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A meme [personal profile] astridv posted indirectly gave me a plot idea and for the first time in weeks I'm in the mood to write fic again, yay! But first I have to rewatch some episodes. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. My silly space show <3

3x20 First Strike )

The new Doctor Who season starts soon, but my friends don't have time this and the next weekend so I'll have to wait and avoid spoilers until I catch up with season 6. I might watch a bit more SGA until then to distract myself, and who knows, maybe I'll actually manage to write something?
Now sleeep, and I'll do all the other things I was supposed to be doing instead of this tomorrow. As usual.
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I love writing episode reviews. Not only do they help me get my thoughts in order, I can also reread them later and remember all the things I loved about a particular episode. And it's useful for finding particular scenes again later.

Spoilers here )
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Still ridiculously in love with this show. Especially Moya. Best spaceship ever y/y?
This should be a thing, people discussing which spaceship is the best. I mean obviously it wouldn't be a fair discussion because Moya would win, but it would still be fun. Or I think the TARDIS is alive, too? They should hang out together! There should be a vid about ALL the awesome spaceships. In fact if I knew the perfect song I would pay for this at the next fandom helps auction. Suggestions very welcome.

1.20 The Hidden Memory )

1.21 Bone to be Wild )

1.22 Family Ties )

2.01 Mind the Baby )

There are many great scenes and moments I forgot to mention here because it's past midnight, but in conclusion: Farscape is amazing and Moya is the best <3
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First time in a while I had to wait for a new episode of a show I love, but it was totally worth it. So much love!

The Last Dam Job )
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It's raining outside. No, I don't have a better excuse. But I will go explore the city in the afternoon!
Looking at my reviews, "Allies" was one of my favorite episodes (it's fun to read them again later, when I only remember parts of the actual episode), so I didn't expect the second part to be as good. I like surprises!

No man's Land )
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I'm procrastinating on homework. And housework. Everything, really.

3x05 Progeny - stop being stupid, people )
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Still sick. I am very grateful that I'm living in an age with computers and internet, because I haven't found the time yet to either go to a bookshop or get a library card.

I'm starting to understand why so many people love Firefly )

Do I really only have three episodes left? :(
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Two weeks seems to be a critical time: half the exchange students I know are currently sick, including me. In bed with a lot of blankes, a hot-water bottle (purple with a little penguin on it, at the moment my favorite birthday present I ever got from LB) and tea is the perfect time to finally watch Firefly.
No spoilers, please.

Space cowboys! )
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Much, much better! A lot of (claustrophobic) fun.

2x14 - Whale! )
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I watched The Tower instead of another episode because none of the other choices (38 Minutes, Grace Under Pressure) had Ronon & Teyla. In hindsight it was probably a mistake, the episode has only a few redeeming features. Notes will be out of order because I don't want to watch the whole episode again.

2x15 - the tower was pretty, the costumes were not. )
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I enjoyed this episode. When I got to the opening credits I already knew that I'd write a lot about it - or maybe less, if the tiny grasshopper on my keyboard doesn't go away.

Instinct )
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I have no excuse for watching an episode tonight instead of studying econometrics. Not even that it was necessarily more fun (I like econometrics, strangely enough. I just don't like studying.)

I chose Inferno because I hadn't seen it before and what little I knew of it (super-volcano, John flirting with a girl that has a crush on Rodney) seemed okay, so I gave it a try.

2x19 Inferno - at least the visuals were good )

Next one: probably Grace Under Pressure. It's supposed to be a good Rodney episode, right? I want one of those.
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I'm very proud of myself. On Friday I wrote a 16 page essay on the sociology of consumption - I found the topic not terribly interesting, but I think the paper is good - even though [profile] sga_reversebang went live and I have no will power. Fortunately I'm a fast reader.

Saturday we had guests, and today I wrote a 9 page essay on Feminist Economics (though I did research and structuring beforehand.) Go me!

As a reward I watched Allies even though it's past midnight, but whatever, I earned it.

2x20 )

Now it's almost half past two. Bed time. But it was worth it.
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I borrowed the SGA season 1 DVDs from a friend and am now going through all the episodes I haven't seen yet. (I try to tell myself it's fic research.) Fun!

It must have been fun to discuss the episodes when they aired. Watching "Hot Zone" some things jumped out so I thought I'd try to do an episode review of sorts. And by that I mean write down everything that comes to mind. That is how episode reviews are done, right?

1x13 Hot Zone )

Looking forward to the next episode! I'm not watching them in order; I'm thinking of watching "38 minutes" next, because it has scientists in it and less of them die, which is good. I don't think I'll do write-ups for every episode, but this was fun.


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