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More quick Critical Role episode notes! Over 6k words, oops. Not cleaned up and with very rough time stamps, mostly taken while watching, and I wanted to edit them a bit but then I'd probably never get around to posting.

Ep 57: TWINS. "Everything's fine!", before the temple of the Raven Queen (~0:50)
The pool of cold blood *shivers* Vax just walked into it, but Percy panicking, ouch. (~1:50, a bit earlier, check again.) Ravenqueen: "You were always broken, Percival."
"Suntree A-ok", I love Matt. (time?)
3:38:30 The faces of the rest of the party when Gilmore knocks on Vax' door in the middle of the night *g*
3:41+, When it looked like Gilmore attacked Vax, oh my god.

Ep 58: Assassins! If Vox Machina had died in their beds in Whitestone, oh my god.
Pike bursting out of her room, naked except of her gauntlets, holy symbol, shield, and mace, with a large bloody wound across her chest – fuck yeah, someone tell me there is fanart. And she kills the rakshasa!
Scanlan jumping off the tower with the sword to save Vax :D
Badass!Gilmore is the best, and then as a present he gets to see Vax naked, hah. And he shoves Vax off a cliff! Hug with wings, awww. Vax calls him Shaun now xD (Vex almost shoved him off the cliff again xDDD)
Gilmore should find a boyfriend and be very happy with him.
Percy gives Vax a brooch that smells good (and like the temple of the Raven Queen) so he can court Keyleth xD
Scanlan makes Vex wear a witch's hat while flying her broom :D
Everyone trying to find out who Pike may have a crush on, hehe.
That was a great episode, 57&58 both.

Ep 59: Being Charmed is the WORST. Percy reassuring Vex is very nice.

Ep 60: That conversation with the twins' dad, so much kudos to Matt. At first I was surprised the twins were so rude, then I realized how much of a dick their father is, then Matt gave him redeeming features.
~55:30 Percy giving Vex a title <3
Vax is so dramatic.
Vox Machina is polyamorous xDDD (~2:05) with squirrels! Innocent Keyleth. The poor guards. What must the people of Syngorn think of Vox Machina.
The threshold crest! Percy&Keyleth 4ever.
Percy complimenting the grass ~2:20
Trinket <33 "She is everything," aww.

ep 61: Vax waking up, hearing Keyleth is not back then, flying and almost crashing into a tree xD

ep 62: dragons, sure, but rivers are hard *g*
Keyleth gets to kill the killer croc, yay.
Enlargened Grog throwing his friends across the river *g*
~2:56, Matt trolling the party about the flying broom, so great

63: Scanlan turned into a triceratops so Grog could punch things, ah, family.
Sibling feelings <3
Saundor the tree trampling all over Vex' insecurities – fuck yeah shoot him girl. "We're not so different – only terrible people say that," Percy is not wrong.
Keyleth turning fire elemental and walking into a tree, awesome.
"For someone who hates the theater you've made quite a show of all of this," A+ Keyleth.

64: I'm very glad Percy got his memories of the Feywild back, thank Pike. (Scanlan was very lucky Percy took Scanlan giving him false memories so well ^^)
0:42, the white dragon + army flying over Whitestone, holy shit that was tense. Percy, oh my god. Taliesin makes the best faces.
"Is he Shaun now?" *g* (How powerful is Gilmore?)
~1:50:40, Percy and Vax in the crypt, so good. "I do not want to die who I am. I would like to live long enough to become someone else" "XXX it's the open spaces" "and in return I ask, never take your eyes off me, never trust me, and that is the best friend you can be." "You can like me, I just never want to earn your trust." PERCY. I notice less often, but he can be as dramatic as Vax.
"Here are your choices. You die here like the scum you are…" "Choice B." "Then slavery it is." Negotiator!Vex, usually better at haggling than this.
Oh fuck, Tiberius.

65: When Vox Machina have down time they beat each other up… (that bothered me less from a mechanical standpoint than Liam burning luck points on this ^^ Also wow am I jealous of this feat.)
"I'm trying out this whole "allowing myself to have feelings" thing" – Keyleth <3
Aww, Gilmore's parents.
Vax rolling two ones and being discovered on his way back from Keyleth's room xD At least it didn't happen at a worse time.
Scanlan buying "spice" xD
When the episode description said that VM got "distracted", I did not think it would be by drugs and alcohol.

66: "It just sort of fell in our lap" "It fell on our city, actually" I love Grog.
"As a sibling in real life I'm so proud of you," not the first time Taliesin said it but it makes me grin every time (also, agreed.)
"Beep Beep" xD
lizard racing, with one lizard called "Thordak," and Keyleth attempts to speak with the lizards and gets kicked out. This show is so delightfully random.
"You can call me... the Meat-Man." (~2:35) ~"Just to be clear, this is a drug, right?" xD Oh my god this whole "spice" trade thing. Scanlan got so ripped off. Serves him right for not gathering more information in advance, it would have been so easy.

e 67: a tracking device on Percy's gun! and Keyleth found it, BFFs. (Nobody knows what Ripley actually listened to but she almost certainly knows enough to do a LOT of damage.)
This city really is Scanlan's anti-mojo ^^ and of course he lies about it xD
Aww, Vax noticing Percy is feeling weird and talking to him. "when I think of that terrible person inside me..." And Keyleth too, and then Vex. VM not letting Percy pull away <3
around 2:28, Keyleth making Percy do the Titanic pose, awesome.
Keyleth standing on the skyship and controlling the weather, awesome. ~2:55 Druids are basically weapons of mass destruction. The airdrop via Vax, so great. And then out of the ocean on a waterspout and then waterskiing, wow. They had a superhero entrance to that island.

68: Vax uses "Detect Evil" and Percy says it will notice him *rolls eyes* so many issues.
~1:39, "we all fire"
Dammit just _shoot her_ Percy, what are you waiting for...
~1:47:30, VERY dramatic whispers (recognizing Kynan, probably)
didn't Vax' first dagger hit Ripley? or was that an illusion too and he was just fooled? yeah, they suspected she has casters or magical items and nobody did the 5e equivalent of at least Detect Magic, guys...
two natural 20s for Percy, what. (initiative and concentration, but still.)
Ripley has Orthak! Whoa. Does nobody in the party _have_ see invisibility or something like that? what a huge oversight.
Ripley has an ally who can cast level 7 spells, but he dies before we find out more about them, pity.
3:16 "One hitpoint left!" Matt: "plus two points of necrotic damage", ouch.
3:18:30, Pike saves Percy from death even though she is not even here, that was close. And then the second time it takes...
4:19, Taliesin hugging Marisha, ouch.
Vox Machina tore Ripley apart, that was so fitting.

69: not using the "Gate" scroll, such a clear decision of greater good > life of our friend
the blanket fort, asdfawefsaddfkjgh
Laura with the natural twenty on Vex' love confession, holy fucking shit.
(they had a week to come up with ritual contributions...) I kind of expected the three to be Vex, Keyleth, and Vax, but Vax assisting Keyleth also worked. Charisma challenge for Keyleth, where she is weakest, but also one aspect that sort of connects them. 20, 28 and 19 on the skill challenges. (what did Matt roll?)
(I sort of like that Taliesin insists that some things are for off-camera, not sure why.)
Scanlan asking poor Jarrett for drugs xD
Percy's letter, omg. (2:34) and his signature! "Percival of Vox Machina", instead of his long name with the title.
Raishan!!! I was partly spoiled for this, just as I knew Percy would survive, but it was still ridiculously tense. (worst "oh SHIT" moment so far: Gilmore stabbing Vax, and then the assassins. I think.)

70: Keyleth: "call me child ONE MORE GOD DAMNED TIME." Nice contrast between her and Percy.
NOW they get cautious about illusions ^^
"Have you tried Greater Restoration" xD
"what is radar" #languageproblemsinfantasy
"We made an agreement, I say we honor it until it is deeply inconvenient." <3 Percy
Wait, all this talk about not telling Kima about Raishan and then they slip and talk about her right in front of Kima? xD (and Kynan) telling her they will erase her memories if she doesn't react well xD (and they are not in an un-scry-able location)
3:10, the stoner sun tree *g*
(and then the guys from Vasselheim will arrive with some beast or another and go, guys...?)

71: Keyleth playing with Fenthriss and Whisper xD
BOTH Keyleth and Pike had natural ones on stealth *g*
Fight against Vorugal! Scanlan barely manages to get the Gate to work and then Dominates the fiend, beautiful. Sarenrae's Divine Intervention via Pike was beautiful.
Kima did not even get one attack on the dragon in... but did heavy damage to the fiend, so there's that.
4:02, nice Scanlan song ^^
If Vax and/or Pike died from this Keyleth would never recover. That was close.
Dragonkiller Vex!

72: Sam with a word game for the sponsors xD
1:05f, Scanlan and Grog and Vex wanting to take off with their spoils *g*
~1:51, Vax trying to persuade Vex to give Percy a chance because he wants her to have more happiness in her life, aww.
2:52:40, invisible Vax playing with Vex' braid *g*
2:56:30, performance checks for a peeing-in-the-snow contest xD
~3:00, Vex and Percy talking about forgiveness being key (contrast Keyleth); and talking about Vax being a mess ^^ and then the kiss :)
(Actually I thought Vax is doing quite well.)

73: the Halloween costumes :D genius. Matt doing the intro as Victor and Marisha as Dr. Ripley might be my favorite.
That conversation between Vax and Gilmore was so awkward. I just want Gilmore to be happy.
Poor Kash, back from Vasselheim with the contracts, only to find out they are no longer needed... "Get out of my room", heh.
Vex and Keyleth friendship <3
~1:16, Keyleth and Grog about rage and family <3
Everyone tries to stop Percy from talking about J'mon Sa Ord, and then 1:45:50 Percy stabs Raishan, oh shit. Marisha: "It wasn't me" *g* - no, it was Percy, wow. Did not see that coming.)
~2:12, Raishan introducing herself to the war room, poor others there ^^ Allura, Cassandra, Gilmore, Drake, who else?
Keyleth has a bit of an ego sometimes ^^ And Vax cursing, hah.
Keyleth just telling the pixie to touch the black orb (without even talking to Allura again first), cold.
3:06:50, hire the Slayers' Take to kill Thordak xD

74: necessary planning, a lot of it not particularly exciting.
So now they have "Jenga" for "I fucked up" and "Super-Jenga" for "everyone get out of here immediately", always nice to have clear communication ^^
Scanlan and his pet-goristro "Stanley" xD And Vex gave a twenty-pound-bag of gems so as not to insult to ifriti with a low amount.
VM only just fit through the gates into the City of Brass, wouldn't the ifriti notice that there was no actual goristro following Scanlan?
Really, they did not do more research on the fire plane before going *facepalm*
3:19:20, Scanlan, who just saved the day by Dominating an efreeti, stays put to make sure his friends get away <3
3:44 "Whatever deal we make, it doesn't include one of us." "Unless it's for a one-time sexual favor." "In which case take your pick." xD

75: ~1:23 "are they fuckable" Scanlan, seriously...
~2:57, Pike teaching Grog how to read is adorable. But then he forgets :(

Scanlan honoring his promise to Kaylee to survive, character growth.
3:16:40 Vax praising Scanlan and Keyleth, aww. Scanlan really did save the day, twice, in spectacular fashion.
Cenokir gives them an easy task and they all immediately become suspicious *g*

77: 45:30 Sam's mug and t-shirt xD and at 3:04:40 or so, "some extras," "it's high derp", omg.
3:10 or shortly afterwards, thank the gods Allura is okay.
4:09, huh, I wonder... Gilmore seems to think Allura is more powerful, at least.

78: Kash & Zarah BFFs <3
1:16:30: "Is there a weak point?" "Our plan." *g*
1:45, excited Keyleth is adorable. and then the contrast with her rather cold father. She introduced Vax to him again, aw.
1:56:30 Keyleth totally forgot to introduce anyone else ^^
1:57:50 or so Vex/Percy xDD
2:53: Kash and his friend xD
3:03:50 Vax xDD
3:16: "That grate is SO not trapped, like, holy shit." xD
3:45 Zahra and Kash will provide the distraction <3 against two fire giants and Zahra restrains both of them, badass. (3:53:15, "welcome to hentai" xD)
(3:54: one round against a door with no damage taken, VM leveled up ^^) (Flame Strike against fire giants, really Kash?) 4:02:30, "Shall we have some fun" Zahra <3 I really hope they will be all right. Well, most likely not all right, but survive, although the odds don't look too good...

79: fight against Thordak! No wonder they are all scared. Not even affected by a Tsunami, wow.
1:56:~, Gilmore with 88 points of damage to Thordak, fuck yeah :)
Vax with 118 in one round, fuck yeah.
Poor Jarrett xD
Vax kills Thordak, yay :)
Vax attacks Raishan!! Risky… but kind of understandable… if she had raised the corpse, or done something else really bad…Vex thinks this should not be about vengeance, but for Keyleth and Vax it is. They and Vex&Percy went into opposite directions with their views on this. (also Raishan during the battle intentionally hit Vax with chain lightning, so she did hit first, iirc.)
_Modified_ dragon eggs, uh-oh.
Raishan used a fucking level _nine_ meteor swarm (against only three enemies, and only one of them is unconscious, seems inefficient. Hell of a show of power though, and she probably has enough lower-level spells to kill the party twice over.)

80: Keyleth finally killed a dragon xD (Sam: "How do you want to do this? Sunny side up.")
1:38, Scanlan with yet another crucial counterspell!
1:51: J'mon Sa Ord! Finally!
2:19:30, Gilmore unconscious, oh no :(
2:22 Vex died again :( 2:27, whether or not Pike can get there, biting my nails here… If Ashley hadn't texted about the boots…
2:33, Matt's smile when Percy's gun jams…
2:37:40 Scanlan :( They are so close to a TPK… If Raishan hadn't been afraid of J'mon Sa Ord and fled… J'mon was pretty unlucky with their attacks, unfortunately.
Keyleth still focused on getting Raishan even when her party members are dying made me do a double-take at first, but with how weak Raishan was… 2:44:45 natural one on moving across the lava, OUCH. Matt's sad face!
2:57, we finally find out what was in Scanlan's letter to Pike! He asked her to take care of Kaylie if he dies, awwww.
That was SO CLOSE, ugh.

81: right at the beginning, Sam with the CR Hotline *g* (poor Marisha.)
Kash and Zahra survived! :D
0:31 Gilmore (with a rune on his forehead, interesting) meeting J'mon Sa Ord/Devo'ssa (interesting that he recognized him, or more likely someone called him by name during the battle), and J'mon holds him in a claw so they can talk, great image. Have I mentioned lately that Gilmore is my favorite?, because he is.
Scanlan doing drugs? Whut. And then arguing with Vax, and Vax angrily gave him his goodbye letter, I'm curious.
~1:07:30, Grog found a Deck of Many Things? Uh-oh xD the reactions! Differing depending on who knows what it is *g* "why would you give me that" xD 1:15:33 Taliesin just wipping back and forth with his head down and fist pressed to his forehead
1:19:30, Grog checking if the scimitar talks xD
If Percy had failed his check to see if he knows what they are… And Vex has it now…
Vex gets another flying carpet! :D
I wonder what Gilmore finds in the hoard, he's good at identifying magical items... and there might still be things taken from his old shop in here. Only fitting that he takes a bit for a future rebuild.
I also wonder what Zahra and Kash take… Kima probably not much if anything.
I don't like Kerrek much. He seems sorta, hm, condescending, kinda. I'm glad that Keyleth has a friend, but still.
1:36, Keyleth learned about cities from Percy *g*
Ah, Gilmore did indeed find some of his stolen items :) and he can hide the rune. I assume there will be more about his background later :) runechild, hm. used to be sought after. Is clearer now on that he's not meant for the battlefield, shame kinda because he was great. He might still help them when necessary.
I think the reason why I dislike Kerr is because Rothfuss plays him like "I can't help being so awesome, I don't even want to be but I just am," and while as a character that would just be eye-roll-inducing, played as a character it seems so smug I want to slap him.
1:53:36, the fanart of Kima healing Gilmore, yes good. In general there is SO MUCH cool fanart.
Wait, the domains of the Raven Queen are the moment of death, some aspects of fate, and _winter_? Vax is almost the Winter Soldier? xD
A sword that needs to trust Grog? Another sentient one? Risky ^^ At least this time Gilmore inspected it and deemed it not dangerous (to Grog.)
Cassandra is not a morning person, I like her more and more.
Smart to scry on Raishan while she can't defend against it.
2:56:30, Scanlan had an 8th level spell left? Laura: "I don't feel bad that he died now" xD Modify Memory on Jarret, whoa. What is going on with Scanlan.
2:59:30, Vax sneaking naked into Percy's bath, sometimes second-hand-embarrassment is terrible. Laura's face! It took me several tries to re-start the episode, and then in five-second-intervalls. WHY, this is so awkward. 3:01:20 VEX xDDDDD
3:46 Vax fixing Keyleth's hair and encouraging her, aww.
Scanlan ripped apart Vax' letter, nice. He really is taking Kaylie's demand not to die very seriously and doesn't seem to be coping too well.

82: they didn't even ask Gilmore to accompany them? Seems careless. Why? (Or Zahra or Kash, though with them it's clear on a meta level.)
(They also could have at least checked the library in Whitestone about information about Opash and his island. Thank the gods for Allura.)
1:09 or so when Grog/Travis failed to get his cards back *g*
VM vs doors, omg.
Btw, Matt retconning the curse on the weapon Grog got from the Deck of Many Things - so it was time-activated? And so powerful Gilmore didn't sense it at all, huh. No wonder only a god or Wish can undo it.
I like thinking of Allura, Kima and their group adventuring together :) I want to read Allura/Kima slow-burn romance and h/c.
Rest in a dungeon, dangerous... (This is why I love Rope Trick.) Worked out this time.
Everyone rhyming for Scanlan *g*
Vax not using luck on a natural one on checking for traps - brave and good gamesmanship, but dangerous...
Chasm! Vax losing his wings right then is a good example why I get twitchy when VM isn't careful about holding back resources.
Drawbridge in reverse gravity, very cool.
3:39, Vex rolling a natural one on avoiding being grappled by a skeleton flying upwards... Matt's face *g*
Percy misfires, at least Keyleth catches them with a vine, hundreds of grasping skeletons on the ceiling... and then a giant graping hand from below... and then a skull...
at least Vex remembers to check for traps when they leave xD
~3:24, Grog with an ascot xD that Percy tied for him, and Grog demanded it because he wants to feel dignified *g*
Kerr barely annoyed me this episode, at least.
Confrontation with Raishan!

83: 20:50 Raishan called J'mon Sa Ord VM's "brass pet" and I almost got so offended ^^
I did not anticipate Raishan offering them to walk away, for some reason, even though it makes complete sense.
0:29 no the subtlest they are not xD
31:30 Keyleth asking her to surrender holy shit xD
34:20 Raishan threatening to basically use the party's magic-users as enslaved power supply, whoa.
35:30 they already knew that she can project her image, they really should have expected this. Btw, does nobody have any kind of magic-sense in this party? only divine sense? Do they have no see invisibility items?
isn't a cavern like this bad for a dragon's maneuverability? curious. Also for VM's though - did they even make a plan? like looking that they can't all be hit by the same AoE-spell, stuff like that?
also odd that Raishan just left the dragon eggs right here where she knew/could anticipate that VM would come, didn't even hide them - didn't she have any plans for them? Maybe because they were red dragons?
1:14, it would have been so cool if Keyleth had glitterbombed Raishan.
1:21 - Vex restrained Raishan already!, if she'd put her to sleep, that would have been so cool.
1:36, all it took for Cabal's Ruin to Awaken was being hit by a 9th level meteor swarm *g*
1:42:30 "wait, who?" xDD bless Scanlan.
Raishan can cast Disintegrate as a Legendary Action and she has four per turn, whoa.
1:48, if not for her armor Pike would have been disintegrated, holy shit. (And Matt forgot she had that...)
Yep, this went to shit fast. So many failed death saving throws in one round...
1:59:50 "we don't do anything with dignity" xD
2:13 Scanlan dies, shit.
2:28 Keyleth's Hail Mary! Holy shit, so beautiful. Marisha fell out of her chair xD Right after Allura dispelled her Invisibility, great timing too.
With that the fight is basically over, isn't it? They won't be overpowered by a diseased dragon of her size without magical abilities, and they're in a cavern so she can't easily fly away...
Right after I typed that, 2:44:30, Percy dies. Jinx.
KERR got the killing blow, wtf. With his first successful strike *g*
Oh my god, poor Pike. Is this the first time she's failed a Revivify? And right after that failure she has to try again, on Percy, and it barely, _barely_ succeeds…
Allura and Kima! Thank _god_ for Keyleth seeing them, another Hail Mary, and that Allura had the strength to hold on. Them drowning would have been terrible. (Everyone except Keyleth had accepted leaving them behind and looking for them later… Kerr even gave a condescending speech, ugh.)
What Gilmore must have thought when Vex ran up to him wounded and crying, knowing what they set out to do, uh-oh.
4:01 Grog "I can't go in, I'm just me," omg.
Vax begging (not bargaining, begging) the Raven Queen and ending with "your will be done"… while Pike, who already failed to bring Scanlan back once, is preparing the ritual to try again…
What a great episode. And then after, "Sam won't be here next week," "get used to it," xD

Grog's offering was so great. 33:30, Grog: "While my best buddy Pike taught me to love, you taught me to laugh." And then the song, omg. So fitting that he got advantage on that. And later Pike too, with her poem (did anyone get advantage on a resurrection offering before?) Natural twenty on the resurrection :)
1:11:30 "Prove that you're you." "No." "It's you."
1:16 Percy: "I know my life isn't my own. My life is all of yours. My life is my sister's. My life is this castle's."
Percy and Pike and Kerr talking themselves into pranking Scanlan/going through his things and then arranging a whole scene *g*
Vax stayed on the altar the whole night, I really dig paladin!Vax. Yeah, if the Raven Queen let Scanlan go back that means his fate isn't finished yet...
1:35 Vax to Vex "we used to take baths together" xDD
1:36 Vax "I'm happy... -ish." Right before the dragons attacked Vax had doubts about what he was doing with his life, and now that the direct threat is over he's found plans for later :) "I am happy," at least for him, pretty good.
~2:03 whoa, Scanlan has a bad time waking up from the dead. "Oathbreaker" for dying.
2:05:30 Grog disappointed Scanlan didn't mention hearing his poem *g*
2:06:40 "What, you think _you¬_ care about me." SCANLAN
2:12:30 "No, I was gonna ask you what your mother's name is." GROG
2:29:30 "Yeah, what's half a dozen dead guards these days," Percy.
Right, Pike didn't say anything… so glad she didn't leave Vax alone in the end.
2:38:40, Liam giving Sam a hug – doing this live for thousands of people must be ROUGH, wow. Most of the cast were completely blind-sided.
2:58 "Hello there" OMG. Everyone's faces xD
3:04:20 "You, little elf girl" oh hell no xD 3:09 "whaaaat the fuck." 3:10:45 "Hotis bait." xDDD 3:14:30 "You're like all the bad things about the internet as a character" he did try very hard to make himself unlikeable ^^
And then the reactions after the episode is over xDD What a rollercoaster of emotions this episode was.

86: 0:42:20 It must be hard work being so condescending.
1:23 poor Jarrett xD
1:28:30 "You've never played boulder, paper, shears?"
1:29 Matt's face *g* 1:33 "This is pretty fucked up you guys" ^^
1:53 "Show me what you have learned" xD
Percy&Keyleth BFFs <3
20:09 bonding over daddy issues xD and Doty wrote down all of it *g*
2:25 Pike&Grog hug <3 (Pike and Allura and Kima in Emon)
2:36 Vex is tax-exempt xD
2:43 Percy gives Vex a personal tour of the treasury xD
Percy bonding/being amused by Tary *g*
2:52 Vex trying to give back the cards and Grog "where did you find one" *g* Travis is so great.
3:18 complimenting Keyleth is absolutely the way to further get into Vax' good graces

87: 87: 11:30 Vax hanging out with Grog because Grog doesn't have any gnomes, aww.
24:30 "found you" xD
2:42:45 "We don't pour acid on people - well that's not true. That's a lie. We don't *just* pour acid on people, I feel like that's reasonable to say. There's usually context involved."
~3:00 Percy did hear Vex' love confession when he was dead! Percy and Vex talking, aww.

88: 2:05:30 Aww, Vex and Trinket.
2:57_30 well that went to shit fast.
Keyleth is pretty confident…
Keyleth creates a fireball _inside the kraken_ to get her and Grog out of there, yeeeeeeah. Then is grappled by the kraken and is hit by electricity, falling unconscious. Then turns everyone into electric eels, which 4:00+ saves VM from being affected by a lightning attack twice (poor Matt *g*) Later she falls unconscious again.
4:24:45 Liam's grin at not being swallowed *g* …aaaand then it turns out he does get swallowed after all.
Keyleth falls unconscious again. This is a nightmare.
5:04:30, Keyleth with the Hail Mary (again.) But only with the twins. If only her turn had been earlier before Vax failed the death saving throw…
~5:10 Percy, frustrated because for most of the battle he couldn't do anything, casts a spell on Grog, who bailed and left an unconscious Taryon behind, to get Taryon, only because Taryon still has a lodestone. Liam's faces from 5:11+ are great.
Grog jumping back through the portal flipping off the kraken with two hands, yes.
That was so close.
Please tell me there are all the episode tags to this one.
All I knew about this episode going in was that Vax dies, Grog almost dies, and even more people than usual bashed Marisha. Fuck the haters, she is awesome.

89: 23:30 Keyleth turns into a raven instead of an eagle because of style and the situation, perfect.
32:00 Laura & Liam hug, aww. So many Laura&Liam/Vex&Vax hugs this episode.
43:00 "Take these wings and fly" OH MY GOD ;_;
The ritual was so beautiful ;_; Vex negotiating with the Raven Queen, Keyleth talking about how Vax promised her to settle down together and casting Daylight into the burn of her hand on his back, (Taryon offering and being told to shut the fuck up), Grog recalling the argument in Greyskull Keep, saying he loves him and slapping him (an intimidation check *g*), (I would have loved to see what Percy had offered as well) – and then the beautiful imagery of the Raven Queen lifting up Vax by the thread of fate emanating from his chest, so great.
She said she will call him… I love reluctant-paladin!Vax so much.
Beachparty! Percy crafting seashell jewellery, aww. And dragontooth necklaces :)
1:42 ooooh no that was a mistake. If Taryon wasn't Sam, Marisha wouldn't have Keyleth give him the necklace. I can only explain that by her extreme emotional exhaustion. I still don't like Taryon.
~1:44+, Percy&Keyleth BFFs and also philosophizing
~1:48 Percy apologizing to Grog :D
~1:51 Vax and Vex playing airship <33
2:01 "Is she stuck like that?" *g*
Oh my god Keyleth *_* Amazing. Giving dragon rides to everyone xD Of course the twins first, and Grog rides seven times.
Percy promises to stay with her until the end :) He is pretty pessimistic right now.
2:11:30 "I have not been quite as close to death before, but I feel I learned something from the experience." "What." "…. That's fair." xD And Grog's successful deception!
2:17 "Do whatever the young lady asks", Taryon to Doty about Pike – huh *g*
2:20 Doty appearing at everyone's windows at night to sketch them xD of course catching Vax and Keyleth in bed together, and Percy and Vex *g*
2:22:30 Pike made him flashcards *g*
"You know they are twin brother and sister?" "I could tell by the bone structure and the contempt." xD
2:29:30 Taryon inquiring about the sexual rules of VM xD
"Doty, I said realism" xD
2:32:30 "Look at these every night before bed" xD
That whole scene was comedic GOLD.
Taryon actually pays, neat.
2:44:30 Vex&Keyleth friendship and mutual appreciation society <3
2:47:30 or so, Percy's new hobbies are macramé and jewellery :D He should work together with Taryon, Percy makes the jewellery and Taryon enchants it.
2:57 or so, Grog wants something good and not just a toy for a title *g*
3:01 Happy Re/Unbirthday ^^ Vax and Percy :)
3:09 "If you turn evil, it's still cool" Aww Percy and Vex :D
We finally know more about what happened to Thordak. Tortured for years and years by a necromancer, not fun. But he was evil even before then.
This episode had so much excellent family content!! And it had drama and hilarity, just all around wonderful.

90: (yes the person taking over GM tips is a woman :D I was hoping for this)
As if Vax needed to be reminded, Ravenqueen. 0:20+ "Your thread leads to something great, something bright," and entwined with many others, "Is that a responsibility you can bear" - nod, he's come so far. He also now has a physical mark on his chest.
Taryon making a red wig for Doty *g*
~2:10 Grog taking the shit out of Taryon *g*
2:26 Grog gets Taryon to buy healing potions for VM and to have them gift-wrapped *g*
2:28 by Sam, getting rid of the Basilisk egg like this is brilliant, but why would Taryon give it away? Oh well.
2:31 "We're gonna kill everyone we see in the next ten seconds" xD and the ensuing complications were great xD
(2:57:45 Taliesin whispering to Marisha right before Vex and Keyleth go dress shopping, I'm so curious *g*)2:56:50 Vax and Percy going to the temple of the Raven Queen together, oh yes. They are so awkward with each other *g* "I like the version of you that my sister brings out." "I do too, and I'll do my best to keep him at the forefront. As as for you, I like the version of you that's not afraid."
Vax is the most awkward paladin. He really doesn't know what to do when he's not being told directly. Percy: "It is your duty to have some joy in the meantime"
3:14 "Grog fucking killed two people" xD
3:24:30 Sam wrote Taryon a fight/drink song xDD
poor Keyleth is so nervous before her "coronation"
I remember the party being worried that her being confirmed as leader of her people will mean extra responsibilities that would make it harder for her to go adventuring, especially when it's not against immediate threats. But now nobody mentioned anything like that. Keyleth said she would be the best leader she can be ("as long as VM stands by my side" but they all have shorter lifespans...) so is she actually going to get invovled in day-to-day affairs? Somehow I doubt it. At least not until all of VM's lingering dangers are defeated, but seeing as one of them is a god...

91: Once I've watched the early episodes I'll have to watch the additions, like Liam's session, and apparently now there is one with a younger Percy and Keyleth? Great.
Oh now Vex is asking if Keyleth is allowed to leave. A bit late. It is convenient that she can still roam around, at least for a little while, but she can't long-term.
Really, they go to hell immediately? At least in-story they had several days on the ship.
The one tiefling VM knows is Zahra, who is awesome, so.
~0:55+ Percy finally talks about the Grey Hunt ^^
0:58 Percy and Keyleth talk about setting up communication between their people :)
2:33 "Hey Vaxie-poo", what.
2:44 Keyleth ate a soul xD
3:06 "since I'm a leader" - least convincing ever *g* 10 minutes full of praise of Tary, poor VM. And unsuprisingly it works only for Tary. Not surprising he thinks she's hitting on him either. Good lesson for Keyleth, at least, I suppose.
3:19:30 "Freddy" and "Greg" xD
Why did they not get Zahra for this mission. You guys have friends.

92: 0:21:15 Grog to Vax: "You have value?" xD
I totally understand Keyleth's impulse to solve all problems with high-level spells, but using Shapechange for this confrontation was almost definitely overkill. Ah well.
59:30 Grog takes three psychic damage for attempting to think too hard *g*
Yeah, Percy ("Freddy") is probably the right person to sign the contract, if anyone. Hopefully it ends well.
2:36 "I get it, you were shopping" *g*
2:51:30 Always turn into a bear when you can.
3:25:30 "So he'll be screaming like a woman." "There's nothing wrong with that." Thank you. [...] "It's very high-pitched, is what I meant. [...] It gives away our position." *rolls eyes*

93: 1:55 sudden fire giant!Keyleth, with a crit on her first attack :D It would have been so cool if that would have killed him, instead of the next strike by Tova. Ah well.
2:27:26 finally naked Pike with weapons fanart ^^
2:41+ excellent job describing a prison in hell *shivers*
2:58 all of VM in chains, thanks for the visual ^^
3:01 "I could have freed myself any time, I just wanted to see what you were doing" ^^
3:05:30 Grog doing a Kamehameha xD It's always fucking doors.
3:15 all of VM doing bats differently *g*
3:35+, Keyleth making that third death saving throw and everyone's realization that if she dies here it's probably a TPK, whoa. Matt's, Laura's, and Travis' faces especially.
3:40:30 Taryon helping Keyleth, neat - but he calls her "young Keyleth" *rolls eyes*
3:50 Taryon coming up with a trick that hopefully works...
Aaand out of hell, just in time.

94: 28:30 "But if I had to, I would say their friendship is worth about 210,000 in gold" xD
Everyone is always so happy when Ashley shows up :)
51:00 I like how everyone just assumes that Taryon is bi.
1:00 the music while Taryon is coming on to that poor barmaid *g*
1:27:30 Pike talking about how great brothels are *g*
1:36 Percy pestering Keyleth until she gives him the scrying eye, and then looking in on Scanlan, yes. Reverse whisper, where most of the players have to leave the room ^^
2:02 Aw, Percy told Vex he looked in on Scanlan. Vex about Scanlan leaving: "I'm trying not to hate him for it." Percy: "I'm not."
drunk!Keyleth is adorable.
2:14 they are actually filing the paperwork for Grand Poobah *g*
2:20 Pike and Grog talking about how great Vex is too, after Vax and Keyleth, aww ^^
2:20:40 Pike still talks to Scanlan sometimes, aww. 2:25:00 she *actually* talks to Scanlan, everoyne's faces, wow.
2:29 Taryon discovered he is not into women *g* 2:33 Liam almost dies laughing
Vex having so much trouble on her hunt, just with Trinket for once – would have been really weird if she actually had died there. Fortunately she didn't.
The twins have plans for the future now! They might separate for longer than they ever have before… But hey, they can visit each other any time, it's really easy with Keyleth's help, for example.
Oh man, Liam's emotional speeches can be… a lot. I had to pause this one with Vex about fifteen times (even though it was beautiful! I don't really know what my problem was.)
Oh my god the future weddings *_*
Timeskip! I like it :D It means they all get to have a presumably mostly peaceful year before the dangers start again, they more than earned that :)

Talk about your favorite parts of Critical Role with me? :D


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