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I've been checking out the podcasts you guys recommended and it's been great. Eventually I'll make a longer list of those I liked, but for now I want to talk about "The Bright Sessions," a fiction podcast about a therapist for patients with unusual abilities. I quickly got attached to the characters, and then in season two the plot really took off. Originally I just wanted to make a few notes for a future rec, but by the middle of season 2 I was making notes for almost every episode, so now you get a long list of episode reactions to distract myself from the cliffhanger at the end of season 3.

Season 1:
Caleb and Adam are so adorable, oh my god. I also like Sam. Chloe is a nice person, but her apparent disinterest in ethics when it comes to reading minds is worrying. Encouraged by her therapist, to be fair. That... could end badly. Whatever plan Dr. Bright has, I just hope it doesn't harm her patients.

Season 2:
Damien is scary *shudders* Kudos to Dr. Bright for putting up with him.
Agent Green is also unsettling, reviewing all patient files… So far Caleb seems to be the one of Dr. Bright's patients (that we hear) with the least potentially harmful power and the only one she doesn't intend to "use." Btw I like that Mark is her brother and not a love interest.
Ep. 14: Did Sam just stumble upon Mark?? Dr. Bright offered Sam a chance to walk away, good for her, even though Sam rescuing Mark was what she was hoping for since she first met her.
Ep 15: Caleb and Adam are so fucking adorable. I may have already listened to this episode multiple times.
Ep 16: Hey, we got a first name!
Ep 17: Damien coming in right as Chloe tries to listen to Agent Green, aaaaaargh. Chloe standing up to him though, yess. I was so optimistic about the information she would be able to get...
Ep 18: Sam talked to Mark and never mentioned Dr. Bright, poor Dr. Bright. (Calling her Joan still seems kind of weird.) And the whole time Dr. Bright thought Mark hates her...
Ep 19: C'mon Joan at least talk to him for two minutes before asking for a favor, get him in a better mood. Also the AM getting their hands on Damien would be BAD. Damien great job making Agent Green suspicious *sigh*
Ep 20: Damien influencing Caleb and Adam is just creepy. (It took me a while to realize that when Caleb said he wanted Damien to like him, it was really because Damien wanted Caleb to like him. Huh.) But even apart from that, having a relationship where one person can read the other's feelings is clearly challenging.
Ep 21: Chloe has dreams about Adam, awwwkward xD Good that she's feeling better now, but she doesn't have it easy either. I'm glad she's becoming friends with Frank and Sam and Caleb.
Ep 22: Damien's ability doesn't last very long, so breaking in somewhere is still very risky. Probably depends on exactly how he's doing it though and the other person's resistance.
I did know that of course Caleb and Adam couldn't just stay sweet forever but why oh why did I never think about Adam's parents the doctors...
Ep 23: okay Caleb don't go accusing your boyfriend of becoming an evil psychopath just because his parents both are... okay, but still. I was afraid Caleb would break up with Adam but he didn't, good job, except Adam still took it that way :( "will he still be my boyfriend if I stop being depressed," ouch. (Also depression as sadness is not exactly how I experienced it so I had a "ah... right" moment, heh.)
Ep 24: At the beginning of this episode I thought Mark was probably going to get away but the AM is going to catch Damien. Instead, Damien basically kidnaps Mark. Bastard. Poor Joan and Sam. At least Mark is back in the present!
Sam's mini-episodes: Sam <3

Season 3:
Ep 25: Cheerful government agents are the worst. I love the relationship between Joan and Ellie though, very interesting. Poor Joan.
Ep 27: poor Mark -.-
Mark never asked Charlie to help him escape because he didn't want to get Charlie in trouble. MARK. Also he's still protective of his sister. I love him already.
Damien is a dick but at least he doesn't sound like an irredeemable one.
Ep 28: Joan doubted whether she ever helped anyone? ;_; Probably more whether she got them into more trouble than she helped them, but still.
Confirmation that she does not completely hate Ellie, Ellie really messed her up, huh.
Confirmation that Adam's parents were involved in the experiments that created Frank – which we basically already knew, but still.
Mini episode 7: So I paused this basically every thirty seconds. No I think it was more often. Adam recorded the conversation because he was afraid he'd never talk with Caleb again and wanted a recording of his voice ;_;
Ep 29: Sam and Joan are friends now :)
Ep 30: oh hey Agent Green. Agent Green and Sam, and then: hi Charlie! And then a new patient. Agent Green has a first name now! Hi Owen.
Agent Green always sounds so reasonable, up to a certain point. "Natural selection," ugh. And then he talks about decorations in the intake ward.
Ellie Wadsworth is Adam's aunt, shiiiit.
Ep 31: atypical study group :D
Sam you can't share your abilities? Remember how excited Adam got when you told him about, just as an example.
Ep 32: Yesss Mark ftw. He's really smart. I thought that he would overpower Damien eventually, but even before he did it with his abilities he didn't take anything lying down, and that was after he just came out of a traumatic experience.
Ep 33: Joan missed Mark's call because she was on the phone with Agent Green, aaaaaargh Agent Green ruins everything.
Joan and Sam and Chloe are panicking about Mark and Ellie and then Caleb calls with relationship problems, aww. Caleb "what if I suck" me "I bet he would love that" phrasing, dear.
Ep 34: Hey Joan asked Frank if she can record ^^ Progress.
Ouch. Poor Frank.
Mini-ep 8: Damien: "You don't know what this is like" OMG xD Mark takes none of his shit.
Ep 35: MARK! And Sam punched Damien :D
Btw, the smallest amount of time Sam has gone back in time, that we know of, is several months. She could pretty much control the "where" though. If she can get that under even more control, the amount of stuff she could find out is vaguely terrifying, at least as much as what Chloe can do.
Mini ep 9: They just bring Damien back to his house, without considering that the AM might be watching? And he's exceptionally vulnerable right now… Also, Damien wants someone to understand him and Mark might be the only one who could, uh-oh.
Ep 36: Aww, teenager problems. And then the whole atypical thing.
Ep 37: Sibling feelings <3 It's been a month, no wonder Mark is still messed up.
Oh no, Damien is still fixated on Mark *sigh* and now going to see Wadsworth… this cannot end well… He is such a dick. With zero self-awareness.
Ep 38: As much as I dislike Ellie, it's fun see (or hear, I guess) her take Damien down a peg.
Damien complaining that talking with Ellie was humiliating with him, uuuuugh. And threatening to kill Sam - okay at this point this is criminal. Is there some kind of police force that deals with atypical? There has to be, right? Shouldn't someone contact them?
Ep 39: uh-oh... (man they are lucky Sam is rich)
Ep 40: Caleb :( Caleb and Adam <3
And Frank and Caleb, Sam and Caleb, and Sam and Chloe, and Mark and Caleb, and Mark and Joan... So much amazing character stuff in this episode.
Oh my god Ellie got Mark to comply by threatening Joan, she made him hurt others and she told him he would go insane if he didn't. She's just... ugh. No wonder Mark is close to losing it, on top of all the reminders of his trauma and what almost happened he's also currently using borrowing several psychic abilities, it has to be overwhelming. He's doing his best, but he's not okay, and no wonder.
And then poor Chloe has to be the one to say "well what do we owe him." I do understand Mark's insistence that he doesn't want what happened to him to happen to anyone else, not even Damien (and he can't be objective when it comes to Damien either) but if Damien dies it will really mess Caleb up and nobody wants that. So my guess is they will get Damien to the AM.

Season 4 in October! I really look forward to it. And there will be a TV adaption too, I'm very curious.
In the meantime I'm thinking about what fic I want for Yuletide, because it's the season of worrying about Yuletide nominations.
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