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I finally found out why our newest flatmates is so often on the phone around midnight and later: she's playing WoW. That makes more sense than, idk, I didn't really think about it, I just wondered. Fortunately I only hear that she's talking, not what, and it's not loud enough to disturb my sleep.

The latest D&D session was amazing. Details, mostly for my own memories )

I have not yet written even one fic for h/c bingo, but I at least started several (okay, only two have more than a handful of words.) I'm still optimistic though! Would anyone be interested in helping me with a post-s3 Bright Sessions fic? I think at this point I mostly need brainstorming help and cheerleading. My flatmate who I would usually bribe to do it is on vacation in Greece (while here autumn weather is finally arriving, unfair.)


Aug. 28th, 2017 12:38 am
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I finally watched the early Critical Role episodes a while ago, but forgot to put up my notes, so here they are. Episodes 1-23, brief thoughts )

Recent episodes: Episodes 103-109 )

The game is as much fun as it always was, but I find it harder to enjoy the latest eps because I'm so tense because the stakes are so high. If they'd lost in the Chroma Conclave arc, well, someone else would eventually have been able to finish the job. If they fail this time, ooooh boy, that would be very bad for the entire world. I know it's just a silly game but I got attached to the characters, and not just to the player characters either. Matt is usually very good at giving them a fair chance and they are very high-level right now, but I worry about the odds anyway.

Better than watching others play D&D: playing D&D. Our D&D campaign, recent developments )
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During work I keep coming up with things I want to post about, and then when I'm home I'm too lazy and/or tired, similarly often on weekends. No vacation for me until September, most likely, but I told myself to pay attention and take a mental health day if I need it. I haven't been sick yet so I wouldn't feel bad about it.

D&D )

I recently found a book again that I'd searched for for years: "Bloodrights" by N. Lee Wood. I was prepared to be disappointed, but to my happy surprise I still like it a lot. It's harsher than I remembered, especially in regards to the cost of striving for power. The surprising reveal at the end made me look at much of it in a different way and made me like it even more. Yay trope subversion. Spoiler )
I liked Antonya and many of the other characters, and rereading the book now there are several scenes that I now much better understand the id buttons they pushed (esp. Kerrick & Morgan.) Also, something I'd forgotten about which was a nice surprise, queer people exist and are, while not completely normal, not a big deal.

Politics, because it's unavoidable: The current situation in Poland is scary, it shows how easily things like that can happen. That the protests appear to have had some success is encouraging but not more than a silver lining.
There are so many countries were democracy is under attack…
In Austria I'm trying to focus on the push-back against the surveillance program, but I'm scared about the new government after the next election. The outcome seems almost certain and it would be a bad one imo, but as we've recently seen in the UK a lot can change during an election campaign, so we'll see.
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Things that are probably not interesting to anyone except our D&D group, but that I still want to tell my friends about because it's cool and I'm excited: details from last night's battle. We came in like a wreeeecking ball )

We really wanted to finish this fight, so we played until past 4am :)
Next time is our 50th session of this campaign, I should make our DM a cake.
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Role-playing is hard. Yesterday at D&D my character had a very difficult/upsetting/difficult-to-process experience and I had to decide how she would react to that, on the fly, while the other players were waiting and plot was progressing. Right after that, while she was still processing and trying to plan for what it meant for the future, came more stress and more unexpected things, so definitely a very difficult time for her. (The last time that happened she killed several thousand people.) I was stressed too! I thought she would be unsettled enough to be less careful than would usually be wise – and she promptly walked straight into a trap, almost died if not for the DM's mercy and was almost brain-washed on top of that, got stuck in a very tense situation, and that's where we ended the session. Whoa.

I worry a bit if what I did with her was "in character" - it's my character!, but I've been trying to give her enough personality so that there are things that would be OOC for her, which is not always easy when the first impulse is often to react like I would react. It's really hard to try and describe her, too. My DM recently asked me what her life goals are, basically, and that too was really difficult because she hasn't had much of a chance to think of goals apart from survival and preventing mass-murder/genocide and ensuring the world doesn't end. It's been a difficult time since she came to life a few months ago.

I also try to balance her actions with good gameplay. We have one player who tries to play his character being very cautious and careful when it comes to plans, to the point where he sometimes goes off alone or doesn't accompany the party on quests, and of course then it'll be less interesting for him because his character isn't involved. (Sometimes I do understand the impulse though.)

Details from the last few D&D sessions:Be careful when messing with gods. )

We'll see what happens next time! I love playing D&D.
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Last week was the first week of my new job. The job itself was fine: the people are nice, the work itself isn't the most exciting but not too boring (as I expected), and of course I'm still learning. (On Friday I had nothing to do the whole day because I finished all tasks early and had to wait for feedback, so for a while I felt like a bad employee before I reminded myself that it wasn't my "fault" I had nothing to do.)

But not only in the evenings, but also this weekend I had barely any energy left. I'm SO GLAD I don't live on my own. If left to my own devices I probably would have spent the entire weekend binge-watching Critical Role episodes (currently watching #66), but as it is on Saturday I at least met with my dad and LB for lunch and went for a walk, and I ate and had lunch with and started re-watching NiF with DD today. I'm convinced that it'll get better eventually though, hopefully soon. I knew there would be an adjustment period. Concentrating during eight hours of work and even waking up in the mornings actually went better than I feared, so that's good.

Last D&D session:Kill the gods )
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Some more brief Critical Role episode reactions/favorite parts. Once I'm working full-time I won't have as much time to listen/watch anymore, but I'll try for at least two episodes a week so I can eventually catch up, that should be easily doable.

Episodes 46-56 )

Last D&D session MC might have actually managed to prevent a war instead of starting one! And survived a dragon's wrath, go me.

Read more... )

The Riveters led 3-1 and lost 3-4 against the Boston Pride -.- And in NHL news Tanger might be seriously injured again, fuck this. Why do I like a sport again? Ah right, there are pretty things like last night's shootout goal by Kucherov.
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Face of(f) the Enemy
gen, 2272 words
h/c prompts: torture, interrogation, septicemia/infected wounds, major illness or injury (wildcard), loss of power (bonus)
Content notes: the above + loss of limbs (temporary), self-harm
Summary: Tiye opened her eyes and saw her own face look back at her, with a curious, detached expression like the one a large predator might wear when regarding a strange but irrelevant bug.

Notes: Unbeta-ed idfic, written for the h/c bingo February amnesty challenge. I blame araline for the title.
I've wanted to write fic for "my" D&D game for a while now, and when I found the h/c bingo challenge that was the perfect opportunity. I started writing this after session 34, and as of 36 it has already been thoroughly jossed.

I went climbing with LB and friends yesterday and today I remember that I have back muscles. Cool (ouch.) I'm thinking of signing up for a climbing class at 7am (because all the other ones are booked out), I'm half hoping someone will talk me out of it.

We were climbing until 21:10 and I thought the timing was great because it meant the last two hours before the NHL trade deadline I was too busy to be nervous, then I checked my phone in the locker room and it said "the Penguins have made two trades," very informative. I'm satisfied with the trades the team made, but I'm also very curious what they're going to do with so many defensemen.
Then the Pens lost against Chicago and let their biggest asshole score a hat trick, boo.

DD has an exam today and afterwards we'll watch the last two NiF episodes together :) And then I have a long list of recs to send her, I love sharing cool stuff.
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D&D is so amazing because anything can happen, and sometimes very big unexpected things happen because of very few decisions & dice rolls.

Last session, my character:
- bought saddles so she can in the future ride on her beetle familiar (now medium-sized) and be carried by her cat familiar (now large-sized)
- opened a "bank" account
- found out that the giant spider ladies, who in the old timeline decided not to have children because it would make them too powerful, apparently changed their minds
- spied on a powerful enemy, was unfortunately discovered and didn't reply when contacted, which led to an enemy army of 5.600 people finding and attacking the outpost the party is staying at, which incidentally started a war between two very powerful factions
- found out that her soul was created in a human sacrifice ritual
- in order to fight the attacking army, summoned a hurricane, killing over 4.000 enemy combatants (that were in the air) and also several hundred allied soldiers and civilians in collateral damage
- fought the enemy general whose face she wears
- couldn't stop that general from escaping at the very last moment, but at least managed to steal her sentient sword, which might have been controlling her
- kept it together – barely – because there is still a fight going on, but afterwards…

So now I'm playing a character who accidentally started a world war. Wow. And also killed over 4.000 people with one standard action, but who's counting. That's the second time my character majorly fucked up in the past few days, though last time the death toll was "only" in the dozens. A lot of opportunities for character development… if she survives, that is. I feel so sorry for her :(

I write a summary of each session I participated in and send it to the whole group, because usually not everyone can make it. Last time something very dramatic happened it was fun seeing the absent players' reactions in group chat. This time we decided not to send them the summary, we'll let them read it live before the next session so we can enjoy their facial expressions. It's going to be great.
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I got a job! Today was a follow-up to an interview I had in December, and half an hour afterwards a friend of mine who works at that company called to let me know. It's not the most exciting job (mostly software testing) and it's only for half a year, but the pay is okay, it's nearby, I already know the people are nice, and it's a good start. Mostly I'm relieved the search is over. I start in two weeks :) I'm curious how it'll be – I haven't had a full-time job in a long time and never for longer than a month – but I'm optimistic. I'll have less time for anything else, which will definitely be an adjustment.

Also today, the dice I finally ordered last week arrived. For over a year I always borrowed some, but now I have my own and they are very pretty. I even have a perfect small leather bag I can put them in (one I made myself in a museum when I was a kid.) I can't wait to play with them! Last D&D session we mostly spent researching, but next time I might get to animate skeletons for the first time. My cat, who btw is now four times MC's size, will be very happy.
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I got home from a vacation at my grandparents' on Friday. The weather was warmer than I'd hoped, but LB and I had four great skiing days :) The snow was great, the visibility was mostly fine, there was little wind and it wasn't too cold, and there were few people on the slopes. Skiing is awesome. I have very pretty pictures, but I'm too lazy to upload them right now, maybe later.
I also got rejections from jobs I applied for and had a braindead day yesterday. Today probably would have been the same, except DD&I met with Lisa&Nati and Mark&Alina to play Cards Against Humanity; L&N didn't have the cards so we just hung out with food, also nice. Dates with bacon, lightly fried, are delicious.
I still feel good about the coming week because skiing was great & I had the energy for it, including getting up earlier than usual and plus socializing and doing some editing work for my friends' company in the afternoon/evenings, so the energy is there and I just need to use it.

I started watching Critical Role. Why oh why did I think it was a good idea to start watching a canon with 80+ episodes of on average ~4 hours each. I mean I know why, it's because I kept seeing recs about how great it is and I was looking for something new to watch/listen to and I'd recently (over a year ago now, wow) started playing D&D myself, but I didn't plan on getting into a canon so large. Not that finding new fandoms ever goes as planned.

I tried watching/listening to the first episode twice, but got distracted, so following recommendations I found I started with episode 24, the Briarwood arc. Ep24 has a great cliffhanger, and after the first big fight I was hooked. The stakes were high, there was a lot of tension but also hilarious weird stuff, there were many feelings and also character development. I just finished episode 35 and I enjoyed it a lot so far.

Some moments that stuck in my mind )

The format – live-streamed D&D – does have some disadvantages, like occasional pacing issues, but the extra tension that comes from important dice rolls can be pretty intense. Watching CR live must be something. Ugggh catching up will take so long. I wish I was better at staying away from spoilers, I already know of many important developments in the most recent episodes. It's a long time until then though.
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I told myself not to care about it, I knew it would be stupid, I'm trying not to care, but I'm still annoyed about the NHL's stupid Top 100 players list. No Geno! No Thornton, or Iginla, and instead Toews and Keith and that other Blackhawks asshole. Bad list. If they had to have too many Blackhawks, couldn't they at least have chosen Hossa? I know it wasn't his choice, but I hope Toews is terribly embarrassed about being chosen, because he does not deserve it at all.

Better things to care about: D&D. Battle! Rocks fall. )

I love my character so much <3 By now she's powerful too, and will soon become even more so. I'm trying to decide what color her robes are so I can picture her better. (Something with color but not too flashy. She's made of light grey stone, her cat is grey and her beetle mostly-black chitin; many of her spells are fire spells but she's learning more about necromancy. Maybe pale gold, with maybe dark red embroidery? Colors are hard.)
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After getting a short intro to HTML and CSS last weekend, this weekend I got a crash course in JavaScript. Coding is fun! …provided in the end things work as intended. At first I thought the most frustrating thing is looking for a mistake for a long time and then finding out it is a stupid typo in the easiest line, but later I learned that even more frustrating is a bug that our teachers couldn't solve or even explain either and that meant I couldn't complete the last two exercises. (Tbf it would probably have been less annoying if the teachers had approached it better.)
Despite that, the teachers told me they think I have a talent for coding. They said that I seem to understand it quickly and also ask the right kind of questions, and they encouraged me to keep doing it. Always nice to get compliments :) Who knows, maybe I really will study it a bit more.

Last D&D session a new player joined us – and next week he might not be able to make it, and then he'll be on vacation for three weeks, so I don't think the timing is very good… Eh. If he keeps playing the party will have another primary spellcaster; we're pretty magic heavy, I hope that won't turn out to be a problem at some point. Well we already know that the extremely powerful Citadel's view of talented magic users is "with us or against us" and the latter don't tend to survive very long, so there will definitely be repercussions.
Other things that happened last session: theft and surprise attacks )

For the first time in a while, today I managed to watch a complete Penguins hockey game in real-time :D It is so much fun, especially when like today they're winning. The first line is so great <3 Sid and the kids. Conor Sheary is smoking hot, indeed. Sid is so amazing to watch – that pass on the Rust goal, whoa. On sequences where he doesn't score too, that don't show up on highlight reels so much. Best player in the world.
Geno is also amazing, though he wasn't as outstanding today as he can be (and he took another stupid minor penalty, as he tends to do.) He and Sid seem to take turns with who looks better any given night. The chances that at one point this season the two of them could be #1 and #2 in the scoring race are not bad :)

I have many plans for tomorrow, fingers crossed.

D&D puzzle

Jan. 8th, 2017 09:47 pm
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We spent about an hour past midnight at the last D&D session trying to come up with a solution for the scenario below. Usually I wouldn't involve people from outside our party, but in this case the DM already admitted that he planned for this situation to be unsolvable, so I think asking for brainstorming help just in case there is a solution after all is fine in this one case.

We are trying to save a town. )

I think these were the important details. Ideas welcome :)

This was my procrastination for the day (instead of the official session summary that I should be doing.) I also made very good chocolate muffins, and tomorrow I plan to make a banana topping and introduce myself with cupcakes to the neighbours that I don't know yet despite living in this house for a year and a half. Somehow I never got around to it.
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I went ice-skating on Saturday, for the first time in about ten months. The weather was great and the natural body of water near my parents is frozen over. I still can't do the things I couldn't do a year ago and I can't do some of the things anymore that I could, which was completely predictable but I was still disappointed. My usual problem while skating is that I'm too timid to fully commit to the movements, and when I don't even have protective gear on it's even worse. One day! In the meantime I'm reminded that when you fall down from the climbing wall there are thick mats to prevent bruises, and on the ice there aren't. During a game I don't usually notice, but it's annoying afterwards. Plus, natural ice is more uneven and the danger of falling is greater. Clearly I need more practice, or it'll be embarrassing when I sign up for another hockey class.

Noragami chapter 72, finally! Spoilers )

We had another D&D session on Friday :) In this new timeline the gods are alive, and we're not sure if that's a good thing because it looks like most of them are jerks. Also the NPC we sent back in time has started an industrial revolution.
Next decision we have to make: do we risk angering a major god, or even provoking outright war, to save a town of 100,000 that that god wants to destroy? And if we do, what's the best way to do it? I'm still looking for other ways to save the town but time is running out... Asking for ideas and help here is probably cheating, right? But then my character _is_ smarter than I am.

Our DM got me an amazing late Christmas present *_* A shirt with an adorable drawing of a cat on it that says "I'm harmless, I swear", and in the dark the kitten has a glowing skull <3 Perfect.
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Hi new friends! I'm too lazy to do an intro post right now (also I never know what to say), so I'll talk more about my evil undead cat familiar instead. (That's probably also more indicative of the kind of stuff I usually post about, so honest advertising.) Some highlights from the last few D&D sessions:

Also we are now in a different timeline. )

First session in three weeks hopefully soon! I still need to finish choosing new spells after reaching a new level. At first that was always fun, but by now I'm more anxious about picking the right ones so it's harder. Still, I look forward to using my new abilities :) I haven't once used Animate Dead yet, my cat is becoming impatient. (I even have a complete Shrunk troll skeleton in my bag that I could use…)
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I had a week where I felt like a turtle in a shell all the time, I just wanted to stay at home and do nothing. Ugh. Happens. There were a few things I didn't do, but fortunately nothing immediately time-critical, and fortunately I had events with friends planned over the weekend, that helped. Not sure yet if I'll have to default on my Yuletide story.

The weekend: D&D on Friday, Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, Disney movies on Sunday :)

Latest D&D things:More spiders, and time travel )

Saturday: Lio and Maria's friend Kelly is from the US, but has spent most of the last few years in Europe. She wanted an authentic American Thanksgiving dinner, so on Saturday we first had pumpkin-carrot-turkey soup and then stuffed turkey with cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes with gravy, brussel sprouts with chestnuts, corn fritters, sweet potato casserole, ginger-glazed carrots, and a salad with apple and cucumber and fennel and pomegranate. It was amazing. It took me an hour to finish my very full plate and then I felt accomplished *g* Now I understand better why Thanksgiving is such a big deal in the US, if the food is always like that. I made the sweet potato casserole and it was actually quite easy and turned out well, I might have to do it again. I forgot to write down the amount I needed before going shopping so now we have quite a few more sweet potatoes at home.

On Sunday LB organized a Disney movie night, we saw "The Emperor's New Groove" and "Mulan." I hadn't seen either in years, it was fun. Before the movies we cooked pumpkin curry, pumpkin goat cheese and fig tart, and cheese baguettes. LB invited around ten of his friends, we had a good time and we already made plans for more movie nights. We definitely have to see "Nightmare Before Christmas" before, well, Christmas.

New week, I'm still very tired but I feel a bit better so fingers crossed I'll actually be able to accomplish things. Climbing today, and tomorrow is an event I'm invited to at the company where I'm currently in the middle of the application process, I'm almost optimistic.
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This was the first D&D session in a while after which I didn't have the immediate urge to tell people about it. It was shorter than usual because we had to start later, and it would have been the ideal opportunity to introduce the new character of the player whose character died last session except the player wasn't there. Basically all we did was talk with two NPCs, find out some non-critical information, and then we stopped because it was late right when we would have had to roll initiative for the next encounter. Let's see how it goes next time, it'll depend on who'll be there to fight…
(At first I was pretty confident because my sorcerer is fully rested and we have some cool new weapons – among other things I Shrunk two trees and party members made arrows out of them, that'll probably do quite a lot of damage – but our opponent is likely aware of our abilities, she is very confident, very good at hiding among the trees, and has a mysterious magical weapon with an area effect…)

DD and I finally watched "Captain America: Civil War" today. We didn't expect it to be a good movie, and it wasn't. I don't even know where to start criticizing. Spoilers )
I couldn't even properly enjoy the action scenes because the set-up was always so bad. I think I'm mostly done with MCU canon by now, fic is at least ten times better anyway.
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Bad news: so many people cancelled that we didn't continue our normal campaign.
Good news: so we continued with the campaign we started the last time that happened, where I tried out being DM :)
Caveat: I only found out about an hour earlier, so I didn't have that much time to prepare…

It went well though! It only lasted ~3.5 hours, then the players arrived at a point where I felt like I really needed more time to plan the next bit. (Usually our sessions go ~6 hours, suddenly I'm even more impressed by our DM.) But until then I kept up with their unexpected actions, the creation of necessary NPCs etc. pretty well, I though. I got lucky too: for example at one point I thought it would be strange if they rode along one road for several hours without encountering any fork in the road (I had it rain heavily so it wasn't strange that they didn't encounter any people), so I mentioned a small road leading to a forester's hut, forgetting that they'd be tempted to check it out and I hadn't planned anything for it… Fortunately they had NPCs with them who managed to persuade them not to.

I want to make a world with complete gender equality, because it's my world and I say so. However, looking back at the first two sessions:
- named NPCs the players encountered: 2 male, 2 female
- named NPCs the players haven't encountered yet: 2 male, 5 female
- unnamed NPCs the players encountered: 8 male, 3 female, 1 unknown
I did realize it wasn't equal, I hadn't realized I had more than twice as many male unnamed NPCs! I'll have to put more effort into balancing that next time. Maybe it felt different because of the named NPCs the women are generally more powerful than the men? Not an excuse.

I also keep encountering things that I need to research more about. For example the backstory of the dukedom they're in is that five years ago there was a hostile take-over by someone commanding a large group of mages, so I need to figure out how many mages & how powerful they should be to make that plausible. (Fortunately that won't be relevant immediately.) Or I introduced an NPC in a wheelchair that I'm pretty sure will appear again, so now I have to research what kind of prostheses there could be available, why she doesn't have them (probably money, she's not wealthy), and how she could eventually get them. She's a cleric, I might just have her level up in the background if there is a higher-level spell she could use, or maybe her god could grant a miracle for outstanding service? I need to research the gods too, I only spent five minutes on picking one for her and I probably should understand that one better.

At least this time I know what the players want to do next time: go to the adventurers' guild, go on a (small) quest, ideally with a combat encounter. I'm pretty sure I can come up with something like that. Hopefully in the next weeks we can continue with our main campaign, but this is fun too.


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