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It's snowing today, so much so that the roofs and cars and even some streets are white. Wow. So it was too soon to put away the winter jacket after all. April.

I went climbing again yesterday, the second week in a row, go me. My back & shoulders & arms are sore, good sign. Also nice: turns out the climbing hall is a good place to meet people. For the first time in probably years I flirted with someone, I enjoyed it.

A few weeks ago my therapist asked me about goals for the future, and I realized that while it would be very nice to be in a long-term romantic relationship, what I definitely want is not to live alone. If I don't live with a romantic partner, I'd happily keep living with flatmates, just please not on my own. (This might change one day, but right now I don't see it changing.) Should be doable :) (Actually probably the only reason why I wouldn't be happy to just keep living together with DD is because I'm a person who loves & needs regular hugs, and she isn't. I just need to figure out where I can get more hugs from.)

The new season of Natsume Yuujinchou has started already! Wonderfully warm and nice, and at the same time a lot of Feelings that make me want to hug my teddy bear. (I usually hug my big plush monkey that sits next to my table in case I get cold. I brought it from Moscow, where I bought it as a second pillow. Best souvenir. Its name is Galileo, because The Bloggess has a creepy stuffed monkey named Copernicus, but mine is much nicer.)

First episode, de-aging! Yess, good tropes, and Tanuma and Taki looking after him was perfect. And Nyanko-sensei! "Nyanko-sensei, are we friends?" "No, we're just kind of stuck together." Suuure. Right after he decided to help Natsume and only thought about getting the Book of Friends for maybe two seconds.

Next episode – have I mentioned Feelings? Natsume deciding to help the stonewasher because the story made him think of himself and the Fujiwaras <3 Of course he's hesitant about doing favors by now, it doesn't always work out very well, but the story resonated, and it was a beautiful story. (Though didn't Azuma wash those stones by the river after he escaped the seal? So maybe he can learn again eventually?) Hi, Natsume's ayakashi friends :) He even asks them for help, nice.
Natsume wishing he could share the beautiful things he sees, and he can at least tell Tanuma and Taki about them :) And draw the flowers for them too.

Date: 2017-04-20 02:59 am (UTC)
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My heart was breaking to see Tanuma and Taki start to piece together just how terrified Natsume was all the time as a child -- and not just of the ayakashi. (I may also have laughed a bit about the thought of Nyanko-sensei dumping little Natsume on Natori, though I bet Hiiragi's reaction would have been something to see.) So happy to have season 6!


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