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I told myself not to care about it, I knew it would be stupid, I'm trying not to care, but I'm still annoyed about the NHL's stupid Top 100 players list. No Geno! No Thornton, or Iginla, and instead Toews and Keith and that other Blackhawks asshole. Bad list. If they had to have too many Blackhawks, couldn't they at least have chosen Hossa? I know it wasn't his choice, but I hope Toews is terribly embarrassed about being chosen, because he does not deserve it at all.

Better things to care about: D&D. Last session our DM had already announced that he planned a combat encounter for the whole party, i.e. six PCs, but four couldn't make it or spontaneously canceled, sooo… Of course we tried to avoid the big enemy we saw, but we stumbled upon one of his minions who magically summoned him. Probably to be nice because there were only two of us (fortunately two of the combat heavyweights of the party), the summoning took long enough for us to have a chance to prevent it. We prevented the first one, and for the second one we managed to at least destroy the targeting. With a little bit of dice luck that meant the summoned enemies appeared several hundred feet in the air, and while the main guy survived, his support shattered on the floor. That made the whole fight a LOT easier.

The fight: My character narrowly avoided a few heavy blows with magic and teleported to the roof. Twenty dragonfly-shaped suicide bombers flew at her and she had to destroy them with a tornado (thereby announcing "powerful spellcaster right here!!" to anyone who might not have noticed yet, damn it.) The huge bronze minotaurus teleported to the roof to attack her and the roof collapsed. MC took falling damage, failed her concentration check to fly away and instead used an amulet to summon a giant wasp to ride (it took her two tries not to immediately fall off.) From the back of the wasp she threw two heavy rocks she'd had Shrunk in her bag at the minotaurus' head, and together with the falling damage it took earlier that was enough to kill it.

It felt awesome! My small spellcaster had defeated that huge minotaurus construct almost by herself! And she took very little damage too, only her beetle familiar was poisoned and her ally was knocked unconscious when the building collapsed.

Aaaand then the Lady Rose appeared with her army, to stop all the other constructs that had now begun randomly attacking the people in the city, and she was pissed. We'd destroyed her careful plan, which she'd told us earlier, by acting two days too early, forcing her to show more of her cards than she'd meant to and painting a bigger target on her back. Oops. We couldn't even say it was self-defense, we could have escaped at any time, we were just caught up in the fight. MC was very embarrassed.

Later when Rose interrogated us we found out the half-dragon skeleton we stole and brought back belonged to one of her children. She told us she'd forgive us if we'll kill the five people who'd promised to protect her son and then hadn't even told her of his death, and who just happened to be the five Principles of the god Heironeous. Well we already killed one of them, so we have a head start… And we saw one of them brutally torture people and the others didn't seem much nicer, so we provisionally accepted the mission.

I love my character so much <3 By now she's powerful too, and will soon become even more so. I'm trying to decide what color her robes are so I can picture her better. (Something with color but not too flashy. She's made of light grey stone, her cat is grey and her beetle mostly-black chitin; many of her spells are fire spells but she's learning more about necromancy. Maybe pale gold, with maybe dark red embroidery? Colors are hard.)
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