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When our roommate Eva told us last week that she is moving out in July, because she is dropping her study program in Vienna for health reasons (the right decision for her but sad for us) we decided to do something together this Sunday. Originally we wanted to a) visit the museum for magic boxes (what's the English term for those boxes with a bunch of magic tricks in them?), but it turned out we were all too lazy on a Sunday morning, and b) play a board game; but then we found out that Eva has never read or seen Lord of the Rings so of course we had to watch the first movie. It's been a while since I watched it, it was fun.

For lunch we made delicious spinach strudel with field salad, then we had ice cream, and because I still had lemons left over from when I needed lemon zest for muffins last week I decided to make homemade lemonade, which for some reason I'd never done before. It was great! We definitely have to do that more often.

Yesterday I went to lunch with friends and then went swimming with LB, it was beautiful. Tomorrow Eva, DD and I will watch the second Lord of the Rings movie, DD will make brownies and there will be more lemonade. Tuesday is movie night with LB and friends and there will be home-made pizza. I feel pretty lucky :)
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