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I finally found out why our newest flatmates is so often on the phone around midnight and later: she's playing WoW. That makes more sense than, idk, I didn't really think about it, I just wondered. Fortunately I only hear that she's talking, not what, and it's not loud enough to disturb my sleep.

The latest D&D session was amazing. I missed the last session, so at the beginning I asked the others about the weapons they looted from the temple. Among them were several swords, and I asked if I could pick one of them for my undead minion. I picked one with bonus ice magic.

Our DM thought this session we would attack an enemy stronghold, which we strongly considered, but before that I insisted on Scrying on the enemy's head spy/assassin, one of Pelor's remaining two saints. I saw her a few moments before she was going to assassinate a group of allied casters, which would also doom the troops they were supporting.
Our DM later said that he expected us to consider it a pawn sacrifice and move on, especially because we hadn't had a long rest yet after our last battle. However one of the casters was someone we considered a bishop, not a pawn, so we wanted to rescue her.

We charged in, and as we probably should have expected the spy was expecting us. Not only were we suddenly facing a huge Awakened sand creature, the spy, who we knew was capable of possessing people (Magic Jar), hid, and we still had to protect the casters for several rounds before we could escape.

Fortunately, in the ensuing battle we had a shit-on of luck. First, the person closest to the sand creature, who was logically engulfed first, was my undead minion, who does not need to breathe. Our cleric cast Freedom of Movement, I flew up, the rogue hid. Both the cleric and I had Protective Aura protecting us and those close to us, e.g. the allied casters, against possession and fireballs, so the spy possessed my undead minion. The cleric managed to one-shot kill the sand creature (Surge of Fortune + (newly acquired) Vorpal longsword.) I managed to trap and Silence the spy. The spy almost killed our rogue, with the help of the new ice sword my undead minion got very recently. The rogue then – with a little bit of help from his friends – managed to throw her into the vat of burning tar he keeps in his portable hole. She rolled a natural 20 on her strength check and was about to drag herself out of it – and then suddenly our DM and the rogue's player looked at each other and started laughing in disbelief as they both remembered the second magical ability of my undead minion's new sword: it has a 50/50 chance of immediately extinguishing and freezing any fire it touches. The DM rolled, the fire went out, the tar hardened, and the spy was well and truly subdued. It was amazing. Only the allied casters even received any serious injuries.

The allied casters completed their ritual, and I decided to help them out with their troop's attack. My reputation grew after a whole troop saw me flying in the air, surrounded by an aura of bright light, summoning a tornado to destroy thousands of enemies, and on top of that I got hit by lightning as a sign of favor from Kord after our cleric prayed to him. One of my favorite visuals yet.

Our next task is to try and save my undead minion's soul (without letting the spy survive, obviously: if her soul is lost she can't even get resurrected.) For that we have to find the magic gem used in the spell. That's why our cleric prayed to Kord, and he seemed to say that there was no hope. But I'm not willing to give up quite yet, especially because when I created my undead minion I promised her that unlike the god she'd formerly followed, if she followed me her soul would be preserved. I get why the rogue had no other choice, but I'd really hate to break that promise.

I have not yet written even one fic for h/c bingo, but I at least started several (okay, only two have more than a handful of words.) I'm still optimistic though! Would anyone be interested in helping me with a post-s3 Bright Sessions fic? I think at this point I mostly need brainstorming help and cheerleading. My flatmate who I would usually bribe to do it is on vacation in Greece (while here autumn weather is finally arriving, unfair.)

Date: 2017-09-10 11:20 pm (UTC)
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I do mean to check out Bright Sessions!

Date: 2017-09-11 04:20 am (UTC)
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Vermutlich raidet sie und verwendet Teamspeak o.ä. Meine Raider-Zeiten sind ja vorbei, aber das waren sehr nette Abende mit einem Haufen Leute aus aller Welt am Headset. =D Heute telefoniere ich gelegentlich noch mit Freunden, wenn wir gemeinsam questen.

Ich hatte einen Nachbarn, der ebenfalls Gamer war, und der wohl einen Shooter o.ä. gespielt hat. Die Wände waren so dünn, dass man immer sein aufgeregtes Geschrei ("LAUF LAUF RECHTS OHMEINGOTT...") gehört hat. *g*


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