Jul. 9th, 2017 10:51 pm
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Good news: my work contract will be extended :) I don't know exactly for how long yet, but probably the end of the year or nearly.

Bad news: I just found out that I won't get vacation time in the week when I really wanted it. No choir week this summer for me :(
So I obviously need alternatives, and I'm thinking of going to London. I've only been twice, each time only for a few days with not that much time for sight-seeing, and that was five years ago. I definitely want to go again, also because it'll be less easy in two years.
Downside: I would have to plan things. Ah well, I'll manage.

But before I make any definitive plans, questions:
- I found out that in early August the Nine Worlds convention is in London. I've never been to a big convention! Or any, really. Has anyone been? Is it fun? Is it overwhelming for people with no con experience?
- London has a large selection of musicals and plays and I heard many are quite good. Any you would recommend?
- Any other London/surroundings summer travel tips? (Or early fall, maybe, idk. Ugh, planning.)
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Most museums in Washington DC are part of the Smithsonian, which means the entry is free! As a result it was easy to visit museums I wasn't sure I'd enjoy and when I only had an hour or so left, that was great.
As an aside, when I found out that "the Smithsonian" is actually multiple museums I got confused by how, from what I remember, the Captain America exhibition in CA:WS is "in the Smithsonian." Which one? But then G. and her husband S., who I was staying with (G. is L's daughter), talked about some paintings they'd last seen "at the Smithsonian", so apparently it really is used this way.

National Air and Space Museum: Rockets! The best part of this museum are the many exhibits. Lunar landers, parts of the Hubble space telescope, space suits… Very cool. I also liked all the information about the ISS a lot. In some of the smaller rooms some information was outdated ("in 2014 NASA will…" um)
Sadly I only had time to explore the "space" parts of this museum.

National Museum of the American Indian: In contrast to the museum in NYC, which focused mostly on art, this one focused on culture and especially modern culture. I liked what they had, but it felt like their "modern" stopped with 50/60-year-old people trying to revive their culture and I wanted to know more about 20/30-year-olds and how they combine modern and older traditions. (I left out one floor with an art installation, maybe that had some of that.) The row of flags of the different Native American nations in one hallway was pretty cool.
They had an exhibition about treaties between Native American nations and the US government, with various treaties in more detail, including what happened next. After that I decided that was enough about genocide for one vacation and not to visit the Holocaust museum.

American Art Museum and Portrait Gallery: These two are in the same building. They're also open longer than all other Smithsonian museums, which was convenient. I liked the American Art museum, and even though I didn't expect it I enjoyed the Portrait Gallery a lot too. Many pictures of fascinating people, and the exhibitions of more modern portraits was also cool.

Renwick Gallery: I went there on a recommendation of a friend of L. 's, that was lucky. The first time I wanted to go on Sunday, but changed my mind when I saw the queue stretching over the whole sidewalk. I went again on Monday, this time with DD, and fortunately there were fewer people.
The exhibition Wonder was, well, wonderful. Amazing room installations. I loved the paper spires, the thread rainbows, the flowing branch rooms, the wave net in the shifting light… Fantastic, truly impressive.

National Museum of American History: Another very big museum, so we only had time for selected exhibitions. The two rooms about money weren't that good, but to be fair it's not easy to make a good exhibition about money. The exhibition about food was interesting, though we just browsed most of it. My favorite was the (big!) exhibition about seafaring, ships, maritime trade etc. Then we walked through the locomotives&cars exhibition which had some cool exhibits, and the one about wars.

National Museum of Natural History: I know the Natural History museum in Vienna, I saw the one in NYC, so I almost skipped this one. I'm so glad we didn't! It's probably my favorite of the three (I really need to go see the one in Vienna again.) Their exhibitions were very well curated, for example the one about minerals. The exhibition with all kinds of different animal skeletons was absolutely fascinating: I'd never seen so many skeletons like this before, in contrast and together, and I wish we'd have had a guided tour. Animal skeletons are so weird! And very cool.
They also had an exhibition with great nature photographs, very pretty. And they have a lab! Unfortunately we didn't have enough time for that :(
They have a few rooms about indigenous human cultures, that felt weird and didn't seem to fit, we left those out.

Newseum: The only museum in DC we paid for, definitely worth it. The ticket is good for two days, and that's a good thing because it would be almost too much for one day, and not only because of the museum's size. We saw the exhibition on media & the Vietnam war on the first day and the one about media & the civil rights movement on the second, both on the same day would have been very intense. Good exhibitions! It's crazy to think about how few decades ago that was.
They also had the current day's headlines (unfortunately without translations), and a gallery with headlines to important events from all around the world since the founding of the first newspapers. They had smaller exhibitions/films about several different topics, like journalism ethics (wish that one had been larger) and diversity in journalism and new media etc. The introduction film in the basement was advertised as "4D", I had no idea what that meant but it turned out to be very cool: in addition to very good 3D images the seats moved and there was actual wind and stuff.
I didn't have time for the FBI exhibition, but we very much enjoyed the exhibition with the Pulitzer-price-winning photographs from the last decades. Very good photographs with very compelling stories.

Library of Congress: Probably not technically a museum, but I include it here anyway. We were very lucky to have a truly excellent guide. He was enthusiastic and made the whole tour very interesting, the hour felt more like 20 minutes and then afterwards he was very helpful with all the extra questions we wouldn't have come up with if not for the great tour.

That makes 9 museums in less than a week, not bad. If I'd had a few more days I'd probably have seen a few more, but this was fine. In addition to the museums (and, as already mentioned in another post, watching hockey) we also walked around the memorials: Lincoln, Washington, the war memorials, I also briefly saw the Pentagon memorial while waiting for my bus; and of course the government buildings, White House and Capitol (unfortunately currently with scaffolding) etc. Doing most of it together with DD made it even better. I also met up with [personal profile] ambyr, which was great. All in all I had a wonderful time in DC, and I'm looking forward to visiting again one day.
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My mother is the kind of city tourist who likes to walk around in different neighborhoods and likes to see how they differ, and who always remembers taking pictures. I prefer not to walk around with my camera in my hand because I've found that without it I can pay more attention (though later I often wish I had more pictures.) I'm also the kind of city tourist who looks up all the museums first, because museums are great. I saw a lot of them during my stay, so have some highlights. Part 1, NYC; part 2, DC, coming soon. (part 3, "all the things that weren't museums.")

The Met, The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Huge and amazing. I went there with Linda, we had several hours but that was only enough time to see a small part of it.
One of my favorite pieces was Between Earth and Heaven. The Design for Eternity exhibition with ancient American clay sculptures was also pretty cool. At the end of our visit we stumbled upon the storage rooms. A museum guide told us it wasn't that interesting, but I found it fascinating just to look at everything they had there.
My favorite part was the American wing. I didn't know at all what to expect, but I immediately fell in love with the stained glass windows. By that time it was evening and the sun looked beautiful from the court with the glass roof. The other glass and ceramics they had were also very pretty.

MoMA, Museum of Modern Art: I went there three times. Once with L., when we had only time to see the Degas exhibition. It was very interesting, I didn't even know Degas had worked with printing. The next time I went on my own and looked at the main exhibition. Some beautiful pieces, I enjoyed it. And then I went one last time with L., just for fifteen minutes, because I'd missed her favorite room in the museum, Monet's water lilies. They were indeed very pretty.

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum: They have a museum on an actual Navy aircraft carrier! Very cool. I picked the perfect day: blue sky & warm out, so after a while on the top deck I wanted to go back inside anyway. They had a ton of info on life on board the ship during WWII and the Vietnam War, this ship in particular and its experiences and how it worked, a bit on the navy in the Vietnam War… It was fascinating, and I spent over five hours there. They also had a submarine, many aircraft, and the space shuttle Enterprise. It's huge!
Definitely worth the visit.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: I went there while I was sick, so maybe I didn't fully appreciate it. The architecture was nice. They had a Peter Fischli and David Weiss exhibition that had some interesting and some funny pieces. I liked the small clay sculptures best, like "Dr. Spock looks at his home planet Vulcan and feels vaguely sad that he can't have any feelings", or "Mick Jagger and Keith Richards going home satisfied after composing "I Can't Get No Satisfaction"."

Neue Galerie: I have now seen Adele Bloch-Bauer in NYC, kind of neat. I liked their Klimt collection, but my favorite part was the Munch and Expressionism exhibition. Very cool look at Munch and how his work related to other expressionist artists of the time and theirs to him, and how he developed his style. Later in his career he did some more abstract work that I especially like.

National Museum of the American Indian in NYC: I was confused from the beginning by the frequent use of the term "Indians." Especially in English, where India-Indian and America-Indian use the same word, that seems kind of disrespectful? (German has different words for India-Indians (Inder), North America-Indians (Indianer) and South America-Indians (Indios).) According to this blog post by a museum liaison, Indian is the official term used by the US government, and there seems to be a generational divide or simply personal preferences if someone prefers American Indian or Native American. (They should have that info somewhere in the museum.)
The New York building of this museum focused mostly on art. Beautiful art, wow. I remember that when I read in high school that Native Americans bartered with European traders for glass beads that seemed vaguely condescending, why would they think glass beads are so valuable. But what they did with the glass beads! Simply stunning. (For some reason a few minutes of googling seem to indicate that Native Americans never did any glass work on their own and always relied on imports, I wonder why.) In addition to things with glass beads the museum also had beautiful clay works, baskets, dance costums, and many other things. I really liked the exhibition Unbound: Narrative Art of the Plains, especially the ledger art. I liked that it showed old, but also very recent modern ledger art.
Thanks to [personal profile] naye for the rec!

American Museum of Natural History: Dinosaurs! They have very cool dinosaur skeletons, including some big ones. Very cool. I paid extra for the Dinosaurs Among Us special exhibition focusing on how dinosaurs developed into birds, very interesting. There were a lot more feathered dinosaurs than I thought.
I briefly walked through some other rooms, including the minerals & gemstones collection. Huuuge iron asteroid pieces and very pretty gems. I barely had any time for the space hall, but I don't think I missed too much.

Whitney Museum of American Art: I got a free ticket to this one from a woman I met on the metro, that was nice. They had a portrait exhibition where I liked parts of it, others didn't speak to me at all. I very much liked the Thought is Infinite exhibition about Canadian artist June Leaf. Her drawings are very creative and spark the imagination.

Washington Crossing Historical Park: L. took me here while I was staying with her in New Jersey. They have a small exhibition at the Visitor's Center, so that probably counts as a museum & I'm including it here for completeness' sake. I'm not that interested in furniture etc. of that time, but some of the details they had about the army etc. were interesting, like the question about whether or not black soldiers could fight. A very brief visit.
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Yesterday instead of staying indoors all day I went to the zoo, where I haven't been in ages. I forgot how much I enjoy it; I have an annual ticket now and aim to go more regularly. They're building a new giraffe compound, and they're currently hand-feeding baby waldrapps so they can release them into the wild (they'll fly ahead with a plane to show them the way to the wintering grounds) and hopefully re-establish a breeding population in Austria. I also saw adorable squirrel monkeys and was reminded how incredibly elegant penguins are under water, and many other animals. Maybe one of the next times I'll take a few pictures.

Speaking of penguins! The Pens just won a game and nobody got hurt, so I'll take the opportunity to talk about watching hockey as long as I'm feeling better about it.

The timing of my US trip was determined by "quite soon but after the marathon", which meant end of April/beginning of May. Only later did I realize that this meant I would be in the US for the first two rounds of the NHL playoffs. More than that, I was in NYC when the Pens played the New York Rangers and in DC when they played the Washington Capitals. This was an opportunity I had to make the most of.

I thought about going to a Pens playoff game, but MSG tickets are quite expensive and I waited too long for tickets in Washington (DD's fault.) But I did want to go to a live NHL game, so I went to an Islanders-Panthers game at Barclay's Center. I had a good time :) (Except for when I lost my camera shortly after I entered the building, but a staffer got it back to me before first intermission.) The atmosphere in the building was very cool, even though I was semi-secretly rooting for the Panthers.

At least as much fun was getting to watch Pens games with other fans. In Vienna, if I stay up to watch a game in the middle of the night I'm alone, and sometimes I watch games with DD. I got lucky: via reddit I got the name of a bar in NYC full of Pens fans. That was SO MUCH FUN. They were all very nice, I even got an XL yellow Pens playoff shirt. The excitement when our team scored! It was amazing. Except for when I was sick, when I was in NYC I went to the bar for every Pens game. It's very near MSG so on my way home I saw possibly hundreds of Rangers fans, more often than not sad (which ngl I secretly enjoyed a little because sports is weird like that.)

When I was still in NYC I got an email from DD that her mom, who because of DD became a big hockey fan as well, suggested that DD fly to Washington and see a playoff game, so we were there at the same time! Fantastic that it worked out this way. We also have similar taste in museums.
This time I hadn't heard about a Pens-friendly bar, but during the first game (second in the series) someone invited me to sit with them, and didn't even rescind the invitation when she noticed what shirt I was wearing. I tried to celebrate quietly *g* It was great. The next game on a rainy weekday the bar was almost empty, unfortunately. Meanwhile DD and [personal profile] kinetikatrue had purchased Caps tickets for game 5 and got an invitation to watch game 4 on the jumbotron in Verizon center, so of course we went :) There were maybe two or three other Pens fans apart from DD and me and both of us kept our jackets closed. It was fun, and the Penguins won in overtime.

Game 5 I watched at the bar in NYC again. I started talking with two other women and eventually, very carefully, after they'd said that they're semi-familiar with Tumblr, mentioned "the Archive" - they knew what I was talking about xD
For the last game of that series I was back in Vienna and I did briefly consider staying up to watch it, but ultimately didn't.

Even if I hadn't found friends to watch the game with, even only being in the right time zone to watch the games would have been a huge plus. It was cool to actually see people wearing hockey apparel on the streets – every game day I wore a Pens shirt and it did occasionally start conversations :)

Another thing I didn't expect was that my relatives (first cousins twice removed, the internet told me) found me being a hockey fan so fascinating. In fact it was one of the first things they'd tell people about me: "this is my cousin Anna, she's visiting from Vienna, Austria, and she's a hockey fan", pretty much. G. and her husband even watched a game with me while I stayed with them! G. only for twenty minutes or so, but her husband told me the next day he'd recorded a bit extra, and he'd seen some other highlights, and that Caps-Flyers game looked pretty brutal… G., when she found out that my favorite team was called the Penguins, gave me a plush penguin from the Falkland Islands that she had lying around xD And L. asked me about the games before and after every game evening. I had such a great time with them, I hope I can visit them again soon.

Ok, now trying not to think a lot about hockey again. The Conference Finals are very stressful. At least this year, because neither the Austrian team nor Pens players are there, I'm not additionally interested in the World Championship. Only so many hours in the day and there's other stuff I should be doing.
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- They put ice cubes into any cold drink. So many ice cubes. To my surprise I got used to it.
- You get free water at any restaurant and they refill it too. Very convenient. Speaking of water, tap water in NYC was good but not in DC.
- A "water fountain" often only has different kinds of soda and no water at all.
- Lime lemonade is very good. We rarely have limes in Vienna but there they seem to be as common as lemons.
- L. invited me to some fabulous restaurants in NYC, and some I discovered on my own. Yum.
- Toasted bagels with cream cheese are very good. I forgive cream cheese for being the most annoying ingredient in American recipes because I can't get it here in supermarkets.
- Cheese cake is good, but very sweet.
- Most street vendors appear to be mobile. In addition to hot dogs, falafel, pizza, and overpriced ice-cream, there are also vendors selling smoothies. I approve.
- Pasta with tomato sauce with vodka is apparently popular. I've never seen it before but I liked it.
- It is actually possible to get some halfway decent bread rolls.
- American hot dogs are weird. They have their burger-type bread, which is basically nothing, and are generally very small. Not very satisfying.

- NYC has local and express trains. This makes perfect sense, but took a few days to get used to.
- NYC and DC have different metro payment systems. As a tourist I found this annoying.
- The DC metro is generally very darkly lit.
- The NYC metro has some nice(r) stations, but most of them don't look very clean. Sometimes I can't even pinpoint why, just a general feeling, I think it's partly the yellow. And sometimes it's obvious, like that station where there was a manhole between the tracks, people threw trash there, and I counted a dozen rats in ten minutes, or the one where rust practically ran down the walls.
- I quickly figured out uptown and downtown in NYC, but crosstown seems less useful below the Central Park. And despite the numbers it can still be difficult to orient myself on a street corner when I don't know which direction I'm looking in.
- In NYC, at least in Manhattan, you don't call cabs, you hail them from the street. There are so many of them that it works, I tried it myself. It still seems a bit unreliable for when you're in a hurry.

- I have never seen so many conservative Jews as I did in NYC.
- The number of churches seemed similar to any European city, which surprised me because afaik in the US they have a much more even spread of many more different Christian faiths. Probably people just have to travel further for mass.
- There were people advertising a bible study group in front of the Capitol. Seems extremely strange for a secular nation, but then I already knew that's in practice not true.
- (By the way, there are few non-white people on American tv and in films in general, but I can't remember the last time I saw a Muslim character.)
- The Lincoln Memorial looks like an ancient Zeus temple, so much so that it was disorienting. People really worship the Founding Fathers here.

- Different birds. Of course the birds are different, but again, I didn't think about it. I have now seen bluejays and cardinals and purple martins and many others (I visited a raptor trust with G. in New Jersey.) I also found out that American robins are very different and, most importantly, much bigger than European robins. Now naming a superhero Robin is at least slightly less ridiculous.
- I knew about the different squirrels, but I didn't expect there to be so many of them or for them to be so completely not shy.
- In DC I experienced some of the worst April weather I can recall. In May! Several days in a row it switched between a light drizzle, blue skies and sun and high temperatures, and pouring rain (the latter always right when we came out of museums.)

- Different power outlets. Somehow I completely forgot about that.
- Many apartment complexes have doormen.
- There's a Belvedere Palace in Central Park and a place called Vienna in DC. Cheaters. (That's why in DC I had to explain that I'm from Austria, so that's where I got the kangaroo question.)
- In NYC instead of in big garbage containers on certain days of the week people throw garbage sacks on the street.
- In NYC there are so many huge water storage tanks on top of buildings, I can't remember having seen that before.
- Random people calling land lines to advertise for political candidates actually happens all the time.
- Flags. So many flags. I especially noticed it when visiting smaller towns in New Jersey.
- The people are very friendly! Polite, helpful, often willing to chat, it was great. In NYC they smile a little less than in DC, maybe that's why I heard they're rude? Idk.

I know I'm forgetting some things, maybe I'll add them later.
LB asked me if I would want to live in either of these cities (after I spent I-forgot-how-long enthusiastically talking about my visit to both of them.) I don't, mostly for two reasons: housing is very expensive, and I don't want to live in the US. Both of these may change one day, but right now I'm very happy where I am.

Back home

May. 10th, 2016 07:49 pm
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Four hours after I arrived at Vienna airport I had dental surgery because I'm that good at scheduling. My last two wisdom teeth were removed, and while thankfully it doesn't actively hurt a lot it's still uncomfortable. One of the teeth had to be broken down into several small pieces to be removed, but I could take home the other one and for some reason I keep staring at it. Maybe it's time for another ice compress.

To sum up, my vacation was amazing. It was pretty much everything I'd hoped for and more. I spent about two weeks in NYC, a few days in New Jersey, and almost a week in Washington DC. So many museums! I think on average I visited a museum a day. The cities were very interesting, the people were very nice, and in general I had a fantastic time. Really the only complaint I have is that I got sick in the middle of it, but on the other hand that leaves more things still to see for my next visit. There will definitely be a next visit.
The best coincidence was that DD spontaneously decided to come to DC at the same time I was there, so we explored the city together. Always more fun with two people.

I want to do several posts about my vacation: museum & sightseeing reviews, unexpected & weird things about America, watching hockey in NYC and DC, and all the books I read while I was over there. (I love my ebook-reader.) But I also have to unpack, clean, deal with jet lag, sort the photographs, figure out what to eat until I'm allowed more than soup and puree again, and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff that I'm forgetting right now, so I'll see how long it'll take.
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Bad: I'm sick :( Great timing, self. Maybe it got worse because I didn't stay home and rest the last three days - but how could I, I'm on vacation. I picked some of the smaller museums to see first (I saw the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Guggenheim, and the Neue Galerie), but today I might actually have to stay inside. I don't wanna *whines* I hope I'll feel better in the afternoon.

Good: So much hockey!
Tuesday I went to a bar full of Pens fans. A great atmosphere for a great game, 3-1, nice.
Wednesday I went to Barclay's Center to watch the Islanders-Panthers game. I had a seat in the upper levels but the view of the ice was excellent. I had a good time, but it would have been more fun not to go alone. And though the Panthers won, which I liked, I wasn't as invested which made it less exciting. (Also I couldn't even cheer for them because I didn't have a voice.) Still, I'm glad I went once.
Yesterday I didn't feel well enough to go to the bar so I planned to meet up with @squaredeer at her place. Unfortunately I made mistakes when planning, so by the time I arrived the first four goals were already scored. All by the Pens, so that at least was good. 5-0 shutout for our baby goalie! Four points for Geno, and a breakaway goal by Conor Sheary, very nice.
I don't think I'll be able to watch the Saturday game because I have other plans with Linda and Gail (all fingers crossed I'll be well enough), but hopefully it's the last one in the series. And then a series against (presumably) Washington, that will be hard.
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New York is amazing. I’m having a great time so far. The weather is great, the sights are impressive, and the people are so friendly! It started with the customs officer, cab driver, and doorman on my first evening here; today I asked a woman for directions on the subway and she ended up giving me a free ticket for a gallery where she works because she said I absolutely have to go see it. I will – I’m so glad I decided to stay in NYC longer because there are so many things to see. So far I’ve been to the Met (my favorite part was the American wing, the windows and glass works there etc.), the MoMa (mostly the Degas exhibition, very interesting), and the Intrepid (an actual air craft carrier and they did a good job painting life on board, with bonus space shuttle); and Times Square and the High Line. I also had poutine, it was very good. Linda, my grandfathers’s cousin who I’m staying with, is very nice and a great host.

I have musical tickets (She Loves Me) for Saturday, and Islanders-Panthers playoff tickets for Wednesday! I’m already excited.
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4:30am and I almost finished packing! My time management is... not ideal. Now a few hours sleep, then a few things still to do, then to the airport. This will be the first time that I don't participate in an election, I ran out of time, I'm a bit disappointed in myself. (It's "only" the election of the mostly symbolic president, I definitely would have made time if we had a parliament or mayor election.)

Today in the morning I woke up to an excited text message from DD about the result of the first Pens playoffs game. Great win, now 15 more \o/ Playoffs are stressful.

I visited a Star Wars exhibition with DD in the afternoon, it was a lot of fun. Some original costumes, models, concept art, and some interactive "build your own character" stuff. Clearly made for fans. (She created a Twi'lek Jedi from Kashyyyk, I a Nautolan trader from Kamino, and yes of course I already thought of stories, that's what one does with characters.)

I'm not taking my laptop to NYC and I don't know how much internet access I'll have, I'm curious what and how much I'll miss. I'm very grateful for my ebook-reader, I made sure I'll have more than enough to read on the flight (especially considering that I'll definitely sleep for a few hours.)

ETA: Turns out I have iron-deficiency anemia, that explains several symptoms I didn't realize were symptoms. That's good news because it means I have another way to combat them. If I could pick, hopefully my appetite will come back first.
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Organizing a lengthy vacation is a peculiar mix of being excited, being stupidly anxious, "hey that was easier than I thought", "fuck something went wrong here now what do I do", and in my case a stupid lack of sleep and regular food. I decided not to visit Vancouver after all and immediately felt relieved because that means less to organize. A little over three weeks mostly in NYC, it'll be fun. I just wish I was done with all the preparation, or that my brain would find it easier. LB is out of the country, that makes it harder to calm down, he's almost the only one I feel comfortable calling when I'm frustrated and feel helpless and embarrassed about what my brain does.
Ah well, it'll be worth it.
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I have relatives in New York and New Jersey (my grandfather's cousins, iirc, but we're still in frequent contact.) They visited us in Vienna several years ago and ever since then have repeatedly invited LB and me to visit them. There never seemed to be a good opportunity, unfortunately.

Until now! I'm going to visit them soon :D
I've never been to North America before, I'm excited. I have barely any plans yet, now I know what I'll do in the next few weeks. I'd like to go relatively soon, before I get a job/job search intensifies; we signed up for a family relay at the Vienna City Marathon on April 10th, but possibly immediately afterwards.
I'll definitely spend several days in NYC, visit New Jersey, possibly Boston, and other than that I don't know. One of my great-aunts has a granddaughter she'd like me to meet, but she's studying in Vancouver so that might be tricky. I'll have to check how expensive intercontinental flights are; my parents are paying for my flight to NA as a graduation gift so I can afford more travel than I could otherwise. My parents also told me a lot about the gorgeous national parks, maybe I could include at least one. I'd love to go to at least one hockey game, but the regular season will have already ended so maybe an Islanders playoff game? (And of course I'll try the Hamilton lottery but odds aren't good.)

I would also love to meet up with people I know in the area :) Until teleportation is invented it's an unfortunately rare opportunity. Let me know if you're interested!


Aug. 29th, 2015 07:56 pm
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Weeks ago I briefly talked with [personal profile] marina about meeting up with her and [personal profile] tanndell and [ profile] eatingclouds in Prague, and then I more or less forgot about it. Last Saturday I got a message asking if I was still interested. I proceeded to ignore the question over the weekend and then completely stress out about it on Monday. (Certain) spontaneous things are difficult for me, but DD convinced me to go. I'm so glad she did! I had a great time. The city is beautiful, the food was excellent, and the company was fantastic. I stayed for two nights. We visited the castle, did a boat tour with jazz music, walked around Old Town, went to one of Europe's best bars, watched a Bollywood movie and vids, and never got up early in the morning. I also got dozens of recs for shows and movies I should watch, for when I have free time am procrastinating again.
I have pictures, maybe one day I'll even get around to uploading them. (Why am I so bad with pictures.)

The day after I came back to Vienna I got sick :( Better now than a few days earlier, but it still sucks. It's the last warm weekend before we get autumn temperatures. My grandparents are currently in Vienna and I'll have to show them my flat, I just need to clean first. And I need to make myself to eat something even though my throat hurts and I need to find the energy to cook first, I'm doing so-so on that. I'm thankful I thought to buy some ready-made soup.
ETA: Cooked something and even ate a little bit. Small steps.

Next weekend is my newest cousin's baptism, 7 hours away, I'll probably go though all in all it'll be a few days. August is almost over and I'm behind on a lot of stuff. I had fun, but hopefully September will be more productive.


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