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Thanks for the comments on my last post about meds and stuff. I had an appointment with my psychiatrist the week after. I was feeling good that week, so we agreed on a compromise: I'd keep with the lower dose of antidepressants over the summer, and I'll contact her again when she comes back from vacation in September to see how I feel and if I've made actual tangible progress with my current "project", i.e. job applications. I still think it was a reasonable idea, I really wanted to see if it would work, but so far… well, a little bit, but not to a degree that I'm satisfied with. It changes from week to week, sometimes pretty drastically, and this week is not one of the better ones, but overall I'm not happy with what I've done. So I'll probably go back to the higher dose.
Or maybe I just have too high expectations again, and I feel down because of a few bad days and I'm tired and it'll be better soon, I don't know. It's really annoying that it fluctuates so much. I really should start keeping better track of how I feel; I finally started today, hopefully I'll remember to do it regularly.

Right now I'm annoyed because next week is choir week and I'm not as excited about it as I want to be. I've already been seven times and it's been fun every time, but even knowing that I'll have a good time there, looking ahead it feels tiring. Ah well, it'll be fine once I'm there. There are tiring elements, but singing! And dancing! And more singing! I'm curious about the program already, I'm sure it'll be interesting. I haven't sung in a choir in months, I miss it.


May. 20th, 2016 11:34 pm
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Yesterday I went to the zoo again, because why not? I saw the seals being fed and the big male one jumping from a cliff multiple times, I had a fantastic view from the underwater window to see a polar bear dive and play with a truck tire (soo beautiful, and strong), I saw emus preening their feathers, and a presenting peacock running away from his albino rival.

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May. 10th, 2016 07:49 pm
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Four hours after I arrived at Vienna airport I had dental surgery because I'm that good at scheduling. My last two wisdom teeth were removed, and while thankfully it doesn't actively hurt a lot it's still uncomfortable. One of the teeth had to be broken down into several small pieces to be removed, but I could take home the other one and for some reason I keep staring at it. Maybe it's time for another ice compress.

To sum up, my vacation was amazing. It was pretty much everything I'd hoped for and more. I spent about two weeks in NYC, a few days in New Jersey, and almost a week in Washington DC. So many museums! I think on average I visited a museum a day. The cities were very interesting, the people were very nice, and in general I had a fantastic time. Really the only complaint I have is that I got sick in the middle of it, but on the other hand that leaves more things still to see for my next visit. There will definitely be a next visit.
The best coincidence was that DD spontaneously decided to come to DC at the same time I was there, so we explored the city together. Always more fun with two people.

I want to do several posts about my vacation: museum & sightseeing reviews, unexpected & weird things about America, watching hockey in NYC and DC, and all the books I read while I was over there. (I love my ebook-reader.) But I also have to unpack, clean, deal with jet lag, sort the photographs, figure out what to eat until I'm allowed more than soup and puree again, and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff that I'm forgetting right now, so I'll see how long it'll take.
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4:30am and I almost finished packing! My time management is... not ideal. Now a few hours sleep, then a few things still to do, then to the airport. This will be the first time that I don't participate in an election, I ran out of time, I'm a bit disappointed in myself. (It's "only" the election of the mostly symbolic president, I definitely would have made time if we had a parliament or mayor election.)

Today in the morning I woke up to an excited text message from DD about the result of the first Pens playoffs game. Great win, now 15 more \o/ Playoffs are stressful.

I visited a Star Wars exhibition with DD in the afternoon, it was a lot of fun. Some original costumes, models, concept art, and some interactive "build your own character" stuff. Clearly made for fans. (She created a Twi'lek Jedi from Kashyyyk, I a Nautolan trader from Kamino, and yes of course I already thought of stories, that's what one does with characters.)

I'm not taking my laptop to NYC and I don't know how much internet access I'll have, I'm curious what and how much I'll miss. I'm very grateful for my ebook-reader, I made sure I'll have more than enough to read on the flight (especially considering that I'll definitely sleep for a few hours.)

ETA: Turns out I have iron-deficiency anemia, that explains several symptoms I didn't realize were symptoms. That's good news because it means I have another way to combat them. If I could pick, hopefully my appetite will come back first.
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When I was 15/16 I had tendonitis and it sucked. I had to stop playing guitar, and nothing I tried helped until it eventually faded away. Nowadays 70% of the time I don't notice anything, 20% of the time I only notice that I need to be careful, 5% of the time it hurts a little bit, and then sometimes I move a hand the wrong way and it hurts again for days. Yesterday I managed to do that again and now I can barely move my right wrist. Ugh. I wish I was ambidextrous, what's the opposite of that?

I went running a few more times and there is actual observable progress! Feels good. I figured out how to keep the earphones in too. I might actually continue running after the VCM, I think it could be nice.

I had a few bad days recently, but overall I'm doing better. After talking with my psychiatrist I'm lowering my dose of antidepressants, let's see how it goes. I'm a bit nervous, but if it doesn't go well now's a good time for it.

I finally watched "Deadpool." If I needed more proof that LK and AV have different tastes in movies than I do, on top on that they both didn't like Mad Max: Fury Road, this would be it. mild spoilers )
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I'm sick. I'm literally shivering and my teeth are chattering, and my throat hurts whenever I move my head. And I have an exam on Monday that I've barely studied for, great.
This is the second time I've been sick this January and the fourth time in the past five months, and I hate it. Not the best beginning for the new year.

In happier health-related news, my psychiatrist has me trying new antidepressants. Four days after I started taking them I could suddenly go a whole day without becoming exhausted and/or taking a nap. (Before I got sick, at least.) I'd forgotten that was possible! It feels great.


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