Jul. 8th, 2016

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Recently DD and I bemoaned how we're both losing interest in the fic side of hockey fandom, and we both haven't found a new fandom yet. DD mentioned that she's never seen SGA, I have literally 13 pages of bookmarks for fics alone, it's been four years since I watched any of it – so we decided to watch some SGA episodes so I could rec her fanworks :) She's seen the pilot years ago so we started with "Hide and Seek." Right now the next episodes I'm planning to show her are "Underground", "The Storm"&"The Eye", and then I'll see how much she likes it and go from there. It was fun going through the episodes list and explaining to her that yes, there is canon bodyswap, there are canon doppelgangers etc. etc.

DD's main reaction after one episode was "I didn't expect it to be so funny." I'd forgotten how many funny and plain hilarious moments SGA has in every episode. I can think of other space shows that are funny, but not like that. There must be some though, maybe anime?, idk.

Other things, I'm annoyed because our DM switched our D&D session from Friday to Saturday. I said I could do Saturday if necessary but actually I don't want to, because otherwise on Saturday I wanted to go to a Silent Disco. I've never been and I think it could be fun. Otoh, undead and shapeshifters and treasure… I should just have said I can't do Saturday instead of trying to be accommodating, ugh.
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Who would be Ronon Dex' favorite hockey player? A few years ago maybe Iginla, but now... maybe Ovi? Shea Weber? Jamie Benn? Sid?

My first instinct is that Ronon plays forward, but I could see defense as well. Satedan hockey probably worked a bit differently anyway, maybe a mix between Earth hockey and bandy.


schneefink: River walking among trees, from "Safe" (Default)

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