Dec. 20th, 2016 05:48 pm
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I signed up for fandom_stocking again, in a victory against self-doubt. My stocking is here.
And I reminded myself that even if I don't finish even half the treats I wanted to write, I'm sure people will still be happy to receive gift fic months later. Also I try to remember the two cakes principle. I almost finished completely rewriting my Yuletide fic and I like it better than the first version.

I didn't request Hockey RPF, not because I don't still enjoy reading hockey RPF fic but because I signed up late and in that moment I couldn't think of (not-angst) requests. (Of course I thought of things afterwards, it always works like that.) I still enjoy following the Penguins, and it's always especially fun when they're on a win streak. Sometimes it's harder than other times to focus on the narratives that I enjoy (like Sid's incredible goal-scoring, last year's rookies doing well, next year's rookies looking good) and not those that make me sad (Fleury), but the memory of the Cup win last season makes everything better. Also nice feel-good pieces like this one about how happy Schultz is in Pittsburgh and how well he is doing and how much Gonch is helping the defensemen.


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