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I woke up at 5am last night because the thermostat was buzzing -.- Not a very good day, next chance tomorrow.

Almost two years ago I made a list of which NHL teams I liked and which I didn't, with the goal to repeat the process later to see what changed. I forgot in January, but I made another list now. Quite a lot changed, I even had to make some new categories.

My team (1)
Pittsburgh Penguins. Current Stanley Cup Champions, fuck yeah!

Other teams I like (0)
"like" felt a bit too strong, so I'm leaving this free and created a new category:

Teams I feel positive about (2)
Washington Capitals. I want Ovi and Backstrom to get a Cup eventually.
San Jose Sharks. My third choice to win the Cup, if I could pick.

Teams I feel vaguely positive about (4)
Calgary Flames. Johnny Gaudreau is adorable.
New Jersey Devils. Idk, I just think it'd be fun if they got better.
Florida Panthers. Jagr and the young 'uns and their fun goalies
Carolina Hurricanes. Idk, why not. Very vaguely though.

I feel conflicted. (2)
Boston Bruins. I like Bergeron and Marchand, Chara seems okay, I don't really care about the rest of their roster, but I still can't forget the 2013 playoffs, sue me.
Arizona Coyotes. I want to like them, esp. Domi and Duclair, but they still have Shane Doan.

Mostly pity (7)
Vancouver Canucks. Sorry Vancouver.
Buffalo Sabres
Edmonton Oilers. Yes, despite McDavid, mostly because I don't trust McLellan.
Dallas Stars. Not in general, just this season, because holy shit do they have a ton of injuries.
Ottawa Senators. Best defenseman in the world is surrounded by that mediocre a team.
Anaheim Ducks. They got Carlyle again. (Despres -.- )
Detroit Red Wings

Don't particularly care (8)
Toronto Maple Leafs
St. Louis Blues
Nashville Predators
Minnesota Wild
New York Islanders
Tampa Bay Lightning, except as difficult playoff opponents
Winnipeg Jets
Colorado Avalanche

Dislike (4)
New York Rangers. Three playoff series in a row, Lundqvist whining, and Marc Staal being a dick.
Montréal Canadiens. Can they please trade Galchenyuk (and maybe Price) to another team.
Philadelphia Flyers. I like them better than I did last year. I can't quite believe it either.
Columbus Blue Jackets. Extra hate for Brandon Dubinsky. They still don't qualify as rivals though.

Fuck off. (2)
Los Angeles Kings
Chicago Blackhawks

Very broadly, currently 7 teams are more on the positive side, 17 neutral, 6 negative. Last time it was 15 positive, 11 neutral, 5 negative. Last time I pitied 2 teams, now 7, probably because I know more about more teams.
Sidenote, I still didn't manage to list all 30 teams without looking them up. (I forgot Colorado and Detroit, again.) One day.
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