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Some more brief Critical Role episode reactions/favorite parts. Once I'm working full-time I won't have as much time to listen/watch anymore, but I'll try for at least two episodes a week so I can eventually catch up, that should be easily doable.

Ep 46: Gern the Candle-Maker: "undead are human-candles", he is fun.
Does Matt always say "alrighty" this often and I just usually notice it less? Probably a bit of both.
Keyleth is so dramatic, she and Vax have a lot in common (though his drama is usually outside of combat.)
This fight is a good example of combat that is not really critical but still a lot of fun to watch.
Vex stealing the flying broom *g*

Ep 47: Not much happened, they explored Mordenkainen's mansion and Grog and Scanlan talked about Craven Edge.

Ep 48: I do so enjoy how everyone keeps making fun of Vax with "I walk away" ^^

Ep 49: I've seen this fight before, it must have been because someone recommended to start with this episode. Shows how opinions differ, because even now that I like these characters this was one of the most boring fights so far.

Ep 50: Nice new intro!
Hah, Grog's CON save, first 20 then 1 and puff, dead… If Pike hadn't had a spell slot left for Revivify…
Wait, Percy can still summon black mist?
Vax calling Percy "de Rolo", ouch.
Well that was an eventful first hour.
Scanlan to Grog: "I will grant you cock lightning." #outofcontextdnd
~2:15, Pike reading the "read after death" note by Scanlan xD And her face, what did it say…
I thought this would be an extremely long episode but it turned out half of it was Critmas, convenient.

Ep 51: Jaw-Jaw xD
Plan B: Vex: "We go in and we kill everyone. Well except for the nice people." (~25m)
Grog being outclassed by his uncle and calling upon Vox Machina to "fuck shit up" – it's gonna go DOWN.

Ep 52: omg Sam's shirt.
Matt absolutely would have killed them, that was close.
Pokémon Grog xD first rolling 1 and then 20, again. And then Laura with a natural 20 on intimidation!

Ep 53: Scanlan actually proposed to Pike! Weirdest coping mechanism indeed. "Maybe we should just sleep together and see what happens", *Pike* said that, and everyone's *faces*, especially Taliesin's. (Other than that an unremarkable episode.)

Ep 54: Fighting a dragon! Preparation is everything. Also, redshirts are convenient.

Ep 55: Grog becomes smarter as a Giant Eagle xD
Meteor!Keyleth, cool.
Dragonslayer Grog!

Ep 56: Siblings teasing each other xD
Vex and Keyleth talking about Vax, hah.
Poor Keyleth and her issues.
Percy talking romantically about cities being (human) legacies, aw.
I like Kaylie and Scanlan.
~3:29, Vax braiding Vex' hair, aww.
3:45, Pike saying the Ravenqueen will have a problem with her if she messes with Vax, Pike <3 "You are all kinds of fucked up all the time", xD Pike is so great.

Last D&D session MC might have actually managed to prevent a war instead of starting one! And survived a dragon's wrath, go me.

- I found out that the person who set the enemy army on us is playing her own game, and persuaded her to kill the general who escaped and at least temporarily run interference for us. The god will know that something is badly wrong, but not exactly what happened and therefore probably won't declare war just yet.

- Standing in front of a huge golden dragon who's enraged because you're responsible for hundreds of her people, and possible several of her children and family, dying: not fun. Especially not when a) you're almost out of spell slots, and b) your party member says something so stupid that Rose almost kills him on the spot.

- Because we (I) already fucked up so much, the Lady Rose flat out said we should play bait for more powerful enemy agents/armies: if we win, great, if we don't, she won't mourn. Yay, fighting entire armies is so much fun. Not.

- Things that somehow never came up before: how to heal my undead familiar. I ended up using necromancy, and one of our allies saw. (The DM would have forgotten they were there if I hadn't said something, bad tactics self.) The only known necromancer in this world destroyed an entire continent before being defeated in a huge battle, so nobody is especially happy to see another one. Not that I had much of a good reputation left.

- It turns out the reason why the gods haven't killed the Lady Rose yet is because of her dead man's switch: she's keeping an insane god imprisoned and nobody wants him to get loose.

The Riveters led 3-1 and lost 3-4 against the Boston Pride -.- And in NHL news Tanger might be seriously injured again, fuck this. Why do I like a sport again? Ah right, there are pretty things like last night's shootout goal by Kucherov.

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she's keeping an insane god imprisoned and nobody wants him to get loose.
The Lady Rose is BADASS.


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