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Today I went to a new restaurant with friends I hadn't seen in weeks (Vietnamese all-you-can-eat buffet, yum), then we went to watch "Guardians of the Galaxy 2", and then we went to the gym, so I feel accomplished even though I did almost nothing else. (Tomorrow is cleaning day, ugh.)

I enjoyed GotG 2. It was fun, it was colorful, it wasn't so stupid that it distracted from the movie, and it had several scenes that made me laugh out loud. It was also very pretty at times: that one planet kind of reminded me of "Jupiter Ascending" in its opulency.

I was more ambivalent about the characters. When I started the movie I didn't much care for Drax and Rocket, or Yondu, but I liked Peter and Gamora. At the end of the movie I kind of cared for Drax and Rocket and was even sympathetic toward Yondu, but was for some reason less interested in Peter and Gamora. And then I thought about writing fic and realized that while it's nice and all that Drax and Rocket care for their family, they'd still be very annoying to live with, especially Rocket. Understandable issues here or there, he still stole important batteries for no good reason, risking the lives of his entire family, and it looks like it'll have far-reaching consequences later on. Even if someone is family, how do you live with someone like that in the long term? Maybe it works out if you're crazy/an adrenaline junkie like the rest of the Guardians (the argument in the "quantum asteroid" field, oh my god,) it's just making it much harder than usual for me to get the found family feelings I love so much. Nebula even said that they argue all the time, and "we are family" is not a sufficient counter-argument because there's family you don't want to be around all the time. See also: Gamora and Nebula.
Speaking of, I liked that they got a bigger part this time. I'm still a bit disappointed that Gamora's actions don't live up to the reputation she apparently had, she's badass but imo with her background she should be even more so. Ah well.
Unexpected gut punch: the scene where the mutineers space all of Yondu's loyal crew members. Ouch.


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