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5x21 Objects at Rest )

The River of Souls )

The Legend of the Rangers )

Call to Arms )

5x22 Sleeping in Light )

That's it! All done, I've finished watching it. Feels weird. It's been over a year and a half, over two years even if I count from the first time I watched an episode.
Now I finally don't have to be afraid of spoilers anymore! I can finally look at the fandom, I'm looking forward to it. At least eventually, I might need a short break first. It's been so long since I watched the early seasons, I might go back first and rewatch a few of my favorites. ("This is Ambassador Delenn of the Minbari…")
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For the March posting meme, where you're still very welcome to leave questions or topics:

Favourite Babylon 5 character and what you like about them?
Before I watched the show I'd already heard of Susan Ivanova, mostly in some polls asking people about their favorite characters/female characters/charaters in SF shows etc., so I was looking forward to getting to know her. Right before we started watching LK told me that Susan would be my favorite character, so of course I immediately decided to pick someone else. That didn't last very long though, because Susan Ivanova is amazing.
Close second place goes to Lyta (may be in part recency bias.) With honorary mentions to Vir, G'Kar, Marcus, Talia, Lennier, and early-seasons-Delenn.

Bab5 )
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Finally I have time for Bab5 again! Let's see if the next few episodes finally have something positive for one of my favorite characters! …oh no.

Movements of Fire and Shadow )

The Fall of Centauri Prime )

The Wheel of Fire )

Objects in Motion )
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I really have to learn to cook and eat more regularly. LK and MSZ told me they'll help me make a longer list of relatively quick recipes that I can make for myself, that will help.

Phoenix Rising )

The Ragged Edge )

The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father )

Meditations on the Abyss )

Darkness Ascending )

And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder )

General thoughts on season 5 )
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More Bab5, and I didn't even have to wait months, this is great!

Learning Curve )

Strange Relations )

Secrets of the Soul )

Day of the Dead )

In the Kingdom of the Blind )

A Tragedy of Telepaths )

People are already publishing their Yuletide letters and I enjoy reading them. I know which fandoms I'm going to request, I'm not sure yet about all that I'm going to offer. No Hockey RPF this year because I want to try something different, and I'm contemplating a few fandoms that would be a bit of a challenge but could be interesting.

Pens vs. Leafs tonight! I'm definitely not staying up to watch it. What little self-control I have should at least be sufficient for that. I need sleep. Tomorrow I'll go with friends to an all-you-can-eat jazz brunch, it would be a shame if I fell asleep in the middle.

My mom finally started listening to "Hamilton", and I got LB interested too. I started reading the biography by Chernow, so far it is very interesting. [personal profile] capsized compiled some great quotes from letters Hamilton and Laurens wrote to each other here.

And for the less entertaining parts of life, I need to figure out how to get back to working on my thesis. I haven't done much the past few weeks and it's past time.
("figure out how to" instead of just "get back to" because I'm back at that stage where it feels like it just... doesn't work. >.< "I just have to do it" is so easy to say and so hard to, well, do.)
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Finally more Bab5! After months. AV didn't have time again and I finally ran out of patience, so we watched without him.

4x21 Rising Star )

4x22 The Deconstruction of Falling Stars )

5x01 No Compromises )

5x02 The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari )

5x03 The Paragon of Animals )

5x04 A View from the Gallery )

LB's birthday is tomorrow, so now: midnight baking! Fun. *yawns*
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Finally we found time for more Bab5! It's been a while since last time (almost two months!), so I was even more glad than usual for my episode reviews to refresh my memory.

4x15 No Surrender, No Retreat )

4x16 The Exercise of Vital Powers )

4x17 The Face of the Enemy )

4x18 Intersections in Real Time )

4x19 Between the Darkness and the Light )

4x20 Endgame )

No spoilers whatsoever please!
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Sometimes I find a song I like and listen to it twenty times on repeat. Today: an a capella version of "Defying Gravity", found on Tumblr. I'd sing along, but I tend not to pay attention to how loud I get and LB doesn't like it, so I'm just moving my head to the rhythm and occasionally humming.

A new Vorkosigan book is coming out next year! "Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen." Great side-effect, [personal profile] dira is writing more The World That You Need fic. But overall I was less enthusiastic about the announcement than I would have been a few months ago. Part of the reason is that I didn't enjoy the last two books that much, and I really hope the new book doesn't continue that trend.

But another reason is that last December I read From the Old to the New by [personal profile] avanti_90. It's a 9k gen AU epistolary fic about the Komarran independence movement, and it's fantastic: One man can alter the course of history. A random encounter leads Duv Galeni to change his mind and return to Komarr.

As I wrote in my comment: "I never fully realized how imperialistic Barrayar was towards Komarr, somehow I didn't pay attention to that, and now I feel like I'm looking at canon in a different way. This is a great future! It's a better future than I can see in canon, and as much as I love Aral and Gregor and Miles and everyone else, now I wish this had happened instead." Afterwards I browsed DW, read a few more posts mentioning the ways in which Barrayaran society is fucked up (and some less good parts of the books) - most of it things that I was vaguely aware of, but never really paid attention to. As I saw someone say somewhere, I enjoyed deliberately believing in the books' fictions: Barrayarans are generally the good guys, Gregor is the rightful ruler and Emperor, things like that. And that's become much harder since reading about an independent Komarr. I can still usually do it, and it's not that hard for fic that doesn't mention politics - but politics was one of the things I really enjoyed about the Vorkosigan series :/

Another big reason why I'm less invested in the Vorkosigan saga by now is of course also that I found other things, like Bab5, that are fantastic and fascinating and that I love a lot right now. And I'm still in the middle of it! Season 3 was amazing; I'm not convinced by the beginning of season 4 yet, but I'm optimistic. I watch the political developments on Bab5 closely, and some of them I'm worried about... I've been too busy in March, but I hope we'll find time for more episodes soon.
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Today was another reminder that real life/traditional media doesn't have warnings and that means I need to be especially careful and take care of myself. I didn't and spent about twenty minutes sobbing after watching a play tonight.

We went to see The House of Spirits )

Then I called LK and asked him to distract me, so we talked about Vorlons and about spoilers ) Only speculation, but it worked very well as a distraction.

And then for some reason I wanted to remind myself again of what happened and write it all down. Brains are funny. I also ate a few pralines, when if not on such occasions.

Tomorrow I visit my future flat again! To take measurements and to show it to DD, who's considering moving in with me in the spring :) We also agreed to go see Jupiter Ascending on Tuesday, I'm looking forward to it.
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There was hockey practice between watching TV last night and now: still no goal for me, but a few good things, and it was fun. I can see the progress I made, that's nice. But I had so much to say about Bab5 yesterday evening and now it feels like there's already less...
Quick other things: I have a great plotbunny for a space adventure hockey AU that I look forward to developing. And for some reason I dreamed Evander Kane was traded to Austria and I went with friends to greet him at the airport. Idek.

More Bab5: some things I wasn't completely happy with, some really fascinating developments, and sooo many questions.

3x21 Shadow Dancing )

3x22 Z'ha'dum )

4x01 The Hour of the Wolf )

4x02 Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi? )

4x03 The Summoning )

Only five episodes, but I wrote over 2.7k words and it took even longer than I thought. I wouldn't do that if it wasn't such an excellent show.
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We unexpectedly found some time today :)

3x19 Grey 17 is Missing )

3x20 And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place )

The next two episodes have very promising titles, plus so far the season finales and two-parters have been excellent, so I'm very much looking forward to Friday :)
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Finally more Bab5! AV had exams so we had to take a break. Hopefully next time we don't have to wait so long!
I'm writing this the day after so I probably forgot some things we were speculating about, but this takes long enough to type up as it is.

3x12 Sic Transit Vir )

3x13 A Late Delivery from Avalon )

3x14 Ship of Tears )

3x15 Interludes and Examinations )

3x16 War Without End Part 1 )

3x17 War Without End Part 2 )

In the Beginning )

3x18 Walkabout )

As usual, please try not to spoil me for what is to come :) I'm really looking forward to finding out while watching.
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I got lovely things in my fandom stocking, among others Bab5 icons *points* and two lovely fics with Susan Ivanova, Crossing chasms in small jumps and The Mantle of the New.

I'm having one of those days where some small things went wrong and I'm feeling a bit unbalanced for no good reason. So to give myself the illusion of doing something, have part I of my attempt to make "The Maze Runner" make more sense.

Why build a Maze?
The Maze is huge and complicated. Building it must have been very expensive and a lot of work. So why?

Tests )

Grievers )

Does that make some kind of sense? I think it's more logical than what they said in the movie, but fortunately the way the background info was presented makes it very easy to say that most or all of it was lies. Thoughts welcome!

I'm still working on part II: What are the scientists doing (what about the brain scans?) What was Thomas' plan? Who sent up Teresa? How did the exit work? And then part III will be "other small stuff", like ladders.
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Everything is happening so much sooner than I thought it would! It's fantastic.
We watched nine episodes today so I might be forgetting some details of some of them.

3x03 A Day in the Strife )

3x04 Passing Through Gethsemane )

3x05 Voices of Authority )

3x06 Dust to Dust )

3x07 Exogenesis )

3x08 Messages from Earth )

3x09 Point of No Return )

3x10 Severed Dreams )

3x11 Ceremonies of Light and Dark )

Tl;dr this show is amazing and everyone should watch it.
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This show is fantastic. And LK tells me season 3 is even better.

I couldn't use three post titles I wanted because if I start spoiling things I have to run an extra 15km as a penance for hypocrisy. Or something.

2x18 Confessions and Lamentations )

2x19 Divided Loyalties )

2x20 The Long, Twilight Struggle )

2x21 Comes the Inquisitor )

2x22 The Fall of Night )

3x01 Matters of Honor )

3x02 Convictions )
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More Bab5, it's been too long!

If anyone knows where I can get icons for this show without being spoiled for anything, that'd be appreciated. I'd either like one of Susan Ivanova or just an image of the station.

2x11 All Alone in the Night )

2x12 Acts of Sacrifice )

2x13 Hunter, Prey )

2x14 There All the Honor Lies )

2x15 And Now For a Word )

2x17 Knives )

2x16 In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum )
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Babylon 5 is a fantastic show, and I love Susan Ivanova a lot.

2x04 A Distant Star )

2x05 The Long Dark )

2x06 Spider in the Web )

2x07 Soul Mates )

2x08 A Race Through Dark Places )

2x09 The Coming of Shadows )

2x10 Gropos )

For the x-th time: I really really love the politics in show. And the characters, and their interactions. It's a bit annoying that it takes me so long to write these episode reactions (why is it so late again - and I'm sure I missed things), but it's just really interesting and I'm invested. I know things are going to get worse before they get better, foreshadowing and it's even in this season's intro, and even though I'm mostly convinced there'll be a mostly happy ending, it sucks to see it happen every time :(

More Bab5

Oct. 20th, 2014 11:35 pm
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My calendar this week is full of small stuff so inconveniently timed that it feels like I don't have time to do anything. (I usually can't get any productive studying done if I know I have less than at least two mostly uninterrupted hours.) Thursday-Saturday I'm visiting my relatives for a wedding, which I look forward to but it also feels like I really can't afford to lose the days. I'm so behind on my studies! I'm very stressed about - well, things in general, I hate it.

Choir practice today: I looove the pieces we're singing, it's going to be a beautiful concert. The topic is love, and we're singing songs by Brahms, Carl Orff, Whitacre, Herwig Reiter, Stefan Kalmer (he did the wonderful Shakespeare songs we sung two years ago), the Beatles, and a few more composers my mother knows.
I'm very annoyed by those people who apparently think it's completely okay to constantly text during practice, even when they're supposed to sing - wtf are you doing.

I'm almost finished writing my Yuletide letter! I'm excited.

LK is going on vacation for three weeks (I got the recipe for his scrambled eggs and salad just in time), so today we took the last opportunity for a while and watched some more Bab5.

2x02 Revelations )

2x03 The Geometry of Shadows )

Wow do I always have a lot to say about episodes. This show is just very good.


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