Wolf 359

Aug. 25th, 2017 09:56 pm
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I'm procrastinating on cleaning up, so I'm trying to get my notes on "Wolf 359" into something that maybe resembles order.

When I first started this podcast I stopped in the middle of episode 3, because it's no fun listening to people who can't stand each other and make each other's lives unnecessarily difficult by behaving unprofessionally on a fricking space station, I mean, wtf. The sheer number of recs I saw while looking for similar podcasts convinced me to give it another try, however. The second half of season one was okay, and then the season finale was fantastic and it got pretty great from there.

The show is currently in season 4. The plot is great, very tense, with the heroes almost constantly in danger of varying degrees. While there are funny and touching moments, there's not a lot of fluff. The "characters can't stand each other" problem gets a lot better, people grow closer under pressure, and by season 4 I really love several of the characters. (Others I enjoy hating.) I'm very curious where it's going, and how they're going to get out of this.

Do try not to get spoiled, there are some great twists. So if you haven't listened to it yet, stop here.
Spoilers: barely organized notes I made while listening )

In offline happenings, tomorrow my parents, LB and I are going to a dinosaur park.
Mom: "Unfortunately we found out that the dinosaur park where we went when you two were kids has closed, but we could do something else…"
LB: "There are two other dinosaur parks."
Mom: "I thought it was about the memories?"
Me: "Mom. It's about the dinosaurs."
It's going to be great.
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I've been checking out the podcasts you guys recommended and it's been great. Eventually I'll make a longer list of those I liked, but for now I want to talk about "The Bright Sessions," a fiction podcast about a therapist for patients with unusual abilities. I quickly got attached to the characters, and then in season two the plot really took off. Originally I just wanted to make a few notes for a future rec, but by the middle of season 2 I was making notes for almost every episode, so now you get a long list of episode reactions to distract myself from the cliffhanger at the end of season 3.

Season 1 )

Season 2 )

Season 3 )

Season 4 in October! I really look forward to it. And there will be a TV adaption too, I'm very curious.
In the meantime I'm thinking about what fic I want for Yuletide, because it's the season of worrying about Yuletide nominations.
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I don't dislike my job, but it's often boring. Fortunately during much of it I can listen to other stuff. During the first few months I listened to many many Critical Role episodes, but now I'm caught up, so I need something new. I've been trying a few different things.

- Political comedy. There are a few I enjoy watching/listening to, like Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, sometimes Trevor Noah. Is there something similar for European politics?, that could be fun.

- I tried other RPG videos or podcasts, but haven't been able to get into any. They all start pretty slow, so without recs from people whose taste I trust I'm unwilling to invest much time into it. (I heard good things about The Adventure Zone, but I'm not in the mood right now to listen to a men-only RPG.)

- Speaking of! Podcasts. I was looking for economics-focused podcasts and the vast majority of what I found was hosted by men. I found an article that said about 2/3rds of podcasts are hosted by men, that about fits what I saw and doesn't even take into account which topics the podcasts are about. DD and I wondered how much of that is because men are more used than women to people listening to whatever they say. I also still sometimes have to consciously train myself out of thinking that a woman's voice on the radio or on TV sounds "shrill" whenever she raises her voice and/or gets angry.
If anyone has recs for podcasts hosted by women, especially about economics and/or history, that would be welcome.

- I thought aboud podfic, but I usually get too frustrated by the fact that I know that I can read faster. Radio plays are different though. I was never that into WtNV, but I remembered that someone on DW (I forgot who) recced The Strange Case of Starship Iris. I liked it a lot, but unfortunately it only has 5 episodes and is currently on hiatus. Recs for radio plays would also be very welcome (but no horror, even though I think it's a genre that lends itself well to radio plays.)

- I also spent two days watching youtube videos about ancient battles. I now understand better why [personal profile] dhampyresa is so fascinated by Hannibal and Scipio ^^ Unfortunately battle plans need to be watched and I rarely have time for that.

- I had the idea to listen to Russian language learning podcasts, I found out that there are a few. Unfortunately I realized that while podcasts are okay to remember words I already knew once (I used to speak Russian at B1+, but I'm severely out of practice), I can't learn new words from listening. If I don't see how they're spelled I forget them almost immediately, which is frustrating. Russian also takes more concentration to listen to, which I don't always have.

I also sometimes just listen to Disney soundtracks on a loop when I don't have much concentration to spare, or radio. (I never listened to Ö3 before, but 2-3 weeks ago I realized how little attention the constantly repeating pop songs require.) But that sometimes feels close to wasting time – which is ridiculous when I'm at work, but still. I could be learning things or listen to actual stories! Not the whole time though, I'll try to find a balance, and in the meantime I'll try out more stuff.


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