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Who would be Ronon Dex' favorite hockey player? A few years ago maybe Iginla, but now... maybe Ovi? Shea Weber? Jamie Benn? Sid?

My first instinct is that Ronon plays forward, but I could see defense as well. Satedan hockey probably worked a bit differently anyway, maybe a mix between Earth hockey and bandy.
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Recently DD and I bemoaned how we're both losing interest in the fic side of hockey fandom, and we both haven't found a new fandom yet. DD mentioned that she's never seen SGA, I have literally 13 pages of bookmarks for fics alone, it's been four years since I watched any of it – so we decided to watch some SGA episodes so I could rec her fanworks :) She's seen the pilot years ago so we started with "Hide and Seek." Right now the next episodes I'm planning to show her are "Underground", "The Storm"&"The Eye", and then I'll see how much she likes it and go from there. It was fun going through the episodes list and explaining to her that yes, there is canon bodyswap, there are canon doppelgangers etc. etc.

DD's main reaction after one episode was "I didn't expect it to be so funny." I'd forgotten how many funny and plain hilarious moments SGA has in every episode. I can think of other space shows that are funny, but not like that. There must be some though, maybe anime?, idk.

Other things, I'm annoyed because our DM switched our D&D session from Friday to Saturday. I said I could do Saturday if necessary but actually I don't want to, because otherwise on Saturday I wanted to go to a Silent Disco. I've never been and I think it could be fun. Otoh, undead and shapeshifters and treasure… I should just have said I can't do Saturday instead of trying to be accommodating, ugh.
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For the December meme, a question by [personal profile] devon: Which SGA character(s) do you identify with most? Why? (If it's not too personal) If you don't ID with any, whose voice comes most naturally to you?

"Identify" is maybe too strong a word, but the character I felt the most kinship with was Dr. Jennifer Keller, season 4. In season 5 they added more and more romance to her storyline and that wasn't really my main interest, and in addition there were a couple of times when I thought her development could have been better done. But in season 4 I liked her a lot: a smart young woman out having an adventure - in another galaxy, where everything's different, you don't know anyone, you have to replace your predecessor who everyone loved and admired, and you suddenly have many responsibilities that you're not sure you can fulfill, but you also can't afford to fail. I really liked "Missing", for example, where Teyla and Jennifer discover the Athosians are missing and are hunted by mercenaries, and Jennifer doesn't really know what she's doing but does her best anyway.

But she's not the character I found easiest to write. In SGA fandom I discovered that I found the Pegasus characters much easier to write than the characters from Earth. Their backgrounds, experiences, worldview I can make up. But the Earthers: they're socialized in very specific groups that I don't know, like the US Air Force, academia, international politics... Jennifer, as a doctor, would probably be one of the easier ones. But she's still from a culture I don't know, namely the US. Which state is she from? What does that mean? Where did she probably study, what was the environment, how did she get to her position this fast?
Now I could write her, but back then I found it difficult. (I was too lazy to want to do much research.) And she also wasn't one of my favorite characters, Teyla and Ronon were, so I spent more time thinking about their backgrounds. I don't think I ever wrote about Jennifer, actually, and now I kind of want to. I had a few sketches and outlines, but never finished a story. (I'd have to rewatch at least season 4 and currently don't have the time for that. Maybe one day.)
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For the December meme, a question by [personal profile] tielan: What's your headcanon/backstory about Ronon Dex?

Ronon <3 One of my favorite SGA characters. I was introduced to SGA by a Ronon fan so the first episode I saw was "Runner."

I don't have a lot of fixed headcanon for characters, things that I decided are true about a character/something in my head. I often shift it around from fic to fic, or there are several things I could imagine but that I'm pretty flexible about.

For Ronon it's only two certain things: one, he didn't plan to become a soldier before the Wraith came. He originally wanted to become something else - a poet, or a scholar, or an engine driver, idk.
And he's much smarter than he's sometimes portrayed on the show. He knows what a mission report is and why they're useful, things like that. He likes to mess with people, that's canon, and let them underestimate him.

I wrote some short fics about backgrounds I could imagine for Ronon: Five people Ronon has loved and Five things Ronon never told anyone about Sateda. I still like the ideas: that Ronon had a twin sister with beads in her hair, that Sateda had a large engine system, huge dragonflies, and colorful cotton candy. Brothers and Comrades in Arms is a story I wrote about what Ronon could have become and what I think he'd be able to accomplish.
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I'm doing that thing again where there are so many things I want to post about that I write nothing. So, random things in random order.

- I took a vacation day tomorrow, and I'm so glad I did. I did a lot this week, mostly meeting with friends, which I love but with work it's very tiring.
For example on Monday I went with a friend to the film festival at Rathausplatz because she'd never seen Disney's Fantasia. (It's not as good as I remember it from when I was ten, especially the Pastorale - surprise!racism that I never noticed before, stuff like that - but most parts of it are still fantastic.)
Tuesday is by now semi-official film night, only we decided to cook together first, so we didn't have time for a whole movie. We had a great time in the kitchen, food was delicious, and we watched the beginning of The Fifth Element.
Wednesday was debate training.

- Debate training! We had several new people, so we had a pro-am room (one experienced debater + one novice in each team.) "My" novice did really well for his first speech! Prep is a work in progress, but that's normal. The motion was "TH regrets the Arab Spring" - when he said he doesn't know anything about that I said me too because I was trying to remember how many years ago it started and how many countries were involved except the few I did remember, but it turned out he actually had no idea what it referred to, which did surprise me.
Later on someone tried to tell me that all muslims want to install sharia law everywhere, "I'm not anti-muslims but", absolutely refusing to listen, it was so bad I just stopped engaging him after a few minutes. I know these people exist, but I don't expect to meet them in the debate club :( (With some luck he won't stay long.)

- The current debate in the media about gendered language is driving me absolutely nuts. There are some good articles, but the vast majority of comments are just so stupid, their whole way of argumentation is just... it's so dismissive, condescending, it's painful to read and it makes me so angry at the same time. Just - URGH.

- I'm currently reading "Superman: Red Son" and enjoying it a lot so far. Tomorrow I'll have time to read! And swim! And sleep in in the morning!

- There's currently a fest about SGA's ten year anniversary going on. I feel sort of ambivalent about my lack of enthusiasm for it: SGA has been such an important part of my fannishness for so long, and SGA fandom has been very important for me for a long time, so to find out that I sort... barely care, at this point, feels very strange and a bit sad.

- Today I found out that Vienna has a women's ice hockey team. I mean it's sort of logical, I just never thought about it, never read about it, never heard about it... I'm sort of pissed about that, actually, and perhaps more surprised than I should have been. I'm definitely going to watch when the season starts again.

- Tomorrow I'm going dancing with a girl I met recently and like a lot, I'm really excited about it. More hopefully later.

SGA recs

Mar. 21st, 2013 05:25 pm
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I don't want to get sick :( I was doing so well running regularly in preparation for the marathon and now this. I also don't want it to get cold yet again, why, sunshine is pretty.

I'm in the middle of worldbuilding and plotting for [community profile] sgareversebang and I'm quite excited about it - probably less when I actually start writing, whatever. One short Teyla fic I wanted to write got a lot more complicated and longer than I thought, I'll probably need to cut most of it.

To procrastinate, have some SGA recs I collected in the past few months.5 fic, 3 pieces of fanart )
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Comments make people happy, so before Christmas I try to leave many of them on fanworks I enjoyed. I'm currently very much enjoying the fics posted at [ profile] sga_santa, the art at [ profile] sga_art_santa and at [community profile] yuletart, [ profile] mischief5's SGA Squee Advent at [ profile] sga_squee, and the big folders of .gifs I copied from M.'s laptop.

Some SGA_Santa stories I enjoyed so far:

Intergalactic Topology for Beginners by [personal profile] verity
PG, Rodney/Teyla, 1.4k
Rodney can't help but appreciate Teyla's facility with knots. On a purely academic level, of course.
A sweet, funny, and well written story.

Soft by [ profile] taste_is_sweet
NC17, John/Rodney, 7.7k, contains sex while in hybrid form
Rodney can shapeshift into a creature with cat-like features. (Werecat doesn't really fit, since it doesn't say if it has any connection to the moon and his other form is a human-cat-hybrid.) The story begins with a lovely h/c scene in which a delirious John is rescued by Rodney after an avalanche and ends with a nice and warm sex scene.

In Abeyance by [personal profile] tielan
PG13, John&Teyla UST, 2.2k
John and Teyla (and Torren) go on a team picnic - not a date! This is lovely, a good look at John and Teyla in season 5.

No Rest for the Winged by [personal profile] bluflamingo
Teen, Laura Cadman/Katie Brown, Ronon Dex/Evan Lorne, Dusty Mehra/OFC, John, 2.1k
Interesting and good little daily life snippets set in an AU where some people have wings.

On This Winter's Night by [personal profile] ceitie
R, Ronon/John/Teyla/Rodney, 1.2
A great Ronon POV, good descriptions, and again a very nice cold/warm contrast.

And there are and will be many other stories! One of them is mine! \o/ But now I have to go procrastinate some more work.

SGA recs

Dec. 13th, 2012 05:39 pm
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[personal profile] siria is thinking about SGA in a post that reminded me of some old favorites and that SGA fandom has the best stories. (So I'm biased, so what? ^^)

It also reminded me that I wanted to rec some new SGA stories that were posted in December and badly advertised. Maybe there are more good ones, but browsing the AO3 SGA feed really makes me appreciate a good summary.

Speak Slow by [personal profile] jendavis
Gen, John/Ronon, 4,6k
John and Ronon are stranded on a planet when the gate translation system breaks down. I like how they communicate and become closer. Some unnecessary italics imo, but a very nice story.

Dona, Dona by [ profile] faith_manages
Gen, Radek + OCs, 4,6k
Radek backstory! I want more Radek backstory. This one is about his childhood. My favorite part is the story in the end.

Easy by [personal profile] mayachain
Gen, Jennifer, 260words
Post-EatG. This reads like a story written against fanon, not canon, and that I dislike this bit of fanon makes it even better.

Blackmail by [ profile] mosymoseys
John/Elizabeth UST, John&Rodney, 250words
I suspect that part of the reason why I like this snippet is also because it's not the sort of fanon I usually encounter: John wants to sleep with Elizabeth, and Rodney is mean, and while it's not my headcanon it's not further from canon than many McShep fic.

Just a Case of the Flu by [ profile] kerravon
Gen, Carson, team, and Athosians, 11k
Reading this story made me realize that I don't think I've seen a lot of gen Carson POV. Maybe I would have liked him better? This was a bit strange to read because I expected something very different from the ominous summary talking about the 1918 influenza, and it never got as dark as I expected. While it's nice to see more of the medical staff, I wish they'd been more competent. Some nice team interaction with Ford.

Answer-Man and Terrific Torren Verses the Man in Black by [ profile] ami_ven
Gen, John&Rodney&Torren, 430words
This is silly and funny and adorable.

[ profile] sga_santa starts posting soon! I'm so excited. I get a story this year, and also comments on a story I wrote!
Now back to work, hopefully, and maybe this time I can skip feeling so incredibly stupid because of how far behind I am. (Yes I know writing this doesn't help.)
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Every once in a while people point out that most SGA fandom classics are years old and that few more recent fics are recced. From my experience this is sadly mostly true, so here, have some recs of recent (from the last few months) fanworks I've enjoyed. (By no means all of them! Just some I could find again on short notice.)

9 stories and 3 pieces of fanart )
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I vaguely remember seeing a few episodes of Gundam Wing on TV many years ago. Not too many years ago, because I think I did read some fanfic, but very little. Then a few days ago I found a rec for a Stargate/GW crossover fic and I decided to watch it again. Great decision! I didn't remember it being this good.

NO SPOILERS beyond episode 24, please! )

Other TV shows I'm currently watching (or not):
Borgen )

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries )

Elementary )

Farscape )


Of course right when I finally decide to go to bed [community profile] atlantisbigbang goes live. To sleep or not to sleep...
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I had my first "official" driving lesson today. I'm so glad I practiced on the training area first because we started on a real street! But it went well, and the teacher said I was quite good for a beginner. I had two double units (not ideal, but scheduling was difficult) and did things like drive 80km/h, reverse parallel parking, and many left turns. So many things to do at the same time...

This term I signed up for Econometrics II (voluntarily, it's not required) and now realized that my last statistics course was over a year ago and I have to go back and relearn two semesters of statistics. Ugh. It was difficult enough the first time. Oh, and ideally until Wednesday. And then there's that Bachelor thesis I should be working on...

I watched the recent Doctor Who episodes and quite enjoyed them. The build-up is often better than the resolution, which is sometimes disappointing, but the buildup is usually ~30 minutes and the ending only ten. ;)
Wow, the fandom is huge. The list of reaction posts! I usually only read a few to check if I've missed something that others noticed (often), but other than that I'm not really interested in the fandom. It has some shiny vids, and I read a little fanfic, but for some reason I don't want more. I don't even rewatch many episodes.

SGA is different. To prepare for [ profile] sga_santa I'm rewatching SGA episodes, without writing detailed reviews so it's more relaxing, and it's a lot of fun. I think the reason why I'm still interested in SGA is that I still have so many stories to tell. I can think of no other canon that makes me want to tell as many stories as SGA does, and it's wonderful. Just reading the sga_santa wishlists gives me so many ideas! I'm currently plotting the sequel to Court of Athos, and I think it'll be my story of how Elizabeth becomes a leader that I've looked for for a long time. (Rewatching The Rising it's obvious that Atlantis was basically doomed from the start in a universe with less narrativium.) I hope I'm good enough to write it well.

LB asked me to sign up for a course for him because he isn't home, I wasn't as careful as I could have been (20:41 instead of 20:40) and now he's on the waiting list and probably won't get a spot -.- It just means a more inconvenient schedule for him, but still, well done self. Now go do something productive, like study statistics.

ETA: An hour later: No, self, in this case OTW work doesn't count as being productive. This seemed extremely familiar: The Science of Procrastination...
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I wrote fic, wheee!

Title: The Court of Athos
Author: [ profile] schneefink
Rating: G
Words: 1440
Summary: A few hours after they arrive in Pegasus the Earth expedition meets the Queen of Athos.
Notes: For the prompt "Name": what if Pegasus culture was just a little bit different? Thanks to [ profile] tari_roo for beta.

On AO3 / at sga-saturday
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I wrote fic, wheee!

Title: The Court of Athos
Author: [personal profile] schneefink
Rating: G
Words: 1440
Summary: A few hours after they arrive in Pegasus the Earth expedition meets the Queen of Athos.
Notes: For the prompt "Name": what if Pegasus culture was just a little bit different? Thanks to [personal profile] tari_roo for beta.

On AO3 / at sga-saturday
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To distract myself and cheer myself up ($%#§& cramps) here's a fannish tropes meme I saw in several places:

1. genderswap
2. bodyswap
3. drunk!fic
4. huddling for warmth
5. pretending to be married
6. secretly a virgin
7. amnesia
8. cross-dressing
9. forced to share a bed
10. truth or dare
11. historical AU
12. accidental-baby-acquisition
13. apocalypse fic
14. telepathy
15. High School / College

Pick one, give me a fandom that you know I know and a character(s)/pairing, and I'll tell you which story I would write for it!

Just looking at the list already gave me some ideas, and because it's unlikely someone will ask for those specifically have some snippets:

SGA, Ronon, telepathy )

SGA, Ronon and Teyla, High School/College )

Leverage, Sophie and Nate, Truth or Dare )

A:tla/Legend of Korra, Toph and Lin, accidental baby acquisition )

Sarah Jane Adventures, Clyde, Rani, and Luke, drunk!fic )

Lazy days

Sep. 23rd, 2012 12:22 pm
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This week I didn't do much of anything. Not strictly true: I drove again (I can now start and stop the car without problems almost all of the time!), did a lot of work for the OTW and made minor progress with other things. But that's what it feels like, because I didn't do the things that were most necessary, e.g. studying (except a bit of Russian) and working on my Bachelor's thesis. Same as always.

I got all the courses I wanted, but I didn't get a place in the special program I applied for. That means I have time to sing in the choir, but I spent two weeks telling myself that not being able to sing wouldn't be so bad and now I have a hard time being excited about singing.

[ profile] sga_santa sign-ups are open! I like reading people's wishlists, some of the prompts sound very good. I hope someone writes Sora&Ford having adventures.
I never participated yet and I'd like to, but I'm not convinced I could finish a story. On the other hand maybe having a recipient would be added motivation? I'm currently trying to write a fic for [ profile] sga_saturday and I told myself if I finish that one I can do [ profile] sga_santa too.

Today is an "eat chocolate and watch TV" kind of day, with a bit of statistics in between. I almost forgot that this is actually interesting.

ETA: I actually wrote a (short) story! \o/ The first one in ages! It's "only" a retelling of "The Rising" with a few details about Pegasus culture changed, but still. It looks like a prologue to a larger story to me, but I strongly suspect that I'm never going to write that one. (Although it would give me an opportunity to write a lot of competent!Elizabeth... hm.) Would anyone be willing to read through it and tell me if it's actually interesting?
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A meme [personal profile] astridv posted indirectly gave me a plot idea and for the first time in weeks I'm in the mood to write fic again, yay! But first I have to rewatch some episodes. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. My silly space show <3

3x20 First Strike )

The new Doctor Who season starts soon, but my friends don't have time this and the next weekend so I'll have to wait and avoid spoilers until I catch up with season 6. I might watch a bit more SGA until then to distract myself, and who knows, maybe I'll actually manage to write something?
Now sleeep, and I'll do all the other things I was supposed to be doing instead of this tomorrow. As usual.

First Aid

Jul. 24th, 2012 10:58 pm
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I love gardens and parks, but I don't love gardening and I'm not especially good at it. Plants in my room die, plants in our living room only barely survive being left alone with me, and now I have to look after our garden on my own. The cocktail tomatoes are already hanging their heads; the plum tree still looks good, but the plums will be ripe exactly while I'm not here :( On the other hand, I'm staying at my grandparents', where they have plums and berries and fresh fruit and vegetables...

I did a 16 hours First Aid class yesterday and today. The minimum requirement for the driving license is 6 hours, but that seemed very short to me and the costs of the two courses are almost the same. I'm very glad I took the longer one! The teacher was very good and made everything easy to understand and interesting, with many practical exercises. Those included "there is an accident, now act" simulations with car and motorcycle and a fun exercise where you sit in a car that gets turned on its roof and you have to climb out on your own. It reminded me of a very slow rollercoaster.

What I didn't expect is how much more confident I felt almost immediately when I walked out of the building. Now I know what to do in case someone gets injured (at least before the panic starts...) and it's one big thing less to be afraid of, yay!

Of course now I foresee many instances of "this is not how first aid works, idiot!" in my future when watching TV. When someone lies on the floor you check their breathing, then act accordingly, not just wait for the ambulance. And Carson, this is not how a defibrillator works! -.-
Every member of a gate team should have basic field medicine training, right? Something that goes far beyond first aid to bridge the time until the doctor comes, because the doctor might be on another planet. John probably got it from the Air Force, and all science personnel should have got it before they left Antarctica. Should have - in "38 Minutes" Rodney doesn't seem very familiar with the first aid kit, neither does Ford, and Teyla not at all. Augh, 38 Minutes is so stupid it hurts: they don't even know what's in their emergency kit! Neither does Carson! Anyway, after this Teyla asks Carson for help and he assigns a nurse to give her lessons, and he eventually realizes that he should do regular refresher courses for everyone. This becomes especially important when they run out of Earth-brought materials and have to use substitutes: Teyla teaches them what the Athosians use, because of course she was taught basic medicine before she first went through the Gate.
So was Ronon, and Melena made sure he was always up to date with his classes. That's how he survived his injuries when he was running. So once someone finally gets the idea to give him field medicine lessons he's surprised why they're being stupid and don't use plants etc., because they grow everywhere and when you're being hunted by the enemy you often don't have the time to get your field kit. Teyla sighs and says she did tell them, but they seem to have forgotten, and only one or two doctors were interested in selected cures they didn't know yet. So one day, after another disastrous mission, Teyla and Ronon make John and Rodney study medicinal plants from Pegasus. John doesn't protest and actually thinks it's very useful, so he tells Rodney to stop complaining (which he only does after his knowledge comes in useful one time.) Carson never gets around to organizing anything, but Jennifer finds the notes and recognizes how useful this is. First she just sends the information to everyone, but later she asks Teyla and Ronon (nervously) if they would be willing to hold classes, which they are. Sam reads the notes, but somehow never finds the time to go to one of the classes. But it's one of the first things Woolsey does even though he doesn't go to other planets often, and everyone agrees that that was actually surprisingly smart of him.
Tl;dr more headcanon to make everyone in Atlantis at least a little bit smarter than they were on the actual show.
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When you meet someone for the first time the best topics are your favorite SGA crackfics and any other fannish things going through your heads (obviously), so here are a few recs for random things I told the amazing [personal profile] frith_in_thorns about:

The Roads Never Lead Where They're Supposed To Go by [personal profile] eleveninches, SGA fic, long-ish, McShep. The fun/cracky one where John is a botanist, known in my head under a very spoiler-y description that I of course immediately told her, but maybe she forgot it by now. ;)

Cthulhu Santa by [personal profile] ratcreature, fanart. Almost as cute as crochet Cthulhu, and the Santa hat is perfect.

My favorite two Neverwhere fics:
The Never-Green Tree by Sophia_Prester, 8k, gen. Set a short time after Neverwhere, this is an enjoyable story with good character voices and very nice additional pieces of London Below.

The Invisible City; Or, Dick Mayhew and His Marvellous Cat by calliope85, 14k, gen. This one, set a few years later, is fantastic: it shows the darker side of London Below, and it's truly chilling. Wonderful worldbuilding, character voices (sadly no Door, but Richard and the Marquis are perfect), and everything.
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Recently I watched all of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" and I loved it. I haven't managed to write "Why Sarah Jane Smith and her gang are the best and you should watch them" yet, but in the meantime, have a crossover plotbunny that I will not write, no, definitely not:

One day, Clyde Langer appears in Atlantis. He's very surprised, because just one moment ago he was in Sarah Jane's attic, drawing a piece of alien tech, and then he turned it around just so - and suddenly he's in a big room with stained glass windows and the ocean and silver towers outside. The doors are closed, so he sits around for half an hour wishing he had his sketchbook with him and talking to the air, just in case Mr. Smith can hear him and bring him back.

Then a team of Marines find him. Clyde is relieved when he finds out they're humans from Earth, and they're completely baffled because he appears to be a teenager from England who shouldn't be here. They don't believe him, of course, but eventually Carson and Rodney have to admit he seems to be a normal human, and accidents with Ancient tech do happen all the time, even though Clyde doesn't even have the ATA gene. (I guess he could have, but I like that he's ordinary.)

Once they believe him they start wondering why he isn't freaking out more. He says things like "This planet is so much nicer than the last one" and "You shouldn't tell the Joduun that I left Earth because they grounded me - you know, the space police with the rhinoceros heads?" and "Do you have an alien supercomputer, too?" and "Have you met the Doctor? He has a time-and-space machine that looks like a blue police box" and isn't scared when he hears of the Wraith because he claims he saw weirder things. He's also extremely excited about Atlantis and steals Lorne's painting supplies as soon as he can.
Also he claims he saved the Earth a couple of times.

He listens to Rodney's technobabble and says that his best friend is a genius, too. Rodney is skeptical. Clyde mentions Luke is in Oxford, and Rodney is unimpressed and says that just because someone got into Oxford doesn't mean they're a genius. Clyde is offended on behalf of Luke. If Luke ever meets Rodney he'll be mystified why Rodney doesn't like him.

Clyde mentions UNIT to Elizabeth (or Woolsey?), because he thinks the SGC belongs to them. It doesn't, but Elizabeth/Woolsey have high enough clearance to know about UNIT. They are puzzled why a teenager is involved in hunting aliens. Clyde says he's great at hunting aliens, thank you very much, and also it's technically Lord Clyde.

Meanwhile Mister Smith has alerted Sarah Jane and Rani to the problem. He doesn't know where the device sent Clyde, but he knows that the energy signature belongs to a race called the Alterans and that there's a military organization in the US that has studied them for years. Sarah Jane contacts Maria and Luke, tells Mister Smith to hack the SGC and give the data to Luke, and has Mister Smith book Rani and her tickets to [airport near Colorado, idk.]

Maria occasionally catches aliens in the US (do we know which city she's in?) and on one such occasion met Sam. She has Alan find out Sam's number and calls her to ask if she knows anything. Sam doesn't, because the databurst from Atlantis didn't come yet. (Atlantis is low on energy and/or technical problem and they don't dial in immediately.)

Luke sorts through the data from the SGC and becomes more and more excited about the Gate network, and at the same time highly skeptical about the methods the SGC uses. He compares the data Mister Smith collected from the device with SGC research and concludes that Clyde was transported to Atlantis.

Sarah Jane, because she is awesome and has contacts and is not above blackmail, manages to arrange a meeting with General O'Neill on short notice. They try to find out what the other knows and find each other very annoying. Jack gives up and sends her to Landry.

Landry is not amused by this woman who shows up out of the blue with her teenage sidekick and informs him that a teenager was transported to Atlantis and Landry should get him back immediately, and he doesn't like how confident she is. And then the SGC is attacked and she pulls out a lipstick...

I don't know yet what happens next, except that Rani is envious that Clyde went and she didn't, but as a birthday present he draws her a comic book about Atlantis. Sarah Jane sees it, likes it, and has Mister Smith make copies for herself, Luke, and Maria. Sam sees it when she meets with Maria again, makes a copy, and sends it to Atlantis. The Atlanteans are (secretly) flattered. Lorne has a cousin who works with comics and Clyde gets his first job.

It would be so much fun.
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The [ profile] satedan_grabass stories are live! \o/
I read and enjoyed many of them, but three in particular, among other things because they all have a great Ronon POV and background, good character voices, and are very well written.

I'd Do It Again If I Could by [personal profile] jendavis
John/Ronon (almost gen), PG, 4k, repeated (but non-permanent) character death
Ronon is stuck in a time loop and has to try to save everyone. I love smart, resourceful Ronon.

Over Sear and Ash by [personal profile] esteefee
gen, PG, 12k
Ronon returns to find Sateda wasn't destroyed, but there's no going back in time.
Very good worldbuilding and Satedan culture, and I love the different sides of Ronon highlighted here: former scholar, warrior, diplomat in training.

What Buddies Know About Love by [personal profile] busaikko
John/Ronon, PG, 5k
The relationship between this John and Ronon feels very comfortable, even if getting there isn't easy for them because of communication is hard. ;-) The story also has cultural differences very well done, in a non-obtrusive, very fitting and frequently funny way.


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