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Just some quick hockey notes:

- Pens beat CBJ in five! :D
Rust with two goals in an elimination game again, Guentzel with a hatty and five goals and Geno with eleven (!) points in the series. And that without their #1 defenseman and goalie, and Flower now has the most playoff wins in Penguins history. So nice. I even watched one game live last weekend, it's so much fun when my team wins.

- Nashville swept Chicago :D
(Chicago fans skip this bit)
So satisfying on so many levels. Happy PK and sad Blackhawks at the same time, win-win. Pekka Rinne had as many points as Chicago's top players, beautiful. Will we now hear less about Toews' intangible leadership qualities? Unfortunately doubtful.

- I got to watch Sharks-Oilers playoff overtime hockey for breakfast :) Unfortunately only for a few minutes because when I got up I didn't even realize it was still going on. Well-earned win for the Oilers. (I'm rooting for San Jose this series - sorry [personal profile] jae!! - because their core is old and won't have many more chances at the Cup while the Oilers will be a serious contender probably for many years to come, but the Oilers are fun to watch. (Also I laughed when an article mentioned Justin Schultz giving his old friends on the Oilers advice about playing in the playoffs. Poor Taylor Hall.)

- Playoffs are even worse than the regular season when it comes to players not getting penalized/punished for stupid moves that injure opponents. This is my least favorite aspect of hockey, ugh.

- In non-NHL hockey news, Austria's women's team lost their only game in the B World Championship to Japan, only winning silver and so not advancing to the A level. Nana Fujimoto *shakes fist*
The event was held in Graz, Austria, ~3 hours from Vienna, and I was thinking of going this weekend before I realized that I mixed up the dates. Very smart, self.

Date: 2017-04-21 12:18 pm (UTC)
jae: (edmontongecko)
From: [personal profile] jae
I do get your argument about the Sharks (and to be fair, they really are a great team--very smart), but I still think you should root for the Oilers simply because the CITY cares SO much more about hockey. If the Sharks win, a bunch of hockey fans are happy. If the Oilers win, A WHOLE CITY OF A MILLION PEOPLE (plus all of the surrounding areas) is happy. No contest. :D


Date: 2017-04-21 12:59 pm (UTC)
jae: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jae
...okay, I get your logic. :)

(And I will also be happy for either team, to be honest. They have both worked very hard!)


Date: 2017-04-22 09:06 pm (UTC)
jae: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jae
Well, that link is all about Edmonton, so you can read it without thinking about the Sharks. :)

One more: how hockey-mad is this city? They have managed to sell out the entire arena for an AWAY GAME. For a WATCH PARTY. No joke.



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