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This was kind of a weird year for me.

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Plans for next year:
- Get a job. This is important.
- Go on at least one date. I haven't been on a date in years.
- Expect more from myself. For some time now it's been too tempting to settle on what I know I can handle, energy-wise, instead of trying for more and risk failure, and it's a dangerous trend towards stagnancy.
- find a new choir
- be more active about spending time with friends
- do sports twice a week
- write more/more regularly
- spend less time in bed in the mornings (seriously, it's getting bad.)

As always, I can't express the many ways in which being part of the fannish community, specifically on DW, has helped me and enriched my life this past year. Thank you all so much. 2017 threatens to be challenging, but nevertheless I wish you and your loved ones good fortune, health, courage, and joy.
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Apart from everything to do with uni, 2015 was pretty good.

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Plans for 2016:
- finish my thesis, which is the last thing I need to finish my bachelor's degree. Deadline is in February, the first draft should be done at the end of January, so the next month will be busy!
- get a job. It doesn't have to be my dream job – I don't even know what that would be yet – but something that I don't hate doing, that leaves me enough energy to do other things in my free time, and with a good enough salary so that I can be independent from my parents.
- visit my relatives. Many of them I haven't seen in over a year, which is a shame. I haven't even met my youngest cousin yet!
- write fic, cook and bake, keep doing some kind of sport, get up earlier in the mornings, procrastinate less, hugs.
- do the best I can, enjoy life as much as I am able, and be as happy as I can be.

Thank you all for being around, for letting me share parts of my life with you and for sharing parts of your lives with me. I really appreciate it. I hope you have a great year and good things happen to you and your loved ones.
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When I look back at 2014, the most important part is "it was better than 2013." In fact 2014 was mostly about my recovery from how depression hit me in 2013. It wasn't as fast or as easy as I hoped it would be, but there was progress. I feel much better now than I did a year ago, and I hope I can say the same thing this time next year.

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I have many plans for 2015!

I want to finish my thesis and finish my Bachelor's degree. I want to move out of my parents' house and to understand my finances. I want to find work, ideally something interesting, that I can do for a year or two, until I feel confident that I'll be able to handle a Master's degree (that I still really want to get eventually.) I want be better informed about current issues and what's going on in the world and I want to be better at talking about it.

I want to make new friends and not lose contact with old ones. I want to visit relatives in New York. I think I'd like to have a romantic relationship if an opportunity presents itself. I want to keep doing things that are fun, like singing and playing hockey and writing fic and watching TV together. I want to cook and bake more often and I want to read more poetry. I want to discover good books and stories and movies and shows and other exciting things I've never seen before.

I want to lose the fear that whenever I'm feeling good I'm just a tiny step away from another major setback. I want to become better at overcoming my procrastination tendencies and have fewer moments where I feel like I have no control over my actions. I want to have more moments where I'm genuinely happy, and I want to be able to enjoy them more when they occur.

Thank you all for being here. All the best to you and your loved ones for 2015.
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This was a strange year. Not my best. It didn't turn out the way I hoped it would, at all. But it still had its good moments.

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Happy New Year everyone! I came back from Berlin this morning and I'm absolutely incapable of writing about how amazing WUDC was yet (debates! people!) I just have a lot of sentences that look strange out of context (rabbit, child labor, burning car, nukes, potatoes, schedule?, lemons...) and forty pages of debate notes. Maybe when I've had more sleep.

In the meantime the [ profile] sga_santa Masterlist was posted, so I can do a fannish year review.

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I'm two months late for this because I was lazy, but I don't want to skip it because it's nice to see many things I did in a year collected in one post.

Stuff I did in fandom in 2011 )
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I started writing fanfic in 2009. Much earlier if you count the two self-insert One Piece stories and the Beyblade Mary Sue which I like to pretend don´t exist. But I started posting in 2010, which means getting comments, wheee! I love getting comments. &hearts
Most of what I wrote are short snippets, with one exception.

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I also signed up to rec )
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I really should polish the snippets and put them up on my journal. Too lazy now, maybe later.
Wow, this got longer than I thought.


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