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A poll about fic reading habits, because I'm curious.

(I'm posting a survey without testing it first, I keep flashing back to the semester-long seminar Don't Do That as well as the myriad real life examples of why this is bad. Fortunately this is not scientific.)

Poll #18459 Fic reading preferences
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 58

Do you read fanfic?

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Yes, often
33 (56.9%)

Yes, sometimes
8 (13.8%)

Yes, with varying frequency
14 (24.1%)

Yes, rarely
2 (3.4%)

1 (1.7%)

Other or more details:

What kind of fics do you like to read?

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Only finished stories or series
3 (5.3%)

Only finished stories, but ongoing series
16 (28.1%)

Finished stories, and WIPs only if there's a regular update schedule
9 (15.8%)

Finished stories, and WIPs only if I trust the author to finish the story eventually
9 (15.8%)

Finished stories and WIPs, preferably finished stories
19 (33.3%)

Finished stories and WIPs, preferably WIPs
0 (0.0%)

Finished stories and WIPs, no preference
1 (1.8%)

Only WIPs
0 (0.0%)

Other or more detail:

I read fic for...

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fandoms I know
57 (100.0%)

fandoms I've heard of or know vaguely
35 (61.4%)

fandoms I don't know
17 (29.8%)

Other or more details:

When looking for new fic, I...

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look at new works for my fandoms on AO3
40 (70.2%)

look at new works for my fandoms in other places, e.g. Tumblr or
6 (10.5%)

browse tags on AO3
37 (64.9%)

browse bookmarking services, e.g. pinboard
12 (21.1%)

follow recs
48 (84.2%)

go through my backlog of "to read" bookmarks
20 (35.1%)

Other, please elaborate
8 (14.0%)

Other or more details:


Dec. 20th, 2016 05:48 pm
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I signed up for fandom_stocking again, in a victory against self-doubt. My stocking is here.
And I reminded myself that even if I don't finish even half the treats I wanted to write, I'm sure people will still be happy to receive gift fic months later. Also I try to remember the two cakes principle. I almost finished completely rewriting my Yuletide fic and I like it better than the first version.

I didn't request Hockey RPF, not because I don't still enjoy reading hockey RPF fic but because I signed up late and in that moment I couldn't think of (not-angst) requests. (Of course I thought of things afterwards, it always works like that.) I still enjoy following the Penguins, and it's always especially fun when they're on a win streak. Sometimes it's harder than other times to focus on the narratives that I enjoy (like Sid's incredible goal-scoring, last year's rookies doing well, next year's rookies looking good) and not those that make me sad (Fleury), but the memory of the Cup win last season makes everything better. Also nice feel-good pieces like this one about how happy Schultz is in Pittsburgh and how well he is doing and how much Gonch is helping the defensemen.


Dec. 8th, 2016 09:41 pm
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I haven't written anything in weeks and I really hoped I'd manage to pick it up again today, but instead I spent hours reading fans' reactions to the latest Yuri!!! on Ice episode with a huge smile on my face. I don't even watch the show! I watched I think three episodes total and concluded that while it's cute, the skating is very pretty, and the opening song catchy, it hits my embarrassment squick too often for me to truly enjoy it. (How sensitive I am about that tends to come in phases, so maybe I'll try again in a few months.) I vaguely followed what was happening via reactions and Tumblr gifs, just enough to appreciate the newest plot twist. Not as much as the fans though. They're so happy! This is the best. The last time I saw an entire fandom be so happy about something… maybe YoI fans after episode 7, or Young Justice fans when season 3 was confirmed, and definitely Pens fandom after the Cup win in June, but it's a rare and beautiful thing. I'm not in the fandom but this cheers me up.
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Every time I get into a new fandom I'm a bit worried about annoying everyone with how much I talk about it, on- and offline. By now, after several years, I assume everyone got used to me talking about hockey a lot. Now I've started talking about D&D a lot - I've already explained the game to my mom, told LB and DD about my odd familiars, and I enjoy making "best of last week" posts on DW. Another fandom of a type I'm unfamiliar with, but I'll figure it out.

Things that happened last D&D session:familiars with personalities, surprise dragon, and other fun stuff )

Tomorrow I'm going on vacation visiting my grandparents for a week with LB. We'd talked about it for a while but never specified a date because LB's summer plans were so fluid, so when he called me on Friday (right after I came back from grocery shopping) and suggested next week, it was a surprise. I'm looking forward to seeing my relatives, but I don't think I'll stay long because I currently feel comfortable in Vienna and like there's a lot of stuff I want to do here. How is it already the middle of July? Weird.
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Follow-up to my post from yesterday about quitting fandoms and hockey (rpf) in particular: there is yet another in a long list of shitty incidents. This time, an AHL prospect was charged with a revenge porn felony, and even though he was arrested and charged over a month ago the team let him keep playing until it became public on social media. UGH.

There were some good responses and comments on being a woman in hockey sports fandom on Twitter:
Hannah Stuart
Jen LC
Megan Richardson
Sarah Connors
Sasky Stewart
Hockey Babbler
And not on Twitter:
"The NHL's problem with women", by Julie Di Caro
Women in hockey being heard, but not loud enough, by Scott Wheeler (Pension Plan Puppets)

One that feels unfortunately familiar:
m g: "Hockey has brought me a lot of fun and many friendships, but when I see the decisions made by @Puckologist @acciohockey @butyoucarlotta ... amongst many others, I know that's my future. That I'm just waiting for the scales to tip. For the negative to outweigh the positive."

Every time someone leaves the sports fandom feels lonelier/scarier afterwards. Fandom should not feel like a fight.

To sum up, Casey:
"To the women who stay and push back: thank you.
To the women who need a break: You deserve to feel safe & happy, not trapped."
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I wanted to post this yesterday, but then I got distracted by the Pens-Caps game. It was a fantastic hockey game, except for when the Caps got frustrated and started taking it out on Pens players: Weber started punching Rust who was just lying in the ice, Oshie punched Sid in the head while Sid was lying down pinned without his helmet, Weber boarded Rust, ugh. I hate that part of the sport. (I expected something like this against Philly, not the Caps!) I only watched two periods before I decided my nerves had enough (and also I was very tired) and was very happy and relieved to wake up to a 6-2 win. The Rust-Cullen-Kuhnhackl line was fantastic.
What a weekend, decisive wins against the Flyers and Caps and giving up 35 shots total. Fingers crossed Dumo is not too badly injured, fucking injuries.

March posting meme: What makes you stop being fannish about something or have you ever just quit, cold turkey, a fandom? If you haven't, what do you think would make you quit?
I've never, that I can recall, suddenly quit a fandom. In every case it was because I gradually lost interest. Sometimes because there were fewer people to talk to, sometimes because canon became worse, sometimes because I ran out of canon and fanworks, sometimes I discovered something else I liked better, sometimes I didn't even know why.

The question is currently particularly relevant for hockey (rpf) fandom. If something like what happened with Patrick Kane this summer – he was accused of rape and his team, the Chicago Blackhawks, and the league handled the situation terribly – happened with my team, could I continue being a fan of them? On the one hand I don't think so, but I'm not sure where I'd draw the line. If it's just one guy, I think I could deal with it. After all I already do my best to ignore Mario Lemieux. But what if the management & the organization support him, is that a deal-breaker, or only if my favorite players support him too?
And I don't think it will happen, but what if Patrick Kane gets the Masterton trophy this season, awarded to the player "who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to ice hockey"? Would that be a league I could support? On the one hand I wouldn't want to, but it'd be hard because I'd still be attached to my team, and the hockey is so pretty; and it'd likely be possible to rationalize away because the league already does many shitty things -.- I'd probably try not to give them any more money, at least.
(Hm, would also be interesting how that would affect the hockey/hockey rpf fandom overlap/line. I'll get into that some other time maybe.)

Things other current canons could do to stop my interest (apart from stupid things I can't foresee):
- The 100: I'm already less interested than I was now that they spoiler ) There are fewer characters that I like and am interested in than there used to be, and when the number goes down to zero I'll stop watching. Currently it's at around 5, if I add up some halves.
- Killjoys: I'm very curious what the second season of Killjoys will look like, they basically changed the entire premise. If Dutch and Johnny die I'm not interested anymore, but that won't happen. If Dutch and Johnny's friendship is permanently ruined in a bad way, that would also be a dealbreaker.
- MCU: I'm already only watching the movies people are saying are good, Age of Ultron killed a lot of my enthusiasm. If CA:CW is as bad as Age of Ultron I probably won't bother watching the next few movies.

Fandom reasons that would make me quit a fandom: Fortunately that hasn't happened yet, because in several instances I've been lucky to be a corner of fandom that's less wanky. (Now especially because I'm not really involved in fandom on Tumblr or Twitter.) I've heard several stories that if they happened in a fandom that I was very involved in I would probably have quit that fandom, often coinciding with questionable canon developments. I'm not sure how much, but bad fandom wanks definitely would affect my interest in canon, especially since interest in canon & interest in fandom are usually related.
(I thought about examining that more closely and playing through a few scenarios, but it always came back to how glad I am that I was never in Blackhawks fandom and could mostly avoid that mess in fannish spaces. No need to relive that mess.)
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Pens win 4-1 against the Flyers! It was BEAUTIFUL. This is what this team should look like. (Except the PP, that was terrible.) And they don't even have Geno right now, so this isn't even the final form.

For the March posting meme, what does it take for you to get fannish about something?
Good question.

There are different degrees of "being fannish about something". If I had to classify it, maybe like this:
1, I watch/read canon but don't read fic, OR I read fic but don't watch/read canon. (The latter happens surprisingly often.)
2, I watch/read canon and read fic, but don't feel inclined to write fic myself or get involved in fandom discussions or seek out further information, or
3, I only do so for a short time/occasionally.
4, I watch/read canon, read fic, want or do write fic myself, seek out further information and communities and discussions to participate in, and it lasts for a longer time, let's say at least several months.

Type 1 fandoms can be anything. Type 4 fandoms, my "main" fandoms, I've only really had two, SGA and Hockey RPF. With both of them it was a surprise to me that I got so involved: with SGA the fantastic fandom played a huge role and with Hockey RPF that I started enjoying the sport itself so much.

Looking at a few past fandoms that fell in category 2&3, it seems requirements are (among others):
- at the very least one character that I like, ideally more than one
- for this/these character(s) to have interesting relationships with other people
- either an interesting world or interesting circumstances
- it's hitting some of my kinks, h/c and/or loyalty and/or found family etc.
- canon should have a place for more stories to fit in, not be perfectly self-contained and satisfying, there should be something left to build on/with
- at least one person, preferably more, to talk with about the fandom. I have a ton of respect for people who try, and sometimes even succeed, in starting fandoms, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it. I need the conversation. For example, "Steerswoman" is the smallest fandom I've found myself in for longer than a few weeks, it's pretty much inactive but at least I know that a few people on my flist have read&liked it, there's an audience for fic (even if it's small) and if I started a conversation it wouldn't go into nothing. (And even then I probably wouldn't still be as interested if the timing with Yuletide wasn't so convenient.)
- and then there's a random element. Often I can't explain why one thing grabs me and one doesn't. Or maybe I could if I took a very close look at both, and it'd be different details each time. Often it'd just be "that's not what I was in the mood for at that moment."

I like that there's a random element. Makes it a pleasant surprise every time something does grab me.
(Like hockey (rpf.) That was a huge surprise and showed me that it's impossible to predict.)
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Favorite quote of the day:

"Isn't fandom economy a weird thing? I can rub my hands with glee and say yesssss, I have caused these people pain, it was so mutually satisfying."

[ profile] hansbekhart, in the comments to their excellent fic The Dead Forest, which is about Steve waking up in the future.

Sums it up pretty well. Similar things happen with books and movies, but in fandom you have much more immediate feedback. You have authors being called terrible monsters in comments and being proud of it, lately there's a lot of fans calling themselves trash for whatever reason, and if you're not familiar with the culture it may seem a bit weird. Fandom's the best.
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Over four hours choir practice tonight because our first concert is in a week. Tiiired. I still have a few pieces to learn by heart and a few passages I sometimes get wrong. This was the first practice after the holidays, for that it wasn't bad. I love choir singing, but I think it'll be a bit too much the next two weeks. Especially because it's the whole weekend again. (Plus I have doctor's appointments coming up, ugh.)

Yesterday evening I read a fic that was described as dark, so I expected things like rape and murder. It had those things, but also an extremely dysfunctional relationship with two people who care about each other but keep hurting each other, and a hopeful ending at best. It was very well written and also very disturbing, so I stayed up way longer than I had planned to get it out of my head before I went to sleep. It's still not out of my head. This is the third time something like this has happened to me (that I can recall), and every time it was a bandom fic. I should probably start being more careful with bandom fics.

DD is back from the US and she brought me a souvenir! I now have my very own Geno Malkin shirt ))))
She watched the Pens-Lightning game before Christmas live, I'm envious. She also stayed on the same hotel floor as the Pens, so she got to see hockey players running around half-naked with only towels on and met Kuni and Tanger in the elevator. Sadly not half-naked.

Simon Despres is playing very well this season, which is great. Two days ago there was a new article about him and I found out that I got some details wrong in Losing Down. That was inevitable; what's annoying is that it gave me a few interesting ideas for things I could have added to the story or changed, but it's too late now. Or maybe it would just have become more complicated.
Maybe I should write a Despres primer. But my only attempt to write a primer so far (Tommy Shepherd) stalled in the middle because wow is that a lot of work. And I doubt it would actually lead to more Despres fic being written. Put it on the "maybe one day if I'm bored and have time" project list.
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I watched "The Maze Runner" yesterday and I enjoyed it. Read more... ) I want to write so many Yuletide treats for the movie now but there's not enough time, dammit. Maybe next year.

For the December meme, a question by [personal profile] theladyscribe: what was your first fandom and do you still read/watch/write it?

I'm not sure what my first fandom was, it depends on the criteria. I started making up my own characters and stories to worlds from books very early, and with many of these old fandoms I can't remember in which order I started them. I think my Karl May phase was pretty early?

Some early fandoms that I wrote fic in were Star Trek (only the tie-in novels, I didn't see an episode or a movie until years later) and Beyblade, I started writing self-insert fic for these two in 2004. I also wrote One Piece fic, but I can't find it anymore and I think that was a bit later.

Two of the earliest fandoms that I found online were Lord of the Rings (I never wrote fic for it though), Beyblade, and One Piece (but more discussion and less fic.) And I think the next one might have already been SGA? I think I first saw SGA in 2006/2007, then I read a lot on and on people's author websites, then I started stalking LJ, and I created my own LJ account in 2009.

So the answer's mostly no. I only read Star Trek when a fic is recced, same with LotR; I still follow One Piece but I've never read much fic and at the moment pretty much none, and I haven't read Beyblade in years. (Wow, thinking of Beyblade makes me feel nostalgic.)
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I met new people! Hi! I love meeting new people :)

I thought I could maybe post a short "about me" intro, but this is harder than I thought.

Me: I'm 23, female, from and currently living in Vienna. I still live with my parents, in a small house with a small garden in an outer district, but I'm planning to move out in the next few months. I have a little brother, LB, who I get along with very well (mostly.) No pets: we had two mice once, but they started fighting all the time.

I used to read a ton of books - I'm a very fast reader -, nowadays I mostly read fic. I'm a member of a debating society, I sing in a choir, and I volunteer for the OTW. I wouldn't describe myself as an especially athletic person, but I started playing hockey three weeks ago and it's very exciting. I like baking, worldbuilding, spaceships, and sleeping in. I know some Russian, but I should practice more.

I'm currently finishing my bachelor's degree in socioeconomics. I've been trying to do that for over a year, but I'm currently recovering from depression so it took longer. I still have a huge procrastination problem, but I'm getting better.

My fannish history: I started writing self-insert Star Trek, One Piece, and Beyblade fanfic when I was quite young, and in hindsight I'm glad I didn't know you could post stuff like that on the internet. (But I'm happy I wrote it! Yay idfic.) I discovered there's such a thing as online fandom via sites like Later I found, through that personal fic sites, and then Lj. That was - wow, over five years ago.

My first big fandom was SGA. It set my standard for crackfic, after that every other fandom has been disappointing in that regard ;) (Ketchup/pea. How to even top that.) Then I flirted with many fandoms, most of them I was only "active" in for a few months or only follow passively. Some of the latest are Young Avengers, Vorkosigan Saga, and Babylon 5.
To my great surprise, during the NHL lockout 2012 I somehow fell into Hockey RPF as my new "main" fandom. Now I'm probably even more a fan of the game itself than of the fic, but the fic is a great bonus. The Pens are my team, but I'm fond of a few more players, especially Habs.

I have many story ideas, many that I don't write down, or only write down an outline or a scene and never finish. You can find most of the finished ones on AO3. I want to write more: currently I'm writing my Yuletide fic and it's going well, so I'll see :)

I consider dreamwidth my main platform at the moment, it's certainly my favorite. I try to post regularly, at least once a week, and most times I succeed. I'm still on Lj for my flist, and I'm on Tumblr for the pretty pictures and sometimes the links.
While I love the feature, I still don't know how best to use access lists. I mostly post personal stuff under lock, like health or family stuff or rants, and I'm not sure if people are interested: if you want to read that kind of stuff I'd be happy to give you access.

If you have any questions you can ask here or on the December posting meme.
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Yuletide nominations are open! This time, I'm telling myself the third year in a row, is definitely the year I'll participate in Yuletide for the first time. I guess we'll see :)
I think I even understand the rules, more or less, and I know that there are enough fandoms that I could offer.

I'm still thinking about what I want to request, especially what I'd need to nominate. Most things that I currently follow are either bigger fandoms or I'm not that interested in fic.
*) Vorkosigan Saga: Greg, Aral, and Miles, probably. And maybe Ivan. I think I'd like a fic set between Barrayar and Vor Game. I'm pretty sure I don't have to nominate this, but so far it's not on the unofficial spreadsheet.
*) The Young Protectors: I want worldbuilding (will probably be jossed, but who cares) and teamfic. Stupid character limit. Four of Kyle, Paul, Mitch, Spooky, and Amanda... (I hope the comic progresses in a way that next year I can request Platinum Priestess/Amanda rivalry fic.)
*) Montréal Canadiens RPF: Teamfic! Poly is also good. Gally, Chucky, PK, and then either Prust or Price or Scherbak. Probably Scherbak, he's adorable.
* I know that Penguins RPF (magical realism teamfic would be nice, for example) is already nominated. I might perhaps request Galaxy Quest (Laliari post-movie), and I'm sure the list will give me more ideas. I feel like I'm forgetting something, which is probably normal but annoying... Oh well, I still have time until Monday.

Recently I'm getting kudos every third day or so, which is nice. But sometimes I really wonder how people found that particular story. Especially my SGA stories, because all my other ones have one or two tags people might search for. But short older random SGA fic? Sometimes it's a reminder that I even wrote that stuff. It's always great :)

Recently I'm also trying to leave more comments. After one very sincere thank-you I thought I should try more because it makes people happy, and I resolved to start with one a day. (I'm not sure how many fics I read each day on average, I'm pretty sure it's more than ten.) I'm above that now, and I think I'm getting better at it. It's nice.

Third day in a row of not doing any work on my thesis... Better tomorrow. (We had a debating workshop at a school, I have too many unread emails, there's debate club drama going on, and I get random headaches. I think tomorrow I'm going to steal some chocolate from the cupboard.)

Music I'm currently listening to on a loop: Calling All Dawns
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DAY 7: Count your fannish blessings. Post at least three fannish blessings, for example, three reasons you love your fandom or fandom in general, three happy fannish memories, three people who've inspired your fannishness.

I'm tired so thinking is hard, but have some random happy fandom memories:

- That time when I talked to someone for the second time and we started talking about what we like to read and he evaded the question for a while and then said he's reading this thing, he's not sure if I've heard about it, it's a comic from Japan, and it's called "One Piece" - and I started jumping up and down (literally) and shouted "Ace is free!" (because that just happened a day before) and it was like we had an instant connection. We were in public at a tram station and didn't care at all. It was one of the first times I had this intense feeling of fannish joy outside of the internet and it was amazing.

- When I posted my first few fics and got positive comments. I'd written stories before, even shown it to a few people who said nice things, but I don't think I ever felt so proud of my writing - something I'd created! - before.

- The first times I got postcards from fandom friends. I'd known that these people that I met and became friends with were real, of course, but somehow it felt different to hold something in my hand. Proof not only that they're real, but also that I'd made such good friends who care enough to send me a card (I'm a lazy card writer myself.)

- The month or two when I fell in love with fanvids. Somehow a switch flipped and I learned how to watch vids, how to follow the stories and to combine pictures and lyrics and several layers of meaning. I watched and downloaded a LOT of vids in a short period of time, and I loved it. There are a few that I remember very well, like "Us" by lim (I started out not liking it that much, then loving it, then loving it less but still liking it), or the funny SGA vids by chayiana, or my favorite Elizabeth Weir vids that I watched a lot (especially "Welcome Home"), and a few others.

- This is a bit more recent so I didn't think of it at first, but I think my first live hockey game. It was a great experience, but not only because of that: I think it was also because it was a result of me becoming fannish about different things (from Hockey RPF to hockey and both not really fandoms I'd ever considered before) and feeling absolutely free to tell everyone offline about it without having to worry about weird looks (okay yes weird looks but not the same kind of weird looks like if I'd talk about fanfic and mostly from people who know me- and by now I'm also much more comfortable talking about fanfic), and just realizing how comfortable I'm feeling by now in being fannish, being a fan. It's nice.
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I still feel like I'm relatively new to online fandom - it's been, what, five years? Too lazy to check. But during that time I've seen a lot: I went through the fandom_wank archives once, that was fun; I've watched SPN and Homestuck fandom meltdowns from a safe distance, and through Fanlore, fannish osmosis, and fail_fandomanon I've heard of a lot of other craziness going on in many fandoms. Sure, every fandom is different, with different fights and battlegrounds, but I thought I'm generally prepared for most.

And then I got into a sports fandom (more specifically hockey.) Nope, I was wrong.

The BNFs are paid for their job! Even though so many of them they pay more attention to their headcanon narratives than to the actual canon. Everyone takes it extremely seriously. Hostility between different camps is encouraged. Did I think that media fans overreact when they hear about spoilers or rumors? Sports fans are at least as bad, and they get to talk about it on TV. Ime it usually takes more than a season before media fans want a showrunner fired; sports fans want the GM or coach fired after ten lost games. (Of 82!)

I probably only notice it this much because it's different than I'm used to, and it's a fandom I'm currently more invested in than I was in SPN or Homestuck (fortunately I never got involved in big fights in media fandoms I was involved in.) The medium is also different: very little Lj/DW, a bit of Tumblr, lots of Twitter, blogs, newspapers, TV, Reddit, and boards. And probably to a large part also a different demographic, with a different fan background. It's frustrating at times that there seem to be few people who think rationally and don't overreact to everything. Maybe it's also that in these mediums it's harder to find and stick to a part of the fandom that you're comfortable with, or maybe I just haven't found out how yet. Not that it's not fun! Sometimes.

This post brought to you by the fan reaction to the Penguins firing Shero, but not Bylsma. ~Drama! Wow do hockey fans love scapegoats and refuse to believe that sometimes a loss is just bad luck.
(There were certainly times in the playoffs that the team didn't look as well as it should, but a lot of that is the players' fault - the coach can't do a lot if the players don't backcheck. And the whole "he lost the room" narrative is nothing but speculation. But it's easier to say it's the coach's fault, even though he led the team with the most injuries to a top spot in the standings and they had very good possession numbers, than to say the team lost because of bad luck (Crosby's shooting percentage will probably never be this low again) and the players having a cold streak. If Bylsma is fired, fine, but don't overhaul the whole team; and if he isn't, also fine, stop hating him for not living up to the fans' way too high expectations. Winning a Cup is hard.) (Btw, so happy Boston is out. But the Western semifinal is Chicago-LA again :( )
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Epbot has a post Do we need a new word for "geek"?" in response to discussions around a video by Felicia Day in which she says that geeks need to "reclaim" the word.

I think she's right that the meaning of the word has shifted to something more "mainstream", sometimes a label to "describe a person who is defined solely by liking comics or games or movies or TV", making it easier for firms to market for them and seeing them as a group of consumers. Felicia Day: "To me, "geek" means an outsider, a rebel, a dreamer, a creator, whether it's our own world or someone else's. It's a fighter. It's a person who dares to love something that isn't conventional. The mantra of "geek" to me is "your judgement is not my problem.""

There are some interesting comments in and to the Epbot post around the question "how do we remain an open, inclusive community while still retaining a strong sense of identity": label or no label, geeks and nerds and other stuff, geek as noun or verb, the joys of sharing, who gets to call who a geek, but many more questions than answers.

I think it's a bit strange to use "outsider" as a defining quality of a group, because what do you do when "the others" welcome you? And what does it matter if something you love is conventional? Same with "rebel", why do you have to rebel against something? I like the other parts of Felicia's attempt, but not as anything definitive.

Sidenote: I wonder how much people's different definitions depend on how much they experienced exclusion in school for their interests. It seems to be a stereotypical part of the "typical geek growing up experience", which seems a bit sad to me. I never really felt that - I had few friends in school because I was smart and that made me a bit arrogant, and I'm usually good at finding safe spaces to talk about spaceships and pirates and stuff (although every once in a while I slip up and people look at me funny *g*)

I've been called a geek and a nerd, more often in recent times because I have more friends I can talk about spaceships with, and I'm fine with both, but I don't really care. That's not really how I think about myself. "Geeky", sometimes, as an adjective, but not with any strong conviction.

What's much more important to me is that I'm "in fandom." Not only a fan, many people are fans of something, but that I'm part of a community that loves things and enjoys sharing that love with others and creates other things out of that. Sure, you can have the same discussions about who is part of this community. There are many different communities - Lj/Dw are different from Tumblr is different from is different from messageboards is different from YouTube and Twitter - but they all have these things in common, loving something and sharing it with others and often creating things to celebrate what you love. I know I'm part of that, it makes me happy, and that's enough for me.

Speaking of, coincidentally *g*: the OTW is currently holding its biannual (I think) membership drive. A lot of what I post about volunteering here is negative because I need spaces to vent, but I still really love the OTW and the AO3 and Fanlore and all of its projects. Even with all of its problem I'm very glad the OTW exists, and I'm convinced it's only going to become more amazing going forward.
Fandom Is Love: Organization for Transformative Works Membership Drive, April 3-9
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I'm not sure I can make this post make sense, but I'm trying. Have some ramblings about female characters in my fandoms.

The first books I can remember (atm) being seriously fannish about were by Karl May. I don't know how well he's known outside of German-speaking Europe, probably not very well, but I loved his books: the Westerns, the ones set in Arab countries, the miscellaneous others. All of them shameless self-inserts preaching Christian morality and white European superiority, but I didn't care: adventure, brothers in arms, daring feats of bravery, heck yeah. That was the time when I started constructing my own self-inserts (Mary Sues, all of them, and I'm not at all ashamed of them.) All female, of course. The lack of female awesome characters bothered me, for some reason. I remember reading the Old Surehand books and falling in love with Kolma Puschi - I think that was the first time I was annoyed by Old Shatterhand swooping in and single-handedly saving the day. (Let's not even talk about Nscho-tschi.)

My next love was Science Fiction, which had a bit more female characters. So much love for Susan Calvin! For everyone who has only seen the film "I, Robot" and not read the books, first, what are you waiting for, second, she is so much more awesome. Susan Calvin is the smartest person around, all the men call her whenever they have problems, and she solves them while being sarcastic, closed-off, and still human. I loved "Feminine Intuition".

Next came a period of reading everything, a lot of it fantasy. Some female main characters! I read a lot of Marion Zimmer Bradley (mostly because it was available in my library and I liked the worldbuilding. I never fell in love with her characters.)
Star Wars: Leia! I also read Lord of the Rings and later the Silmarillion about twenty times: I had high hopes for Aredhel, but then she went and got abducted. And all the other Elven women either didn't get mentioned or fell in love with humans. Meh. Harry Potter: Well, there was Hermione, who is smart, but I never got the sense that the author liked her much, and somehow we didn't click. I had a brief manga interlude, and my favorite characters were Nami, Robin, and C-18. No good female characters in Beyblade, so I concentrated on my own. And none of those were main characters.

Tl;dr: Looking back it is very obvious to me how I always looked for the female characters to identify with. I also created my own, sometimes several of them (I had my own crew of Mary Sues for One Piece, and it was glorious.)

Sooo then I discovered internet fandom! Mostly through SGA. At first I read a lot of gen teamfic, when I ran out I read all the AUs, including McShep, and later I read everything/anything. I fell in love with the fandom, not canon. Fanon!Teyla is awesome, and sometimes, fanon!Elizabeth and fanon!Jennifer are, too. They are occasionally awesome in canon! But not main characters, and I wasn't satisfied with the way they were presented on screen. Teyla and Elizabeth and Jennifer are interesting, but we have to work on it, and there is not enough consistent fanon (especially for Elizabeth and Jennifer) so it means having to start all over again each time.
I think SGA was the first or one of the first fandoms where I didn't create a self insert for a long time. Hmm.

Hmmm, what was next? Probably One Piece again. Wow, I've been following this one for a long time. At the moment I'm in one of my "meh" phases, mainly because I am really, really annoyed by how little Nami and Robin and get to do and do not particularly care for Shirahoshi. Every crew member except the women gets a fight to show off their new powers? Really, Oda? And they wear even less clothes for more curves than before. I'm disappointed.

Firefly! Where we have River, Inara, Kaylee, and Zoe. All of them interesting premises that need fanon (or a few more seasons...) to make them really great, but I didn't get into the fandom so I don't know if it exists.

For a short time I followed Sherlock fanfic. The stories I enjoyed most were a) magic AUs, because the fandom has some amazing ones, and b) stories fleshing out Sally Donovan and Molly. I recently rewatched Sherlock: it's a great mini-series, and maybe I could even love it if it had some better minor (female) characters. But Sherlock is kind of a dick; John Watson is awesome, but most Sherlock/John stories don't have a character dynamic I enjoy.

White Collar: This is how you do female side characters well! I love Elizabeth and Diana. (Also Neal is very pretty and Mozzie is fun.)

And then (or was it before?) I discovered Homestuck, and Homestuck has Rose, Jade, Kanaya, Terezi, Vriska... female main characters! We have female characters being kind of screwed up, having their own adventures, lots of girl-girl interactions (some of those interactions involve almost or permanently killing each other), girls interested in girly things and also being badass (Rose and her knitting needles! Kanaya's lipstick/chainsaw!) It is glorious. How did I never know how much I missed this? Female characters that don't need fanon! Love. And they didn't get killed off any faster than the rest of the cast, either! How much do I love Rose <3 especially in the most recent updates.

Claymore has all the ladies as main characters! At first as lone warriors, which I didn't find that fascinating because I love teamwork and friendship, but then they formed a group and it was wonderful. I'm not very fannish about this manga, but I enjoy the female warrior friendship very much. (Also the female crystal-tentacle-monsters.)

Tower of God has the princesses! So much love for the princesses. Lahel and Hwan are probably going to be interesting, too. And Anak and Androssi definitely count as main characters.

Gunnerkrigg Court: female main characters again! And we even got make-up scene, and they are so adorable together, and just *flails* awww.

Noblesse is the unfortunate exception among the webcomics I'm following. I want all the Seira&Yuna friendship stories! (At first I thought Ik-shan and Tao were women, I'd have liked that.) They are the least "main" of the "main" cast, and as much as I love M-21 and the others I regret that.

Tl,dr again. I think what I want to express is that in all the fandoms/canons/books/comics/movies I follow/encounter I still look towards the female characters first to identify with. It's the female characters that I can relate to much easier and whose stories interest me first. My favorite part of PotC is Elizabeth Swann, and I get annoyed when reviews of Thor only mention Thor and Loki, dismiss Jane and Darcy, and then call it a general movie primer. Occasionally I still make up my own female self-insert Mary Sues, and I love it.

This turned out to be - actually, I'm not sure, a look at female characters in my fandoms? I've been thinking of checking out Buffy, but I promised a friend that Doctor Who would come first, and who knows what I'll discover until then. I'm not even sure what I wanted to say, but hopefully this will one day help me organize my thoughts. Also it is the middle of the night which is another reason why I might not make any sense.
Oh who am I kidding, this is totally me procrastinating on studying for my next exam tomorrow. In a few days LB will come and hopefully force me to do more and be online less because I have no self-control whatsoever at all. *facepalm*

ETA: [personal profile] printfogey reminded me of A:tla - how could I forget that! Katara, Toph, Mai, Ty Lee, Azula <3 and soon Korra!
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The subject line is partially a lie. Not really, because fandom can make most things more fun and can cheer me up like few other things, but because of fandom I also spent the whole weekend doing nothing (but internet-surfing) even though I have three exams this week and two papers to write. Half of it due today/tomorrow. Let's just say that I didn't sleep much the last two nights, I don't think I ever failed an exam that was so easy this badly, and I feel incredibly stupid.
But! The next paper I have to hand in is for Labor Economics. The professor said to pick any scientific article related to that topic, sum it up, and then add our own opinion. Not very hard (I can read&write very quickly, usually), and also: I can pick an interesting topic. At that time I was following the OTW Election discussions, so I chose an article about volunteer labor. It's one of those articles that writes down things you vaguely know anyway and then categorizes it. For example they decided on four types of volunteer labor, with one of them being "virtual volunteering". Only their form of virtual volunteering doesn't match what I know (OTW&DW) at all. I'm aware that both DW and the OTW are probably exceptional in their use of volunteers, even better. For some reason I'm very excited to be able to use something fannish for university! I might even be able to finish this before midnight and actually get some sleep, who knows... Depending on how distracted I get this time.
(I'm looking forward to the seminar on media studies. I hope it'll be good.)
/stop procrastinating (again) and get back to work, stupid
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Despite a huge study workload, debate club, extra choir practices, lots of annoying organizing stuff, a fic to write, and a new Firefly DVD lying next to SGA season 1 (borrowed) and a bag with 50 One Piece mangas (borrowed) in my room, I have found the time to fall in love with Dresden Files.

I wish I remembered who recced the fics that got me started so I knew who to blame. That was last weekend. On monday I went to a library in the other end of the city, to get just one book. I ended up getting four of them, which I read in the next three days on train rides and from midnight to 2 am.

Spoilers )


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