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I'm currently watching new Critical Role episodes every Tuesday, because I'm too lazy to look up how to watch them earlier (yes I know this is a stupid excuse), and anyways weekends are usually busy. Usually I almost manage to avoid spoilers, emphasis on almost.
Before the next episode, have some miscellaneous notes and reactions from the past few.

Ep 95:
~14:00+ Grog has a no-name drunk NPC draw a card from the Deck xD and he gets two Wishes xD
Pike taught Grog how to read <3
0:28 "The Slayers' Cake" xD opened by Pike, Vex, Keyleth, and Tary
Tary moved in with Vex, huh. Vex became ambassador to Syngorn
Beautiful jewellery with a VM crest and five kinds of dragonscale by Percy for VM :)
canon that Tary is good at baking *g*
1:20 what is this, Liam being careful about using Luck, very strange. (15 minutes later he uses it for a prank, business as usual.)
Tary in full armor on the beach ^^
rolls for sandcastles :D
1:32 Tary can open doors xD
1:40 Vex and Percy find out xD so hard not to laugh out loud at work.
2:03 Tary apologizing to Vex and hugs xD
2:29 if Pike had rolled badly on that arcana check about the Deck...
Pike's family! Sackville-Baggins, heh. Family curse, huh.

0:40 Grog like a gondola driver, with the flying carpet with Percy and the gnomes behind him, aww *g*
0:39 Grog marching through the whole tour ^^
Thinking of Pike and Grog living & growing up together in the tiny gnome home :)
Wilhand's face *g* 0:57, 0:59+ etc.
1:08 "You're a very good cleric" xD
2:36 the smartest thing Grog ever said ^^
2:40:30 in-character that confidence fits, but meta it sounds very dangerous ^^
4:10 oh no, it is trickery…
4:17 "Doty, carry him to the edge of the cliff" yeeeeah.
Aaand they forgot the sphere dissipates xD

aaaand five minutes into game play Keyleth jumps off a cliff, turns into a goldfish, and dies. Whoa o.o xD
1:19 Grog a natural twenty on finding a book about werewolves ^^
Kima and Allura got married :D
1:50 "Hilda never showed up for her interview" Ashley is the best.
1:57 Sam's face when Vex calls Taryon vulnerable ^^
3:33 Taryon: "I am literally the easiest man to find, I tell everyone my name" *g*
3:36 "the last of our coffers" - what?
4:00 - "Percy can you make me sleeping bells" xD

98: No insight check on Taryon's sister? Surprisingly careless.
Keyleth the inspiring leader xD (ugh, second-hand embarrassment) the second time (2:54) about bacon, because bacon is worth fighting for, yep.

Battle Royale:
Col'vil xD
~1:00 Vex getting Grog into her necklace xD and he breaks out in one round, wow. "I was gonna release you!" "In acid!" xD
1:45 Grog taking Percy's glasses before smashing his head in ^^ Percy had bad luck.
2:18 Keyleth turns into an adult black dragon :D
2:42 The Deck of Many Things! :D And he had so much luck with the cards too. Grog had so much luck during the whole battle.
3:05 Keyleth using Plane Shift! So cool. Such a shame it didn't work. (Also doesn't he have -2? Ah well.)
3:37 Grog goaded Tary into a melee attack, survived, retaliation strike, and dies from the Fire Wall xD Artificers, man. They need time to prepare, but then they kill you. If Taryon hadn't healed Grog it's likely he would have been killed by Keyleth, so good tactics too.

24:00 Earthquake, Pike, really? The mine should still be usable afterwards…
Matt playing Taryon's dad, he is so good. Very effective use of camera angle change too.
0:57, wait, so Taryon sees Vax and Grog as dad figures and Pike as mom? xD Keyleth as sister, Vex as best friend, Percy as an example of boyfriend material xD
Sam uses the Fate die the first episode after the Battle Royale! He really wants this to work, and it did help.
Second time that Sam's character leaves VM.
1:10 "I know you all love me, but you don't really like me that much" *sigh*
1:10 Vex: "I like dicks" I am twelve.
1:12 "Don't expect us to be okay with this," aww Percy.
Taryon asking his mom to be his adventuring party's organizer, aww. And she tells him to get a better outfit. Matt is just so good.
1:27 "You've heard of the meatman?" xD
2:42 „What's Kaylie's mother's name?“ Percy :)
3:35 commune with Ducks *g* Matt the duck, he is the greatest
3:43 I completely missed when Scanlan talked about surviving thanks to "weird fucking magic," but of course Pike caught it and didn't like it, brilliant.
3:52 "Much like you, they're a bit disappointing" Percy!

4:00 Sam quizzing Taliesin on Marvel characters or Yoga positions *g*
Sam playing both Scanlan and Taryon is weird.
1:14 Lionel the duck-summoner *g*
1:32 literal body pillows xD
2:53 Grog jealous of Lionel, "I bet he's a great swimmer" ^^ and Taliesin just losing it. and Grog: "Pike, you mean the world to me," aww. 2:55:30 "We should" "kill him." "That's definitely an option..."
3:10 Pike and Grog want to impress Scanlan, Lionel rolls two twenties in a roll, and then Grog rolls two natural ones in a roll, WOW. if Scanlan really had inspired Lionel... but then he praises him, ouch.
3:20 "I'm a big guy, but you're making me feel small." ouch. Grog <3
3:25 "And if you ask me right now" "You'll kill him." "I will kill him." Two seconds. Lionel: what? xD And Scanlan finally finds out Grog sang for him!
3:59 Delilah Briarwood! I guessed it almost as soon as Matt said the voice is familiar.
4:39:30 fire floods the ceiling :D Keyleth doing a fire storm under Reverse Gravity, awesome.
4:45:30 Feeblemind on Pike, oh no!
5:14 Shapechange, really? Doesn't seem too practical. Otoh dragons are always cool. Then she loses form because of an AMF one turn later *g*
Keyleth was the one to suggest asking Sarenrae for help, unexpected but cool. And it was indeed very helpful.

Scanlan and Taryon having a conversation *g*
Percy telling Cassandra about Delilah Briarwood. Poor Cassandra.
Keyleth and Percy researching together :)
Keyleth casting Foresight on Vax, cool.
3:06 or so, Percy at intimidation :) pity the roll was bad, because the RP was great. Then, ugh, torture. Vax just punches him, fantastic *rolls eyes* They have a mind magic practitioner with them! Of course Scanlan only steps in later. And after that Grog pokes through his eyes, ewww.

All I was spoiled for is that Vax probably dies...
1:05:50 "Okay so we'll need a name for him..." Scanlan is fun to have around :) Mister Mestopheles, perfect.
1:54 "It's not even gonna be a hard fight" never say that.
I love the earthquake idea, as Travis said it's "so Hollywood," but Matt looks so serious this is making me nervous...
2:08 two gnomes in a trench coat xD
2:46 Vex with a natural 20 on Delilah's Finger of Death, wow.
Delilah almost disintegrates Vax right after Vecna kills Vex with Power Word Kill while Vax, paralyzed, had to watch; one round later Vecna disintegrates Vax and Vex, once brought back, doesn't even realize at first; Vecna attempts to disintegrate Pike (Travis attempts to physically shield Ashley) but thank Pelor for her Vestige...
"Where's Vax?" :'(

I'm not really in Critical Role fandom, partly for time reasons and partly I'm not sure why, but the fandom has great resources and amazing fanart. The fanart showcase during the episode break is always one of my favorite parts.
Speaking of resources, here is a list by [ profile] eponymous-rose of some more great scenes with direct links.

Theories about what will happen next:
I think Vax will come back, but considering how the Raven Queen marked him, another question is how or as what… I was amused that others interpreted his "we're off adventuring so it'll take us a bit longer to get home, better let people know" as a call-back to his more passively suicidal tendencies when this time I really didn't interpret it that way, but then that. Of course the resurrection ritual could still fail. It depends on what Matt has thought up for True Ressurection. Speaking of: Keyleth has access, and Pike probably soon? If Pike, great. Keyleth… She'd always be hesitant about resurrecting people, but given that it's Vax, less than she would be otherwise.
I'm excited to see what Vecna's plans are. My impression is that if you want to challenge a high-level party you don't give them a straight us-vs-them fight, but you give them an objective to reach, a time limit or something or someone to protect, that immediately makes the fight harder. Here that's not even necessary given that they're fighting an almost-god, but that god also has plans set into motion so it's a race against time. They can gather their allies, that'll help, and they'll have to do some research to find out more about Vecna's plans and thwart them…
Most of all, I'll let myself be surprised and love it :)

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From: [personal profile] dhampyresa
Not looking at spoilers, but thanks for the link!

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From: [personal profile] dhampyresa
I am at GILMORE JUST STABBED VAX ONLY IT'S NOT GILMORE????????? That's where I'm at.

Thank you!

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"You could... if you had time..."

I was like YOU BRILLIANT JERK!!!!!

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Yay! Thank you.


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