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As a distraction from the (partially justified) anxiety about all the things I should be doing, have a rec.

Friends Across Borders by [ profile] MueraRashaye (Valdemar series)
316k, gen, canon-compliant & OC-centric, series in progress (9 stories completed + 1 WIP)
Summary: Two long-time enemy nations can't become meaningful allies overnight. Stories from the lives of a border-guard Herald and Sunpriest, from their first meeting to the end, and insights into just how Karse and Valdemar were able to turn around their relationship so fast.
What I knew about canon beforehand: In a country named Valdemar some people have special magical Gifts and they are soulbonded to magical white horses.
Why I love it: Enemies to friends <3 More precisely, technically-enemies to brothers on a personal scale leads to enemies to allies on a national scale. The friendship between Firestarter Kir and Herald Anur is so wonderful, and it's great to see the ripples they cause spread outwards. I also really like all the stuff about Karsite culture, cultural difference and culture change etc.; obviously I can't say how much of it is canon and how much is the author's own worldbuilding, but it's beautifully done. Kir also has a very nice atonement storyline.

I then decided to check out canon, which previously I'd only known through vaguely remembered crossovers/fusions with other fandoms (one with SGA and one with Rurouni Kenshin) that I read years ago. I knew that canon was about very different characters and even a different country, but I decided to at least try some books in the series, so I read the "Last Herald Mage" trilogy. It was… okay? I would have loved the books when I was fifteen. The plot was OTT dramatic several times, but sometimes I don't mind that very much. The romance in the first book made me roll my eyes a bit, but hey, teenagers. The second book was tough to get through at times because the portrayals of exhaustion of loneliness were very well done. In the third book spoilers )
I liked the fic series a lot better than canon though, so after finishing the books I read the fic again (for the third time. What. And it is free! I love fandom.)
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The latest season of Natsume Yuujinchou has been over for a few weeks, but I find it hard to talk about it because most of the time I just want to go "<333". I like it very much, is what I'm saying, and I find it hard to explain why for some reason, idk. Nice and warm and many feelings.

Some short episode reaction notes )

Fic recs:
like religion by [ profile] WerewolvesAreReal
6.9k, gen, futurefic
Summary: Natsume would like to make it clear that this is all the dog's fault.
(OR: how to become a god, by accident).
Why I like it: This would happen to Natsume :D Lovely.
The same author wrote another futurefic, haunting, softly, in which Natsume dies and nobody notices, it is also very good but unsurprisingly sadder.

So the castle that we built won't cave by [ profile] Taisi
1.8k, gen
Summary: The last time he remembers feeling this protective was probably back on the day he and Kitamoto taught Natsume how to ride a bicycle, those pleasant hours of late afternoon that swept by so fast. He had been unprepared for how thin Natsume’s shoulders would be, how fragile his back would feel under Nishimura’s hands.
Why I like it: This author has a tag "Natsume Protection Squad" and it's the best. This one is probably my favorite but go and read all of them. never mind the bus fare is another one of theirs I like a lot, it has Nishimura with a giant crush on Natsume, it's very sweet.
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Me, several times each month: I really should rec more fanworks.
Also me, almost every month: does not rec more fanworks.
Have some from the "various" pile: 2 Yuri!!! on Ice, 1 Critical Role, 2 Naruto fics.

The Hero Who Travelled to Faerie in Search of a Bride by [ profile] mongoose_bite (Yuri!!! on Ice)
30k, Yuri Plisetsky/Otabek Altin (background Victor/Yuuri), fantasy AU
Summary: The king is dead and in accordance with the custom all worthy aspirants to the crown must set out in search of a bride deserving of the throne. For one soldier, distinguished in battle, it was not enough to seek a princess among the neighbouring kingdoms, because for many years his heart had pulled him towards the distant spires and violet hills of Faerie, a land forbidden to mortals, for so few return...
Why I like it: The atmosphere is beautiful, the romance is very sweet, and I can almost remember the illustrations even though there are none.

hood & glove by [ profile] Fahye (Yuri!!! on Ice)
12k, Yuri Plisetsky/Otabek Altin (background Victor/Yuuri), fantasy AU
With gorgeous art by [ profile] hawberries
Summary: "I don't mess with the fae," Otabek says.
"I'm not asking you to mess with them," JJ flat-out lies.
Why I like it: More fae! Like in the fic above, I love the worldbuilding here, where fae are tricky and Faerie has its own rules. Also like in the fic above, I like the competent main characters, the slow romance and the atmosphere.

this sudden burst of sunlight by [ profile] Attila (Critical Role)
44k, Gilmore/Vax & Keyleth/Kash (background Zahra/Vex), post-ep44, fake dating
Summary: Vax and Kash get drunk and pretend to date. It's all Scanlan's fault.
Why I like it: Isn't it usually the people who pretend to date who end up together? Not here. Vox Machina are ridiculous and also hilarious. And when there are feelings they are all horribly confused, but it works out in the end, to the great relief of everyone who puts up with them and/or loves them.

history has its eyes on you by [ profile] tasalmalin (Naruto)
128k, gen (background Minato/Kushina and Kakashi/Gai), time-travel fix-it
Summary: This five-part series is a Kakashi-centric time travel fix-it. It starts out pretty dark, but the real heart of the story is one of healing, and there are happy endings on the horizon.
Why I like it: This series has pretty much everything I love about time travel fix-it stories. It goes from dark angst to fluff and earns it. It also has Naruto-specific elements that I really like, like trauma and therapy, and several things that are spoilers.

An Invincible Summer by [ profile] ShanaStoryteller (Naruto)
136k, mostly gen (some Naruto/Sasuke), canon-divergent fix-it AU
Summary: When Naruto is five, he's gutted by a drunken civilian and presumed dead.
Six months later a girl with ash pale hair and dark blue eyes enters the Academy.
Why I like it: Long, drawn-out, cheerful fix-it fic is a beautiful thing. Featuring genderfluid!Naruto, who cares if s/he is overpowered, certainly not me. I also loved the Hyuuga subplot.

Coming hopefully soon: Hockey RPF recs, NiF recs, and a "fics that made me cry" special edition.

Today I went to the Natural History Museum in Vienna and it's so great, so many beautiful pieces (example: flower of iron (not actually iron.)) Sadly in many rooms, especially the mineralogy ones, there is not as much information about the exhibits as I would like, but even just looking at them is amazing. The museum is not far from my new job (where I will start on Monday!) and I have an annual ticket, I could just drop by for a quick visit after work whenever I want.
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A bit late, but: In my fandom_stocking I got great recipe and story and vid recs, and great stories :)
In the Hour of the Ox by [personal profile] naye, a Nirvana in Fire canon-divergence hopefully-fix-it with Lin Chen and Jingyan and absent MCS being very much themselves (with all that entails *facepalm*); and
Tubbs, In Repose by [personal profile] nenya_kanadka, a fun and adorable Steerswoman/Neko Atsume crossover.

Yesterday I played Cards Against Humanity with friends and we had a fantastic time. I'm also a bit proud of myself: in the past often most of the time I've been invited by my friends to do stuff, and for a while now I've wanted to initiate doing stuff together more often from my side, so the friendship is more equal in practice too. I organized the game on Thursday and it turned out great, and the people I introduced to each other got on as well as I hoped they would. I hope I'll be able to do it more often :)

Every once in a while, when people in my dw circle post about what they've read in a week, I'm amazed at how many books they read. Those are weird moments, because I'm a fast reader and I read a lot. And then I think back to how many novel-length fics I read each week and it makes sense again.

I had a therapy session on Monday that felt fairly brutal, but I've been more active in my job search this week than in many previous weeks so she probably knows what she's doing.

After the HTML+CSS basic course last weekend, this weekend I'm being introduced to JavaScript. I'm looking forward to it, even though I'm sorry to miss the Woman's March in Vienna, and I know I'll be exhausted on Monday. D&D on Saturday is not ideal, but I'll make it somehow. At least today is my dad's birthday party and there will be cake. And maybe I'll finally get around to trying out the smoothie machine my roommate Nadine got for New Year's.

2017, day 1

Jan. 1st, 2017 07:56 pm
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Happy 2017!
I celebrated New Year's Eve with Lio&Maria and Lisa&Nati, and Maria tried out about ten or so different cocktails, yum. Three other people showed up for a while and drew Lio into a discussion on politics, and I hated that on the last day of 2016 while I wanted to play a game and enjoy myself I couldn't help but hear someone argue on the other side of the room that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were equally bad options. Bleh. Fortunately they left before midnight. We sang a bit (including to Level Up and This Year), and after midnight we played four rounds of cards and I won all of them :) I came home so late that I narrowly missed OT of the Pens-Habs game, but the Pens won so that was good too.

I wrote two stories for Yuletide this year:
See Your Silhouette for [personal profile] lilacsigil
Fandom: Gladiator – Dami Im
1.3k, background White Warrior/Princess
Summary: She hadn't seen the Princess in fifty years.
My assignment. It was pretty frustrating because the prompts were good and I had ideas, but it was hard to put them together into a story, and at some point I planned something much longer and more complex before I condensed it to its current length. It probably made the story better, but there were a few elements I'm sorry I lost.

Step Forward for [ profile] alessandriana
Fandom: Nirvana in Fire
1.6k, gen, canon-divergent AU
Summary: Jingyan had known this day would come, but for years xiao-Shu had done him the favor of allowing him not to think about it.
The first time I actually finished a Yuletide treat! Jingyu dies from natural cases and so there is no conspiracy. I'd started sketching this AU before I even saw [ profile] alessandriana's letter, and when I saw that she prompted it it gave me the push I needed to finish. I really like this AU, and there's a possibility that I'm not done with it yet because I keep thinking of more things that would be interesting to explore in it.

There are many Yuletide stories I still want to read (thanks to everyone who recced stories), but I decided to put those aside for now and try to write something for [community profile] fandom_stocking.
I also still need to do my 2016 year review, aaand I decided to try and do at least half of the [community profile] snowflake_challenge this year, so at least 7 days.

Day 1: In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Huh. I think I'll cheat a bit and refer to "Step Forward" above, because I really like the concept of this AU and I feel like I wrote a good look into it.

Dark Blue Skies, a Steerswoman fic: "In the third year of Willam's apprenticeship with Corvus, Abremio came to Wulfshaven." It's one of my longer works and I'm quite proud of how it turned out.

Assuming Shape, a Young Avengers fic, Teddy Altman's mom's backstory. (I can't remember if her name is from canon somewhere or if I took it from another fic.) I wrote it because I wanted to make her more real (which makes canon even sadder) and I feel like I succeeded.
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Last post of 2016! It's a good thing I told myself days ago that I would post recs today because otherwise I'd almost certainly be too lazy, even though I like reccing exchange fic before author reveals.

Live Free and Die Hard, The Bletchley Circle, Killjoys, Hero from Otherwhere, The Dark Tower, The Martian, Men's Pole Vault RPF, Good Will Hunting )

See you in the New Year! May it be a better one.
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Vorkosigan Saga is a fandom that gets good Yuletide fic every year (though it probably won't be eligible for much longer, I was surprised to see it this year.) Last year I didn't get around to it, so here are recs from the last two years.

Yuletide 2015:
Vorkosigan's Viper by [personal profile] lannamichaels
1.5k, Aral Vorkosigan/Ges Vorrutyer, a/b/o AU
Summary: Five ways Ges shows his love.
Why I love it: I was highly dubious about the premise, but when I actually read it I loved it. The story is almost just incidentally an a/b/o AU, most of it is about the political ramifications of the marriage between Ges Vorrutyer and Aral Vorkosigan. Ges is ambitious, and Aral isn't but Ges doesn't let that stop him, and he uses power differently than Aral but he uses it well.

The Iron Gates by [ profile] sunsmasher
10.1k, background Miles/Ekaterin, Diplomatic Immunity missing scene
Summary: Miles is dying, nobody is listening, and Ekaterin is doing her damndest.
Why I love it: BAMF!Ekaterin, fuck yeah. The book just glossed over this part but this fic does an amazing job showing what was at stake and what Ekaterin had to do and how she did it, and it's great.

Yuletide 2016:
Intelligent Disobedience by [ profile] Philomytha
1.3k, gen, Shards of Honour missing scene
Summary: A well-trained dog obeys his master, but the very best dogs know when to refuse to obey.
Why I love it: I love loyalty as a theme, especially when it's put to the test, and this short missing scene between Illyan and Aral hits that button beautifully.

peace and quiet by [ profile] alessandriana
5.8k, gen
Summary: Light and genteel laughter spilled out of the foyer. A large group of Barrayar's high society had just arrived, clustering in small groups as they waited to be greeted by the Emperor. Ivan hesitated on the edge of the group, mind racing in circles as he scanned the crowd. He resisted the urge to rub at the spreading patches of red on his hands. I don't want anything to do with this.
Why I love it: Wonderful h/c, with great Ivan & Gregor.

Troublesome to Others, but a Torment to Themselves by [ profile] ozymandias314
9.8k, Mark/Kareen
Summary: Miles Vorkosigan is the world's biggest cockblock.
Why I love it: This is a lot of fun, with the exact right amount of angst that comes from Mark being Mark. Plenty of Mark&Miles sibling feelings too.

Never Getting Back Together (Like, Ever). by [ profile] lannamichaels
1.4k, Aral Vorkosigan/Ges Vorrutyer, epistolary, crack
Summary: My dear Captain, I need some scripts for dealing with my Darth Vader ex, who happens to be the brother of my ex-wife.
Why I love it: This is a hilarious crack crossover with Captain Awkward, and I spent most of it figuratively with my head in my hands laughing and moaning about Aral Vorkosigan. If anyone could use some advice on how to cope with his emotions more healthily, surely it's Aral.
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Pre-New Year's resolution: I'll try to post fanwork recs every day from now until the 31st. Should be doable.

I just noticed I forgot to post my review of the fourth Raksura book, Edge of Worlds, which I also liked: Edge of Worlds )

Now that I read all four novels (I'm planning to read the short stories before the next one comes out), fic :)

Salt and Sea and Weathered Stones by [ profile] mpatientdreamr
2.6k, gen, book 4 coda
Summary: A series of conversations on the way home.
Why I love it: Lovely Moon&court friendship fic, with Moon making his own traditions.

Where You Belong by [ profile] Flamebyrd
1.1k, gen
Summary: Ember settles in to Indigo Cloud.
Why I love it: Very nice look at Ember.

The Consort Bower of Indigo Cloud by [ profile] MarbleGlove, art by [ profile] pentapus
7.4k, gen
Summary: Before Moon arrived at Indigo Cloud Court, the consort bower had been empty for some years and the court as a whole slowly dying. Something had to change. The three consorts of Indigo Cloud (Stone, Moon, and Ember) had had very different expectations, but the reality surprised each of them.
Why I love it: This is such a nice warm family story about Moon becoming an ever bigger part of Indigo Cloud and finding and making his place there, and with Stone and Ember.

Etiquette in Foreign Courts by [ profile] pentapus
2.2k, background Moon/Chime
Summary: Ember was being unusually insistent.
Why I love it: Very nice & warm character piece about Ember, Moon, and Chime.

Celebration by [ profile] LilTheHunger
3.5k, Jade/Moon, book 3 coda
Summary: After the events of THE SIREN DEPTHS, Jade is in a mood. Fortunately she's got a moody consort to help her out.
Why I love it: I may never get enough of stories where people, especially from Indigo Cloud, tell Moon how much they love and value him. Lovely coda.

Decision by [ profile] merellia
1.7k, Moon/Jade, AU
Summary: “Celadon’s back. With a queen,” Moon says to Dusk.
Why I love it: Moon grew up in Opal Night and Jade was the one who lost her court, but they're both still them. Very nice AU with a Moon who's no less willful and stubborn.
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I wanted to rec the first of these as soon as I saw it in the Yuletide collection, and then I realized it fits well with several other stories I also want to rec. What can I say, I really like post-canon Nirvana in Fire fics. My favorites:

The Next Life by [ profile] julad
17.3k, Lin Shu/Nihuang, canon divergent AU
Additional tags: what the fuck was I thinking, to write a story with a challenge deadline, about a man with three identities having an identity crisis, AND FROM HIS POINT OF VIEW
Summary: Post-series, alternate ending. Lin Shu ends his engagement with Nihuang. Nihuang lets him. Jingyan finds this unacceptable.
Why I love it: I haven't even commented on this yet because I'm still working on how to properly express my enthusiasm. This is just *flails* so good. I love Lin Shu and his long journey of recovery and figuring out what to do with himself, and I love all of his friends who refuse to let him go and call him on his bullshit, Lin Chen and Jingrui and Meng Zhi and so many others but especially Nihuang, who knows that she deserves exactly what and whoever she wants, and Jingyan, who's as stubborn as an ox and just wants his friend back and isn't afraid to use any means necessary. It's often heartbreaking but also warm and sometimes even funny, and it has a lovely happy ending.

Still Here (With All I Hold Dear) by [ profile] marvelist
10.1k, gen
Summary: Jingyan misses Xiao Shu in all the ways that matter but he cannot fall apart.
Surprisingly enough, Lin Chen can relate to that.
Why I love it: And this is the version where Lin Shu does die, and Jingyan and Lin Chen and everyone else have to live with that. It's a story about grief and healing, and it's gorgeous. Sad but life goes on and eventually there are smiles again. It has beautiful Jingyan & Lin Chen friendship and many other characters too. A great look at what LS/MCS meant to them and what it means that he's gone and what happens after.

where you go when wanderings are over by [ profile] Katharos
1k, gen
Summary: After the war, Jingrui goes home.
Why I love it: This is exactly what I wanted for Jingrui post-canon, and it's beautiful. In my mind this is in the same 'verse as my Yuletide gift:

Parallax by [ profile] lostlenore
1.6k, gen
Summary: The work of the Jiangzhuo alliance is never done.
Why I love it: Jingrui fifteen years later, excellent. Recced again because it is my gift and I love it and for completeness' sake.

even if you cannot hear my voice by [ profile] Alaceron
2.3k, gen
Summary: The ones we love never truly leave us.
This is somewhat truer for Lin Chen than most.
Why I love it: And here, the rare funny post-canon fic. LS/MCS is still dead, so there is grief too, but he's not exactly gone, and it's hilarious and warm.
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Yuletide! I want to rec so much, but I'll have to start slow.

I got a great Nirvana in Fire fic:
Parallax by [ profile] lostlenore
1.6k, gen, future fic
Summary: The work of the Jiangzhou alliance is never done.
Why I love it: When I asked for post-canon fic I originally thought about 1-3 years after, but this is set 15 years post-canon and it turns out that's even better. I love all the characters and what became of them, and Jingrui and Yujin's friendship is the best.

Steerswoman, Gladiator, 2 Natsume Yuujinchou, Marvel Comicverse, Temeraire, Mulan, 2 Emelan )

Hopefully coming soon: recs for Vorkosigan Saga, Nirvana in Fire, Books of the Raksura, and probably more miscellaneous.
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Content note: US election
just in case )

If you want some distractions and good long things to read, have some recs from the "various" pile. (The length of the rec does not mean I liked one of them better, it just turned out that way.)

Raptors in the Rainforest by [ profile] DisaLanglois (Jurassic World/Parks)
270k, gen, post-canon
Summary: How intelligent are velociraptors? Very, very intelligent, as Owen Grady discovers in the aftermath of the Jurassic World disaster. But his quest to prove their intelligence and save his raptors will take him further than he ever expected, and the world will never be the same again.
Why I loved it: This series has fantastic raptor culture and humans being adopted into raptor packs, culture clash exploration (from the beginning and then even more (spoilers), great action scenes, very nice h/c, strong loyalty elements, and also dinosaurs. The central relationship is Blue & Owen Grady, hetero-species life-partners, and it's great. I also love many of the OCs, especially the dinosaurs. And did I mention dinosaurs?

Finding Home by [ profile] darkcyan (Natsume Yuujinchou)
250k, gen, apocafic
Summary:On a school trip, between one moment and the next, Tanuma's teacher and about half of his classmates disappear. Everyone must figure out how to deal with this changed world, and the new dangers it has brought with it. Meanwhile, Tanuma wants to believe that Natsume was not one of those who disappeared that day ... but if not, where is he?
Why I loved it: An amazing ensemble fic, where every character gets a chance to shine. The character voices are great, so are the relationships, and the plot. This is apocafic, and it's not miraculously reversed at the end, but the survivors band together and find unlikely friend and allies and build a community, it's very warm and hopeful despite everything.

Harry Potter and the Natural 20 by [ profile] Sir_Poley (Harry Potter/Dungeons & Dragons)
300k, mostly gen, crossover, WIP
Summary: Milo, a genre-savvy D&D Wizard and Adventurer Extraordinaire is forced to attend Hogwarts, and soon finds himself plunged into a new adventure of magic, mad old Wizards, metagaming, misunderstandings, and munchkinry.
Why I loved it: This is a WIP that hasn't been updated since early 2015, but it currently encompasses two and a half school years and I found what's there very satisfying. It does mean that many storylines are unresolved though, fair warning.
At first I was very sceptical about this crossover: Harry Potter and D&D? It is, however, brilliantly done. Milos' biology, magic etc. still work according to D&D rules, which leads to some hilarious misunderstandings and very creative problem-solving. Depending on which aspects you concentrate on, HP wizards and D&D wizards are very powerful in different ways. In addition to that the author also did amazing worldbuilding of a world that works according to D&D rules and everyone is aware of that. Milos is aware that he is a PC, and he tries to use his meta knowledge from his D&D adventures in Hogwarts.
Full Disclosure, after book 1 I put this down and didn't pick it up again for a few weeks: book 1 is good, but not outstanding. Book 2 however introduces fantastic new storylines and characters and starts to deviate a lot more from the HP storylines, and that continues in book 3 in ways that would be spoiler-y to mention. The ending of book 2 was a gut punch, and then it got even better.
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Cramps today and I slept terribly, so I'm procrastinating. I still have a long list of fic from last year's Yuletide I want to rec; this is the "canons I don't/didn't know" edition because it's the shorter one.
(I haven't done any recs since July. I should set a goal maybe, at least one rec post per month.)

the hungry heart, the roving eye by [ profile] Wildehack (Road to El Dorado)
7k, multi, modern AU
Summary: “Do you have a job for us?” Miguel called out.
There was a suspicious pause. “No.”
“Better come back when you do, then,” Miguel said snidely, and there was a muffled thumping sound, like Tulio had let his head fall into the door.
Why I liked it: I haven't even seen the movie yet, even though it's been on my to-watch list for ages. I really like the Mr.&Mrs.Smith/Leverage background here, combined with the character dynamics.

win me, win me, an ye will by [ profile] Fahye (Sorcerer to the Crown/Miss Marjoribanks)
5k, gen, crossover
Summary: "I am forced to admit," said Lucilla Marjoribanks, holding the magical sword firmly with both hands, "that this is somewhat removed from my sphere of expertise."
Why I liked it: I'm not familiar with either book, but this was a delightful encounter with old-school fairies.

A Margaret Thatcher Kind of Night by [ profile] igrockspock (Brooklyn 99)
1.8k, Jake/Amy
Summary: Rules for having (sober) sex with the girl of your dreams for the first time:
1. Have condoms
2. Don't leave dishes in bed
3. Don't ask awkward questions about Margaret Thatcher
Guess how many of those Jake has broken tonight?
Why I liked it: After reading many stories about people having the best sex of their lives the first time they sleep with the person they've been pining after, reading about two people having slightly awkward first time sex is refreshing, and this is also funny and sweet.

Figuring It Out by [ profile] lonelywalker (Breakfast with Scot)
4k, gen, post-canon
Summary: Figure skating, proposals, raising a teenage boy... The list of things Eric doesn't know anything about just keeps getting longer.
Why I liked it: This is so sweet.
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Unbowed by [ profile] LSeale (Original)
183k, slash, a/b/(o) catpeople
Summary:The Kotka of Feyn are a cat-like species with a unique biological development - they are born either alpha or beta, dominant or submissive. The vast desert empire of Akansha has enjoyed an unbroken dynasty for several centuries, but a series of scandals in the royal family has left the youngest son, Tallyn, as the only available heir. There's one small problem though - Tallyn is a beta, and nobody can know.
Why I loved it: This story has political intrigues, the protagonist taking on an unfair system/society and winning, and on top of that relationships of all kinds (family, romantic etc.) that I enjoyed a lot. Excellent.
Note: usually I don't like reccing things right after I read them because I worry I can't say objectively how good it is (which is bullshit, if it's good enough to draw me in like that it's good enough to be recced but still), but the author plans to take this story offline soon to eventually publish it, so if you want to read it later download it while you still can.

As Is the Sea Marvelous by [ profile] blackkat (Naruto)
59k, pre-Madara/Tobirama (+others), angst
Summary: Tobirama is willing to give absolutely anything for Hashirama and his dream.
Why I loved it: blackkat is one of my favorite Naruto writers (for example her latest time-travel WIP reverse is also a ton of fun so far, and she is great with rarepairs), and this one is definitely one of my favorites. So much delicious angst! Tobirama decides he'll let Madara kill him so that Madara forgives Hashirama for Tobirama killing Izuna, as a huge fan of self-sacrifice stories this was id candy from the start. There are explorations of the values of peace vs. family and what they're worth, and there's the hope for a much happier outcome than in canon. On top of all the angst, in the second half this story is also fun ("Tweet.")

Reckless Captain by [ profile] WerewolvesAreReal (Temeraire)
19k, gen, human-dragon-reversal AU
Summary: The Regal Copper Laurentius accidentally acquires a captain, Tharkay spectates, Temeraire is Not Actually an Orphan, and no one really knows who's leading France. Someone should probably get on that, considering England is at war with the place.
Why I loved it: The humans as dragons and the dragons as humans work so well here, it's amazing. I didn't think I could be even more fond of Temeraire or Tharkay, but this fic managed.

3 fic recs

May. 26th, 2016 11:59 am
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I went running yesterday and despite a one month break it went well :)
For today I convinced DD to do a sleepover/watch game 7 of PIT-TBL together, because if they win I want someone to hug and if they lose I need someone to hug. Sports, why so stressful. Go Pens!

3 fic recs from the "miscellaneous" pile:

Nexus of Light by [ profile] Kryal (Lone Wolf/World of Lone Wolf)
~80k, gen, action&adventure crossover
Summary: The world of Lone Wolf has more than one legendary hero - and when the forces of darkness decide to change the rules, they must join forces to restore the balance.
Why I loved it: Kryal, author of the amazing SG-1/Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover The Dragon-King's Temple, wrote another excellent fic. This one is a crossover between two canons set in the same world, neither of which I know, which wasn't a problem. Kryal said sometimes my plotbunnies want to just sit back and wallow in every single hammy Epic Fantasy Adventure trope they can possibly get their paws into, and sometimes that's exactly what I want to read. I thoroughly enjoyed all of this: the developing partner-&friendship of the two heroes, the plot, the battles, the minor characters and OCs, even the author's notes complaining about timeline and worldbuilding issues in canon.

Mutiny on the Reliant by [ profile] WerewolvesAreReal (Temeraire)
16.7k, gen, canon-divergent AU
Summary: It's bad luck to have a dragon aboard a ship, and this tiny black creature can't be natural at all. Slowed by a gale and bad-luck, the Reliant mutinies and puts Laurence and Temeraire alone on the Amitié. The journey back to England is difficult, and on the way Laurence accidentally finds himself leading a small fleet of fighting ships. As one does.
Why I liked it: As one does! This one is just good fun, amplified by the sense of that it totally could have happened this way.

Nothing So Becomes A Man As Modest Stillness And Humility by [ profile] splash_the_cat (Jupiter Ascending)
12.7k, backstory, Stinger/Caine, Caine/Jupiter
Summary: Five times Caine got Stinger out of a bar fight (and one time Caine got into one).
Why I liked it: I really like this take on Caine and Stinger's history together & their relationship. Stinger is a mess, Caine a little less so, it's not pretty but it's very well portrayed.
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I have a word doc "things to rec", and every once in a while it becomes so long that it gets harder and harder to actually rec stuff. (Currently five pages. One category is from Yuletide 2013, I'm that much behind.) So here, have some recs for long fic from the "various" category.

Lighting Candles by [ profile] PitViperOfDoom (Big Hero 6/Rise of the Guardians)
81k, gen, crossover
Summary:The death of Tadashi Hamada was both the end of Hiro's world and the mark of a new beginning. Turns out it was one for Tadashi, too.
Why I love it: This fic made me cry, and that doesn't happen often. But in a good way. It deals with both brothers' feelings after Tadashi's death, especially Tadashi's, and doesn't pull any punches, so prepare for that.
I haven't seen "Rise of the Guardians", but I found the premise fascinating, and I really liked how Tadashi tried to figure out what to do with this new world he suddenly discovered, and the strange people he meets there. At the same time he's still trying to protect his brother.
The fic stands on its own, but it also sets up the sequel that is currently at 18 chapters, recently updated, and is just as great.

Phoenix by [ profile] unniebee (EXO (band))
231k, several slash pairings, AU
Summary: The mercenary crew of the Phoenix takes on the dangerous job of kidnapping three genetic experiments and bringing them across the galaxy, unaware that the scientist who created is chasing them to get his children back.
Why I love it: 230k of well written space opera with a good plot and interesting relationships and a cool atmosphere a bit reminiscent of "Firefly", I love it when I find fic like this. (This one via a The Rec Center, a relatively new weekly fandom recs newsletter that I enjoy a lot.) It does have romantic pairings, some of which I liked a lot, but those weren't even my favorite relationships. The space pirate crew is great. Also a great fic for my love of loyalty themes.

Mistaken Identity by [ profile] evenmoor (SG-1/Highlander: The Series)
65k, gen, crossover
Summary: After a chance meeting in Colorado Springs, Methos recognizes a mysterious blue-eyed man, five thousand years dead. Daniel Jackson, meanwhile, mistakes Methos for the Goa'uld Tanith, and reacts rather poorly. The situation only grows more complicated when Amanda comes to Colorado Springs, hunting down a rogue Immortal with an unknown agenda.
Why I love it: I've read several fantastic Stargate/Highlander crossovers, and this is one of my favorites. Two secretive organizations playing cat and mouse with each other, interesting plot twists, and an ending that fit perfectly.

Lines on Palms by [ profile] Fahye (Captive Prince)
35k, Laurent/Damen, AU
Summary by me: There is no war. Augustus doesn't die.
Why I love it: Be honest, isn't that the AU we all wanted? Augustus lives, and Laurent and Damen still find each other. This isn't pure fluff, it has the same kind of great political background as canon does, except in comparison with canon it almost is. The author did a fantastic job with Laurent and Damen, their voices and their actions and interactions, and Augustus too (though he doesn't appear much.)
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I spent New Year's Eve with friends (first time not with my family, they all had other plans.) We had good food, card games, at midnight we taught LK to waltz, and before that we wanted to watch something entertaining and I suggested "Man from U.N.C.L.E." Good choice, I enjoyed it a lot. I'd seen some Tumblr gifs with innuendo, but I didn't expect so much excellent h/c. Fortunately there is good fic on AO3.
Now I have time for recs again!, so have some of my favorites, all of them Napoleon/Illya:

Waging World Peace by Alex51324
32k, additional tags: Queer 1950's, spies in love, Historical Accuracy
Summary: "There is something you should know before making a final decision.”
“I’m already aware he’s Russian, sir,” Napoleon said. “And he’s still on good terms with them, so he must at least technically be a Communist.”
Waverly brushed that aside. “All of the Russian agents are. Kuryakin, however, is also an admitted homosexual.”
(An original-recipe Man from U.N.C.L.E. fic.)
Why I liked it: I haven't watched the series and I'm not planning to (maybe some selected episodes at one point), but that didn't hinder my enjoyment of this story. I really liked Napoleon trying to deal with first the revelation about his partner, learning about what it means for him, and eventually falling for him.
This line is one of my favorites:quote )

and suddenly i was a lilac sky by thebrotherswinchester, 15k
15k, additional tags: Angst, Pining, 5 Things, Canon-Typical Violence, Slow Build, Hurt/Comfort, the disgusting tropey garbage pile your mother warned you about
Summary:Five missions turn out all right, and one doesn't.
Why I liked it: The tags say "disgusting tropey garbage pile", which apparently means "great just-right-over-the-top h/c + pining idfic", exactly what I wanted after watching the movie.

The Tartarus Affair by manic_intent, 34k
Summary from tags: That AU where Napoleon chooses to go to prison instead of joining the CIA and gets stuck with a certain tall blonde Russian cellmate.
Why I liked it: All of my favorite prison fic tropes, including violence and sex, a mystery plot with FBI agent Gaby, and uncertain loyalties.
The author also wrote a great "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" AU, The Trojan Affair, that I liked a lot.

By the Throat by AlchemyAlice, 57k
Summary: In which the KGB took some rather dubious measures to ensure Illya's loyalty to Russia, and Napoleon has more than a few problems with that.
Why I liked it: I really enjoyed Napoleon and Illya's slowly developing dom/sub relationship, the emphasis on collars (mm yes), and on their (painful) ties to their fucked up home country organizations.

The End Where We Begin by Ingu, 22k
Summary: Illya kills an American spy in Zurich. Three days later, he’s staring into the face of a dead man standing in his hotel room.
Why I liked it: The slow love affair between the KGB agent and the ghost of the CIA agent he killed, beautifully done.

Two Men, Crossing the Street by merle_p, 8k
Summary: “They are useless to their countries,” he says slowly. “Everyone knows their real names, their faces. A spy who cannot spy. Is like – like a car that cannot drive. Useless.”“Ah,” Napoleon says quietly, as if he finally understands what Illya is so angry about. But he doesn’t, Illya thinks, he can’t know, not really, and he isn’t sure if it’s sadness or relief he feels at the thought.
Why I liked it: Great Cold War atmosphere, very good Illya, and I enjoyed his and Napoleon's relationship.

the compromise by Val Mora, 1k
Summary:"He doesn't talk politics with me," Napoleon said.
Sanders snorted. "And he hasn't turned you."
"Well, I haven't turned him either. Gentlemen's agreement."
Why I liked it: Short, but a nice and plausible post-movie "us being from different countries that are not quite at war can be awkward at times" fic.
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Favorite quote of the day:

"Isn't fandom economy a weird thing? I can rub my hands with glee and say yesssss, I have caused these people pain, it was so mutually satisfying."

[ profile] hansbekhart, in the comments to their excellent fic The Dead Forest, which is about Steve waking up in the future.

Sums it up pretty well. Similar things happen with books and movies, but in fandom you have much more immediate feedback. You have authors being called terrible monsters in comments and being proud of it, lately there's a lot of fans calling themselves trash for whatever reason, and if you're not familiar with the culture it may seem a bit weird. Fandom's the best.
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I should be writing my thesis instead of fic, but better than nothing?

Sufficiently Advanced Crystal Orbs, for [personal profile] nenya_kanadka
Steerswoman & surprise crossover, gen, 1.4k
Summary: Willam opens a wizard's chest and finds something unexpected.

Some [community profile] fandom_stocking recs: Babylon 5, Leverage/BtVS, Hockey RPF, Star Wars:TFA )
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I got very lucky this year, I got two amazing stories!

For Hockey Festivus:
Battle Ready by [personal profile] downjune
Relationships: Marc-Andre Fleury & Jeff Zatkoff, Sidney Crosby & Marc-Andre Fleury
So many goalie feelings! Goalies supporting each other, goalies in eyeliner, goalie & captain hug… goalies <3

For Yuletide:
Navigational Aids by [personal profile] genarti
Steerswoman series, post-canon epistolary
I love this fic a lot, instant new headcanon. The relationship between Willam and Rowan and Bel is great and so warm, I just want to hug the story and the characters too.

Some people liked the stories I wrote, so I'm happy :)

I spent Christmas with my family, it was nice. I even went to evening mass, which I originally didn't intend, but mom said she'd really like it if I came to listen to her and LB and also she needed someone to turn the pages for her on the organ. (The sermon was okay, but the mass as a whole emphasized that church is currently not for me. I am proud of the parish for taking in a refugee family.)

Among other things I got a cupcake recipe book from my parents, I'm looking forward to baking a lot! LB said he thought about what I might need now that I live in my own flat and got me a "Minions" DVD xD He's the best.


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