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With a 2-0 win against Buffalo in the last game of the regular season, the Pittsburgh Penguins make the playoffs! I didn't stay up to watch the game and I knew that I would be very nervous this morning, but before I could even check the score I got a text message from DD saying "oh thank god", that was a relief.

Wow, this year it was close. No wonder, with three of our top four defenseman out (four of the top 6, at the very end, crazy.) Pens play the Rangers in the first round. I don't have high expectations, or any, really, because of the injuries: I do think that with Tanger and Maatta and Duper this team would have a good chance, but alas. (Speaking of Olli, his brother is called Antti Maatta (story). I think that's hilarious.) I'm really happy that we made it, especially for Sid (look at stuff like this), team MVP and league leader in shutouts Flower, Geno, Horny...
I still hate Marc Staal. If the unexpected happens and we do beat the Rangers, that'd be awesome. But no pressure, that's also nice.

Kings and Bruins didn't make it! I felt a bit sorry for their fans, but I can't say I was particularly sad about it. Calgary and Ottawa were very good stories, but I don't think they'll make it past the first round.

I still have to think about my picks for the NHL Bracket challenge. It's always hard to decide between picking what I want to happen and what I think will happen.

In non-hockey news, motorway driving is boring, but not hard. (Except in cities sometimes when the street signs are bad and you don't know where to go.) Not exactly news, but I got some practice. We drove 7 hours to my grandparents on Thursday and then back again yesterday for my grandmother's 70th birthday on Friday. I found out I don't like German motorways, apparently "no tempo limit" translates to "everyone drives as fast as they want and for some reason overall it's slower" and also less comfortable. (LB drove the majority of the way, for some reason I was really tired yesterday.)

The birthday party was nice, a lot of family we haven't seen in a while (I didn't realize there was so much drama in that family, almost country cliché at times, but it all went fine), the food was delicious and plentiful, and our musical numbers (a "Happy Birthday" arrangement where all kids and grandkids, ten overall, played an instrument, and 8 Udo Jürgens songs my dad re-texted) were well received.

I really enjoyed my new e-book reader :) It's very light. DD recced me the book she used to distract herself from hockey anxiety and I enjoyed it a lot, I might have another Yuletide fandom. More later, I should probably eat something now.
Right now my dad is running the Vienna City marathon, fingers crossed it goes well for him :)
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Planning a kitchen is stressful, and it's distracting. I'm supposed to finish my thesis, but there is so much I have to do about the kitchen, it's very annoying. I'm almost at the point where I wish we'd have said screw it, we'll have them put in a kitchen for us, even though I know we'd still have to expand it and it would have been only slightly less work. (Apparently according to the law only a sink and a stovetop need to be provided.) And I'm very bad at asking for more money, or discounts, or favors. To make everything even more fun, we should decide and ideally buy our kitchen by Saturday because that's how long the kitchen sales last, and DD is currently sick.

Positives: I drove to a store a bit further out on my own today and it went very well. I still hate driving on my own, I get nervous, even though objectively it's (usually) not harder than with someone sitting next to me. But I'm getting better.

And my mom got a box of chocolates as a gift and she's not eating chocolate during Lent, so I got it. I need reward chocolate at the moment.

I currently crave idfic, especially if it involves self-sacrifice of some kind. I'm also plotting increasingly cruel fates for various characters, I hope I'll manage to finish something. To each their own coping strategies. Sorry Teresa.
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Snow! Snow everywhere. It's been snowing since Monday, when we drove here. We were very lucky, with the route we chose and our timing we avoided at least three or four major traffic jams. The list of traffic jams and accidents on the radio traffic service became longer each time.
Then we got stuck because there was too much snow on the road upward. Fortunately we could roll down to a petrol station not too far away and they lent us a hydraulic car jack so we could better put on the snow chains that we fortunately brought with us, even though we were sure we weren't going to need them.
Today in the morning my dad decided to show me how to do it (one of the chains had become loose) with the mechanic car jack from our trunk. I was only wearing my pyjamas for breakfast, but I just put on a thick sweater and ski pants (English word?) because I thought it'd just be ten minutes in front of the house. Only then he remembered we still had to go shopping, and I'd wanted to try driving in the snow anyway, right? There's no shop in the small village here, you have to drive three villages further.
So I drove with snow chains for the first time and at first it was fine. Only later the road was already cleared of snow, which made driving with chains more difficult. After one turn I started to spin and ended up with the car turned about 100 degrees to the right in the middle of the road (and another car closely behind, fortunately in sufficient distance.) Not a lot of fun, but the most important part was not panicking. The car safety training I recently did probably came in useful.

Everything is white outside! Almost incredible, after how green it was at Christmas. It's still snowing, and right now there's even a little bit of sun behind very thin clouds. Yesterday we went for a long walk with the dogs, and Pierre (I think) already built two snowmen in the garden.
Pictures (sadly not very good quality) )

Pierre is a very good cook and dinner tonight will be delicious. LB is coming in a few hours and a few other people too. I hope we'll be able to see the fireworks well.

Two more quick Yuletide recs before author reveals:Jurassic Park, Asimov's Robot series )

Guten Rutsch!
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The sky looked amazing today when I walked home. Bright summer blue on one side, intense sunset yellow on another, on another dark grey with red and purple hues and lightning bolts, and big pink and golden cloud towers almost above me. Beautiful.
Still no rain here, hopefully soon because the air is too humid.
ETA: Finally!

Work is over! Wednesday was my last day. Thursday and Friday I could practically feel my brain going down a few levels. Overall it was a good experience: the colleagues were nice, about half of the work was very interesting, I learned stuff, and I earned money. But I'm also glad that it's over.

Yesterday two friends and I spent about five hours customizing a "Munchkin" set as a birthday present for LK, with Doctor Who-themed cards among others. I hope he likes it! The birthday party is tomorrow. I was planning to make muffins today, but we don't have the ingredients so I'll have to see how much time I have tomorrow.
(After making the present I felt like a good friend for about an hour, until I remembered how I wished that ER had made less friends in the US because I'm jealous of the time she spends with them. >.<)

My parents came home from their two weeks of vacation, it was nice to see them again. I picked them up at the airport- by car, at night, no problems :) Though I'm glad I persuaded LB to come with me, otherwise it would have been very boring.

I want the hockey season to start again. I miss this stupid sport. Ugh.
(At least PK Subban got a good contract! Good for him and the Habs.)

I met L. again! The girl I went dancing with. (Sometimes I worry that in a few months I won't remember who's behind the initials, but I don't want to use full names because I'm worried my RL friends will find this blog. Not that they couldn't figure out most of the people anyway...) After a bit of confusion I now have her phone number :) We met for ice cream. This probably-wanting-to-date-someone thing is complicated, and I often feel awkward, but I'm pretty sure that's normal.

I have two weeks of vacation coming up! First a week at Attersee with friends from the debating society: the plan is quite chaotic so far, I don't know when or how I'll get there or what we'll do there etc., but I think it'll be fun.
And then choir week! I'm really looking forward to it: I couldn't go last summer, and I really missed it. It's going to be exhausting, I'm a bit afraid of that because I don't know how well I'll cope, but I think it's going to be fine.
The timing of this is a bit unfortunate, I have things to do in Vienna and after working a job I now think I'd be able to make good progress on my thesis, but I hope that'll keep until I get back. (For about a week, then I'll visit my grandparents. Summers are short.)

I should also be finishing my marvel_bang story... I'll probably have to try writing longhand again, let's see how that goes.
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I got my driving license!! \o/ I'm allowed to drive a car! All on my own! Finally!
The exam went so much better than the last time: the examiner was nice, the route had (almost) no unpleasant surprises, I felt good. During the parking exercise I accidentally turned on the windshield wipers and forgot how to turn them off, that was awkward, but that was the only really noticeable mistake I made.
I've already been "volunteered" as a driver in my family, even though LB's first reaction was "Help!" He should talk, he hasn't even started practical classes yet ;)

Studying is going well, mostly. In the past I tried to study at my university's library, which never worked well, but this weekend a friend introduced me to the main library's study hall and I like the atmosphere there a lot better. I have a structure for my thesis, I've found a lot of literature, and now I'm in the read-and-take-notes-stage.

On Sunday was women's run in Vienna. It was fun; considering that I trained very little my time was okay, the funny thing was that I got considerably faster each kilometer even though it felt the other way around.

I'm tiiired. I didn't sleep well the last few nights for some reason. The last time I had problems sleeping it was my meds acting up and it didn't get better until I switched, I'm really hoping it's just something random and/or weather-related this time. Could be, weather is switching from sunny enough I got a light sunburn to rain so heavy my jacket (and pants and shoes...) didn't stand a chance.
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I finally wanted to do my practical driving exam yesterday! I had a time slot and everything. Only last week on Tuesday they called me and said that my doctor's certificate from last year (doctor's visit #1) expired and I need a new one.
I went to the doctor again (doctor's visit #2.) Because I am naive I truthfully told her that I'm taking antidepressants. But! This means I have to go to a public health officer! Because rules. (My psychotherapist went on an impressive rant when I told her about that.)
I went to the public health officer today (doctor's visit #3, or 3.5 because I had to go to four different rooms.) He told me I have to get a certificate from a psychiatrist (doctor's visit #4.) But! Despite the fact that I already passed an eye test from the general practitioner, because my left eye only sees at 90% and I'm very short-sighted (this is what glasses are for, fucking idiots), I also need a certificate from an optometrist! (doctor's visit #5.)
And then of course I have to go back to the public health officer so he can check that the certificates are filled out properly. (doctor's visit #6.)
Oh and of course none of these visits are covered by health insurance. Visit 1-3 cost 85€. The certificate from the optometrist will probably cost around 70€ (at least I got an appointment for tomorrow.) The certificate from a psychiatrist I don't know would cost around 300€ (are you fucking kidding me), fortunately from my psychiatrist only around 50€, but she's on vacation the next two weeks, so more waiting, just what I really didn't fucking need.
At least I'm lucky and my parents are paying and can afford it, but still.

Have I mentioned that I fucking hate bureaucracy? Because I really really do.


Feb. 27th, 2014 11:32 pm
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Today I passed my driving theory exam. \o/ 89% and 96% respectively in the two modules. I'm so glad that's over. Now only the practical left to go, but I'm mostly confident in my driving (except parking, but I can train that with my dad in parking lots. And sometimes I forget to look over my shoulder before turns.)

The exam was in the morning and as a reward I allowed myself to do absolutely nothing the whole day. I only managed to watch one episode of Buffy (Spike appeared!), but I read some good fic (still have a long to read list though.) I spent a lot of time on Tumblr, or at least starting there, finally reading all the interesting articles/stuff that I bookmarked the past two weeks and didn't have the time for. (I'm glad I have a queue because there are currently over 200 posts in there.) And also, the Penguins play their first game after the Olympic break tonight! Exciting. (Fuck this team has bad luck with injuries -.-)

I'm not only relieved because the exam is done, but also because it's the first major exam I've done since, probably last spring? (I did one in January but that was an easy one, I barely studied and still passed.) I can still study! :D
Granted, I waited until the last deadline and I almost never managed it at home, and I was so nervous during, before, and after the exam that I was literally shaking, but still. I managed to go to the school and study there for several hours on several days, a subject that I wasn't even especially interested in (at least not the annoying obscure facts). I did that and then I passed the test. It's something so simple, but I wasn't sure, because I couldn't even do that much during the last few months.
Looks like I'm getting better :)
(I have plans. It's going to be great.)
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I'm sooo tired. And it's not even ten. But tomorrow morning I have to get up at five because I'm doing a debating workshop at a school that's a long drive away in the morning. The workshop will be fine, but I still have to look at the slides today, don't wanna.

So, the test today! I arrived at the driving school around 14:30, because I couldn't persuade myself to leave the house earlier and also because I thought I had more than enough time until 18:30. It went fine, after a while I consistently got 90% or more on the test simulations, so I thought I'd be finished soon! And I went to tell the boss that I wanted to do the pre-exam.
He said fine, and just in case, it's the basic and the B module, good luck.
For the past three weeks - or ever - I only studied the basic module because for some stupid reason I thought B was for motorcycles. I had one and a half hours to study an entire module.
I was freaking out. A lot.
But I started studying, because why not? I also cursed a lot because I knew I would never be able to make it.
So then the girl next to me asked me what I was doing, and when I explained it to her (not exactly in a calm voice) she said well, nobody checks here anyway, she's quite good with the B module, she'll help me do the pre-exam and I can just study B until next week.
I wanted to hug her. And buy her ice cream. Especially after I (we) got over 90% on the combined pre-exam.
Done! I was so relieved I was shaking again.

Only then the boss said I have to call very early in the morning tomorrow and then it's still not sure if I can do it next week, because of some bureaucratic bullshit. And also they'll check if my doctor's examination is recent enough, which now that I'm thinking about it I'm pretty sure it isn't? (Not sure why that'd be relevant for the theory exam, but eh, bureaucracy -.-)
So it's very likely that I'll have to repeat some of the theory classes, I don't know yet how many, because it'll be over one and a half years since I took them. ARGH. So annoying.

But at least I did the pre-exam! Not completely on my own, but I studied a lot and I did the best I could. That's worth something.

(Great example from my mom of how not to talk to me when my nerves are already shot to hell: "You got 100% on the basic part of the test? Didn't you only have 77% yesterday? Wow! Why only now and not sooner?" I got so angry I switched to English, but I managed not to swear at her.)

I've calmed down a bit watching the last period of the hockey quarterfinals (Latvia was so good!) and then reading the articles about how Russia lost (-.-) to Finland (\o/), so the semis are Finland-Sweden and Canada-USA, it'll be brutal. I'm rooting for USA-Finland-Canada. Sorry Sweden, but there are none of my favorite players on your team. Semis are on Friday (curling finals are tomorrow and Friday, maybe I'll manage to watch a bit), the final is on Sunday. Really looking forward to it.
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I had my first "official" driving lesson today. I'm so glad I practiced on the training area first because we started on a real street! But it went well, and the teacher said I was quite good for a beginner. I had two double units (not ideal, but scheduling was difficult) and did things like drive 80km/h, reverse parallel parking, and many left turns. So many things to do at the same time...

This term I signed up for Econometrics II (voluntarily, it's not required) and now realized that my last statistics course was over a year ago and I have to go back and relearn two semesters of statistics. Ugh. It was difficult enough the first time. Oh, and ideally until Wednesday. And then there's that Bachelor thesis I should be working on...

I watched the recent Doctor Who episodes and quite enjoyed them. The build-up is often better than the resolution, which is sometimes disappointing, but the buildup is usually ~30 minutes and the ending only ten. ;)
Wow, the fandom is huge. The list of reaction posts! I usually only read a few to check if I've missed something that others noticed (often), but other than that I'm not really interested in the fandom. It has some shiny vids, and I read a little fanfic, but for some reason I don't want more. I don't even rewatch many episodes.

SGA is different. To prepare for [ profile] sga_santa I'm rewatching SGA episodes, without writing detailed reviews so it's more relaxing, and it's a lot of fun. I think the reason why I'm still interested in SGA is that I still have so many stories to tell. I can think of no other canon that makes me want to tell as many stories as SGA does, and it's wonderful. Just reading the sga_santa wishlists gives me so many ideas! I'm currently plotting the sequel to Court of Athos, and I think it'll be my story of how Elizabeth becomes a leader that I've looked for for a long time. (Rewatching The Rising it's obvious that Atlantis was basically doomed from the start in a universe with less narrativium.) I hope I'm good enough to write it well.

LB asked me to sign up for a course for him because he isn't home, I wasn't as careful as I could have been (20:41 instead of 20:40) and now he's on the waiting list and probably won't get a spot -.- It just means a more inconvenient schedule for him, but still, well done self. Now go do something productive, like study statistics.

ETA: An hour later: No, self, in this case OTW work doesn't count as being productive. This seemed extremely familiar: The Science of Procrastination...
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I had my first driving lesson today! Not an "official" driving lesson, just with my father on the practice grounds. The car is still undamaged, success! My heart rate, however, took a while to settle. Starting was difficult enough, and it was a small training ground, so there wasn't much time to get used to get used to driving before the first bends. Nobody told me how complicated the stupid clutch is :( And that there would be so many motorcycles around. Twenty minutes driving was more than enough.
In a few weeks I should be able to (more or less) comfortably drive a car. Wow.

I finished all the theory classes, finally. Fortunately they were a bit less boring than LB said they were. It's very strange to constantly hear "for the theory exam you have to say x, but in real life you have to do y" - which morons designed the theoretical test? Experts at the ministry. That explains it.


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