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The latest season of Natsume Yuujinchou has been over for a few weeks, but I find it hard to talk about it because most of the time I just want to go "<333". I like it very much, is what I'm saying, and I find it hard to explain why for some reason, idk. Nice and warm and many feelings.

Ep 3: Natsume&Tanuma <333
And Nyanko-Sensei, and I guess Shibata was a nice enough guest-star, but I have my priorities, okay, and they are Natsume&Tanuma caring so much about each other, my heart.

Ep 4: Poor Takuma+Tsukiko, shitty position.

Ep 5: Natori sent Urihime to spy on Natsume because he suspects he is carrying something dangerous! This will be so great. Natori is like an older cousin to Natsume, it was so nice to see. Crazy kid, huh ^^

Ep 6: Nishimura and Kitamoto :D

Ep 7: more Natsume Reiko! (&better look at how poor Natsume gets little sleep because youkai show up all the time, and that Nyanko-sensei is not a great bodyguard because occasionally he just disappears.)

Ep 8: another human-youkai romance, this one a bit happier, at least for the moment. Hopefully it works out for Aoi and Kaoru.

Ep 9: poor Natsume, trying to stay away if something is harmless but not sure if it is. And in the end it does turn out to be harmless! Nice.
Shouting at the mask on Nishimura's face to stop it from harming his friend even though Nishimura and Kitamoto may think he's crazy <3 They are used to him doing odd things. And Tanuma covers for him.
Tanuma thinking that the story of the mountain goddess and her guardians is romantic, aww. (yet another human-youkai romance – it could as well have been another youkai the goddess loved who died – hmm…)

Ep 10&11: Natori finally knows! (I thought the youkai just shouting out all relevant information and Natori just _happened_ to be there was so convenient it made me roll my eyes, but whatever.) (also, Natsume trying to find out more about the Book of Friends? Since when? Usually just Reiko. Though that´s connected.)
Natsumeg *g*
So Natori knows, and he wonders why it wasn´t just destroyed, which actually is a very fair question.
Ooooh, Natsume´s grandfather maybe? There had to have been one. We also never see Natsume see a memory of Reiko where she is not a young woman. But if a dragon youkai said he saw someone a long time ago, that could be really long… hm.
Natsume thinking about how he didn´t have to carry the burden alone because he had friends <3

Fic recs:
like religion by [ profile] WerewolvesAreReal
6.9k, gen, futurefic
Summary: Natsume would like to make it clear that this is all the dog's fault.
(OR: how to become a god, by accident).
Why I like it: This would happen to Natsume :D Lovely.
The same author wrote another futurefic, haunting, softly, in which Natsume dies and nobody notices, it is also very good but unsurprisingly sadder.

So the castle that we built won't cave by [ profile] Taisi
1.8k, gen
Summary: The last time he remembers feeling this protective was probably back on the day he and Kitamoto taught Natsume how to ride a bicycle, those pleasant hours of late afternoon that swept by so fast. He had been unprepared for how thin Natsume’s shoulders would be, how fragile his back would feel under Nishimura’s hands.
Why I like it: This author has a tag "Natsume Protection Squad" and it's the best. This one is probably my favorite but go and read all of them. never mind the bus fare is another one of theirs I like a lot, it has Nishimura with a giant crush on Natsume, it's very sweet.
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