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Mar. 21st, 2013 05:25 pm
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I don't want to get sick :( I was doing so well running regularly in preparation for the marathon and now this. I also don't want it to get cold yet again, why, sunshine is pretty.

I'm in the middle of worldbuilding and plotting for [community profile] sgareversebang and I'm quite excited about it - probably less when I actually start writing, whatever. One short Teyla fic I wanted to write got a lot more complicated and longer than I thought, I'll probably need to cut most of it.

To procrastinate, have some SGA recs I collected in the past few months.5 fic, 3 pieces of fanart )
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Comments make people happy, so before Christmas I try to leave many of them on fanworks I enjoyed. I'm currently very much enjoying the fics posted at [ profile] sga_santa, the art at [ profile] sga_art_santa and at [community profile] yuletart, [ profile] mischief5's SGA Squee Advent at [ profile] sga_squee, and the big folders of .gifs I copied from M.'s laptop.

Some SGA_Santa stories I enjoyed so far:

Intergalactic Topology for Beginners by [personal profile] verity
PG, Rodney/Teyla, 1.4k
Rodney can't help but appreciate Teyla's facility with knots. On a purely academic level, of course.
A sweet, funny, and well written story.

Soft by [ profile] taste_is_sweet
NC17, John/Rodney, 7.7k, contains sex while in hybrid form
Rodney can shapeshift into a creature with cat-like features. (Werecat doesn't really fit, since it doesn't say if it has any connection to the moon and his other form is a human-cat-hybrid.) The story begins with a lovely h/c scene in which a delirious John is rescued by Rodney after an avalanche and ends with a nice and warm sex scene.

In Abeyance by [personal profile] tielan
PG13, John&Teyla UST, 2.2k
John and Teyla (and Torren) go on a team picnic - not a date! This is lovely, a good look at John and Teyla in season 5.

No Rest for the Winged by [personal profile] bluflamingo
Teen, Laura Cadman/Katie Brown, Ronon Dex/Evan Lorne, Dusty Mehra/OFC, John, 2.1k
Interesting and good little daily life snippets set in an AU where some people have wings.

On This Winter's Night by [personal profile] ceitie
R, Ronon/John/Teyla/Rodney, 1.2
A great Ronon POV, good descriptions, and again a very nice cold/warm contrast.

And there are and will be many other stories! One of them is mine! \o/ But now I have to go procrastinate some more work.

SGA recs

Dec. 13th, 2012 05:39 pm
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[personal profile] siria is thinking about SGA in a post that reminded me of some old favorites and that SGA fandom has the best stories. (So I'm biased, so what? ^^)

It also reminded me that I wanted to rec some new SGA stories that were posted in December and badly advertised. Maybe there are more good ones, but browsing the AO3 SGA feed really makes me appreciate a good summary.

Speak Slow by [personal profile] jendavis
Gen, John/Ronon, 4,6k
John and Ronon are stranded on a planet when the gate translation system breaks down. I like how they communicate and become closer. Some unnecessary italics imo, but a very nice story.

Dona, Dona by [ profile] faith_manages
Gen, Radek + OCs, 4,6k
Radek backstory! I want more Radek backstory. This one is about his childhood. My favorite part is the story in the end.

Easy by [personal profile] mayachain
Gen, Jennifer, 260words
Post-EatG. This reads like a story written against fanon, not canon, and that I dislike this bit of fanon makes it even better.

Blackmail by [ profile] mosymoseys
John/Elizabeth UST, John&Rodney, 250words
I suspect that part of the reason why I like this snippet is also because it's not the sort of fanon I usually encounter: John wants to sleep with Elizabeth, and Rodney is mean, and while it's not my headcanon it's not further from canon than many McShep fic.

Just a Case of the Flu by [ profile] kerravon
Gen, Carson, team, and Athosians, 11k
Reading this story made me realize that I don't think I've seen a lot of gen Carson POV. Maybe I would have liked him better? This was a bit strange to read because I expected something very different from the ominous summary talking about the 1918 influenza, and it never got as dark as I expected. While it's nice to see more of the medical staff, I wish they'd been more competent. Some nice team interaction with Ford.

Answer-Man and Terrific Torren Verses the Man in Black by [ profile] ami_ven
Gen, John&Rodney&Torren, 430words
This is silly and funny and adorable.

[ profile] sga_santa starts posting soon! I'm so excited. I get a story this year, and also comments on a story I wrote!
Now back to work, hopefully, and maybe this time I can skip feeling so incredibly stupid because of how far behind I am. (Yes I know writing this doesn't help.)
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Every once in a while people point out that most SGA fandom classics are years old and that few more recent fics are recced. From my experience this is sadly mostly true, so here, have some recs of recent (from the last few months) fanworks I've enjoyed. (By no means all of them! Just some I could find again on short notice.)

9 stories and 3 pieces of fanart )
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Today I came back from a week of vacation in different parts of Austria. Sometimes I almost forget how beautiful this country is. :) I stayed first with a friend and then with my grandparents and rediscovered why I love hiking, especially when there is a beautiful view, flowers, and/or wild strawberries and blueberries. Why are all proper mountains so far away from Vienna?
Home seems much less relaxing in contrast especially when one of the first things I have to do is to de-ice our refrigerator because I was stupid enough not to close the door properly when I left. At least once LB found our good chisels the first part was almost fun.
On Sunday I'm going to youth choir week, I'm looking forward to it. With a little bit of caution because in past years while everyone was friendly there were only a few people I liked to talk with and our great choir leader isn't here this year, but I'm sure it'll be nice.

Fic Rec!
Rock Happy by [ profile] ArwenLune, SGA/GK
gen, crossover with Generation Kill, 142k
I've been following this fic as a WIP for months and enjoyed every new chapter. Now it's finally finished! Wow, I hadn't noticed it had become so long, but it's completely worth it. I love this story so much I don't even know where to begin reccing it.
Summary: "You want to recruit me for what? You want me to go where?"
Sgt. Brad Colbert has been on a lot of strange missions, but this promises to be his most out there yet: Atlantis
This is not a story about falling in love. This is a story about falling in team.

This is a story about falling in team, daily life in Atlantis, and the weirdness of the Pegasus galaxy, and all three of these things are brilliantly done.
I know almost nothing about Generation Kill and treated the POV character Brad Colbert and any other GK characters (not many in the beginning) like an OC, which worked well for me. The other main characters - Captain Avery, Lt. Brittner, Dr. Fournier - are also OCs, but so well fleshed out that I'd feel more comfortable using them in fic than some canon characters. We get team building and character development, yum! And of course many appearances by characters from both canons, from the Atlantis side mostly Cadman and occasionally Dusty Mehra, Lorne, Carter, Sheppard, and others.
I love seeing this side of Atlantis that is so different from what I see in most fics. It reminded me of the best elements of Domenika Marzione's stories. But while in Domenika Marzione's stories I felt thrown into this weird mirrorverse full of competent military OCs Rock Happy introduces me to it slowly and makes it feel more real. In Rock Happy Atlantis becomes a real place people live and work in, many more people besides Sheppard's team.
We also get to see many different sides of the Pegasus galaxy! Good sides, bad sides - my favorite is the mutant kudzu planet. So often while reading this story I had "of course" moments, "I never thought of that."
It's a slow story in the sense that there's no urgent action plot and many smaller scenes, but that gives the author the opportunity to highlight character interaction and the rich setting. Have I mentioned that they do that really really well? This is one of the best new SGA stories I've read in months.
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When you meet someone for the first time the best topics are your favorite SGA crackfics and any other fannish things going through your heads (obviously), so here are a few recs for random things I told the amazing [personal profile] frith_in_thorns about:

The Roads Never Lead Where They're Supposed To Go by [personal profile] eleveninches, SGA fic, long-ish, McShep. The fun/cracky one where John is a botanist, known in my head under a very spoiler-y description that I of course immediately told her, but maybe she forgot it by now. ;)

Cthulhu Santa by [personal profile] ratcreature, fanart. Almost as cute as crochet Cthulhu, and the Santa hat is perfect.

My favorite two Neverwhere fics:
The Never-Green Tree by Sophia_Prester, 8k, gen. Set a short time after Neverwhere, this is an enjoyable story with good character voices and very nice additional pieces of London Below.

The Invisible City; Or, Dick Mayhew and His Marvellous Cat by calliope85, 14k, gen. This one, set a few years later, is fantastic: it shows the darker side of London Below, and it's truly chilling. Wonderful worldbuilding, character voices (sadly no Door, but Richard and the Marquis are perfect), and everything.
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The [ profile] satedan_grabass stories are live! \o/
I read and enjoyed many of them, but three in particular, among other things because they all have a great Ronon POV and background, good character voices, and are very well written.

I'd Do It Again If I Could by [personal profile] jendavis
John/Ronon (almost gen), PG, 4k, repeated (but non-permanent) character death
Ronon is stuck in a time loop and has to try to save everyone. I love smart, resourceful Ronon.

Over Sear and Ash by [personal profile] esteefee
gen, PG, 12k
Ronon returns to find Sateda wasn't destroyed, but there's no going back in time.
Very good worldbuilding and Satedan culture, and I love the different sides of Ronon highlighted here: former scholar, warrior, diplomat in training.

What Buddies Know About Love by [personal profile] busaikko
John/Ronon, PG, 5k
The relationship between this John and Ronon feels very comfortable, even if getting there isn't easy for them because of communication is hard. ;-) The story also has cultural differences very well done, in a non-obtrusive, very fitting and frequently funny way.
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3 SGA fic recs for the prompt "transportation" over at [ profile] sga_saturday: John can't drive, Rodney can, and Elizabeth can't anymore.

at least they don't charge, Unmanifest Destiny, some far off star

I had a great idea for (one of) my sga_genficathon prompts! I just need to adjust a few details (and insert an actual plot.) Would anyone be willing to help me brainstorm? Edit: apparently yes \o/ thank you!
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I posted three recs (1 vid, 2 fics) over at [ profile] sga_saturday, for the prompt "dare":

Be a Man, Rescue, and The Hunters

Comm rules say I can repost in my journal after a week, but I would probably forget. (Skiing holidays at my grandparents', yay!)
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My favorite vids for Ford and Lorne - okay, so technically the only ones I know, but they are really good! And very different.

Falling Inside the Black by jemo
(scroll down)
A great Ford post-Wraith vid. Aiden :( All the little flashback moments are perfectly placed and make me miss him very much. Such a shame the writers never knew what to do with him. Fortunately fans do (sometimes! There are not enough Ford-centric fanworks.)

Be A Rockstar! by [ profile] chayiana
Chayiana does the best SGA humor vids (and if you don't know them, go watch them all immediately.) This one is about Lorne and all the things he can't have because he's not a major character - poor Lorne! xD
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For the Fandom Appreciation Challenge I finally wrote something I've been planning for months: recs for my favorite vids about Elizabeth Weir. It was through these vids that I fell in love with Elizabeth (at least the version in my head; headcanon > canon)

Just as a warning, I always feel that I'm very bad at describing what I love about vids. All of these are gorgeous and make me want to flail a lot, point at the screen and say "that! Did you see that? Isn't it brilliant?", and I've seen each of them easily more than ten times. Just imagine a lot more exclamation marks.

1. Welcome Home by [ profile] permetaform
Summary: Her, city
Did I say ten times? I must have seen this one close to fifty times, I love it so much, and it's one of my favorite vids to watch when I had a bad day. It's a bit like dancing - the scene with the doors opening, just like the beginning of a dance, brilliant. The song has no lyrics, but the clips are perfectly chosen to fit the music and tell a story effortlessly. It's so beautiful when watching, and then there are the connections you discover, and just – wow. This is Elizabeth Weir as heart and soul of the Atlantis expedition.
(More and more eloquent recs linked here on fanlore, if you need more convincing.)
ETA: This one currently seems to be unavailable as well :( I hope it's only temporary, it was working fine yesterday.

2. Static by [ profile] kitakatzz
Summary:The relationship of Elizabeth and McKay, from Elizabeth's POV. & fast-forwarded.
For some reason there are very few Rodney/Elizabeth or Rodney&Elizabeth fanworks, even though they were clearly very close. This wonderful vid shows their mutual affection, and it's also a great look at Elizabeth, with some lines that hit the nail on the head and perfectly fitting music and everything. The parts about Elizabeth and everyone's expectations about her and "I've been listening" because she cares and she wants to be found and just, yes.
(The old download link is invalid :( I asked the vidder if they could provide another one, but in the meantime it's unfortunately unavailable. I love this so much that I still recced it, though, just in case.)

3. Stand in the Rain by [ profile] obfreak
Summary: A Leader must stand up against anything that comes at them, even when everything is falling down around them.
Oh, Elizabeth. This vid shows how strong she is, the enormous pressure she's under and how she's fighting to stay strong and keep standing. Sure, Elizabeth makes a lot of mistakes, but that's not surprising considering her position. Many great clips of her face, and then the ending.

4. Digital Ghost by [ profile] hollywoodgrrl
Summary: A eulogy for Elizabeth Weir...Just take a closer look at what it is that´s really haunting you.
The key word for this vid is "haunting": Elizabeth and Atlantis and John, all haunting each other. A beautiful vid with a lot of delicious meta about Elizabeth and her relationship with the city and her people, especially John, with some simply brilliant transitions and a perfectly fitting song. The kind of vid that makes you dig deeper and find treasure.

(Coming (hopefully) soon: Vid recs for Teyla, John, that one Ford vid I found, and hopefully many more. There are so many great SGA vids.)
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While I'm waiting for my extremely slow internet connection (grrr) to load the next Leverage episode (team, and especially Parker <3 - more squee probably coming soon, too busy watching right now), have a quick SGA rec:

Death by Fondue by [ profile] ameretrifle
Gen; PG to PG-13; ~1700 words
A great humor fic: wacky adventures, great OCs and character voices, and too many funny lines to quote.
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Still too lazy to do a "fannish year in review" kind of thing. (Seriously, who gets sick on January 1st?) Instead, have some more recs. Reccing more is on my list of New Year's Resolutions: I absolutely love reading other people's recs, they have helped me find some amazing things, and it feels greedy not to share them. I'll probably start with some SGA (my word document with bookmarks has 13 pages...) and then some miscellaneous (the document with non-SGA has 14 pages - enough stuff for a while.)

I love Fairy Tale AUs, so have some great SGA ones:

The Bearskin Cloak by [ profile] horridporrid
Gen; Teen and up; contains: graphic depiction of violence, mind control; 59,236 words
The worldbuilding and incorporating of the fairy tale and magic elements in this story are amazing, the character voices are perfect, the plot is gripping and original, the character interactions are wonderful, and the Frontispiece by [ profile] trishkafibble is beautiful. This fic is fantastic and I love it.
It's inspired by The Traveling Companion by Hans Christian Andersen.

Outfoxed by [personal profile] cesare
McKay/Sheppard; G; contains: some not particularly graphic violence; 10,000+
Inspired by The Golden Bird and it follows the plot more faithfully than the fic above, but the SGA elements are delightful, especially Rodney as the fox. A feel-good story for me, with romance, friendship, evil sorcerers, and magic.

Unconventional Beauty by [ profile] jane_elliot
McKay/Sheppard; NC-17; 183,000 words; contains: temporary character death
Inspired by The Beauty and the Beast. While the fairy tale elements are nice, what I love best about the setting is that Rodney and Jeannie come to live in Russia in ~1900. Bug!John is always nice and I enjoyed the romance, too.


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