those I can't just write words without regard for quality. I almost finished my [tumblr.com profile] hockeyfestivus fic, that's at least something.)
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WHY did I think it was a good idea to sign up for TWO fic exchanges in November/December? It was stupid, and it's very stressful. I'm at least making some progress writing, but there's a lot still to do and then there's the editing. Ugh, editing. It's always discouraging because I'm never satisfied.

Related problem, I start to think I'm being productive when I make progress on fic, when instead I should be making progress on my thesis. Which I haven't for the past week and a half, which is Not Good. It's the end of November, how did that happen so quickly -.-

Today we fulfilled LB and mine's present to our parents for their silver anniversary: we played a room-escape game together and saved the world from the zombie apocalypse. It was a lot of fun! The last time we planned this our parents got sick so LB and I went with friends, that time we had to disarm a bomb. Today too there were some fun puzzles, but we solved them all, occasionally thanks to me which always feels good. I kind of blew up the frog instead of dissecting it, but hey, if it works. We only got stuck once: we'd found several numbers, with plus and minus signs before them, and we had to figure out a safe combination. We tried various different calculations, but they were all wrong, then eventually we realized we only had to enter the numbers one after the other.
We'll definitely play again and try another room in the future.
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Still no hockey practice for me today :( The dentist took out the stitches yesterday but told me it was better to wait for another week.
Geno's four-point-night was great, but Olli :( If that was a routine hit that happens 500 times a game, then that needs to be changed.

Writing for hockey Festivus: hmm… okay, I have an idea, and then it could go like this, these details I can just make up, here is a rough outline, and now I just need to write it.
Writing for Yuletide: The prompt I'm most interested in is X. The best way to frame it would probably be [this], and the most exciting option is [this], that would lead to a,b, and c, I also need Y for that to work, and for d and e I need to do more canon research. Y has to fit these parameters, so what are my options… Basically it's a lot more careful stone-on-stone building, but so far it's working, and I'm having fun.

During the summer I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue with my choir. I really like the kind of pieces we are singing (which is not that easy to find in a choir) and the people are nice, but somehow I never really talked much with any of them and often felt kind of awkward. In addition to that sometimes practices were frustrating because too many people chatted instead of concentrating. I decided to stay though, and so far I'm happy with that decision.

We have a very cool program this semester. Some things we are singing, with (non-curated) examples from YouTube:
- The Creation – A Rock Cantata. This is really cool to sing.
- Gospel Mass by Robert Ray. This one too, plus we'll sing this without sheet notes.
- many shorter mostly winter-themed songs, like The Snow by Elgar, Amid the Falling Snow by Enya, Invierno Porteño by Astor Piazzolla, O Magnum Mysterium by Morten Lauridsen, and several more, including one in Hungarian, two in Hebrew, and one without words. "Invierno Porteño" has no words, only syllables, including several sets of "pa-da-bam pa-da-bam" etc., and every time when I'm distracted I want to sing "padawan" instead.

People I find annoying in a choir:
- those who never ever write anything down, like when to end certain phrases, and then inevitably get it wrong
- related, those who always take a breath at the exactly wrong time
- those with a voice that is much more suited for singing solo than in a choir and who can't/don't rein it in so that they stand out a lot
- those who always have their mobile phone in hand and text during the whole practice
- and worst of all, those who always chat when the conductor speaks and sometimes even when others are singing. Shut. Up.

We had practice weekend last week: 3.5 hours practice (including breaks) on Friday, 10.5 on Saturday, 6.5 on Sunday, 2.5 on Monday. I still have my voice left! Practice. By now we at least know most of the notes, and the fun part begins :) Though I do like learning the notes too, I've become much better at sight-reading.
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I have >1000 Kudos on AO3 now. That means over a thousand times someone read something I wrote and enjoyed it, feels good :) I also have >100 bookmarks and >50 comments and >10 user subscriptions (that last one still feels strange), nice.

Unsurprisingly the eight stories with the highest absolute numbers are in Hockey RPF because it's the biggest fandom I write in (my SGA fic was originally posted somewhere else and only later transferred to AO3.) My fic sorted by Kudos.

Interesting to me is also the hit/kudos ratio, and here fic from smaller fandoms and gen fic does a bit better:
1. Home Is Where My Rink Is (Hockey RPF) – 16,8% kudos (apparently alien fic is very popular.)
2. Assuming Shape (Young Avengers) – 16,8%
3. Flying for Beginners (Hockey RPF/Jupiter Ascending) – 15,3%
4. Make the Night a Little Less Loud (The Maze Runner) – 13,1%
5. Kadavo (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) – 10,7%
6. Losing Down (Hockey RPF) – 9,8%
7. Captain's Mark (Hockey RPF) – 8,3%
8. Rainbow Patches on Our Jerseys (One Day) (Hockey RPF) – 7,8%
9. Collateral Damage (SG1/SGA) – 7,7%
10. Drawn to You (Hockey RPF)– 7,5%

I already posted six fics this year, not too bad. Currently there are three I'm sort of working on, two Hockey RPF AUs and one Clone Wars story, and there are a few kinkmeme prompts I'm thinking about. Or it could be something completely unexpected, like the last time.

If you want me to talk about any of my stories go ahead and ask :)
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I had a bad week. Got nothing done for uni - I am waiting for a rather important email from my advisor about what to do next, but I should have already sent her a reminder, and there are things I could have done in the meantime. I didn't sleep well, tried some small things (turns out I'm still okay at juggling), but overall I just wasn't feeling well, no energy for anything.

(These are always the days when I make an extra effort to leave comments on fic/fanworks. It's a bit harder than usual and I'm not always up to it, but I can tell myself that I do something nice for other people and that makes me feel good, especially when I get replies.)

Today was a bit better & I'm optimistic for next week, that's nice :)

I also finally have an outline for the alien!Sid fic I'm working on for DD. After I wrote the first few scenes, something I usually don't like. If I wasn't writing it directly for a friend I'm not sure if I would finish it, but so far that seems likely. (My solution to "this seems kinda boring and I don't know what to do with it" was "add more Flower", I think it works.)

I planned to watch one Pens playoff game live, and since today it's either the last one or a win it'll be today. I'll take a nap before, otherwise I'd fall asleep during first intermission. And in case they do lose I'm going to watch "Avengers: Age of Ultron" with friends tomorrow, that should hopefully cheer me up.

ETA: Just as the game goes to OT (!!!) my fucking laptop crashes. Just my luck.
Proud of my team, they did their best with all the injuries and shit, each game was very close and came down to lucky bounces. ILU Flower, MVP. Better luck next year.
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My computer has been extremely slow the past few days, so I'm trying to at least close some of my many open tabs. (So far it doesn't seem to help. Also my internet connection sucks.) I stumbled upon a DW friending meme from November and subscribed to a few people, hi! *waves*
That was the same friending meme that encouraged me to do the December posting meme, which has been very good for me. People asked questions about so many different things that I got more confident to post about whatever I want.

Hockey stuff! under a cut because I ramble )

I decided I'd like to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I was always too busy with uni in November, that won't be a problem anymore. One thing that I look forward to is meeting with other people in Vienna who also participate, I think that could be fun. I haven't written anything near this long for a single story ever (I think - some of the stories I wrote as a teenager were pretty long), but even if it turns out I can't I could just cheat and write several shorter stories. I'll need extensive preparation, of course, but that shouldn't be a problem. I thought about Camp Nano in July, but that'll probably be shortly after moving and I'm not sure I'll have the brain space.

Current writing projects: The Maze Runner Teresa story (I'm trying to figure out how best to structure it because it needs a lot of backstory), several very rough Pens prompt fills (the mpreg one probably needs a PoV change and I don't have an ending for the one with the aliens yet), a couple of ideas for Rifter fic (including how Kahlil became an assassin) but I need to reread the story first, and one short original story.
If someone would like to help me brainstorm for the Teresa fic, that'd be great.

Uni work is being annoying, as usual. (Turns out finding data is harder than I thought, so I'm waiting on feedback from my advisor how to proceed and hoping she doesn't pick the more difficult option.) Spring is coming, the sun is shining, we have flowers in the garden and it's almost warm enough to wear skirts :) Definitely almost ice cream time.
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Planning a kitchen is stressful, and it's distracting. I'm supposed to finish my thesis, but there is so much I have to do about the kitchen, it's very annoying. I'm almost at the point where I wish we'd have said screw it, we'll have them put in a kitchen for us, even though I know we'd still have to expand it and it would have been only slightly less work. (Apparently according to the law only a sink and a stovetop need to be provided.) And I'm very bad at asking for more money, or discounts, or favors. To make everything even more fun, we should decide and ideally buy our kitchen by Saturday because that's how long the kitchen sales last, and DD is currently sick.

Positives: I drove to a store a bit further out on my own today and it went very well. I still hate driving on my own, I get nervous, even though objectively it's (usually) not harder than with someone sitting next to me. But I'm getting better.

And my mom got a box of chocolates as a gift and she's not eating chocolate during Lent, so I got it. I need reward chocolate at the moment.

I currently crave idfic, especially if it involves self-sacrifice of some kind. I'm also plotting increasingly cruel fates for various characters, I hope I'll manage to finish something. To each their own coping strategies. Sorry Teresa.
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I met with my bachelor thesis advisor today. For the first time in over a year! She's still willing to work with me, she likes my new structure, and I have a detailed plan that should help me finish in April :)

For the December meme, a question by [personal profile] fearsome_turtle: Has playing hockey given you new insight into how the game is written? What does fandom get right and what does it get wrong? That kind of thing.

Hm, that's hard. I waited to answer this until after Wednesday morning, but I didn't feel well yesterday and couldn't go to hockey practice. Keep in mind that I only started playing a few weeks ago, it's a class for beginners, and only last week we started playing with the offside rule.

Many hockey rpf not-AU fics actually don't have that much hockey, so while I learned a lot about what playing hockey feels like (as a beginner! I'm sure it's very different as a pro), not a lot of it shows up in fic. Many stories very deliberately focus on the non-hockey parts of the players' lives, and that's fine. I'm just disappointed when some seemingly almost forget that they play hockey. It doesn't even have to be much, just a general awareness that their days are structured around hockey, that their moods and health are influenced by hockey, etc.

Some of my pet peeves:
- There are no handshakes after regular season games in the NHL. Not even after playoff games except the last in a series.
- Playing hockey is exhausting. No player is going to go home after a game, have vigorous sex, and fall asleep without having eaten, they'd fall over.
- There's not only the coach and their teammates in the lockerroom, there are other coaches and equipment staff and PR staff etc. too.

Other things:
- You spend a lot of time sitting on the bench with your teammates during a game. There are breaks during faceoffs, TV timeouts etc. You can talk to people! I almost never see conversations on the bench in fic.
- Relatedly, you watch your teammates, and you notice if someone isn't having a good game, a good few games, can't seem to concentrate and so on. They're professionals, they know people can have an off day. But there's no way there's not at least some envy when someone you think plays worse than you gets way more minutes, or annoyance when you feel like the coach isn't using you right. I'd especially love to see that in goalie fic. Write me fic about a goalie feeling let down by their team and the other way around. (Where is all the Oilers fic this year?)
- Hockey equipment after a game or practice is mostly disgusting. Clean hockey equipment before a game? Can be hot. (Or I guess smelly equipment too, if you're into that.) Your stick and your skates are very important that you feel well, and from what I've seen the players take good care of them, especially their sticks. Just give me more equipment porn, please. Psychometry fic!
- I don't understand why there's so much emphasis on players finding other players attractive in the shower, but not out on the ice. Someone playing hockey really well is very attractive imo. And if you're writing someone with a crush on Sid or Geno, how can they not have a crush on their hockey? Have you seen what they can do on the ice? Or Kane, no way that a version of Toews that has a crush on Kane doesn't find his hockey hot.

I originally wanted to rec a few fics here where I liked the hockey content, but I told myself I'll finish season 8 of Doctor Who this evening and it's really good so far.
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I wrote fic! "Just" a collection of drabbles. I wrote it in one day, many thanks to [personal profile] snickfic for reassuring me that it's worth posting.

Rainbow Patches on Our Jerseys (One Day) (515 words) by schneefink
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Brian Dumoulin, Marc-Andre Fleury, Sidney Crosby, Bob Errey, Brandon Sutter
Additional Tags: 5 Things, Coming Out, drabbles
Summary: Five people who are not the first NHL player to come out.

I used to write a lot of drabbles, I forgot how much I love them. There's something extremely satisfying about expressing something in 100 words. The strict word limit means that you have to be careful about each and every word.
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Yuletide deadline is in two weeks! I have a first draft, but haven't touched it in a week. I don't like editing -.-

Yesterday the Pens had an afternoon game, so D. and I watched it live! With some connection problems, that was annoying, but we had pizza. And they won, despite all the injuries, which is nice :)

For the December meme, a question by [personal profile] kate: Do you write things you want to read, or do you read things that are different from what you write? Any tropes/premises/worlds that are favorites, in reading and/or in writing?


I'll read pretty much anything if it's well done, tropes/pairings/fandoms, and I've discovered many great things by following recs or authors I know into the unknown.

Favorite tropes to read: many, and it depends on the fandom. Sometimes I like harlequin fic, sometimes I prefer trope subversion. I like alternate history AUs and different world AUs a lot (mundane AUs less, but they can also be written very well.) I like stories that center around close-knit communities, like teamfic.

I read a ton of things I haven't written yet, but that I might write in the future. I have many more ideas for stories than I actually end up writing, sometimes because of time or energy and sometimes because I think I'm not good enough to write it yet. For example porn: I enjoy reading explicit fic (if the sex scene has a purpose in the story), but I don't like writing sex scenes because I don't think I'm good at them (yet.)
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We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but because it fits right now: I'm extremely thankful that I'm lucky enough to live in a place and be in a position where I feel safe and can be confident that the authorities will treat me fairly, and my loved ones. Otherwise it would be fucking terrifying. Best wishes to everyone who has to face that.

I finished the rough first draft of my Yuletide fic! I even already got first impressions back, so now it's editing time. Every time I'm happy I have a first draft done I forget how much work editing is.

To celebrate, have some fic recs. 3 Hockey RPF:

i know who i want to take me home by [archiveofourown.org profile] electrumqueen
Sam Gagner/John Tavares & Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews, 23k, PG13
Summary: "Wait," Kaner says. Something strange and terrifying flickers through his voice. "Gags, are you saying it's you for Jonny?"
Why I love it: I just call it the Oilers!Toews fic. Yes, it's exactly as cracky as that sounds, and much more hilarious. Apparently not everyone in fandom knows this one and they really should. (Bonus points to Nealer for best guest appearance.)

only the game fish swims upstream by [archiveofourown.org profile] TheDukeofAvon
Tyler Bozak/Phil Kessel, 10k, PG13
Summary: Twitter suspects they've broken up, Bozie and You Can Play are mortal enemies, and they're probably going to miss the playoffs again, but other than that it's going great.
Why I love it: A great take on accidental outing. Phil is a great PoV character in this, with his known love for the media, his calm, and his idle murderous thoughts about Carlyle. I really liked his and Bozie's relationship, and the rest of the Leafs.

I could be wrong, I could be ready by [archiveofourown.org profile] 12ways
Alex Galchenyuk/Brendan Gallagher, 45k, PG13
Summary: In which the internet finds some photos from the WJC '13 celebrations that change Alex's life forever, and he and Brendan find out quickly exactly how gullible and reactionary people can be. Things escalate. Feelings and shenanigans ensue.
Why I love it: Accidental outing with bonus fake dating, both very well done. I like both main characters, especially Alex and how he learns to deal with stuff, and the supporting cast is great.
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I'm having the old "I know I should do X and I was honestly planning to but then my mom told me to do it and now I don't want to anymore" problem. It's like she always manages to add that extra sentence or word to sound so patronizing that all my defenses go up.
I'm planning to move out sometime this semester, but I'm really not forward to looking for a place.

Every time I feel new characters getting into my head I'm afraid to "lose" the ones that are already there. Not the ones that have been there forever, just the newer ones. Depending how clear they were, their voice, motivations, bodies etc. One or two of the very old ones are like old friends, some others are pale but come back without much difficulty, and the ones that are currently most vivid are the ones that I play with, explore, create stories with and sometimes even write them down. At the moment it seems to me like I have more of the latter category than I could manage to keep active before, and I like it. It's a bit like the inside of my head became more populated and multi-dimensional.


Jul. 24th, 2014 09:19 pm
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Work is currently slow, i.e. frequently boring. But I'm alone in my office (everyone else is on vacation), so nobody sees what I do on my computer. I wrote over a thousand words of fic today! I'm very proud of myself. (Let's ignore that I could have been working on my thesis.)
I wrote almost 5k of this fic in a little over a week, which is excellent. I'm even mostly satisfied with what I wrote, but not quite happy, for some reason. I don't think I really have the voices right (I ordered Children's Crusade and I hope it'll arrive soon.) But I don't think I've ever been completely happy with anything I wrote, so whatever.
I'm about a quarter through the outline, with many good scenes still to come. Including scenes with less dialogue, at least a few. But not many. Why is there so much dialogue in there? Oh right, smart people talk to each other.

I'm tiiired. Didn't even have the energy to go into the garden and see if the tomatoes or plums are already ripe. This having-a-job-thing is hard (and a ton of additional OTW work doesn't help, ugh.) Especially because I'm currently the only one at home, so there's nobody to remind me to do things like having dinner.
Speaking of.


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