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Today I went to a new restaurant with friends I hadn't seen in weeks (Vietnamese all-you-can-eat buffet, yum), then we went to watch "Guardians of the Galaxy 2", and then we went to the gym, so I feel accomplished even though I did almost nothing else. (Tomorrow is cleaning day, ugh.)

I enjoyed GotG 2. It was fun, it was colorful, it wasn't so stupid that it distracted from the movie, and it had several scenes that made me laugh out loud. It was also very pretty at times: that one planet kind of reminded me of "Jupiter Ascending" in its opulency.

Details & spoilers )
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This was the first D&D session in a while after which I didn't have the immediate urge to tell people about it. It was shorter than usual because we had to start later, and it would have been the ideal opportunity to introduce the new character of the player whose character died last session except the player wasn't there. Basically all we did was talk with two NPCs, find out some non-critical information, and then we stopped because it was late right when we would have had to roll initiative for the next encounter. Let's see how it goes next time, it'll depend on who'll be there to fight…
(At first I was pretty confident because my sorcerer is fully rested and we have some cool new weapons – among other things I Shrunk two trees and party members made arrows out of them, that'll probably do quite a lot of damage – but our opponent is likely aware of our abilities, she is very confident, very good at hiding among the trees, and has a mysterious magical weapon with an area effect…)

DD and I finally watched "Captain America: Civil War" today. We didn't expect it to be a good movie, and it wasn't. I don't even know where to start criticizing. Spoilers )
I couldn't even properly enjoy the action scenes because the set-up was always so bad. I think I'm mostly done with MCU canon by now, fic is at least ten times better anyway.
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More fun! I already wrote some earlier episode reactions, under the cut reactions to the second half and the season as a whole.Spoilers )

To sum up, I enjoyed the series a lot! If there's a third season that'd be fantastic, and if not there's a lot of fic I want to read and some I want to try to write.
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If I liveblogged or livetweeted it would be for episodes like this. These last two were FUN.

Spoilers )

Going to bed now instead of watching Pens-Islanders because every time I watch a night game I'm reminded that sleep is great. Sleep is wonderful. Currently I regularly wake up before my alarm goes off and then don't manage to get out of bed for an hour, sometimes more; not ideal but I'll figure something out.
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I watched episode 4 of season 2 of "Agent Carter" tonight and it reminded me of a Tumblr post I saw today about heroes and villains. Includes spoilers )

In other character-related news, Spoilers )
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It's 1:30am and I just finished binge-watching the first season of "Agent Carter." I watched the first episode the day before yesterday, the second one yesterday, and I had a vague idea of watching an episode a day but then stopping became difficult. I enjoyed it a lot.

Spoilers )

I'm looking forward to watching season 2 soon :)
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Yesterday it snowed for the first time! Only very little in the evening and this morning, and there's nothing left, but it was a nice sign of the coming winter. That, and that it's freezing cold outside.

Together with mom and LB we watched Igudesman & Joo's "A BIG Nightmare Music" at the Vienna Konzerthaus yesterday, it was a lot of fun. My face literally hurt from smiling so much. Their version of "I Will Survive" was maybe my favorite (similar to this one), but I may be biased because it was also the last piece. Mozart Bond and "Kein Schwein ruft dich an" were also great, and all the others. Seeing the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra dance with them, including a Riverdancing cellist and a guy riding his tuba like a horse, and doing some sort of Ministry of silly walks thing was also great. Igudesman speaks great German (he studied in Vienna) and Joo decent, so they even had some jokes in German, which was extra nice.
Before the concert the older couple behind LB and I was surprised that the big hall was full, "they're not that famous." They kind of are. "And so many young people, young people don't like classical music." Oh please.
I told LB he should try to incorporate Igudesman's hip swing into his violin class mini concert today. I'm going to have to bake him something if he actually does xD

I watched the Captain America: Civil War trailer. Spoilers ) May 2016, much later than I thought.
"The Martian" seems to be almost out of cinemas here, I'll see if I'll still manage to see it.

Other random things: after a two week break because of my dental surgery I finally had hockey practice again, yay! (I love hockey practice, I don't like going to hockey practice, it's a problem.) I ate some good food in the last few days, in restaurants and by my roommate TW. I started playing Flight Rising and I already have some pretty dragons. I read Shadows of the Apt 5 because I have no self-control and I'll probably read the next one soon. I'm making good progress outlining my Yuletide fic and I'm having fun with it. I'm getting better at keeping the apartment clean but I really need to clean my room, and especially my desk. Pens won and Sid&Geno scored, nice.
Lunch now.
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It's pretty much exactly like Avengers, except on a larger scale. Entertaining, but only as long as I don't think about it. Long review with spoilers )
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A fantastic fic was just completed, so have a few Captain America recs. ("Save Bucky" fics are on a separate list.)

Sincerely, Your Pal by [ profile] lettered
65k, Steve/Bucky
Summary by me: Steve and Bucky write each other letters during the war.
Why I loved it: Fantastic and beautiful epistolary fic. It covers over a year and many aspects of their lives, painting a colorful and very vivid picture of these two characters and their relationship. At turns funny, insightful, hot, heartwarming, and heartbreaking.

A Long Winter by [ profile] dropdeaddream, [ profile] WhatAreFears
36k, Steve/Peggy, Steve/Bucky
Summary: In 1945, Steve Rogers jumps from a nosediving plane and swims through miles of Arctic Ocean to a frozen shore. In 1947, Steve Rogers marries Peggy Carter. In 1966, the New York Times finds the lost letters of Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.
Why I loved it: Steve survives. I really liked how real this felt, life being messy and complicated and the right thing to do isn't clear, and I liked how the story handled history. I also really enjoyed the detailed end notes.

who he might be by [ profile] mici
40k, Steve/Bucky
Summary by me: Steve was made into the Winter Soldier. Bucky will do anything to get him back.
Why I liked it: There are 70 works under the AO3 tag Steve Rogers as the Winter Soldier, and I read several of them. This one stayed with me, among other things because of how dark it is. (I'm not sure if I would have preferred the story without the epilogue even.) Very well done, a good example of the "let me rip out your heart"-genre.

Decoys by [ profile] littlerhymes
20k, Steve/Bucky
Summary: The serum makes Steve stronger, but not bigger. Instead of a superhero, he becomes a spy.
Why I liked it: I loved the premise. The fic should have been two chapters imo, for the events of CA and CA:WS. I thought the first part was great (could have used more Steve&Bucky), and the second part good.
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Marvel movie announcements! I'm very excited about Captain Marvel and Black Panther. I only know both of them from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and fannish osmosis, but I like them a lot.

Captain America 3, Thor 3, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, as expected. I really hope they get the casting right for Doctor Strange (and the story, of course), and I'm not sure what to expect from Inhumans. I doubt they're planning it right now, but if Kamala Khan does have an appearance it would be fantastic. I'm also still not interested in Ant-Man, especially if they really fridge Janet van Dyne. They can't do that, right?
I'm disappointed there won't be a Black Widow movie in the next four years. But at least there'll be Wonder Woman and Aquaman. (Wow that's a lot of superhero movies.)

About the Age of Ultron trailer: I'm surprised how annoyed I am by the Quicksilver&Scarlet Witch casting. Wanda doesn't even have curly hair!
I have no idea how the pieces fit together, but that's intentional. (Also I have no idea where Tumblr gets the farm thing from.)

They announced that the subtitle of the next Captain America will be Civil War. I was surprised at fandom's negative reaction to that.

Sure, the comic event wasn't well executed, but that doesn't mean the basic idea was bad. I actually thought it was very interesting. And they've already shown that they just take the parts of comics canon that they like and adapt them for the screen.

Many people claim that they can't do Civil War in the MCU because superheroes' identities aren't secret. In my opinion that's not actually what Civil War was about. It started with superhero registration, but it was actually about government control over superheroes, and the registration was just how they wanted to do that. Superheroes vs. superheroes only happened because some superheroes were on the side of the government. And government vs. superheroes is something that you could do very well in the MCU.

You already had some of it in the Iron Man movies, with the military wanting control of the suits. You had SHIELD in the background in all of the movies, a government agency. You could say that Captain America: Winter Soldier was a big step in the government vs. superhero conflict: Steve decides that the government agency SHIELD should be dismantled, something that he has no real authority whatsoever to decide. (And we see in Agents of SHIELD that they're rebuilding it.) He makes it very clear that he is willing to go against the government for the principles he believes in. We know that the same goes for Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor (who's not even an Earth citizen), and Natasha, and I'm willing to bet on Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, and Rhodey (although they might be more hesitant.) We'll see about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, but I don't think they're likely to blindly support the government either.

The prospect of seeing a superhero vs. government conflict in CA 3 is very exciting. It's easy to think of scenarios involving Bucky - does the government want to arrest him? Kill him? Use him? Or it could be something different.
Civil War as superhero vs. government also explains why Civil War will be a Captain America movie instead of an Avengers movie, which you would expect if it was superhero vs. superhero. A Tony Stark cameo, as rumored, could work very well because of all the MCU Avengers he has the most experience of straddling the line as a superhero without getting in too much trouble with the government.

Government vs. superhero is also great because it's not an easy question especially if you portray both the government and superheroes as well-meaning. We the audience know that Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are good people, but the government/general public has no guarantees. (Remember, the first test subject for the serum almost wasn't Steve Rogers, but a jerk.) There's a reason why we have a democracy.

And the directors for CA:Civil War will be the same ones as for Winter Soldier, so that's another reason for optimism. I'm really looking forward to that movie. :)
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Yesterday I was exhausted the whole day for no obvious reason, I had to take two naps until I felt okay. But! I actually got some work done! A little bit, but still, better than last week.

And I finally got confirmation from the fitness center that they'll cancel my contract, ugh that was stupid: first they didn't receive my cancellation notice, but I had a confirmation from the post office that I sent it, then they tried to tell me that I sent it too late because as it eventually turned out they didn't read the actual date written on my contract. But now that's done, and I felt like an actual adult for ten minutes, that was nice.

Then we had movie night! At LK's and M's place. We were planning to see Guardians of the Galaxy so there were 9 of us, and M joined later (she came from work to the movie and then went back to work at 1am because they got a surprise deadline, I don't know how she does it.) LK made tomato and mozzarella baguettes for all of us because he's great like that.

It's difficult to find exactly the right movies for movie night, but LK said he knew a SF comedy that none of us had seen before, which naturally we were very curious about, and then he showed us "Paul". Some spoilers )

In the movie theater among the trailers was one for "Maze Runner", and I kept grinning and thinking "hi Stiles! Looking good, Stiles!" (and he did. I might have to watch the movie, I hope it's good.)

Then: Guardians of the Galaxy! I'm finding it very hard to say how much I liked it.Spoilers" )
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I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier! I loved it a lot. I went with a group of debate club people and we had a great time.

spoilers )
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That was fantastic! I loved it :)

Spoilers )

Iron Man 3

May. 17th, 2013 10:37 pm
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Last weekend I watched Iron Man 3, and I liked it a lot. )
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This is the first movie in years that I want to see again in the cinema. It's fantastic. So funny, great character interaction, not too stupid plot - I loved it.

Spoilers )


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