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Posted by John Scalzi

The headline says it all: The Dispatcher is an Amazon Deal of the Day, so you can get it for under a buck on the Kindle. What a deal! But it’s only for the day (October 19, 2017), and it’s for the US and Canada. I’m not sure if the price applies on other retailers today, so you’d have to check it out for yourself. Regardless, if you’ve not picked up this novella yet, today is a good day to do so. Enjoy!

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Posted by Melanie Ehrenkranz

Kids’ smartwatches are usually intended to help parents feel at ease that their children are safe when they’re not around. But as it turns out, a number of these devices may do more harm than good. A 49-page report on smartwatches for children (with the unfortunate title of #WatchOut) details all the ways in which…


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Posted by Kristen Lee

The Pikes Peak hillclimb is one of the most dangerous and challenging events in racing. The course is 12.4 miles long and climbs 4,700 feet to the summit of the mountain at over 14,000 feet above sea level. Volkswagen is making an all-electric race car to compete in the hillclimb next year.


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Posted by Erik Shilling

The very first Ford Mustang, the 1964 model, cost $2,320 and produced 210 horsepower, while coming in at 2,556 pounds. The 2018 Mustang GT produces 460 hp, weighs 3,705 pounds and costs $35,095. There have been a lot of Mustangs in between.


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Posted by Tom McParland

Tyler and his wife like cars with a small footprint both physically and environmentally, but their compacts aren’t cutting it now that they have had twins. They want a car that can handle the family but doesn’t require a big sacrifice on the eco-friendly front. What should they buy?


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Day Minus Two: and this is the big one, as far as treatment is concerned. We have been told to expect to be in the clinic for about twelve hours.

At seven this morning, Karen was allowed a breakfast of one (1) glass of water, one (1) granola bar, and one (1) piece of fruit with no added yogurt. Fortunately, I was allowed all the coffee I wanted.

At nine we piled into the team bus, and came to the clinic. Access ports were opened, blood was drawn, and we sat around for an hour while they tested that for stem cell wealth.

Once satisfied, they are taking us - or at least the patient half of us - into the apheresis room, to be attached to a machine for the next four hours. Their blood will be slurruped out of them, and the stem cells fished individually (I like to think) from the blood before it's pumped back in again. Karen is rated for 117,000,000 cells. Which is quite a big number, and I want to know how they count 'em.

After that comes five hours of chemo, also through the port. Then they take us home.

Karen's been connected up, and we caregivers are not allowed into the apheresis room. So guess what I get to do for the next four hours?

Uh-huh. Fortunately, while we were making our wills and giving all our worldly goods into the possession of a trust (The Trebizon Trust, did I mention? I am convinced that in a few hundred years it'll be this megacorp, dominating human space if not in fact the galaxy), our lawyer and I had a cheerful talk about how The Count of Monte Cristo is a masterpiece, and I thought, "Ooh..."

So I'm halfway through that, and there's enough reading left to keep me happy for a day or two to come. After that, though, Lord only knows what I'll turn to next. Suggestions of long, familiar comfort-reads available on e-book will be gratefully received.
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Posted by /u/dmalton

Ive been looking for Critical studies of sir Gawain and the green knight for a uni course and even after reading the megathread i cant seem to find it anywhere is there any places i can look to find it online ?

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Posted by Ask a Manager

Remember the letter-writer in March whose employee was refusing to go on business trips because her husband didn’t want her to and her religion required her to obey her husband? They’d also gotten rid of her car because “queens don’t drive”? Here’s the update.

The situation got worse before it got better, and my boss didn’t want to take much action. My boss felt this was out of the norm for the employee so maybe it was a phase that would pass and she wouldn’t let me take any action beyond verbal warnings and write-ups for behavior obviously against the handbook. She was also afraid that the employee would bring a religious discrimination suit against us, which are usually not settled in favor of the employer in our state (for Christianity anyway).

A lot of folks in the comments were worried the employee was being abused — I don’t have any evidence that she wasn’t a willing participant, but I did post fliers in the bathrooms about an abuse hotline, just in case. (Also, there were some comments veering into Islamaphobia on the original post. I want to note for the record this person is a fundamentalist Christian in the American south.)

I started with the issue of the employee getting anxious and not working as soon as her husband pulled into the parking lot because it seemed easiest to tackle. She said she just didn’t want to make her husband wait on her, but insisted it wasn’t an issue for her work. Talking to her about it did not help. She kept getting jittery every day (and still leaving as soon as he got there) so I moved her to an interior desk away from the windows, which helped for a couple weeks but she was upset that her desk was “downgraded” (not really because she wasn’t upgraded to the window to begin with, it was just open when she started).

We’re not strict on exact working hours since everyone is salaried, but there is an expectation that you’ll be around from about 8:30 am until 5:30 pm most days. She started arriving at least an hour late and sneaking out (literally telling fibs about where she was going, and leaving through the back door) two hours early. Her computer login times revealed she was only at work about 25 hours a week, instead of 40 like we expect. When confronted about it, she said she knew she was working lower hours but it was because she relied on transportation from her husband, so she had to go when he said to. I told her she needed to report to work for a full 40 hours unless she was taking documented PTO, or we would be forced to move her to a part-time non-managerial role. She complained about the “inconvenience” but she did resume normal working hours with a lot of complaining.

Then, after a new intern joined our office, she announced that as a Christian woman, she could not meet privately with any unmarried men (this only applied to the intern). In private, I asked her if the intern had done something that made her uncomfortable or if there was anything I needed to know. She said she just felt it was improper for a married woman to have “any intimacies” with single men, and strongly implied that she felt anyone who acts differently was not as virtuous as herself.

Honestly, she was acting so extreme that we couldn’t send her on a business trip even if she would have agreed. I don’t know if that was her intention or not. But to keep up morale, I took all of her trips instead, and didn’t ask anyone from her team to do it since they didn’t get the extra travel pay.

She increasingly made grumbles that she felt she needed more accommodation for her religion. She filled her desk up with crosses and scripture plaques. She started saying things like “Praise be” and “God is Good” and “Thank the Almighty Lord” to all good news (even small things like approval on a project or her lunch order arriving early). If you asked her how she was doing, it was a “blessed day” or “in his glory” or “I’m just a sinner, seeking salvation.” To project deadlines or status updates, they would be completed “as God’s will allows” or “praying to Jesus that it will be done Friday.” Every anecdote she told was about her Bible study group or church service. It was so much that even other church-going Christians were complaining that she was making them uncomfortable.

As many predicted in the comments on the original post, she resigned her job within three months, saying she and her husband decided it was improper for her to be working at all. We have replaced her role with a new hire and you can feel the relief on the team.

Thanks for everyone’s help!!

update: my employee is refusing to travel because her husband said she can’t was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

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Posted by Jennings Brown

Tencent, the developer of China’s popular messaging app WeChat, has released a mobile game that encourages citizens to applaud President Xi Jinping—just days after WeChat blocked features that citizens use to protest.


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Posted by George Dvorsky

The microscopic processes involved in human fertilization are a difficult thing to convey visually, but a group of scientists, using Star Wars as their inspiration, have managed to do just that, creating a highly entertaining and informative video—while accidentally stumbling upon a new scientific discovery in the…


Wednesday Winged Hours (On Thursday)

Oct. 19th, 2017 10:38 am
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What I've Finished Reading

I didn't have any trouble finishing Decider by Dick Francis, but it left kind of a weird taste in my mouth. The narrator, a regular guy obsessed with restoring ruined houses, happens to inherit some shares in a racecourse owned by his extremely dysfunctional not-really-family (the family of the guy his mother divorced before he was born). The racecourse managers come to him for help in dealing with the family, and he gets entangled in a lot of skulduggery, including having part of the stands blown up on top of him. It's entertaining? Francis is very readable. I didn't love the grim gleefulness with which the family's most loathsome member is disposed of, or the last-minute revelations that actually he was even worse than you thought! I wasn't thrilled with our up-close-and-grody tour of the narrator's personal life, either. I guess it hit a level of "complicated and unsympathetic" that I'm willing to ride with in a "literary" book but don't like or want in a pulpy thriller about vicious racecourse owners trying to out-sabotage each other. So the jury's still out on Dick Francis; I'll probably give him another try the next time he shows up in a free-books context, or on the cheap shelf at one of my regional bookstores.

What I'm Reading Now

Still The Guns of Avalon, weirdly enough - it's such a short book! but I'm finding it slow going even though I don't dislike it particularly. Probably I've just been distracted; it's been a busy week made busier by anxiety and technological glitches.

Also began Making Money by Terry Pratchett, a gift from a friend! This was a slower start than other Pratchett books, and feels sometimes, especially in the beginning, a little more contrived - but maybe that's just Moist von Lipwig's particular curse. Moist is a man in a Dostoevskian pickle: rescued from the gallows at the last minute by Machiavellian city boss Lord Vetinari, he's now obligated to use his new respectable persona to Vetinari's advantage or go right back to being hanged. First he reformed the post office (presumably in a previous book); now he's tasked with beefing up the banking system so Vetinari can do a bunch of expensive infrastructure work. The book picks up a lot once he inherits a small dog (Mr Fusspot) who has inherited the position of bank chairman. I like it when animals have positions of power they don't actually care about. It picks up a little more after he invents paper money, and that's about where I am.

What I Plan to Read Next

Maybe next week I'll catch up for real! Maybe. Also possibly The Three Musketeers.

Weekly Ballet Post, 10/19/17

Oct. 19th, 2017 11:34 am
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I've been doing some workouts in addition to barre practice at home, and I would like to think that's why I did better at things like attitude and passé this week. I did not try any center work at home (logistics are difficult) which is probably why I totally sucked at center this week. At least I am consistent.

Goals for this upcoming week of home practice:

- 2x back workouts
- 2x core workouts
- 3 home barres (any level)

- 1x spotting practice coupled with chainé turn practice, sigh but I want to start getting better at turns

- Every day:
    - 4x passé passing front/back on flat, 4x on demipointe
    - 8x passé HOLD on each leg (4x on flat, 4x on demipointe)
    - 24x elevé on each leg
    - Stretches (all splits, the two hip stretches)
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И таки да, когда в девять часов с небольшим мы приехали к краеведческому музею, он работал. Три скучающих сотрудницы радостно отреагировали в духе: «О! Посетители! Откуда к нам приехали?» (Ну конечно, какому местному придет в голову идти в музей в 9 утра в воскресенье?)

Первым, конечно, зал с археологией. Димыч обратил внимание на отрисовки с петроглифов: «смотри, это ж с Калбак-Таша, мы это вчера видели!» (одна из женских фигур, кажется, «беременная») —


— и мы услышали от сотрудницы музея, обрадовавшейся этому узнаванию, интереснейшие рассказы про петроглифы, археологию, ценность бумаги для отрисовки наскальных изображений и всякое такое, жаль, я мало что запомнила. Дальше, как полагается, многофото )
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Posted by /u/eziodelalala

I installed Total War: Attila cracked by NOSTEAM. Then installed a mod manager, ticked Seven_kingdoms.pack placed in Total War/data folder, and started the game.

While my vanilla works just fine, the mod however causes the game to CTD at startup screen. Help! Huge GoT fan and I really wanna play the mod...

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