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I'm working! Wheee! I'm taking a short study break, but that means I'm actually studying, which I haven't been for the past week, so I'm happy about that. Small steps.

I wanted to make a list of how I feel about different NHL teams so that next year I can look back at it and compare what changed. I like several teams. Sometimes it's a problem.
(I typed this up earlier while I was still procrastinating, it's not that long of a study break.)

My team

Runner-up (by a large margin)
Montréal Canadiens: They have an excellent PR team. I like PK and Price and the Gallys and Prust, they're good and adorable.

Other teams I like (3)
Washington Capitals: Ovi is amazing and he should get a Cup one day.
Vancouver Canucks: They currently have a great "after a year of misery we're having fun again" feeling. And who could dislike Eddie Lack? The Sedin twins are also pretty cool.
San Jose Sharks: I don't know much about them, but I want Joe Thornton to get a Cup. Also Hertl is adorable.

Other teams I feel vaguely positive about (9)
Dallas Stars: I really enjoy Stars fic. And pictures of Tyler Seguin half-naked.
Florida Panthers: They have Lu back! I hope they make the playoffs. (Instead of Boston, that would be best.)
Toronto Maple Leafs: I really like their fanbase. The team itself, meh. Kessel is fun.
St. Louis Blues: neutral to vaguely positive. Not really sure why.
Tampa Bay Lightning: cautiously positive, aka "I currently mostly like them but not if we meet them in the playoffs because they're pretty good."
New Jersey Devils: I love Jagr, don't really care about the rest of the team.
New York Islanders: same as Tampa.
Columbus Blue Jackets: Mostly positive. Bob is adorable. Dubinsky is an overrated piece of shit though.
Detroit Red Wings: past Red Wings positive (especially after watching Red Army), current Red Wings more neutral.

Mostly pity (2)
Edmonton Oilers: I like Yakupov, so I either want him traded (sadly unlikely) or the Oilers to do better. Also because of their poor fans. Otherwise no strong feelings about them.
Buffalo Sabres: doesn't seem to be as big of a mess as Edmonton, at least.

Don't particularly care (9)
Winnipeg Jets: neutral to vaguely positive. I should find out more about them.
Anaheim Ducks: neutral to vaguely positive. I don't really know much about them except the basic stuff. They're really good this year despite many injuries, so kudos.
Arizona Coyotes
Calgary Flames: neutral to vaguely positive. I think it's hilarious that they're currently better than the Oilers. Sorry Oilers.
Colorado Avalanche: A Cinderella story last year with the inevitable backslide this year.
Nashville Predators
Minnesota Wild: neutral to vaguely positive. It's unfortunate they're doing so badly this year.
Ottawa Senators: neutral to vaguely positive, the latter mostly because of Erik Karlsson.
Carolina Hurricanes

Don't want them to win anything (2)
LA Kings: neutral to slightly negative. They had their success, they don't need another Cup right now.
Chicago Blackhawks: negative. I'm not really sure why, tbh. At the beginning because of RPF fandom, but I also don't really like their team (especially after last year's outdoor game.) And like the Kings, they've had enough success recently. On the rare occasions that I do watch them I enjoy watching Patrick Kane.

I don't like them. I don't like anyone on their team. (3)
New York Rangers: Especially since that playoff series I don't want to talk about.
Boston Bruins: Especially since that playoff series I don't want to talk about.
Philadelphia Flyers: Especially since that playoff series I don't want to talk about. Also because Flyers.

(The Bruins and Flyers are currently playing. I want the Flyers to win because I want them to get a later draft pick and the Bruins to miss the playoffs, but cheering for them is a bit weird. Not that I'm watching anyway, because I'm studying. *proud of self* ...which I could have done earlier but I was doing nothing on the internet. Whatever.)

Date: 2015-01-11 10:43 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] fearsome_turtle
We have pretty identical Hawks feelings! Honestly, I think a lot of my negative feelings are down to 1) that stupid Indian head that I'm forced to look at during Hawks games 2) Entitled Hawks fans on reddit. It's not like I stalk them and catalog their every comment, but I feel like they're one of the saltiest groups in GDTs. (Canes fans might be the most fun - they write bad slash in threads to distract themselves from all the losing.) But seriously, I'd be pretty satisfied if they never won anything ever again, because I'm Awful. I could never write a post like this, because I have too many Awful feelings! >.>

Date: 2015-01-11 11:14 pm (UTC)
fearsome_turtle: (Default)
From: [personal profile] fearsome_turtle
And the things fans do with the Indian head are awful. I was just telling someone yesterday that I am still traumatized by Native-American shaped pizza. Seriously, they're named after a military regiment. It would be so easy to make their logo a hawk. Can we put in a rush order on that? Because I'd like to see it happen ASAP.

Yeah, the entitlement stems from being one of the best teams in the league for sure. Every fanbase gets pissy when they lose to a team they think they should beat, and Hawks fans feel that they should beat every team without even breaking a sweat! It doesn't make them any more pleasant to deak with, though.

Other team's fans: GG Hawks!

Hawks fans: **RAGE**

Plus, I'm still pissy about the rampant whining after the Winter Classic. :)

I loved the Canes fic about the Crosbystache. I wish I'd bookmarked it! :D

ETA - I forgot that I also hate the Hawks' continued employment of Bobby Hull. That one's pretty bad.
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