Apr. 17th, 2019 02:48 pm
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Oh man. So. NHL playoffs. That just happened xD

I haven't been following hockey a lot, I started falling out of love with it ~2017 and this season I only occasionally read the headlines or some Pens news (Sid with 100 points and Guentzel with 40 goals on the same goal was great.) I was still invested enough to shake my head at some trade deadline trades (though those seem to have worked out better than expected for the Pens, while Jack fucking Johnson was predictably awful, whyyy is this guy on the team and for so much money.)

Then playoffs started and I thought that maybe I'd at least follow how the series in the East are going. Only to be immediately reminded why I stopped watching. There were, what, three suspensions because of dangerous illegal hits to the head already? And those are just the ones so bad that the DoPS couldn't look away, and it's just a few games for each. It's just no fun to watch a game when I'm worried the whole time that players will get seriously injured, and it's considered a normal part of the game, wtf. And then Ovi fought a 19-year-old rookie and it looked like he got a serious head injury and way too many fans still cheered for that fight and I just don't get it.

And then yesterday Tampa was swept by Columbus xD And the Pens by the Islanders, but at least the Pens just recently won two Cups. Tampa won the President's Trophy with I think a record number of points and got swept in the first round, and not in close games either. I love it when real life reminds me that "too unrealistic" is a stupid complaint about fiction.
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Yesterday I decided that being sick is the perfect time to watch a few episodes of a ridiculous anime I'd heard about, and then I kept watching until way too late and finished today and I love it a lot.

When I heard that it's about a guy reincarnated as a slime I thought it was a punishment, but it turns out he's a slime because a slime body has some super cool skills. Rimuru is special because he's a genuinely nice guy who wants to make friends and everyone to live in peace and prosperity together, which sounds almost impossible to accomplish but fortunately he also quickly becomes a pretty OP fighter. The most important questions early on are about how to build alliances between different races, especially monsters, and also infrastructure, because you need resources and craftsmen to build a town. I like Rimuru a lot, I like his friends and allies (especially the pretty deadly ones /shallow), and I like that it's essentially wish-fulfillment. I'm glad there'll be a second season next year, I look forward to it.

One caveat: it does get pretty male-gaze-y, especially later on, and I've seen more than enough of Rimuru pressed under Shion's big breasts or Milim in her barely-there bikini, but by the time it got annoying I was already invested. (It helps a little that the one person Rimuru fawns over the most is a guy, but still.)

Thoughts with spoilers )
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Yesterday I went running for the first time in months :) My mom signed us up for a run at the end of May so I should start training. It was fun and I enjoyed it, and then today I woke up sick again, so it probably wasn't a good idea just yet…

More Critical Role episode commentary:episodes 54-57 )

Btw, speaking of the chair, I really enjoyed the #CriticalFools Twitter hashtag, about the real CR BBEGs :)

I bought the Cobalt Soul notebook and it's so pretty I barely know what to use it for. Maybe notes/ideas when our next D&D campaign starts. Which is probably soon – speaking of, I want to get a new dice set for the new campaign, I should start looking. If I had a lot more money I could get the dice set CR Kickstarter reward... (Ten episodes funded, it's going to be great.)
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I did read Goldenhand after all, the sequel to the Abhorsen trilogy. It had a lot of elements I liked a lot, but unfortunately I thought it didn't live up to its potential.

Spoilers )

In aeternum

Apr. 8th, 2019 10:35 pm
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I had a busy weekend, including two seven-hour car rides to get to my grandpa's 80th birthday party and then back again, but grandpa was very happy we were there so it was worth it, and it was a nice party. And then I came back home, had fifteen minutes to put down my stuff, and then went to choir practice before the concert in the evening.

The concert was beautiful. I'm still smiling thinking about it. Several pieces, all built around Mozart's Requiem, and it was so great to sing. A choir of eighty people, the energy was amazing. After the concert I was practically jumping up and down I was so euphoric.

My family was there, all of whom have already sung or played the Requiem several times, and they said we sung it very well :) And four friends of mine came, three of whom hadn't heard the piece at all before, and they all loved it.

It was so much fun. I love singing in a choir, and especially in concerts like this. I'm going to remember this one for a while.
(Bonus, there'll even be a CD.)


Apr. 3rd, 2019 12:43 am
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The first question is pure curiosity, the second question is to make me feel less stupid, the third is purely practical.
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I was excited to see that [personal profile] theladyscribe requested "The Seer and the Sword" by Victoria Hanley for the [community profile] multifandomdrabble exchange. It was my favorite book for many years as a young teenager, and I'd kinda wanted to write something for it for a while, so the drabble prompts were perfect. I wrote two treats and I'm quite happy with both:

See It Again
100 words, gen, time travel: Torina had a plan to save her father.

Who You See
300 words, Dahmis/Vineda Dahmis/Bellanes Torina/Landen, unrequited feelings: Dahmis wanted both Vineda and Bellanes.
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I reread the Old Kingdom trilogy and it was a lot of fun. I'd read Sabriel and Abhorsen before (not Lirael because iirc that library didn't have it) more than ten years ago, and remembered more than I thought I would, which was a bit of a shame because there were several surprises that would have been a lot more impactful otherwise. It was still great. I liked the characters, Sabriel and Touchstone and Lirael and Sam and Mogget and the Disreputable Dog etc., and the plot, and I loved the world, especially the death magic and the bells but also the entire ~atmosphere was good.

I also read the prequel Clariel, which I hadn't read before, but unfortunately I was spoiled for a major reveal. Though maybe that helped, as it definitely made me more interested in the character from the beginning, even before I started to like her. I'm not completely sure how I feel about the ending - it's both more and less tragic than I expected, and I'm not a big fan of tragic endings in general. (Any fix-it recs? spoiler ))

I know there's a sequel to the original trilogy too, but they don't have "Goldenhand" at the library and the ebook is expensive, so unless someone tells me it's fantastic I'm not planning on getting it rn.

Worldbuilding thoughts )
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D&D session 25(!), and it's also been over half a year. Wow. Not much longer though – they now have an in-game two day deadline (though they're not aware yet of how serious it is) so it can't go on for that much longer. (I think…)

The Bunny Cave side-quest ended up lasting three sessions (encountered: a spider and a hypnotic butterfly, gargoyles, big cave bunnies and cave bunny swarms, a gelatinous cube, a mountain spirit, and then they had a minute to get as much of the gold as possible while the cave collapsed), plus half a session when the Teleport spell misplaced them (the odds of that were 3%, so none of us expected it and I had to improvise everything including a random encounter, but they really enjoyed the fight against the Yrthak.) And after all that the casters still had some spells left over! Not many but still. Hmpf. ^^

Then: more bank heist planning! (After a brief interlude where they debated telling the undead queen that the thieves' guild stole the crown the party persuaded the undead princes to give them, but ultimately decided against it because they were afraid the queen would go after them first. I was relieved ^^ ) The party has two rogues, strangely neither of them is very good at lock-picking or trap-finding… They debated what to do for a long time, even discussed hiring a rogue from the adventurer's guild, until I remembered and then reminded them that they do actually have an ally who's a rogue. (Well. He used to be. He's reformed now and a bard. Still got the skills though.) So they have a plan now (it involves splitting the party but I don't think that's avoidable) and probably next time will be the actual bank heist! *rubs hands*


Mar. 29th, 2019 02:08 pm
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I'm concentrating on civil law this semester. (The double meaning of "civil" in English is funny in this context.) At first I was worried I wouldn't get a spot in a course even though I was on 5+ waiting lists, but then fortunately I got one. And then I found out that the professor is a justice on the Supreme Court! Super cool.
(Note, that's the general Supreme Court of Justice (Oberster Gerichtshof, OGH), Austria also has a Supreme Administrative Court (Verwaltungsgerichtshof, VwGH) and a Constitutional Court (Verfassungsgerichtshof, VfGH).)

Unlike pretty much every other lecturer I've had so far, he doesn't usually let students volunteer to answer questions/solve cases but randomly picks people from his list, which means that students prepare very well for his classes so that's just smart. Sometimes he mentions Supreme Court cases he worked on, which is always interesting (though tbh my most frequent unasked question is "and this needed the Supreme Court to decide why exactly?", sometimes because the answer seems clear, sometimes because I'm not sure why someone would risk the lawyers' fees if they're fighting about so little money.)

Civil law is very interesting! But then so far I've thought that about every area of law I've studied. Which on the one hand is good, it just makes deciding into which direction I want to go to later on harder. Fortunately I still have a little time to decide.

Also, I knew this would happen: civil law, like pretty much every other law course I've had so far, has a new meaning for the acronym "KV." I hate it. It's the worst. (For the record: Kollektivvertrag, Kapitalvermögen, Krankenversicherung, Körperverletzung, und jetzt auch noch Kostenvoranschlag.)
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The EU copyright directive passed in the EU parliament with all articles >.<

I'm half-sick and it sucks, and I have no idea if it'll soon get better or worse or how long it'll take. Mostly a very sore throat and headaches. I have a job interview on Friday and I don't know if I should try and postpone it or not – probably it would be better to postpone because I'll make a much better impression with a clear head, but then I'll have to get a doctor's note (for the unemployment center) and find a different date and that would be annoying, so I'll just see how I feel tomorrow.

I did go to choir practice today even though I couldn't sing because the concert is in a week and a half (aaah!), and unlike normal when choir practice is five minutes from my home today it was elsewhere and 45 minutes away, that was unfortunate. Hopefully I'll remember to go to bed early today. *looks at the time* ...relatively early for me, anyway.
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I watched Captain Marvel yesterday and enjoyed it a lot :)Thoughts with spoilers )
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I just finished "The Hyena and the Hawk", the third book of the Echoes of the Fall trilogy by Adrian Tchaikovsky, and I have a lot of thoughts jumbling around in my head. Which is a good sign! But if I wait for them to settle down I'll forget to write about it so here.

Briefly: I enjoyed it a lot. I loved the characters and their relationships, the worldbuilding was cool, and the plot was exciting. There were just a few elements I wasn't sure about, mostly about the colonization narrative.

Maniye and Hesprec )

Asman|der and Venat )

Loud Thunder and Broken Axe and Shyri and more )

Worldbuilding )

The villains )

Colonization )
I'm curious what others think about this aspect in particular.

Soo I'm pretty sure I'll think of stuff I forgot later but anyway. I'm planning to request it for Yuletide (but my "nominate for Yuletide" list is already pretty long this year and it's February, so I'll see what happens until September.)
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To distract myself from how much studying and sleeping I did not do in the past two days, concentrating on something positive: I did call most of my MEPs about the upcoming copyright vote in European Parliament. (I used, idk how international that is, but I know there are more sites that make it easy.) Seems like pretty much all political news I see these days is terrible, let's hope this vote won't be another one. (Terrible and sometimes also plain ridiculous. The fucking police horses istg. What a waste of resources. They haven't even managed to find a stable yet, much less a reason why they are needed. *facepalm*)
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Pacing of my D&D campaign, that was originally meant to last only 5-10 sessions, so far:

1-4: Quest 1: The Green Giant (failed)
5-6: Quest 2: Debt Collection (successful)
7-9: Sidequest 1: The Dwarven Tomb
10: Quest 3 – The Kidnapped Professor – begins
11-12: Sidequest 2: The Dinosaur Canyon
16-18: Sidequest 3: The Island of Ghosts
22: Sidequest 4: The Bunny Caves
Projected length: ??? (Less than 30, I'm almost certain. Almost.)

Highlight of yesterday's session: The Hypno-Butterfly )

Meanwhile when I'm procrastinating on session prep I'm thinking about my character for the next campaign. A swordfighter, this time! Warblade, probably; pretty much anything else is still undecided. I'm more focused on trying to figure out what kind of personality/backstory/personal quest I want, which is fun and more difficult than the mere mechanics. (Our next DM already sent us notes with the important countries and players, the important events of the past 500 years etc. - I'm so glad that that's optional.)
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Season 2, episode notes 47-53 )

The Search for Grog:
Aww, the old intro, nostalgia :)notes )
That was fun. Great to see VM again :)

Speaking of seeing Vox Machina again: the Kickstarter for the "Legend of Vox Machina" animated special already raised almost 6 million dollars in a few days (original goal was 750k), so it will be a series :) It got funded in less than an hour. The Kickstarter Q&A they did after the first few hours was adorable, they were so overwhelmed.

(What I also realized though is that as much as I loved Critical Role season 1, the plot was great and exciting and I liked the characters and their interactions and the NPCs etc., purely character-wise I liked nobody from Vox Machina as much as I like Beau and Caduceus. Which makes me even more excited for the future adventures of The Mighty Nein.)
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It's March and we had ~15°C today, so my flatmate shut off the heating (because of the noise) and it's cold in my room, but I don't want to turn it on again because it's not that cold and I'm still somewhat afraid of finding out in a few months what the heating costs for this flat are. Bäh. I should at least put on a sweater or something.

Also because when I'm cold I don't sit relaxed, and that's even worse than I previously thought. I've had tendonitis problems for years; nothing helped for long and since it was only ever a few days every month or two so I got used to it. I did regular wrist exercises but they didn't seem to help much either. But a few months ago I realized that it always got much worse before exams, when I'm generally tense, so I started doing regular shoulder stretches, just a few minutes every evening, and ever since it's been a lot better. It's been a few months now and I've had barely any wrist problems :) I'm still being careful, of course, no use getting overconfident, but I think I've identified a big part of the problem. Progress.

Now stop procrastinating on studying self
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Good things: my skiing vacation last week was great! And today classes started again, and I look forward to them. Pretty much entirely civil law this semester, should be interesting. And I have a job interview on Friday, let's see how that goes. (I think I'm most nervous about what to wear. Bah, dress codes.)

I have to plan a bank heist for the next D&D session – I thought it would happen last session and I would just have to improvise it, but I forgot rule 4 of DMing: everything takes longer than you think it will (except when the party finds a shortcut you never thought of.)
(Rule 1: You make the rules.
Rule 2: Expect your party to do the unexpected.
Rule 3: Improvise improvise improvise.)
So now I actually have to plan out a bank heist. Uh. I'm tempted to just come up with security measures and let the party at it, they'd enjoy a battle with the security golem, but I should probably come up with possible escape routes too…

I didn't have my laptop at my grandparents' and I didn't download many fics, so I read a lot of books, which was great. I'm waiting for a few sequels to be available at the library, but I finished reading the The Gardener's Hand series by Felicia Davin and enjoyed it a lot. Interesting worldbuilding, a decent plot with some nice h/c moments, good characters that are also diverse (more mysteriously helpful librarians in wheelchairs please), and especially so many queer characters and relationships, wonderful. Spoilers ) The writing style wasn't my favorite, too, hm, blunt for my taste, but it didn't really bother me much either.

Next on my reading list: Finishing the Old Kingdom books, and then (when available) the Echoes of the Fall series.
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Tomorrow (so technically today) I'm going on one week of skiing vacation at our grandparents' with LB. There should still be lots of snow on the mountains :) I'm a bit nervous because I haven't done much if any sports in the last few months, I'm sure I'll be very sore, but skiing is the best. (Wrong icon but I don't have one with snow and hockey is at least a winter sport.)

Staying at our grandparents' for a week with LB will also be good for my routine: I'm sharing a room with LB, and I have to get up at a certain (early) time for breakfast and I can't just lie in bed for an hour. I hope I'll get used to it quick and then keep doing some of that when I'm back home. I'll also spend less time online, which means less time for DW/AO3/etc., which is annoying but maybe not so bad every once in a while…

I wanted to go to bed early today so I'm not too tired during the train ride tomorrow (I'd be fine with it but LB told me I'm not allowed to sleep the entire time), which I failed at but I did manage to write two job applications, so hopefully the case worker I'll visit tomorrow will be satisfied. (Probably not though, because I didn't come close to my required number of applications in January.)

…and now I remembered that I don't have accident insurance. Why couldn't I have forgotten that until the day after the vacation instead of the day before. Ah well, I have a helmet and it's been years since I even fell while skiing, it'll be fine.


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