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Role-playing is hard. Yesterday at D&D my character had a very difficult/upsetting/difficult-to-process experience and I had to decide how she would react to that, on the fly, while the other players were waiting and plot was progressing. Right after that, while she was still processing and trying to plan for what it meant for the future, came more stress and more unexpected things, so definitely a very difficult time for her. (The last time that happened she killed several thousand people.) I was stressed too! I thought she would be unsettled enough to be less careful than would usually be wise – and she promptly walked straight into a trap, almost died if not for the DM's mercy and was almost brain-washed on top of that, got stuck in a very tense situation, and that's where we ended the session. Whoa.

I worry a bit if what I did with her was "in character" - it's my character!, but I've been trying to give her enough personality so that there are things that would be OOC for her, which is not always easy when the first impulse is often to react like I would react. It's really hard to try and describe her, too. My DM recently asked me what her life goals are, basically, and that too was really difficult because she hasn't had much of a chance to think of goals apart from survival and preventing mass-murder/genocide and ensuring the world doesn't end. It's been a difficult time since she came to life a few months ago.

I also try to balance her actions with good gameplay. We have one player who tries to play his character being very cautious and careful when it comes to plans, to the point where he sometimes goes off alone or doesn't accompany the party on quests, and of course then it'll be less interesting for him because his character isn't involved. (Sometimes I do understand the impulse though.)

Details from the last few D&D sessions:
- Our "rogue" got a small AMF Beholder-eye implanted in his forehead, only the surgeon also put in acid capsules to blackmail him. It turned out the implanted eye didn't have the range or duration he wanted anyway, so he went to a temple to get rid of it.
- Along the way we fought a group of mindflayers who wanted to sell us to the highest bidder, and a warg pack because we wanted their hoard full of loot.
- Some of our party got distracted by a detective sub-plot, and one of them dropped off a mass-murderer at a police station while transformed into a bat. She was very happy.
- We learned more about the Citadel, including where they get their "recruits" from, a pretty horrible sort-of-cloning ritual. We kind-of-accidentally walked straight into the Citadel's kitchen (it was the rogue's fault) and only walked out again in one piece because our party diplomat made the bluff check on a re-roll. (I lost a very useful magical item along the way though -.- )

Then, last session!
- Time is running out for our attempt to stop the ritual that would kill millions in order to turn Lady Rose into a new god. We decided to ask the Citadel for support in finding the magically hidden ships that carry the material necessary to carry out the ritual, enemy of my enemy and all that. Our rogue got himself captured by them, trusting in his ability to escape, and while failing to secure their support he also let slip that our party has performed a time-travel ritual. Now the leader of the Citadel seems even more intent on hunting us down. Oops. I sent him a message saying that I'm the only one who knows how the ritual works and I'll be on the continent that the ritual will destroy, so if he wants to learn from me he'll have to do something. In hindsight this was unfortunate.

- Our cleric's god, Kord, is the weakest of all the official gods: his birth ritual was interrupted and only saved by the interruption of the Lady Rose, which is why he looks up to her. When we wondered who has the resources to prepare a godhood ritual for her, he came to mind: he'd probably love to make his ally and friend into a god. Nevertheless our cleric prayed to him and got a sign telling her to visit the underground prison of the mad child god, Olidammara.

- We did that, hoping that Olidammara could help us find the ships. At one point there was a cave-in and we could only walk through one at a time, and I went first because I'm small and powerful. At the other end of the tunnel – surprise! – I met Kord himself (with Detect Magic on, so I passed out immediately.) He explained the reason why he wants Rose to become a god: he knows that the other gods are planning to destroy this world once they're powerful enough to leave and go on to bigger, better worlds/planes/dimensions with more food. He likes this world, however, and he knows that if Rose becomes a god she'll be furious at the mass sentient sacrifice but she's pragmatic enough to keep fighting the other gods with her new power and they can save the world together. Which makes an unfortunate amount of sense.
Kord, of course, doesn't want us to interfere, but we can be useful. He made me (it was that or kill all of us on the spot) sign a magical contract: I have to ensure that eight of the twelve ships survive until the ritual is carried out (However I can pick the continent(s) that will be used as sacrifice fodder. He suggested the temple continents of the other gods, which would also mean only a tenth of the originally planned amount of people would die. Rose would be a slightly weaker god, but the tactical advantage of the temple continents being destroyed would be worth it to Kord.) If I fail my soul is forfeit, and as extra incentive he'd also kill all of my friends and allies.
(That was the first time our DM took someone (me) into another room for a scene, so the others don't know yet what happened ;) I told the cleric later, and we're now debating how much to tell the others.)

- We continued on to the prison of Olidammara. (Kord also seemed to suggest, or MC understood it that way, that it's a viable plan.) Our archivist and cleric solved the puzzle and the cleric opened the door, despite a risk of Disintegration. We found a weak-looking and barely responding creature inside a mostly empty room that is, among other things, shielded against magic. MC, still shaken from knowing that she promised a god she'll help him kill several hundred thousand people for a greater cause, prayed to this broken god, and received a vision in which she goes to him and kills him. (Unknown to her, another party member, after seeing her reaction, also tries praying and gets a vision in which she first kills two other party members and then the god.) So MC walks forward toward him, not to kill him (just yet) but just because she feels a need to be closer, she's sort of mesmerized by this strange divine creature. He looks like a child, and there's a teddy bear lying on the floor. She picks it up and steps between a ring of silver stalagmites without thinking – and is promptly hit by several magical traps. She only barely survives Disintegrate because the DM is merciful and doesn't use the highest possible caster level (which would have been easily possible because the prison was set up by, among other creatures, gods.) She makes her save against another unknown trap, and she only makes a Will save with a DC of 30 because of her Fatespinner prestige class abilities, against a (probably home-brewed) spell that would have (temporarily?) completely flipped her alignment and intentions. Whew.

- She's now in the inner circle of the prison cell, with a mad god crawling toward her. She had enough potions in her pockets to heal herself (DM ruled it works, not sure if only because I'm a construct,) but she's inside of an AMF and almost all of her other equipment is inside her bag of holding. (She really didn't think this through.) She can't even just run out again because she'd have to pass through the traps again, and she's all out of spin and probably luck. The rest of her party is standing in the open door.

We'll see what happens next time! I love playing D&D.
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