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Apr. 9th, 2017 03:24 am
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Eggs are fantastic, why have I not been eating more eggs. Today I thought that the English term "sunny side up" is really strange, and then I realized that the German term literally means "mirror egg."

I already started this day with a sleep deficit, only managed to do maybe a quarter of the things I wanted, and tomorrow is really annoying schedule-wise and it'll be a late night, but I'm still awake at 4:30 because I started a long fic at the wrong time. Stupid. (But I also feel a little bit nostalgic because I haven't done this in a while. Not that that'll help me tomorrow. And I didn't even finish the fic so I'll be distracted too.)
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I played Pokémon Go for the first time today! I can now, because I have a new phone. I needed a new phone so I could install the messenger my mom uses to send pictures from Bolivia (Signal), which didn't work on my old one. (I kept putting it off because I was afraid it would be a hassle, then of course there was a problem with the sim card for the new phone that took hours to solve, ugh.)
Anyway, now I am a pokémon trainer. I hope it'll get me to take a walk on days I am otherwise too lazy to leave the house, let's see how well it'll work.

Now that DD has moved in it's much easier to watch hockey games together :) We watched the first game of the World Cup yesterday, Europe vs. USA, and were surprised and happy when Europe won 3-0. Tomorrow we'll be rooting for team Europe to beat the Czechs.

Today we watched "X-Men: Apocalypse." Not a particularly good movie, but parts of it were entertaining. It's a bit of a problem that I like neither this Charles nor this Erik, especially Charles. Arrogant naïve mind-raping stupid asshole. Ah well, some of the action scenes were nice.


May. 20th, 2016 11:34 pm
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Yesterday I went to the zoo again, because why not? I saw the seals being fed and the big male one jumping from a cliff multiple times, I had a fantastic view from the underwater window to see a polar bear dive and play with a truck tire (soo beautiful, and strong), I saw emus preening their feathers, and a presenting peacock running away from his albino rival.

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Yesterday instead of staying indoors all day I went to the zoo, where I haven't been in ages. I forgot how much I enjoy it; I have an annual ticket now and aim to go more regularly. They're building a new giraffe compound, and they're currently hand-feeding baby waldrapps so they can release them into the wild (they'll fly ahead with a plane to show them the way to the wintering grounds) and hopefully re-establish a breeding population in Austria. I also saw adorable squirrel monkeys and was reminded how incredibly elegant penguins are under water, and many other animals. Maybe one of the next times I'll take a few pictures.

Speaking of penguins! The Pens just won a game and nobody got hurt, so I'll take the opportunity to talk about watching hockey as long as I'm feeling better about it.

The timing of my US trip was determined by "quite soon but after the marathon", which meant end of April/beginning of May. Only later did I realize that this meant I would be in the US for the first two rounds of the NHL playoffs. More than that, I was in NYC when the Pens played the New York Rangers and in DC when they played the Washington Capitals. This was an opportunity I had to make the most of.

I thought about going to a Pens playoff game, but MSG tickets are quite expensive and I waited too long for tickets in Washington (DD's fault.) But I did want to go to a live NHL game, so I went to an Islanders-Panthers game at Barclay's Center. I had a good time :) (Except for when I lost my camera shortly after I entered the building, but a staffer got it back to me before first intermission.) The atmosphere in the building was very cool, even though I was semi-secretly rooting for the Panthers.

At least as much fun was getting to watch Pens games with other fans. In Vienna, if I stay up to watch a game in the middle of the night I'm alone, and sometimes I watch games with DD. I got lucky: via reddit I got the name of a bar in NYC full of Pens fans. That was SO MUCH FUN. They were all very nice, I even got an XL yellow Pens playoff shirt. The excitement when our team scored! It was amazing. Except for when I was sick, when I was in NYC I went to the bar for every Pens game. It's very near MSG so on my way home I saw possibly hundreds of Rangers fans, more often than not sad (which ngl I secretly enjoyed a little because sports is weird like that.)

When I was still in NYC I got an email from DD that her mom, who because of DD became a big hockey fan as well, suggested that DD fly to Washington and see a playoff game, so we were there at the same time! Fantastic that it worked out this way. We also have similar taste in museums.
This time I hadn't heard about a Pens-friendly bar, but during the first game (second in the series) someone invited me to sit with them, and didn't even rescind the invitation when she noticed what shirt I was wearing. I tried to celebrate quietly *g* It was great. The next game on a rainy weekday the bar was almost empty, unfortunately. Meanwhile DD and [personal profile] kinetikatrue had purchased Caps tickets for game 5 and got an invitation to watch game 4 on the jumbotron in Verizon center, so of course we went :) There were maybe two or three other Pens fans apart from DD and me and both of us kept our jackets closed. It was fun, and the Penguins won in overtime.

Game 5 I watched at the bar in NYC again. I started talking with two other women and eventually, very carefully, after they'd said that they're semi-familiar with Tumblr, mentioned "the Archive" - they knew what I was talking about xD
For the last game of that series I was back in Vienna and I did briefly consider staying up to watch it, but ultimately didn't.

Even if I hadn't found friends to watch the game with, even only being in the right time zone to watch the games would have been a huge plus. It was cool to actually see people wearing hockey apparel on the streets – every game day I wore a Pens shirt and it did occasionally start conversations :)

Another thing I didn't expect was that my relatives (first cousins twice removed, the internet told me) found me being a hockey fan so fascinating. In fact it was one of the first things they'd tell people about me: "this is my cousin Anna, she's visiting from Vienna, Austria, and she's a hockey fan", pretty much. G. and her husband even watched a game with me while I stayed with them! G. only for twenty minutes or so, but her husband told me the next day he'd recorded a bit extra, and he'd seen some other highlights, and that Caps-Flyers game looked pretty brutal… G., when she found out that my favorite team was called the Penguins, gave me a plush penguin from the Falkland Islands that she had lying around xD And L. asked me about the games before and after every game evening. I had such a great time with them, I hope I can visit them again soon.

Ok, now trying not to think a lot about hockey again. The Conference Finals are very stressful. At least this year, because neither the Austrian team nor Pens players are there, I'm not additionally interested in the World Championship. Only so many hours in the day and there's other stuff I should be doing.


Apr. 9th, 2016 01:49 am
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It was raining today and much colder than the previous days, yet I still went running :) This time I managed 45 minutes without stopping, very slowly but at the end I even felt like I still had something left in the tank. Hopefully Sunday goes well.

Apart from running, I'm overall not very happy with what I have and haven't accomplished this week – travel preparations, for example! I'm flying in a week and except the flight and the ESTA application I've barely done anything yet. (If the Pens do play NYI in the first round maybe I can afford tickets…) Not sure why I'm having such a hard time with it.

DD invited me for another TV&hockey evening tomorrow but it's also D&D evening and I kinda promised I'd show up regularly, however the last two times I didn't have that much fun so I'm still debating if I should find an excuse not to go. I'll see.


Jun. 30th, 2015 08:37 pm
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As of today there are problems with not only one, but both intended future flatmates. Joy! I can't decide whether I want to rant about it or try to forget about it. (Not that I could forget about it because I have stuff to do, whatever.) Nope I decided, let's talk about my future tattoos instead.

I became interested in tattoos years ago, to my parents' dismay. They used to try to dissuade me with things like "but what if you change your mind later" and "it won't be good for your job", then (when I reminded them that I'm old enough to make decisions like that) they told me to think about it for year. That was more than a year ago, so when I mentioned the topic again my mom couldn't even say anything :P She always asks me why. I don't really have a reason other than "I think it looks pretty and I want it," which is good enough.

It took me many months, but now I have an approximate idea of what I want: I want a fist-sized galaxy on my right upper thigh, and small black stars on my back (constellation still to be determined.) I think eventually I also want something in black and white on my right hip, but that can wait a while, until I find the perfect motive. And something on my left upper side. And maybe something on my upper arms?

Getting a tattoo is high up on my list of "things to do when I earn money", and I'm really looking forward to it :)
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The reason this is so late is because I wanted to read "Ancillary Justice" before and the delivery took very long for some reason. But now, the last question from the December meme, by [personal profile] melannen: Spaceships!

Spaceships are awesome )
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- I did at least some work for my thesis and I went to the library.
- I got some OTW stuff done.
- I feel very pretty today.
- We have very good kiwis at home.

Not so good:
- I'm exhausted today and I don't know why. For hours now I've been stuck in the "too tired to do anything but not sensible enough to go to bed" stage and it sucks.
- Also it's shark week.
- I have about a hundred open tabs and I'm too lazy to deal with them but not lazy enough to simply close them.
- I haven't written a single thing for [community profile] fandom_stocking, I don't think I'll manage today, and I'm trying unsuccessfully not to feel too guilty about it.

Sleep, now, hopefully.
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I'm currently catching up on Doctor Who season 8. I saw 8x01 "Deep Breath" a while ago, and then "Into the Dalek," but I wasn't too impressed. In hindsight I think I was still disappointed by the 50th anniversary special.

I watched up to including  )

For the December meme, a question by [personal profile] marginaliana: what one thing would you most like to do in your life that you think is impossible to achieve for whatever reason (financial, laws of physics, etc.)?

The first thing I thought about was flight. Then space travel. Then magic, and travelling to different worlds.

What I would like to be able to do is to visit anyone I want anytime I want. No worries about money, or time: a teleporter would be perfect. I could do so many things, meet so many people, see so many places...

But that's not a thing. Hm. Many things that come to mind are things I could theoretically do, it would just take more effort than I'm prepared to invest, so I'm not too broken up about it.

Let's go with spaceflight! Even if (when) we have space tourism in the future I probably won't be able to afford it. Being in space must be an amazing adventure.
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For the December meme, a question by [personal profile] forestgreen: What does your favorite vacation looks like?

Possible or impossible? Because the latter would be with a teleporter so I could visit as many friends and places as I want. Without paying for plane tickets.
Or it would be on the TARDIS.

Possible, hm. 2-3 weeks is a nice length, enough to really relax but not so much that coming back is too brutal. I don't want to be on my own, but it doesn't have to be with my family (I see them often anyway), so maybe I visit someone or I go with friend(s). A combination of relaxation and activity and culture, and I'm in charge of what we do when (but don't have to decide on my own.) It's important that I know that I don't have to work during these weeks.

Computer: a laptop without internet access so I can write, and maybe sort my photographs. A phone with internet access so I can check my emails and check if something dramatic happened, but no more than once a day.

Good weather is important, obviously! Mostly sunny, but with at least one rainy day. A place I haven't been to before would be nice, so I can discover something new. But somewhere that's uncomplicated and where I feel comfortable.

A good bed, and a possibility to sit outside in the evening. A place to cook, a market nearby, but also restaurants. Books! In summer, a lake or a river nearby so I can go swimming. In winter, a place to ski, and ideally skate.

I don't have a specific preference for places. There are a few places I want to visit one day, but none that I really really want to go see as soon as possible.

Thinking back there were a few vacations that came close to this: Poland three (?) summers ago, Attersee in Austria with friends the last two summers, one or two winter vacations. And it's not too hard to arrange, so I'm pretty sure it'll happen again :)
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I think one of the reasons why it's hard for me to write my bachelor thesis is because most times I'm not really enthusiastic about the subject anymore. Talking about it helps, but I don't like talking about it to people IRL because it makes me feel guilty about my slow progress. So I thought I could try talking about it here :) It's about women in the Russian labour market ~1990-2010. If you're interested, tick the "uni" box below.

There's also a ticky box for the "personal" filter, i.e. probably everything I've locked so far: family, friends, health etc. I never used access filters before, it'll be an experiment.

And one ticky box for fic challenges, so I can talk about my Yuletide fic. In general terms! More or less. Not sure exactly how secretive we're supposed to be.

Poll #16212 Filters
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Which filters would you like access to?

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fic challenges
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My laptop is becoming slower and slower. I knew that, but today it took over half an hour to start, so I'm finally at the "I really should do something about this"-point where I might actually do something. Any repair attempts might be complicated by the fact that I'm pretty sure I lost the password for the admin account. Oops. I definitely need to back up my data asap. (Tomorrow. Today I forgot.)

I made egg and dairy free chocolate muffins this weekend for a friend and the texture turned out nicer than with the regular ones. I'll have to experiment a bit. I'm pretty sure nobody will complain.

I read "Breakaway" by Andre Conte today, a book about the Penguins ~2005-2009. It's an interesting read, with a lot of background stuff I hadn't really thought about. That must have sucked, to play for a team that you know has great potential but not being sure if they'll have to relocate. (The chapter about the 2008 trade deadline made me grin. Marian Hossa was a nice throw-in in the Pascal Dupuis trade.)

I'm finally getting into a bit of a rhythm with studying - HabitRPG is pretty useful sometimes - and now I have a busy week, unfortunate timing. Next weekend is choir practice for two and a half days: I love singing in the choir, but that's a bit much. It'll be fine.
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I met new people! Hi! I love meeting new people :)

I thought I could maybe post a short "about me" intro, but this is harder than I thought.

Me: I'm 23, female, from and currently living in Vienna. I still live with my parents, in a small house with a small garden in an outer district, but I'm planning to move out in the next few months. I have a little brother, LB, who I get along with very well (mostly.) No pets: we had two mice once, but they started fighting all the time.

I used to read a ton of books - I'm a very fast reader -, nowadays I mostly read fic. I'm a member of a debating society, I sing in a choir, and I volunteer for the OTW. I wouldn't describe myself as an especially athletic person, but I started playing hockey three weeks ago and it's very exciting. I like baking, worldbuilding, spaceships, and sleeping in. I know some Russian, but I should practice more.

I'm currently finishing my bachelor's degree in socioeconomics. I've been trying to do that for over a year, but I'm currently recovering from depression so it took longer. I still have a huge procrastination problem, but I'm getting better.

My fannish history: I started writing self-insert Star Trek, One Piece, and Beyblade fanfic when I was quite young, and in hindsight I'm glad I didn't know you could post stuff like that on the internet. (But I'm happy I wrote it! Yay idfic.) I discovered there's such a thing as online fandom via sites like animexx.de. Later I found ff.net, through that personal fic sites, and then Lj. That was - wow, over five years ago.

My first big fandom was SGA. It set my standard for crackfic, after that every other fandom has been disappointing in that regard ;) (Ketchup/pea. How to even top that.) Then I flirted with many fandoms, most of them I was only "active" in for a few months or only follow passively. Some of the latest are Young Avengers, Vorkosigan Saga, and Babylon 5.
To my great surprise, during the NHL lockout 2012 I somehow fell into Hockey RPF as my new "main" fandom. Now I'm probably even more a fan of the game itself than of the fic, but the fic is a great bonus. The Pens are my team, but I'm fond of a few more players, especially Habs.

I have many story ideas, many that I don't write down, or only write down an outline or a scene and never finish. You can find most of the finished ones on AO3. I want to write more: currently I'm writing my Yuletide fic and it's going well, so I'll see :)

I consider dreamwidth my main platform at the moment, it's certainly my favorite. I try to post regularly, at least once a week, and most times I succeed. I'm still on Lj for my flist, and I'm on Tumblr for the pretty pictures and sometimes the links.
While I love the feature, I still don't know how best to use access lists. I mostly post personal stuff under lock, like health or family stuff or rants, and I'm not sure if people are interested: if you want to read that kind of stuff I'd be happy to give you access.

If you have any questions you can ask here or on the December posting meme.
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I'm tiiired and I'm procrastinating on going to sleep because my brain is being weird, so have a post full of random things.

Why are people posting Yuletide letters already? It's not a bad idea to start writing them especially if you know that you won't have much time next week, but it's making me feel stressed. I wanted to rewatch Galaxy Quest, finish reading "Barrayar", and go through the tag set to see if I've missed anything... oh well, still some time left.
(A friend got me a copy of Galaxy Quest but in such a high resolution that my laptop doesn't want to play it properly. I really need to declutter it soon.)
I looked through nominations and I was very happy to find some things that had been accepted, & I know what I hope I'll be matched on! Fandoms where I don't want any particular stories myself but would be happy to write one.

I did not stay up to watch the Pens game against Dallas, which was good because Duper :( But he's back on his feet! I watched the new In the Room and grinned broadly the whole time. This team. Olli and Kappy! Sid and Duper! Suttsy and Kuni discussing D-pairings and calling Despres "Desi"! (Did they assume Scuds would play top4? Ahaha Olli is sooo much better.) Suttsy and Duper mic'd!
Islanders tomorrow, I won't watch it live either but afterwards. It'd be fantastic to break the Isles' streak.
(Btw the Oilers are so bad, if they get McDavid it would be terrible and hilarious.)

Today was the first day of a two-day "voice and movement" workshop at uni. Six hours today, seven tomorrow. Sooo tired. But it was ok, some of it very interesting. Debating taught me not to be afraid of speaking to people and to stand comfortably, singing taught me breathing, but presentations and making contact with the audience is something I have less practice in.
I was told several times that I look very strict, huh. I thought I was not smiling but still friendly.

The whole week I was looking forward to watching Bab5 yesterday, but then another friend came to visit too so we watched Star Wars 3 instead (I tried not to look too unhappy about it.) Wow does that movie have a lot of pretty cloud backgrounds and dramatic face shots and people being stupid (also the Jedi philosophy is still very weird.)
I also got LK's excellent salad recipe (completely different from how we usually make salad at home) that I'm looking forward to trying out.

I'm not very happy with the progress I made on my thesis this week, but at least I got my phone repaired and met my new Russian conversation partner. He seems nice, I'm looking forward to it.

There are some things I should get done for debating and some other things that I'm not feeling up to right now, but whatever.
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Last week at a mini debate tournament (it was so small that Y. and I tabbed it in Excel) someone told me about a Russian bookstore in Vienna and I checked it out today. Normal Russian books are still too hard for me: I have some at home but I always give up after a few pages because I understand so little without a dictionary. (Newspaper articles and similar stuff is easier.) Fortunately they have children's books on a language level that suits me: it's not too simple but I understand what's happening, so hopefully I'll pick up more words as I go along. Looking forward to it.

I still haven't solved 2048, though I came close a few times. And actually not wasting more time with that silly game is a good thing, right?
I prefer picture versions to numbers, and here are a few of my favorites:
Pittsburgh Penguins Edition
MCU Hawkeye Edition
Doctor Who Edition
Young Avengers Edition
Geeks & Nerds of SGA Edition

I'm currently following the NHL playoffs, watching Arrow, reading Batfamily fic (...I have no idea, but I kind of feel like I want to rant about Batman a lot except I'm not really qualified) and writing a Young Avengers AU. Fandom is fun.
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I don't like ordering from amazon because I've read/heard enough about how the rise of big internet corporations like Amazon makes it harder for local businesses, and I like local businesses because I like the atmosphere and that I can ask competent people for advice and go in and browse and just bask in all the books and bookshelves sometimes. Books <3

After several Marvel superhero movies that I enjoyed a lot, most recently Winter soldier, and reading fic and following links to Wikipedia and other sources and seeing recs for comics and art pics and discovering more corners of that superhero world I finally decided to start reading some comics. It seems to be an expensive and time-consuming hobby, but maybe I can start small? And I decided that when I've finished my bachelor's thesis I'll buy myself a one-year subscription to Marvel Unlimited, i.e. access to thousands of comics online, as a reward.
Good promotion tactics, Marvel.

So when I wanted to buy comics this week I contacted comic book stores, but they told me that the issues are out of stock. What they didn't tell me, but what I found out via browsing amazon, is that there's a different edition out that combines both issues that I wanted. I expect a bookshop to tell me that sort of thing :(

Tl;dr I ordered Young Avengers and I'm really looking forward to it.
This weekend we're visiting family for my grandfather's birthday and I'll stay a few extra days, and then it'll be waiting for me when I get back and I'll do nothing else but read for a whole day.
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There should be a site where you can pick your favorite authors and they automatically show you the status of the next work, "unknown" or "currently writing X" or "Y expected to be released in...", and you get a notification when the new work is released. That would be very convenient and practical.

(Have I mentioned recently how much I love the Subscription option on AO3? A lot.)
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Today my mother bet my brother and I that we wouldn't be able to list 120 Pokémon together. LB and I tried separately: he found about 130, I found 108. More than two thirds, not too bad. (I can't believe I forgot Ditto.)
The English names are even more stupid than the German ones: Tentacruel? Exeggcute? Alakazam sounds cool, though.
Wow, that took me back to probably some of the oldest self-insert fanfic I wrote in my head. I almost wrote down the name of one evolution I invented back then. I still like that version of imaginary me. Somewhere I still have my notes on the 20 or so self-inserts I had in my head as a teenager, all with different names, different friends, different abilities, different stories - younger me was pretty creative. Revisiting some of those worlds would be fun.
This to distract myself from the fact that yet again I spent a weekend procrastinating instead of doing urgent studying for exams or thesis writing or other important stuff and I feel very very stupid.
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I´m working in Accounting. Each company that sends us an invoice gets a creditor number, and sometimes we have to create new numbers. (Which can be really annoying.) But the day before yesterday I created creditor 1984 and it´s a company for information and data analysis. xD

I´m exhausted, stressed, my throat hurts, and did I mention tired?, but tomorrow are the last two hours of my job and it was great. And then holiday. I was going to ask you all to send me your addresses so I can send postcards all over the world, but I´m afraid I won´t have time to check later, so maybe next year. Unless you´re very quick. :)

Three weeks without internet, starting tomorrow - I´m sorry if I miss anything, but I´ll try not to think about it. I have books! And lots of ideas for writing! And LB! And we´ll visit cities - I´m really looking forward to Krakow - and there´ll be lakes and nothing to do the whole day. I´ll have a great time.


Jul. 6th, 2010 10:11 pm
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I wanted to talk about my wonderful weekend, but then I got caught in the train during the one day in months where I didn´t have a ticket and was too depressed. So, I had an awesome weekend. Now I want to talk about Werewolves.

Werewolves is an awesome game I first encountered during singing camp. I have no idea how many people know it; in a crowd of fifteen people, it´s usually two or three, and two more know the online version Mafia. (Wikipedia has the English article under "Mafia", which is apparently the original name, but I like "Werewolves" better. More atmosphere.) The big disadvantage is that you need about eight players, plus a game leader. But it works with a group of twenty, it´s easily prepared, it takes a bit long to explain but is easy to learn, and it´s so much fun! (Except for the people who die in the first round and then have to watch. Silently. The dead don´t talk. That can be the tiniest bit frustrating.)
Now go look up the rules. Which always change depending on who you ask and you really don´t need all the roles, so it´s not as complicated as it looks, promise!

Types of players:

The Super Detective
Always knows exactly who is a werewolf and doesn´t hesitate to say so. Feels inwardly justified every time he gets killed (no matter if during the day or during the night.) Is always frustrated by his fellow players´ lack of belief in him. (Sometimes has an amazing stroke of luck or intuition.) If there are more than one or two of him per game, conflict is inevitable.

The Waverer
Always has three different theories about each person. Interpretes every action both against and for another player and explains his moral conflicts extensively. Is usually very apologetic right before condemning the victim. Tends to follow either the majority or the loudest voice. (Often they form the majority.)

The Silent Observer
What the name says. Hesitates to say anything because he could be wrong and the others could use it against him, or simply because he really has no idea. Is often accused of being guilty because he´s "too silent", regardless of the fact that he´s always like this.

The Tactician
Usually an experienced player with a refined strategy. Tries to reason with the others and uses "proof" ("B suspected A, A was a werewolf, B must be innocent!") to do so. Is often silent during the first or the first two rounds to gather information. Gets very frustrated when the others behave irrationally and is supremely vindicated when he´s right. (Usually very clumsy as a werewolf.)

The Evil One
Has the good - or bad, depending on his preference - luck to be a werewolf in the first two rounds and convinces everyone that he´s a good guy in the third one "because it would be extremely unlikely for me to be a werewolf again!" He is, of course, a werewolf. After that he tends to get killed almost immediately regardless of any actual evidence.

And of course there are various combinations of those types.

I love this game, and I´m so happy every time I get a chance to play it. We played six or seven games on Sunday evening at a friend´s birthday party, and since I organized it (well, I and one other), I was game leader for most of the night, which is fun, too. The two times I played I won. And okay, usually a team wins, but when I was healer I identified every living werewolf in the third round and when I was a werewolf I was elected mayor, saw two fellow wolves killed and then led my remaining comrade to a triumphant victory.

...Is it full moon, btw?


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